To be able to sit at the conference table of the Ye Tian Empire Mecha Research Institute, there was certainly no one with a bad mind here. Although due to work, people’s attention to news related to the upper echelons of the empire and current interstellar events wasn’t very high. But those who had seen a bit of recent events and news knew that if Duan Hengye could show such an expression, then it was highly likely that something closely related to the safety of the empire would happen on the interstellar space at this time.


But… what would happen?


Duan Hengye was looking at the light computer and didn’t speak, and the rest of the people had to sit quietly, they didn’t dare to ask anything. Although compared to the previous times, now Professor Duan was approachable, but his aura was still able to scare many people.


The researchers who often worked with Duan Hengye in the meeting room knew that Professor Duan’s speed of browsing through documents was very fast. But today he was different from the usual …… While reading, Duan Hengye didn’t try to adjust the content on the optical brain. He looked at the same fixed page.


So what was it that could make Duan Hengye look for so long, and also slowly frowned at it?


Just as the people around him were pondering for a long time and couldn’t find an answer, Duan Hengye finally switched the interface on his light computer. Then there was a piercing sound of metal friction coming from the conference room. Before everyone could react, they saw that Duan Hengye had already stood up from his seat.


At this time he pursed his lips, looking very serious.



The legs of the chairs in the conference room of the Ye Tian Empire’s Mecha Research Institute were made of metal, and Duan Hengye had discovered a long time ago that if he didn’t pay attention when he got up, the stool would rub against the floor and then make a harsh and unpleasant sound. But today, after watching the picture on the light computer, Duan Hengye actually forgot about it. Duan Hengye directly stood up, he didn’t care whether the chair would make noise, and scare the other colleagues.


Because the expression on Duan Hengye’s face was very serious, the whole atmosphere of the meeting scene was also brought up by him. Now, when they heard such a sound, several staff members sitting closer to Duan Hengye immediately got goose bumps.


“What’s the problem?” Next to him, Su Mingge finally asked.


After hearing the other party’s words, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but glance down at him, then gently shook his head, “…… I may have to leave for a while, so I’ll leave the work of the hospital to you during this period of time.”


After Duan Hengye’s words fell, the surrounding people immediately looked at each other. Although before, Duan Hengye would often be in a busy period of work and hand over then institute affairs to Su Mingge, it was never so suddenly.



Now the meeting had started for a while, but there was still a lot of content that hadn’t been said, it was estimated that there was still a long time before the end. It was important to know that Duan Hengye was an incomparably dedicated director, and he hadn’t missed a single meeting even during the period when his health was at its worst before the detoxification.



But now …… just because of the message on top of the light computer, Duan Hengye actually had to leave the meeting early and handed the work over to Su Mingge.


Seeing this, Su Mingge also stood up from his chair: “OK …… no problem.” Although in his heart, he understood that what Duan Hengye encountered must be a big matter concerning the security of the empire, but after saying this sentence, Su Mingge still couldn’t help but add a question, “Do you want to leave now?”


“Mm.” At these words Duan Hengye nodded his head and left the conference table, his movements were quick and in no time he had already walked to the entrance of the conference room. And just at this time, the crowd saw Duan Hengye suddenly turn around once again. He took a deep look at Su Mingge, “I’ll transfer your authority later.”


“Transfer permission?” After hearing these four words come out of Duan Hengye’s mouth, the pitch of Su Mingge’s voice was much higher. Then the staff then saw Su Mingge also walked over from the table just like Duan Hengye, he stood next to Duan Hengye and then asked, “What exactly are you going to do?”


Although it was Duan Hengye and Su Mingge who were both the leaders of the Ye Tian Empire’s Mecha Technicians, the two of them were after all one positive and one negative, and the authority they possessed on them was not the same. This was hardly reflected in the daily work, so no one had paid attention to it before. But as the vice president Su Mingge, he understood the difference between the two very well.


So after hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Su Mingge immediately felt the anomaly – before today, it wasn’t that Duan Hongyi hadn’t been busy with other things, but he had never said anything about transferring his authority to him.


It was no exaggeration to say that just now “transfer privileges” from the mouth of Duan Hengye, made Su Mingge’s heart skip a beat.


But Duan Hengye still didn’t have the intention to answer Su Mingge’s words, after hearing the other’s question, he shook his head: “Nothing …… after a while, you should be able to see it on the interstellar news.” After saying this, Duan Hengye once again reached out and patted Su Mingge’s shoulder, then finally left the place without looking back.


As Duan Hengye’s assistant, although Ye Pu didn’t know much about mecha-related knowledge, but whenever he was working at the research institute, he was always nearby. Ye Pu was clear about Duan Hengye’s schedule, even down to every minute. Now when he saw Duan Hengye walking out of the conference room so far in advance, Ye Pu, who was standing not far outside, was stunned.


Ye Pu quickly walked towards Duan Hengye and then asked, “Excuse me, Professor Duan, do you have any arrangement?”


After Ye Pu finished speaking, Duan Hengye quickly walked in the direction of the end of the corridor while saying to him, “Arrange for a starship to return to Southern Star now.”


“Southern Star?” Duan Hengye had just come to the Institute from Southern Star, so obviously Ye Pu didn’t understand why he was going back so soon. After hearing Ye Pu’s subconscious rhetorical question, Duan Hengye’s footsteps that were walking towards the front suddenly paused for a moment, and then he changed his tone and said, “…… No, not going to Southern Star now, go to Tize Star.”


Ye Pu found that Duan Hengye’s new destination was even stranger. Tize Star had been an almost transparent existence except for the last attack. Listening to Duan Hengye’s tone, something important should be happening now, but …… what on earth could happen on Tize Star?


Although he was doubtful, but the identity of Ye Pu was after all still Duan Hengye’s assistant. After hearing his words, Ye Pu immediately nodded, and then while following the footsteps of Duan Hengye towards the side of the corridor, he took out his light computer, and began to contact the starship to go to Tize Star.


Ye Pu’s efficiency was very high, by the time Duan Hengye walked to the end of the corridor of this level of the Institute’s office building, the huge silver starship had already taken off from the starship docking pad, and then hovered near the building. Duan Hengye’s starship was known to everyone here, although the sudden departure of the president from the meeting had not yet spread out, but after seeing the starship that suddenly appeared on the side of the building, the rest of the people also sniffed out that something wasn’t right.


But it was working hours, and despite the curiosity in their hearts, no one dared to come here to join in the fun, and the corridors remained cold.



The experimental building of the Ye Tian Empire Mecha Research Institute was a huge monolithic building, which was no different from a small mountain when viewed from afar. For the sake of convenience, starships could naturally be connected to the side walls of the building for docking. But in Duan Hengye’s opinion, there was something too high-profile about this behavior. Since Duan Hengye came through, he had never used this function, but let the starship stop at the special docking pad, then transfer to the hovercraft to reach the final destination.


But who made this time a special situation, after seeing Duan Hengye’s appearance, Ye Pu arranged the starship directly to this place.


Duan Hengye stood at the end of the corridor for a short time, the silver wall in front of him slowly cracked a long opening, and a white light drilled through the inverted crack and then hit the corridor. Now that the starship had been connected to the experiment building, the rift hadn’t yet fully opened, Duan Hengye had walked in sideways through it.



Ye Pu, who had been following behind him, was startled by Duan Hengye’s movements. After seeing him enter the starship, Ye Pu also followed along and then immediately informed the starship’s cockpit to take off.



However, in just a few minutes, Duan Hengye left the meeting table of the Mecha Research Institute and boarded the starship. When he came in, the eager feeling in Duan Hengye’s body only gradually weakened. He first stood in the center of his study to calm down for a while, then he quickly walked to the table and opened his light computer, after which he directly transferred his authority on the Institute to the other party, just like what he had just said to Su Mingge.



Because of Duan Hengye’s sudden departure, that meeting was also temporarily interrupted just now. Although he knew that Duan Hengye must have something important to do, after seeing the notification of permission transfer appear on his light computer, Su Mingge still didn’t resist sending a string of question marks to Duan Hengye, but this time, he didn’t get a reply.


As the marshal’s spouse, Duan Hengye had the highest authority on the Southern Star and was also able to receive notifications from the military ministry that hadn’t been officially announced to the public yet.


After transferring the permission, Duan Hengye once again opened the message on the light computer and slowly read it.


The “final battle” described in “Dumping Interstellar” had really come early. The Ye Tian Empire’s old rival, the Li Sheng Alliance, which had just signed an indemnity treaty, had come back and contacted the four neighboring countries around the Empire. A few minutes ago, the Li Sheng Alliance attacked the Empire’s garrison, because the w-ar broke out in a place other than the inhabited planets, the news had not yet spread – but Duan Hengye knew that it was only a matter of time.


Tize Star was located in the border area of the empire, because the distribution of the surrounding planets was somewhat special, this had always been considered the weakest link of security on the imperial border. The book “Dumping Interstellar” didn’t write the specific location of the attack by the Li Sheng Alliance, but just now after seeing the name of this place on the light computer notification, Duan Hengye immediately had a feeling of “this is really true”.



After reading the notification once again, Duan Hengye finally turned off the light computer. The office chair in the starship’s study was leather, after reading something, Duan Hengye slowly leaned back and then closed his eyes. Of course Duan Hengye wasn’t catching up on his sleep, he was just using this time to calm himself down.



But this time, Duan Hengye’s thinking didn’t last long. After a while, Duan Hengye’s light computer lit up once again with a reminder light – although this time it was blue, it was just as blinding. After feeling this blinding blue light, Duan Hengye’s eyes, which had been tightly closed, opened up.


He squinted , then brought the light computer to his side. Only to see that in the middle of the screen, Meng Jinhuai’s name was flashing continuously towards Duan Hengye.


After seeing Meng Jinhuai’s name, Duan Hengye immediately sat up straight and then opened the light computer. This time, Meng Jinhuai sent a video communication request to Duan Hengye, so in a short while, Meng Jinhuai appeared in front of Duan Hengye. Duan Hengye saw that Meng Jinhuai was wearing a white military uniform at the moment, and from the background picture, it could be inferred that Meng Jinhuai was above the mecha.



Seeing that the communication had been connected, Meng Jinhuai, who was just reading the message, also shifted his gaze from under his hand and then moved his gaze towards Duan Hengye. Although Duan Hengye was accustomed to the serious demeanor of the Marshal when he was working, it wasn’t until he saw the other person’s expression that Duan Hengye realized that Meng Jinhuai’s mood at this time might not be very good.



Duan Hengye didn’t feel like he had done anything wrong, but when he saw the other person’s gaze, he had an impulse to lower his head and admit his mistake.



Meng Jinhuai was silent for a while before he spoke, “Where are you now?” Duan Hengye believed that Meng Jinhuai absolutely knew that he was on the starship headed to Tize Star at this moment. By knowingly asking this, he was putting psychological pressure on him. However, since Meng Jinhuai didn’t explicitly pick this question out, Duan Hengye also pretended that he didn’t know what he wanted to say and averted his eyes, “On the starship to Tize Star.”

As expected, after hearing Duan Hengye’s unusually calm reply, Meng Jinhuai’s eyebrow knitted even tighter. Duan Hengye saw that the person at the other end of the screen completely put down the light computer in his hand, “Do you know what the situation is around Tize Star right now? It’s too dangerous here, it’s not a place you should come to.”


Meng Jinhuai spoke quickly and with a sense of command. If a person with a lower mental capacity was here, after hearing his words, he would immediately follow the marshal’s advice. Unfortunately, this person was Duan Hengye.


Duan Hengye nodded a little, but didn’t respond to Meng Jinhuai’s words. And after seeing Duan Hengye’s appearance, Meng Jinhuai had to continue: “I have already sent out a notice, in five minutes, to start transferring everyone on Tize Star and several other planets around ……” Meng Jinhuai’s words didn’t finish, but the meaning of the words was already very obvious.


“I know the situation on the Tize Star, it is because I know, so I must rush over.” Duan Hengye finally spoke.



At this time, the starship that Duan Hengye was on was flying past a star, and although the windows were quickly and intelligently adjusted, there was still a large red light coming through the windows – and when it hit Duan Hengye’s face, it created a magnificent feeling like a sunset. Although Duan Hengye hadn’t said anything again, but because of the scenery in front of him alone, Meng Jinhuai’s rather excited mood just now calmed down a bit.


After the starship gradually flew away from the star, Duan Hengye continued, “I have to go there because ‘Nanwei’ doesn’t have a suitable mecha maintainer.” After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Meng Jinhuai fell silent. He wasn’t wrong, as the new top mecha in service, there was indeed no one who could undertake the task of maintaining and repairing mech Nanwei – except for its designer Duan Hengye.



As the designer of the mecha “Nanwei”, Duan Hengye knew in his heart that a suitable top mecha maintainer wouldn’t be able to appear until at least a year or two later. Therefore, from the day he guessed the next move of the Li Sheng Alliance, Duan Hengye had already prepared himself to take on this role.



Unlike mecha training and experimentation, wa-r was a very dangerous thing. Although the two of them had confidence in Duan Hengye’s mecha design ability and Meng Jinhuai’s operation level. But both of them were also clear that on the battlefield, anything could happen. Perhaps Meng Jinhuai could guarantee himself a final victory, but he couldn’t guarantee that the mecha wouldn’t be damaged at all in the middle of the w-ar.



Duan Hengye thought that the Li Sheng Alliance’s urgent attack on the Ye Tian Empire was probably due to considerations here. Currently, there was no suitable mecha maintenance technician for Nanwei. If Meng Jinhuai wasn’t cautious and restrained in the w-ar, Nanwei would have a great risk of malfunctions… Of course, the Li Sheng Alliance also knew that Duan Hengye had the ability to maintain mecha, but these people didn’t believe that Duan Hengye had the determination to directly sit on the starship and go to Tize Star.


In their opinion, according to the close relationship between Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai, the Marshal probably wouldn’t let Duan Hengye come here.



In fact, it was also because the w-ar started suddenly, if Southern Star’s side received the news in advance, Duan Hengye wouldn’t have smoothly left the country. But who told the w-ar to start suddenly, and Duan Hengye happened to be not in the Southern Star? By the time Meng Jinhuai received the news, Duan Hengye was already in a starship, flying towards the direction of Tize Star.


After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Meng Jinhuai didn’t say anything for a long time.


Before meeting Duan Hengye, the Meng Jinhuai in the minds of the Southern Star staff was a purely rational person. He could even put his own safety and security out of his mind, and everything revolved around the future of the empire. But after the appearance of Duan Hengye, Meng Jinhuai changed. He clearly knew the importance of mecha maintainers in the w-ar, but when he thought of the battlefield and Duan Hengye’s safety, Meng Jinhuai subconsciously wanted to stop him.



While Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai were silent together, the command that the Marshal had just sent out to evacuate the residents of Tize and other surrounding planets finally took effect. The entire interstellar world now knew that a new friction had arisen between the Li Sheng Alliance and the Ye Tian Empire. Because of the birth of the new mechas, everyone’s prediction of the Empire’s force level was now at its peak in the past few decades. Although they had confidence in the Southern Star, the entire Ye Tian Empire was struck by panic in an instant after seeing the notice to evacuate the residents of Tize Star.



By the way, before the news was sent out, the news that Duan Hengye had ended the meeting early and left the institute’s star by starship was already known by the whole institute. Although Su Mingge had told the staff not to spread the word, but he spoke a little late, not a moment later, Duan Hengye’s previous abnormal behavior spread throughout the world.


Now the empire was in a special situation, and Duan Hengye’s behavior was so abnormal, it was unavoidable that people associate it with this sudden start of the w-ar. Could it be that he was also going to Tize Star?


This time everyone’s association wasn’t wrong, because just after a moment of silence, Meng Jinhuai finally sent the Southern Star Garrison. The detailed location of the army was sent to Duan Hengye’s light computer.


–This wasn’t a compromise, but a reflection of their trust in each other, the empire had now reached a special state, although at present, except for the Tize star and the surrounding planets, other places hadn’t been affected for the time being. But after receiving the news, many people in the empire temporarily put their travel plans aside, and before Duan Hengye could reach the vicinity of Tize Star, he was sensitive to the fact that the number of starships in the shipping lane was much less.



Compared to the Southern Star, the distance between the Institute and the Tize Star was much shorter. So by the time Duan Hengye reached his destination, Meng Jinhuai had not yet arrived, and he was greeted by Admiral Dongfang Hewen, who had been stationed here in advance. Now during this w-ar… A battle had just ended, and Dongfang Hewen was still wearing a black mecha pilot suit.



Before Duan Hengye came, Meng Jinhuai had already informed Dongfang Hewen of the incident. So after the starship landed, as soon as Duan Hengye stepped out of the starship, he saw Dongfang Hewen standing opposite him, and then he saluted him. After seeing Dongfang Hewen’s action, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but freeze for a moment. Although he had expected today’s events a long time ago, and even most of his work was dealing with the military, but Duan Hengye wasn’t a real soldier who smelled gunpowder after all. So until now, after seeing his action, Duan Hengye’s heart finally had a sense of oppression that w-ar was imminent.




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