The black-clothed teenager was half-kneeling on the ground with his sword braced, his body filled with arrows, the bright red blood soaking his clothes along the chipped wounds, but his appearance was the usual cold, only a pair of quiet black eyes distantly looking into the distance, until he witnessed his master being escorted out of the heavy siege, only then did he reveal a hint of an easy smile.

  The young man’s hand holding the sword trembled, and his body finally collapsed unable to support it. He fell on the corpse-covered wilderness, ink-colored eyes stubbornly looking away, there was sadness and reluctance but pride, it was he who stopped all the killers with his own strength, in the rain of swords and spears to protect his beloved brother.

  The bright ingenious black eyes gradually darkened, the teenager’s cracked lips opened and closed, and in a very small voice said.

  ”Brother… brother…, Yan Wu, fortunately not.”

  The last line ended, and the scene was silent for Yann Wu. Obviously the teenager in front of them was only wearing a simple sweatshirt slacks, but when he closed his eyes and opened them again, it was as if they really saw the teenage guard who died in battle, the silent goodbye.

  ”He’s even better than I expected.” Zheng Xuan lowered his voice behind the screen, and there was no lack of appreciation in his eyes. If at first he was willing to condescend to pay attention to the kid because of Ye Hansheng’s face, after watching his performance, he was genuinely interested in taking him. The poor resources and lack of ability in the hands of Song Li was what had allowed such a diamond in the rough to gather dust.

  ”Mm.” Ye Hansheng quietly looked at the young man on the stage, his habitually furrowed brow relaxing for a rare moment, “He is indeed a good boy, he’ll be in your hands from now on.” He said turning the direction around and taking control of the wheelchair to leave.

  ”You’re just going to leave?” Zheng Xuan was surprised, “What exactly is his relationship with you?”

  ”Just a kid that I happened to see and wasn’t too bad.” Ye Hansheng didn’t turn back, but his voice went cold and took on the usual gloom and impatience, “Don’t mention me to him.”

  Zheng Xuan: “??”

  Was this something new. What was new?


Wen Run laid on the floor for a minute, taking back a bit of the outburst before climbing up and looking somewhat apprehensively at the director. Li Que, however, looked at him, but instead of scolding him, he said, “Go back and wait for the notice.”

  No scolding…it was just okay, I guess.

  Wen Run sneaked a glance up at Li Que but went back to his place. He didn’t plan to go back so early, ready to finish watching the remaining few people’s performances.

  From Wen Run’s place, Li Que didn’t fancy or dislike anyone anymore, and after the next few people’s regular performances, the staff closed up for a break, waiting for the afternoon to continue auditioning for other roles.

Only then did Wen Run leave the meeting room, ready to go back.

  When waiting for the elevator, he ran into Ling Shangyao, who gave him a vicious stare and snorted. Wen Run was baffled by his targeting, but he had never been fond of fighting, so he simply pretended not to hear.

  The elevator stopped, Ling Shangyao squeezed past him and swaggered in with his agent and assistant, Wen Run struggled at the door, but still entered the elevator. Just a few minutes of the elevator ride, Ling Shangyao should not be able to do anything to him.

  The teenager stood straight in the elevator, his upright posture like a verdant sapling. The more Ling Shangyao looked at him, the more angry he became, staring at the warm and moist eyes, he couldn’t wait to pierce a hole in him.

  Yan Wu’s role was one he liked early on, with a pleasant personality and good looks, and he was able to collect a wave of tears in the final exit. Although his last drama was a hit, but only the character was on fire, not many of his fans had actually turned into fans, so he desperately needed new works to help him absorb fans. The role of Yan Wu was just right, to get this role he even accompanied Wang Hao to play a whole night, obviously they told him that he has been already decided, but suddenly halfway came Wen Run, that director Li personally named to audition.

 It was fine if he was a sod, but he was so bright, and everyone in the industry knew that Li Que was a demanding person who wouldn’t give face to anyone in front of the camera, so he felt a little hung up on taking the role. If Li Que named who he wanted, Wang Hao wouldn’t be able to bend Li Que’s big . . leg.

  He gritted his teeth, his heart was anxious, and his mouth just couldn’t hold it, “I advise you to kill the thought, the ‘Yan Wu’ candidate has already been internally decided, today is just a formality.”

  Surprise crossed Wen Run’s eyes, and he remembered that Song Li told him that it was Director Li who named him, his heart was a little more at ease, he slightly dropped his eyes and said, “Director Li is known for being iron-faced and selfless, I believe that this casting is fair and impartial.”

  Ling Shang Yao choked and pointed at him angrily, “What do you mean? That I’m not as good an actor as you?!”

  ”No.” Wen Run leaned a little to the side and pointed at the elevator’s monitor to kindly remind him, “There’s a monitor here.”

  ”……. “Ling Shangyao’s eyes were red with anger, he took a look at the monitor and pointed his finger at Wen Run, “You wait for me.”

  Wen Run blinked and didn’t answer. Just at this time the elevator reached the first floor, “ding” a sound after the elevator door opened to both sides, Wen Run occupied the geographical advantage and slipped away.

 That Ling Shangyao has a bad temper and was not to be taunted.

Out of the hotel, Wen Run took the subway directly back to the dormitory. He was a little transparent now, and he was not afraid of being recognized.

Lu Zhan and Shen Muzhen were all in the dormitory. There was pizza, fried chicken and a box of beer on the coffee table. Wen Run was warmly welcomed by Lu Zhan when he entered the door. “Surprise!”

Lu Zhan handed him a can of open beer, “How about the audition? Did you pass? “

Wen Run recalled it and said with a big face: “I feel that I played well, but Director Li asked me to come back and wait for the notice.”

He still had some confidence in his acting skills, and the only concern was the default of Ling Shangyao. Although he said in the elevator that he believed in the director, he had no bottom in his heart. However, it was a pleasant surprise to think about this audition opportunity. He had tried his best to show his performance. Even if he really wasn’t chosen, there was nothing to regret.

Lu Zhan touched a cup with him and mumbled, “Wen Run is good at acting, so we will be fine. Let’s have the celebration dinner tonight! Come! “

Wen Run was amused by him, and the three people happily crowded at the coffee table to drink and eat chicken.

Lu Zhan was the worst drinker. After five cans of beer, he drifted away. He grabbed a mop and jumped onto the sofa to hold a concert, but he couldn’t pull it. Wen Run sat on the ground laughing and quickly ran out of breath. Shen Muxun pulled him with a black face, and Lu Zhan hid everywhere like a monkey. Finally, Shen Muxun couldn’t bear it, and roared with a calm face: “Lu Zhan!”

  ”Teacher! I was wrong!” Lu Zhan’s hand shook and flew to throw the mop away and jumped to hug Shen Muxun and wailed, “Teacher don’t call my parents oooh…”

Wen Run: “Hahahahahahahaha”

Shen Muxun tore him off his body with difficulty. Gritting his teeth, he said, “He should be recorded and released to him later when he’s popular…”

  Wen Run held his belly to help pull him, probably the shadow of Shen Muxun’s teaching was too strong, Lu Zhan who was yelled at, wilted and let the two help him to the bed.

  Settling the drunken ghost into place, Wen Run went out to clean up the messy living room, Shen Muxun hesitantly called out to him, “Wen Run.”


  Shen Muxun’s look was a bit torn, but finally he said, “Yesterday I went to Song’s office and overheard him and Zheng Xuan arguing, and you were mentioned in it.”

Yesterday he was going to look for Song Li for something, and as soon as he arrived at the office door, he heard someone whispering and arguing inside, Song Li’s tone was a little heated, and he vaguely heard Wen Run’s name. Then the door opened and it was actually Zheng Xuan coming out from inside, Song Li’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

 ”I didn’t hear exactly what they were fighting about, it’s just that Brother Song’s face was ugly, you should be careful in the last few days, don’t touch his bad luck.” After all, it was hard to get a bit of a good start, in case he got pinched again, he was anxious for Wen Run.

  Don’t look at the obvious agent and artist was a partnership, but in reality, a non popular artist had to rely on the agent to survive. After all, the resources were held in the hands of the agent, and if a small artist wanted to work, they could only look at the agent’s face.

  ”Zheng Xuan?”

  Wen Run was aware of Zheng Xuan, after all, he was the company’s gold medal agent, it was hard not to know him. It was just that he hadn’t come into contact with Zheng Xuan, so why would the other party talk about him to Song Li?

  Unable to think of anything to say, Wen Run simply didn’t want to and nodded his head nicely, “I’ll be more careful lately.”


  As if to confirm Shen Muxun’s words, Zheng Xuan, who they had only spoken about two days later, came to the door.

  At that time, both Lu Zhan and Shen Muxun had gone out to run an announcement, and only Wen Run was idling in the dormitory waiting for the announcement. When Zheng Xuan knocked on the door he thought it was his roommate coming back, but when he opened the door he saw that it was Mr. Zheng, the famous agent in Starland.

Wen Run was a bit formal and invited him in, and poured water, “Hello, are you here to see me?”

Zheng Xuan took a sip of his water and carefully examined the person in front of him. He had to admit that the person who could make Ye Hansheng fall in love was indeed very good. Wen Run was actually twenty years old in virtual age and had been in the circle for over a year, but he still retained a clean and pure sense of youth, and his eyes were completely untainted.

  Yes, the eyes.

  If he wanted to say where Wen Run was born best, it was definitely his pair of clear, dark eyes.

His eyelashes were long and dark and thick, like little brushes; the folds of his eyelids were deep, giving his eyes a deep, luminous look. His eyes were round in outline, the eyes and the whites of the eyes were black and white, his eyes were slightly drooping at the end as it blinked, clean and good, like a pleasing little white dog, just looking at him made people’s hearts soft.

  And his acting wasn’t bad at all, with eyes that seemed to be hiding a thousand emotions, Zheng Xuan felt that this was a really big treasure that he had picked up for nothing.

  After wandering for a while, Zheng Xuan withdrew his thoughts and saw Wen Run looking at him uneasily. He eased his demeanor to reveal a kind smile, “From today onwards, I’ll be your agent.”

  ”?” Question marks popped up in Wen Run’s head and he wondered, “Where’s Song Li?”

  ”He won’t take you later.” Zheng Xuan smiled slightly, his voice held a little contempt, he somewhat despised Song Li, such a piece of rough jade he could throw aside as a stone regardless for more than a year, it was really a delay.

  The sky suddenly dropped a piece of big pie that he didn’t even dare to think about, Wen Run was suddenly smashed, confusion was almost all written on his face, he slowed down for a moment, whispered: “Can I ask, why are you willing to take me? I’m not much of a celebrity…”

  The company’s gold medal agent, how many artists wanted to hire him, but he chose none of them, but instead found him, Wen Run couldn’t understand, but was also a little wary. After all, this kind of good thing that came to the door, it must be what the other party wanted to plot.

  Wen Run was an easy person to read, and Zheng Xuan could see through his thoughts almost at a glance. He almost wanted to shake out Ye Hansheng, but thinking of that fury-like face in the end, he didn’t dare, he could only smile helplessly, “I was also there for the audition of Jinling Terrace, and you did well.”

Wen Run didn’t expect it to be for this reason, he opened his eyes a bit too wide for a moment.

  ”I hope to have good cooperation in the future.” Zheng Xuan was the first to extend his hand.

  Dazed, Wen Run shook his hand, the joy in his heart exploded like a cluster of fireworks, and finally he curled his eyes and revealed a big smile, “Happy working together.”

  ”Well, after introducing each other, we will now talk about the future work arrangements.”

  Zheng Xuan put away the smile on his face, and his smiling peach blossom eyes sank, “Previously, Song Li didn’t arrange much work for you, so you might be more leisurely. But I’m not the same as Song Li, I’ll come and take you, so you won’t be idle in the future.”

  ”If you want to be popular, you have to listen to my arrangements, and you can’t cry out from pain or fatigue. Many of your predecessors have survived this way.”

  Wen Run listened to him seriously and nodded his head good-naturedly, “I’m not afraid of suffering.”

  Zheng Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction before continuing, “I contacted Director Li before coming here, and you passed the audition for the drama.”

  Wen Run’s eyes widened in surprise, Zheng Xuan raised his hand to cut him off, “That’s not the point, the crew won’t start production until the middle of next month, there’s still almost a month in between, I’ve arranged a fitness course for you, during which you’ll have to work out with a personal trainer, your current body is too thin. It lacks strength. You’ll have to make up for that as soon as possible.”

 Wen Run nodded again, taking notes carefully.

  ”In addition to working out, I’ve also picked up two commercials and a variety show for you, one is a short promotional video for Nave Chocolate, with the woman you know, Xiao Xiao. The other is an endorsement for an online tea drink. This is the back of the itinerary as well as the contract, you can read it first and sign it if you have no questions.”

  Wen Run just faintly took over and read it. The amount of information in this short while was too much, and he was still floating by now.

  After carefully reading the contract, Wen Run signed his name and handed the contract back to Zheng Xuan. Zheng Xuan put it away in a file bag and asked him to give him his Weibo account password, “I’ll be hiring a new assistant to help you take care of these in the near future. You can usually go up and take a look, but don’t slip up and praise or easily take sides or make stance statements.”

  Zheng Xuan logged into his Weibo and took a look, his Weibo still had more than 100,000 fans, but it was obviously not well taken care of, the fan activity was not high, and there were very few retweeted comments. The good thing was that the heat level was a little lower though. But the content of the account was clean, except for the promotional microblogging of the crew and a few selfies. There were no messy indignant comments.

  Zheng Xuan was completely satisfied, this was a good and sensible baby, patting him on the shoulder, Zheng Xuan finally instructed, “The shooting of the promotional short film is the day after tomorrow, so prepare yourself and adjust your condition to the best.”

Wen Run could only nod at the moment. He sent Zheng Xuan off in a dizzy manner, closed the door and threw himself on the sofa. He held a soft pillow and rolled around like a small dog, rolling his hair up in a mess, then suddenly sat up and ran back to the room with sparkling eyes to see the script.


  Zheng Xuan purposely went to Ye Hansheng’s office after returning to the company and sent over Wen Run’s schedule.

  Ye Hansheng was busy signing and approving documents, and his voice went cold after glancing at it, “Don’t do such a boring thing in the future.”

  Zheng Xuan raised an eyebrow, “I thought you wanted to know. You don’t know, this kid you’ve got your eye on is a real babe, good and obedient, saying and responding to everything, like a little puppy, if he had a tail, he’d probably even wag it at you.” He exclaimed, “It’s been years since I’ve brought such an obedient artist.”

  ”Zheng Xuan, get out!” Ye Hansheng heavily rested the pen on the table with hostility.

  ”I’m sorry, I’m getting out of here.” Zheng Xuan raised his hands in surrender, not daring to try to provoke him anymore, threw the itinerary into the trash can in a smooth manner, and ran away with his feet wiped clean.

  Ye Hansheng was really as bad-tempered as ever.

    Fidgeting and turning his wheelchair to the floor-to-ceiling window, Ye Hangsheng watched the cars come and go, and it took a long time for his inexplicable anger to subside. He turned back to get ready to continue working on the paperwork, but his eyes inadvertently swept over the itinerary that was casually tossed in the trash.

He stayed for a long time, wringing his brow and picked up the itinerary again. No mistakes could be found in Zheng Xuan’s arrangement. He pressed the itinerary under a thick stack of documents, and unconsciously recalled the young black eyes in his mind. When he was shy with his eyes hanging down, he really looked like a pathetic puppy.

His knitted eyebrows loosened, Ye Hansheng unconsciously smiled and buried his head to continue processing the documents.

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