C4—- Gender

Before today, Xu Jian never knew that Qin Shen, who was rumored to be difficult to get along with, was addicted to fluffy things.

Forget the addiction, even animals disliked him.

But on second thought, he had became a cat after more than 20 years of being a human. It wasn’t surprising that Qin Shen had this special addiction.

Qin Shen brought Xu Jian to a pet hospital which looked expensive at first sight. This hospital was a one-stop service for treating diseases and beautifying.

After registration, Xu Jian was first taken to be cleaned by a beautician wearing a mask and gloves. Qin Shen wasn’t very relieved and wanted to follow. The doctor on the side looked at him and said with understanding:

“Mr. Qin, we can go in and talk.”

Qin Shen wore a black mask covering half his face, but the staff of pet hospital guessed his true identity from his eyebrows and voice, so he was very warm and polite.

People always gave special treatment to public figures.

 Qin Shen had been kept at a respectful distance by all kinds of animals for so many years. Now he suddenly met Xu Jian, who was not afraid of him and willing to be close to him and let him hold him. Naturally, he was reluctant to leave. He nodded without hesitation after listening to the doctor’s words.

It was a young beautician who took Xu Jian to take a bath. After realizing that she was going to clean him, Xu Jian was a little embarrassed-

Although he was a cat now, his body had the soul of an adult male …

Thinking of it, Xu Jian raised his two front paws and covered his face.

Qin Shen, who came in with the doctor, pushed the door open, just to see Xu Jian’s little appearance with his paws covering his face in the beautician’s arms.

Qin Shen, who had a fluff addiction, was hit by the scene on the spot. He couldn’t even hear the doctor. There was only one sentence in his mind-

Milk is so cute, I have to take a picture!

The beautician put Xu Jian down, looked at him anxiously, and then went to the bathtub to add water. She was surprised to see him sitting and not running around. She turned her head and said to Qin Chen:

“Mr. Qin, your cat is very good.”

Xu Jian was praised, but Qin Shen raised his chin to the beautician, and the pride in his eyes was not too obvious:

“Milk has always been good.”

Xu Jian stood on the cold ceramic tile, and while he was glad that his meat pad was thick, he complained about what Qin Shen said:

We’ve only known each other for less than half a day. Don’t make it sound like we know each other, OK?

Also, someone else is going to take a bath, can you not use your mobile phone to take pictures? How about respecting personal privacy?

Xu Jian felt that although he was a cat now, he was still ashamed, so he meowed at Qin Shen twice, which meant-

Brother, can you stop filming? About to take a bath.

Qin Shen was dedicated to multitasking, while discussing with the doctor about several examinations that Xu Jian would do later, and taking pictures of him, after seeing that it called out to him, the mask on his face couldn’t hide his smile, and he thought cheerfully:

Milk is talking to me, and it’s voice is soft, so good!

Considering that Xu Jian was a stray cat, the doctor suggested to do a comprehensive examination after it took a shower. Qin Shen nodded without hesitation:


General examination was not cheap, Qin Shen promised too readily and interrupted a lot of words prepared by the doctor.

But on second thought of Qin Shen’s identity, the doctor understood again that the money earned by a big star casually picking up an advertisement was higher than his salary for one year, and naturally he didn’t care about this little money.

Soon the beautician put the hot water away, then turned to another colleague and asked him to carry Xu Jian to the pool.

Cats were mostly afraid of water. Every time they were bathed, it was a war. The staff of pet hospitals had experience. No matter how obedient they were in their arms before going into the water, they would scream and struggle crazily once they touched the water, and they would be scratched or bitten if they were not careful.

Therefore, there were basically two people bathing pets now, one to control the pets’ struggle, the other to wash and cooperate with the other.

However, the beautician soon found that it didn’t take two people to bathe the white cat, because it not only didn’t struggle but also squinted and looked like it was enjoying itself.

Xu Jian hadn’t taken a bath for several days. When his body came into contact with water with suitable temperature, he felt comfortable that his pores were all opened, let alone struggling. He can’t wait to dive in directly.

The beautician added fluid to the pool, so the water in the pool was light blue. Xu Jian moved his nose and smelled the faint fragrance of flowers.

Xu Jian remembered that this was the first time that two people had helped him take a bath, but since he was a child, he always pursued doing his own thing, so the two beauticians saw an amazing scene:

The beautiful white cat dipped its front paws in the pool, then lifted it up two seconds later, and then wiped its face and head with the paws soaked with water.

At first, the beautician thought it was just an accident, but the white cat repeated it several times, and even used its meat pad to fish the foam floating on the water and wipe it on his head …

Two beauticians watched Xu Jian’s clumsy movements carefully and were stunned.

Qin Shen on one side turned to see that they had not moved.

He took a step forward and asked in a deep voice: “What’s the matter?”

The beauticians looked at each other. The next second, they moved aside, revealing the cat behind them, so that Qin Chen and the doctor could see Xu Jian in the tub.

At the same time, the beautician at the beginning looked at Xu Jian’s action and spoke with uncertainty, “Mr. Qin, your cat seems to be bathing itself? “

Her colleague nodded at the side, adding in her heart: Mr. Qin, your cat seems to be a fine one!!

When the cat took a bath, let alone struggle to scratch people. It didn’t meow, it even washed its own face and hair. What was it??

Qin Chen listened to the beautician’s words and was also stunned: “Milk is bathing itself?”

And Xu Jian went numb, and his heart didn’t feel good——

He had forgotten that he was a cat now.

He was afraid that he would be sent to some messy Institute for dissection.

 For some time, Xu Jian’s paws on his face were not put down, nor were they lifted up. He was frozen.

However, it was suspicious that he suddenly did not move.

Between the electric light and the flint, Xu Jian made a quick decision. He raised his claws and patted the water with a “meow” sound.

At the same time, he pushed the surface of the water vigorously, trying to make it look like he was playing with water.

The two beauticians, who were too close to the pool and were caught off guard and water splashed all over their bodies.

The doctor next to him laughed and said: “Where is the bathing? It should be having fun playing with the water.”

After hearing this, the beautician subconsciously wanted to shake her head.

As a result, the doctor who had studied many animals continued:

“But some smart animals do do some simple self-cleaning, such as licking their fur.”

The beautician looked at the doctor with a firm face and Xu Jian, who played with the water with joy, and was successfully convinced.

Qin Chen was staring at Xu Jian, who was enjoying himself in the water. He felt itchy and couldn’t help asking the beautician:”Can I wash him?”

After hearing Qin Chen’s words, the beautician was stunned for a moment and nodded quickly, “Of course.”

Then another beautician stepped down and gave Qin Shen gloves and stood by the tub.

With the episode just now, Xu Jian couldn’t do anything surprising now. When Qin Shen gently bathed him under the guidance of a beautician, he sat in the pool and let Qin Shen move.

Under Qin Shen’s close-up beauty attack, the beautician could still hold back her wildly beating heart and praised the cat:

“Milk is really good.”

Lovely Xu Jian suddenly began to struggle when Qin Shen’s hand washed from his stomach to his legs, and pushed Qin Shen back with his claws to prevent him from touching it.

Qin Shen’s eyes were full of smiles: “Are you shy?”

Xu Jian bluntly meowed discontentedly as he thought:

That place can’t be touched casually!

The doctor explained at the right time: “Some pets are very sensitive and will resist people touching their reproductive organs.”

Qin Shen nodded and withdrew his hand, then remembered an important thing and turned to ask the doctor:

“Is milk a male cat or a female cat?”

Qin Shen, though he liked animals, he couldn’t tell male from female, and he didn’t observe it specially, so he still didn’t know whether Xu Jian was male or female.

Qin Shen hadn’t finished speaking, when the beautician picked up the unsuspecting Xu Jian, took one look and put him down, then calmly answered:

“I just saw it. It’s a male cat.”

Xu Jian, who was defenseless against being seen: “!!!”

In hindsight, it was too late for Xu Jian to block again. He could only stand in the water with his face filled with confusion …

Xu Jian didn’t recover from the blow of the beautician’s eyes when his fur was being blow-dried after he took a shower.

Although he knew that he was a cat now and it was harmless to look at it, but he still felt ashamed and wanted to bury his face in his long white and soft fur.

After drying his hair, the beautician trimmed his messy hair, while Qin Shen took pictures beside him.

Looking at Qin Shen’s movements, Xu Jian’s heart was like stagnant water-

 When taking a bath, he had been fully seen and photographed. Now it was not so important to have a haircut photographed.

Xu Jian bowed his head and meowed sadly twice, as he thought:

He wasn’t simple from now on.


After Xu Jian finished the whole body examination and finished the vaccine, Qin Shen went to buy a lot of cat products, cat litter bowl, cat food, toys and cat climbing frames. As long as the staff recommended what he felt necessary, they all moved to the trunk.

Qin Shen checked out at the front desk, and Xu Jian, who was held in his arms, finally knew why girls liked their boyfriends to buy buy buy.

If nothing else, swiping his card was really handsome and charming.

Looked up at Qin Shen’s exposed eyes, Xu Jian’s tail swept on his sleeve, he was going to live under the same roof with him, he casually thought:

Fortunately, I am a man, otherwise I will certainly be fascinated by Qin Shen’s beautiful skin.

When Qin Shen and Xu Jian got home, it was already more than 9 o’clock in the evening. Xu Jian wanted to sleep in a comfortable and soft cat house, but Qin Shen held him and refused to give up.

Holding Xu Jian and touching him all over, Qin Shen looked at his mouth and couldn’t help smiling. After recording a small video of more than ten seconds of Xu Jian, he showed off with another friend:

[I finally have a cat!]

Qin Shen, who finally had a cat, was eager to show off. He not only sent this video to friends, but also sent it to a circle of friends. Finally, he felt that it was not enough. He boarded Weibo, which he had not been on for a long time, and sent the video:

Actor Qin Shen v: My milk sticks to me .

Xu Jian, who was held in his arms and couldn’t go to the cat’s nest, also saw Qin Shen’s mobile phone screen. After seeing the post:


Aren’t you the one holding me and not letting go? ?


The author has something to say:

Jian Jian: Are you shameless?

Qin Shen: I don’t care, you just stick to me.

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