Regardless of why Tang Yu came to G province, after determining his position, the second thing Fang Ziming did was to give his big brother a call back, explaining to him the current situation, as for the matter of going home, it had to be postponed for some time.


After graduating, Fang Cheng had been working in a hospital in B city, and before that, because of his brother’s disappearance from the cliff, he had been applying for half a month’s vacation with the unit off and on. Last time Fang Ziming contacted him, the two wanted to meet in Wuyi City, he didn’t expect Fang Ziming to be suddenly pulled back by the mirror world, at that time, his car had been on the highway, when he received the text message he didn’t rush to turn around, he continued the original plan, he went into the province, Wuyi City, and found a hotel to settle down temporarily.


As a result, just after a few hours of simple rest in the hotel, his brother came to the phone and said that he had already instantly moved over to G province.


Fang Cheng:”……”


Fang Cheng:”?!”


He silently searched the distance between the two cities and instantly felt a bit suffocated.


Although Fang Cheng didn’t believe in that rhetoric about meteorites and mirror worlds, the location his brother sent yesterday was indeed Wuyi, and this one he sent at this time was indeed G province.


Unless Fang Ziming immediately took a plane to G Province after didn’t to him on the phone, it really doesn’t make sense how his brother ran thousands of miles overnight and then appeared in another city more than a thousand kilometers away.


–The key was that Fang Ziming didn’t have an ID card, how could he have booked a plane ticket?



“You ……” he rubbed his temples and began to look up flights to G Province on his laptop, while saying, “Just stay there, wait for me to take a plane over to the neighboring airport, and then turn a high speed train …… Don’t fucking run around this time!”


Fang Ziming felt aggrieved, “It’s really not that I’m running around, I was forcibly repatriated last time. I don’t know how long I can stay this time, in fact, I think you should go back to work first, after I study it we will meet again, and you can also run some fewer wasted paths.”


Fang Cheng pondered for a while, still a little suspicious: “Ziming, tell the truth to brother, are you really not playing with me?”



Fang Ziming sighed, “Brother, do you think I would use such a magical reason as an excuse? This kind of thing like the Mirror Realm, if you haven’t personally experienced it, which adult with a normal IQ would believe that it really exists ah. If I really want to lie to you, wouldn’t it be better for me to take a more normal excuse.”


But the problem is, brother, you are now a sick person ah, delusional disorder, so magical things in your view is probably also normal, right? Brother Fang thought with a broken heart.



“Ugh, let’s not talk about it.” He didn’t want to discuss his brother’s delusional disorder over the phone and brought the topic back, “No matter what, I have to go to G City to see you once. Without seeing your state with my own eyes, I can’t explain to our parents.”


Saying this, he hesitated, “Also, after thinking about it, I still feel that I have to tell mom and dad about you, this matter can’t be hidden from them, you should be clear about it as well.”


Fang Ziming whispered, “That time in Wuyi City was the first time I escaped from the Mirror Realm, I wasn’t sure if I would be caught back right away, so I didn’t dare to let you tell them.”



Brother Fang, “What about this time?”


“Tell them.” Fang Ziming said, “But not everything, keep the matter of the otherworld and the meteorite under wraps, mom and dad aren’t getting any younger, I’m afraid that they’ll be scared if they know too much.”



Brother Fang agreed and asked tentatively, “If you say so, are you no longer afraid of that what’s-his-name mirror world?”



“No, still afraid.” Fang Ziming smiled, “But I found the key opportunity to cross the two worlds. Brother, I may have found a companion.”


Brother Fang: “……”


The corners of Big Brother Fang’s mouth twitched slightly, but in his heart, he thought: well, this is finding a sick friend in G Province, isn’t it?



“Your sick …… cough, your friend, is male or female? What is their name? How old? Is it a local of G? Do what work?”



“Brother, you can also check their household accounts.” Fang Ziming crowed back, “It’s a man, older than me, his temper stinks. Work, I don’t know what he does.”


At this moment, the takeout he ordered arrived. Fang Ziming realized that he had not eaten any good food in half a month, so he immediately forgot about his brother and said, “That’s it. Brother, take a good rest first. It’s not urgent for you to come. I know my own situation and there’s not much danger here. It’s your work in B city that has had a significant impact in the past half month. Brother, you can’t delay your life because of me.”



“I’m your brother, you can’t delay anything!”


“Anyway, don’t come first.” Fang Ziming said, “Brother, my takeout has arrived, let’s not chat first haha. Lastly, listen to me, drive back to Yangping in the afternoon, and after explaining to our parents, go back to B city to work, don’t care about me, I don’t have to worry about food and clothing here, there is still a place to live, nothing can happen.”



Fang Ziming: “Wait a minute! Fang Ziming you brat, your ID card hasn’t–”


Fang Ziming hung up the phone over there.


Brother Fang: “……”



Big Brother Fang sat on the edge of the bed and tilted his head back to take a deep breath, trying to suppress the urgent desire to violently beat his younger brother.


After a short interval, he reached up and rubbed his face, resumed rummaging through his address book, found a certain name, and dialed the number.



A few seconds later, the call went through.


“Senior, this is Fang Cheng.” He cleared his throat, “I didn’t disturb your clinic, right?”


“No, there are few people today.” The person on the other end laughed twice and said, “Why do you still call me senior, it sounds awkward, just call me by my name. By the way, are you still in Yangping? How’s the family doing, is there anything I can do to help?”



“There really is.” Fang Cheng let out a breath and swallowed the word senior into his throat, “Brother Gu, you’re the psychiatrist of the psychiatry department in our hospital, your knowledge of mental illnesses is much more specialized than mine, I want to ask some questions.”



Senior Gu’s hand movements lurched as he asked him in a concerned tone, “What’s going on, are you okay?”


“It’s not me, it’s a …… cough, a relative of mine.” Fang Cheng was still a bit hesitant and said, “Should I wait for you to get off work and we’ll talk about it? I’m kind of taking up your work time.”



Senior Gu lost his smile, “It really doesn’t bother me, I only have two patients in the morning, and one of them just sent a text message saying that something is wrong and can’t come. So, tell me, what exactly happened to that relative of yours?”



Fang Cheng thought about it and didn’t directly reveal what Fang Ziming told him, after all, this time he contacted Dr. Gu, who was quite a good friend of the hospital, but he also just wanted to find a professional to help him analyze whether or not his younger brother might actually be suffering from a mental illness.



So he replaced most of the concepts in the story, and didn’t mention the “meteorite” or “space wormhole” and other sensitive words, only a limited number of issues with the doctor.


At the end, he leaned on the head of the bed, “We have only spoken on the phone twice so far, so I am not very sure, but I’m really …… very worried.”


Senior Gu didn’t make a direct judgment of his condition after hearing this, but asked, “Then, judging by these two contacts alone, what level do you think he may have reached?”



Fang Cheng said wearily, “I think it’s highly likely that he’s experiencing true hallucinations and has a self-awareness disorder.”



Senior Gu mused, “Is it convenient to bring him to City B? I’ll need to have a certain amount of communication with him, otherwise I can’t directly assert whether or not this person is ill.”


“It may take some time.” Fang Cheng sighed, “That brat, after sending me the location and then withdrawing the message, it’s clear that he doesn’t want me to run and catch him.”


It seemed that he could only go back to tell his parents first, and then return to B city to cancel his vacation and go to work.



Fang Ziming, who was far away from W City, didn’t know that Fang Cheng was worrying about his “condition”.


He was enjoying a long-lost takeout feast.


Sauerkraut fish, spicy crab, stewed mutton, spicy chicken, beef soup, sweet and sour pork, pots and pans of shrimp, plus a pot of white rice, the table in the living room was almost too small to contain everything, not even three or five people could eat so much.


There was no way out. Although there was food in the Mirror Realm, there was a fire and a pot with ingredients, only the most important cook was missing. Fang Ziming, who usually only cooked noodles and eggs, he knew that he needed to explore the world and figure out how to deal with the “tide”. He didn’t have the leisure to study how to cook. He always made do with instant noodles and snacks. This was also one of the reasons why he didn’t like the Mirror World very much.


Now that he was back, he had to eat enough.



While munching away, he was still able to spare a hand to point his cell phone memo out and crackle the keyboard on it, recording the various thoughts that flew through his mind.


First, he roughly organized the information he’d gathered in his room about Tang Yu. The other party’s luggage was pitifully small, and this apartment looked like it had just been occupied, so there wasn’t a lot of useful information to be found.



Tang Yu, 28 years old, unmarried and single, his ID card said he was from Wuyi, W province, his occupation is unknown, but when Fang Ziming turned over his luggage, he saw a passport, and signed a bunch of stamps in a messy way in the small book, so it was obvious that the licensee was a bull running around the world.



Tang Yu’s cell phone, tablet and laptop were all equipped with passwords, and after Fang Ziming got his ID card, he tentatively entered the date of his birthday on it, shockingly all three pieces of electronic equipment were successfully unlocked.


Fang Ziming: “……”


Really, wasn’t challenging.


He hadn’t experienced the coolness of life, huh.


However, although the unlocking process was shockingly easy, there weren’t actually too many important messages in the three devices.



Most of the apps on the tablet were games, and there was very little software in the phone, the contacts list was blank, and the recent call log only retained a string of numbers from the morning of May 11th. Fang Ziming guessed that this brother, for some unknown reasons, was probably more accustomed to deleting the incoming call records and short messages in his cell phone at any time, at this time, only these string of numbers were left, it should be the one before the surprise attack by the Stone, and Tang Yu hadn’t had the time to delete it.



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