It was all because of the previous shadow ghosts, so now he had to carefully deliberate after seeing any suspicious items, and then consider how to act. Fang Ziming struggled to rub his face, but finally threw the clothesline at his feet, walked over and bent down to pick up the silver metal cover of the makeup mirror.


The mirror was a very ordinary kind of lady’s makeup mirror, folding flap type design, after flipping open inside the upper and lower two lenses. When closed, the front had a cute cartoon pattern, which belonged to the style that could be bought for 15 yuan on Taobao and even included postage if you were lucky.


Fang Ziming opened the mirror cover, flipped it upside down and looked back and forth. Suddenly, there was a clang in his mind, and the more he looked at it, the more familiar it became: “Wait a minute, I seem to have seen this mirror somewhere else.” It wasn’t in the realm of the mirror, but earlier, somewhere in the real world.


That seemed to be… it seemed to be the night when the star descended on Baoyun Mountain.

When he was knocked to the ground by that meteorite and was muddled, his right hand seemed to have been cut by a broken mirror.


The more Fang Ziming thought about it, the more familiar he felt. Of course, it could just be a psychological effect, but once this thought took off, it was as uncontrollable as a wild horse that had gotten out of control.


“Let me think about …… that time …… my left hand did touch my chest and it was embedded in something, and the right hand, my right hand happened to have smeared blood on the mirror on the ground.” His thoughts gradually cleared up, his speed of speech also became a lot faster: “Now it has been basically determined, at that time, the foreign object in my chest is the piece of stone. So, the mirror, the meteorite, and maybe a little bit of my blood, could these have been the opportunity for me to fall into this world?”



So did he enter the mirror world because of an accident and coincidence, or was it deliberate?



The small mirror shone brighter and brighter in the living room light, and in the mirror reflected Fang Ziming’s thoughtful face – it was the only mirror that could reflect his image except the floor mirror at the beginning – but apparently it couldn’t answer the series of questions in the youth’s head.


“Forget it, I can’t come to a conclusion even if I sit here and bore myself with thoughts, the information I gathered is too little.”



“Mm-hmm, wait for it.” He faintly smiled and his eyes gradually revealed a fighting spirit: “One day, I will dissect all the causal links in this.”


He looked at himself in the mirror, and after a few moments, he questioned, “So, what other purpose does this thing serve besides to compliment my face? Will the shadow ghosts look in the mirror, and scare themselves to death? It can’t be.” His future self seemed to have mentioned it, putting the mirror on the forehead of the shadow ghosts, could make the other go home early.



Just thinking about it, the mirror of the double-sided mirror, like water waves wavering, the image inside actually changed its appearance instantly.



Fang Ziming: “…… I’m really knowledgeable, is this a fucking voice-activated weapon?”


The picture in the mirror gradually cleared up.


Fang Ziming subconsciously straightened his back, lifting the mirror closer to watch, and saw that the two lenses of the folding mirror, respectively, revealed two different scenes.



The upper half of the lens reflected a familiar person, Fang Ziming just met him yesterday, while the lower half of the mirror appeared dim and lightless. The youth squinted his eyes for a while, and finally vaguely recognized that there seemed to be a card or a blocking plate or something like that across the front of the “lens”, which led to the entire picture on the lens being blurred, as if the focus failed.


However, compared to this, the image of the lens above caught his attention more.


Fang Ziming stared at the figure inside, remembering the early morning when this person grabbed his neck and even threatened and intimidated him, he suddenly felt some displeasure: “Why this guy again, is there really any sinful fate between us?”


This situation was really indescribably weird, a bit like watching a camera’s video footage, and from the other party’s expression and action, it was probably the kind of follow-up method that used abnormal means. Wherever the man walked, the camera image followed him, and the distance was very close, never letting the man’s face go beyond the “screen”.


Because the “screen” wasn’t large, the video screen was reduced in equal proportion, it looked quite laborious.



Fang Ziming looked at the small mirror in his hand, muttering: “What kind of shameless black technology product is this …… If he want to go to the toilet, will I also be able to watch from a distance here …… ”


“And this, surprisingly, is the only weapon I can currently use as a killer move.” He choked, “At this rate of development, won’t I be one step closer to the title of perverted peeping tom?”


Fang Ziming inexplicably felt that the double-sided mirror was getting hotter and hotter.


Loking through the mirror, the man was in a strange room, he was wearing a black tank top and shorts, holding the door frame with one hand, and slowly doing pull-ups at an unhurried pace.



Every time he did it, the muscles of his back and arms would quickly bulge, showing a pleasing full line.



In just a few moments, this guy had already done 20 to 30 pull-ups, and looked relaxed, as if he could continue to do 200 to 300 more.



The two times Fang Ziming met this man, the other party was either completely naked or half-naked, in short, his clothes were not worn all over. It wasn’t the first time he’d looked at his body, but to be honest, it was really satisfying to see them once, after all, a perfect figure not only appeared on beautiful women, but also on handsome men.



“I am not a pervert, this is purely to appreciate, to appreciate.” He stared at the other party’s back muscles, inwardly very envious and jealous: “Too testy, he stays awake most of the night, and isn’t afraid to use the door frame.”


But then again, although the muscles looked good, something didn’t feel quite right ah.


After the man did another twenty pull-ups, Fang Ziming finally found this inexplicable sense of incongruity in what exactly was the problem.



“The room behind this man, it seems not quite like apartment 102?” The youth watched the man easily pull his body off the ground, the small lens could only reflect the environment around the man in a small area, but it was enough for him to see the room decoration style: “beige floor tiles, well, two-thirds of the 102 room can be laid in wood floors.”


Very abruptly, an answer flashed through the youth’s mind: “No way. This guy can’t be …… scared out of his mind by my previous two times, and directly moved out of that apartment?”



This …… should not be so ……


It was already around two o’clock in the morning, and it was only a day since Fang Ziming’s last visit to the real world. If this person went out to work, it was okay. If he really moved because of this, wouldn’t he be very unhappy?

Fang Ziming inexplicably feel a little guilty, his eyes drifted to the mirror and gently closed it.



This can’t be blamed on me, it can only be blamed on this inexplicable world. He thought silently.



At this time, Fang Ziming hadn’t yet thought about why this strange mirror in his palm would show him a stranger.


There were too many things he could not understand.



For example – was the opportunity to travel between the two worlds really that wash mirror? Why couldn’t he stay in the real world for too long? Also, how did the floor mirror in the living room disappear earlier, and how did the newly acquired double-sided folding mirror in his hand suddenly appear?




It turned out that it wasn’t the bust mirror in Room 102 that was able to connect the two worlds and help Fang Ziming travel through the wormhole and subsequently return to reality.



When the youth waited for a few hours and opened the door of room 102 again, he was somewhat surprised to find that the interior layout and furniture arrangement inside had all become different. This place was noticeably more spacious than the last time he came in, with only some basic large furniture arranged in the room, all mainly in white, which was much more lively than the apartment style he saw last time. The floor tiles here were very familiar to him, which was the beige color he had seen in a double-sided mirror before.



He looked around and saw nothing worth noting, but there were a few dirty clothes piled up on the living room sofa, and a locked suitcase was placed across the floor against the wall at the bedroom door. Obviously, the owner of the luggage had just moved in and hadn’t bothered to organize and arrange the room.


Fang Ziming: “…… I have an ominous feeling.”



He found the bathroom in this house, which was now in a brand new location again. Fang Ziming took a look at the square sink mirror, which was very different from a day ago, and tentatively reached out his hand.



A few minutes later, he was still standing in the same place, he silently put his hand back again.



“Why?” The youth stared at the mirror, his expression gradually became agitated: “Is there some established rule that has not been reached, or is it that the opportunity I thought before is actually incorrect? Did the apartment change, and the ‘door’ to the real world disappeared?”



In the new apartment 102, the bathroom mirror was no longer the “door” Fang Ziming was looking for. He gritted his teeth and turned around and searched all the other rooms in the apartment, both to find out if there were any other clues and to calm himself down.



The new owner of 102 that moved into this apartment only had one bedroom, the bathroom was set at the entrance, the kitchen next to it was very small, the kitchen cupboard didn’t have any pots and pans, so it still looked empty.




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