“With the last one, this is the second time.” He looked around the empty bathroom, casually resting his glass of water on the vanity, his gaze lingered on the sink mirror for a few seconds before moving away, “A stranger with free access to my place, ha, that sounds exciting.”


“Maybe I should change to a safer place to sleep.”


The man mused as he examined every corner of the bathroom.



There was nothing wrong with it, Tang Yu thought for a while and hesitantly walked over to the toilet, he lifted the lid and rushed inside to look and look, his expression gradually became bizarre: “…… Did that kid really burrow in along the toilet? Let me think …… sewer mermaid? Bathroom ghost? The snail girl? Oh that isn’t right, that little pervert is a man.”


Not to mention the wonderful brain hole of a man surnamed Tang who was getting increasingly disconnected. After a whirlwind, Fang Ziming returned to the mirror realm.

After opening his eyes, Fang Ziming’s hands were propped up on the vanity and he sharply gasped for a while, and then while holding down the excitement, he looked up to see the mirror hanging above the sink.



“The mirror in room 102 connects two worlds, I can return to reality through it, and I can also enter the mirror world through it.” He carefully propped himself up on the sink, leaned forward slightly, and caught a glimpse of the half-n-aked man brooding over the toilet at the other end of the mirror: “I think I’ll need to do a few more comparison experiments. But not now, I have to find a time when the owner of 102 is not around, I have to figure out the rules of using this mirror as soon as possible.”


After determining that 102’s mirror could indeed help him return to reality, the youth’s nerves, which had been tightly strained since arriving in the Mirror Realm, were finally completely loosened.


He raised his hands to cover his eyes, resisted the urge to laugh out loud, turned around and walked out of the bathroom, then dropped his entire body into the soft sofa cushions.


“Heh …… heh …… hahaha ……”


“The world hasn’t abandoned me.” He muttered.


Not long after, the sound of light and even breathing gradually came out of the stacked cushions.


Fang Ziming slept.





On the last day of “Tidal Wave”, Fang Ziming spent it peacefully in Room 102.


Since he woke up in the Mirror Realm until now, during these ten days or so, Fang Ziming would often feel uneasy and anxious. He wasn’t so thick-headed that he could be at ease in the other world, and he was always wary of this seemingly familiar, but unfamiliar mirror world, especially when night fell, the city streets and a series of houses were little by little shrouded in darkness, the world was particularly treacherous and scary.



Whenever he stood at the window, gazing at those places where the streetlights couldn’t shine, his mind began to wander uncontrollably.



He often wondered if there was some terrible ghost or demon watching him secretly in the storefront downstairs, in the shadowed corners on both sides of the street, or in a room in the family building next door.


Because of this sense of fear of unknown danger, Fang Ziming hardly slept, he only slept an average of three or four hours a day, and every time he woke up, he had to check the traps set in the room before going to bed to make sure that no one had really entered the so-called safe house. Even though the man in the mirror had said that Room 101 was absolutely safe in this world, Fang Ziming was still afraid of the unknown dangers that would creep in during his sleep.


He had no partner to rely on in this uninhabited world, and the unbearable loneliness alone could wear down a normal person’s will. Fang Ziming thought his mental capacity was quite good, but he would never dare to say that he could survive in the mirror world for a long time.


Now, knowing that the 102 mirror could send him to reality, the anxiety that haunted Fang Ziming’s chest was immediately removed by a large margin.


He didn’t even notice the shadow ghosts wandering outside, and slept for a full twenty hours. When he woke up again, the room was still out of reach, Fang Ziming sat on the sofa for a while.


But it didn’t take long for him to be startled back to consciousness by the strange movement outside.


Wait, what time was it?


Bewildered, he picked up the dropped phone from the floor and flicked on the screen to see the time.


“Twelve o’clock in the morning …… ……” Fang Ziming snapped awake: “Wait, the ‘tide’ is ending!”


He quickly stood up and ran towards the direction of the window, regardless of whether this would attract the ghosts again. The young man grabbed the corners of the curtains with both hands and suddenly pulled them apart on both sides. The dim street lights on the nearby street outside the window immediately penetrated the glass and shone into the living room.


Fang Ziming eagerly looked at the world outside.


At this time, the mirror world, or rather the entire Yangping City, was staging an extremely shocking and spectacular scene.


–In the northeast of downtown Yangping, a white pillar of light rose to the sky, tens of thousands of shadow ghosts were pulled off the ground by some invisible force, they swung their long and slender limbs in the air, wailing, being pulled and dragged towards the pillar of light that connected heaven and earth to gather quickly.


The shadows hiding in the shadows had nowhere to hide, even if there were occasionally a few in the sewers or basement, the power pinched them out and they were carried out. Fang Ziming didn’t feel the mysterious suction force, it was probably only for the shadow ghosts, but even so, seeing the dense “monstrous figures” in the sky gathered more and more, like black clouds pressing the city, Fang Ziming was still horrified and got goose bumps.


“Crap …… crap ……” he almost subconsciously raised his phone, and adjusted the camera to video recording mode, while looking out the window in a daze, he muttered to himself: “This is too scary. This kind of image, I have only seen it in the cinema.”



The pillar of light must be the wormhole opened by this “tidal wave”, Fang Ziming guessed that the point of the pillar of light should be a mirror in the city, he looked at the magnificent scene in front of him, his chest suddenly surged with an inexplicable impulse. He suddenly wanted to go to the place where the pillar of light was, to take a closer look and see what the legendary wormhole actually looked like.



Of course, the next second he stopped this impractical and daring idea.


At 0:30 a.m., the last wave of shadow ghosts were swept into the white light, and the extremely eye-catching pillar of light in the night stayed in Yangping City for nearly ten more seconds, then slowly disappeared.


At this point, the “tidal wave” phenomenon, which lasted for three whole days, finally came to an end.



Fang Ziming stood by the window for a while, in awe of the power of nature, he couldn’t return to his senses, the young man was self-conscious for half a day, and then simply sat cross-legged on the floor, holding his cell phone to watch the video just shot repeatedly.



To be honest, the shot wasn’t very clear, and there was no sense of shock after his personal experience, but the good thing was that the camera captured it. Fang Ziming intended to find the opportunity to send this video to Fang Cheng to see, to prove that he didn’t have any strange delusions of grandeur.


“This is really ……, this is too crazy.” He whispered, “In a world without people, watched a special ‘giant screen movie’, this feeling is really wonderful.”


“But, I really want to show Fang Cheng this too.”


It was still too lonely after all to enjoy the scenery alone.


Fang Ziming silently thought in his heart: wait for the dawn and then go to the bathroom to do the experiment, by the way, send the video to the old brother, see if he still says that his brother was a psycho.


He just hoped that this time he wouldn’t be caught by the owner of the house, or really be killed by him.


Of course, this operation needed to be carried out secretly when the owner of 102 wasn’t at home, the best time was after nine o’clock, unless the guy was jobless, the general workforce had all basically gone out at this hour.


At this moment, it was still late at night and he couldn’t sleep. Fang Ziming simply returned to 101, pondering to find the legendary double-sided mirror that could be used as a weapon.


The tide had receded, and Fang Ziming could finally turn on all the headlights in Room 102 openly, without worrying about a bunch of ghosts lying outside the window trying to tear him apart.



Walking out of 102, the shadow ghosts in the corridor really all disappeared. Fang Ziming didn’t stop, he opened the door of 101 opposite, but he still retained a few points of caution, he carefully and slowly walked in.


This rental house underwent some changes due to the end of the “tide”. The glass window shattered by the shadow ghost had been restored to its original state, and all the cracked lines on the entrance wall disappeared. All traces of damage in the room disappeared, and it seemed that everything returned to the state they were three days ago.


Putting these small details aside for the time being, Fang Ziming inspected the room and discovered a new problem – the floor mirror, which had been lying in the corner of his living room and had been covered in dust for more than ten days, disappeared at some point.


Instead, a small silver mirror the size of a palm was placed on the floor where the floor mirror was originally placed, quietly and arrogantly revealing its presence as the only guest in the room.


Fang Ziming: “……”



“Wait, that’s a little scary.” He swallowed: “Didn’t they say 101 is absolutely safe? I’m now …… about to question the veracity of that statement immediately.”



The small makeup mirror in the light refracted a silver-white metallic luster that couldn’t be ignored, Fang Ziming hesitated, weighing a few seconds, he turned around to pick up the clothesline rod previously thrown in the doorway again, and then returned the same way, standing a meter away from the mirror, he held up the long rod and poked its metal shell.


After poking it he felt a bit embarrassed again: “…… what the hell am I doing.”


“Very well.” He said to himself, “I now think I really might be a psychopath.”




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