C3—- Keep A Cat

Xu Jian knew the man in front of him.

Accurately speaking, anyone who could surf the Internet and watch TV knew Qin Shen. Even if they didn’t know his name, they would be impressed by his face.

Although Qin Shen was only two years older than Xu Jian, their popularity and status in the entertainment industry were two extremes:

Qin Shen became famous when he was young, and he was only one award away from becoming one of the three golden film emperors.

Xu Jian was an unknown cannon fodder. He couldn’t make a little splash in the hearts of the audience when he was in a car accident. When Qin Shen had an injury, he had thousands of fans crying and begging him to take care of himself …

The contrast showed the gap. Emperor Qin Shen made Xu Jian, a small actor who had been sent back to his hometown, look up to him. So now, at the first sight of him, Xu Jian had forgotten the ham on the ground.

Qin Shen was also surprised to see the white cat suddenly appearing around him, and then his body turned back subconsciously, and his heart had been swiped by an exclamation mark-

Fluffy! !

Qin Shen’s action was not big, but Xu Jian suddenly stood up and stepped back cautiously until his tail touched the cold iron armrest of the bench.

A pair of big round eyes kept a close eye on Qin Shen’s cold face, and Xu Jian was alert and ready to run away at any time.

Because of the disparity in status, Xu Jian had never seen Qin Shen himself before, but he had heard many rumors about him:

Qin Shen, who was young and famous, was perfect in both ability and figure, but his character was not as praised as his acting skills.

Emperor Qin Ying was proud of his talents and his temper was extremely violent. He scolded and questioned reporters in front of many mainstream media at the interview sites, and he was impatient with others. The news of him and big brands were hot searched every other time …

Although Xu Jian didn’t know whether these negative rumors were true or not, now seeing Qin Shen’s cold face, he thought the rumors aware at least five points true.

The man had a cold face in private, as if he was owed five million dollars. How good could he be?

 Xu Jian looked at the dusty ham sausage on the ground, and then looked at Qin Shen.

With hesitation, Xu Jian was contemplating whether he should immediately run away, or try to make Qin Shen compensate his hard-won rations, he saw Qin Shen carefully stretch out his hand toward him:


Qin Shen’s tone just now was too gentle, which made Xu Jian want to jump off the bench and he turned to look at him in astonishment.

Turning to Qin Shen’s eyes, Xu Jian had the illusion that spring had arrived and snow and ice had melted and everything was revived.

Seeing the white cat ‘s reaction to his voice, Qin Shen was pleased, with gentle eyes he continued:

“Meow ~”

Xu Jian looked at Qin Ying Emperor, filled with complex emotions, and thought: Why is this man meowing here? Is he expecting me to understand or something?

After becoming a cat, Xu Jian could understand the cat language, but he couldn’t understand the sound of a  human meowing.

So Xu Jian meowed at Qin Shen twice, which meant: I can’t understand you when you talk like a cat.

Qin Shen, who got the response, was even happier, and he meowed at Xu Jian several times.

Xu Jian:”…”

Forget it, he couldn’t communicate.

Maybe he was used to Qin Shen’s icy face on TV. Now seeing his gentle and soft expression, Xu Jian still felt it was a little unreal.

But facing Qin Shen, Xu Jian, couldn’t turn around directly.

Xu Jian turned to face Qin Shen, then raised his meat pad and patted the bench, and looked up at him:


Stop meowing, say something.

At that moment, Qin Shen had been carrying the hand that had not been recovered and finally put it on Xu Jian’s furry head.

Xu Jian didn’t hide, he narrowed his eyes to see what he really wanted to do.

Qin Shen’s hand paused for two seconds on the white cat’s head. After seeing that it didn’t hide, his eyes widened slightly, his voice was pleasantly surprised, and he couldn’t believe it:

“Did I catch a cat?”

While talking, Qin Shen’s hand gently touched Xu Jian’s back twice to help him arrange his fur.

Xu Jian looked at Qin Shen, who suddenly became excited. The cat’s face was squeezed: “Meow?”


Until Qin Chen gently carried him home, Xu Jian was still wondering if there was something wrong with the double award winning film emperor.

Qin Shen meowed several times, then he pointed to the ham on the ground and finally spoke Chinese to him:

“Still eating?”

Before Xu Jian reacted, Qin Shen squatted down and picked up the ham sausage on the ground and put it near Xu Jian’s mouth.

Looking at the dusty ham sausage in front of him, Xu Jian turned away in disgust, and put his meat pad on Qin Shen’s hand at the same time, and pushed it out hard.

For this half ham sausage, Xu Jian showed resistance with all his heart. Even if Qin Shen couldn’t understand cat language, he could see from its frowning face that it refused.

Qin Shen smiled and threw the abandoned ham sausage into the trash can next to him, and said to himself:

“Looking at you, you should be a stray cat that accidentally ran in?”

Then Qin Shen suddenly held Xu Jian in his arms and got up. Xu Jian reacted and just wanted to struggle, and listened to his gentle voice he was coaxing a child.

“I have a lot of delicious food at home. Will you come home with me?”

What Xu Jian couldn’t hear most now was to eat. Hearing the words, it remained in his mind.

Food was the most important thing for people, and the cat bowed for the rice.

Under the temptation of food, Xu Jian was brought home by Qin Chen.

Before entering the house, Xu Jian was still worried about whether Qin Shen’s abnormal behavior was due to the pressure of being a star and his special hobbies. He was ready to lure him home with food and then shut the door and abuse the cat.

However, after entering the door and seeing the layout of the living room, Xu Jian immediately dispelled the suspicion in his heart.

Looking at the plush dolls in the living room, Xu Jian was shocked and understood Qin Chen’s abnormality——

Where was this man’s cat abuse? This was clearly a fluff addiction!

It was a heavy one.

After closing the door, Qin Chen gently placed Xu Jian on the soft carpet. He was not afraid that the dirty Xu Jian would dirty the clean carpet.

Qin Chen put his hands on his knees and said to Xu Jian:”Kitty, wait here for me. Don’t run around. I’ll go to the kitchen and get you something to eat, OK?”

Xu Jian had been unable to make complaints about the term “Kitty”.

After Qin Shen went back to the kitchen, Xu Jian moved quickly to the door. He didn’t want to escape while Qin Shen wasn’t paying attention, but he rubbed his dirty meat pads on the carpet at the door.

The floor of Qin Shen’s home was so clean that Xu Jian could look in the mirror. When he lowered his head, he could see his dusty appearance and the fur that was winding together.

Although Xu Jian didn’t want to be dirty, after all, a few days of wandering life made it difficult for him to eat enough, let alone take a bath.

But the light gray carpet was trampled by him, and he was a little embarrassed, so he ran to the carpet to clean it.

After making sure that his paws were a lot cleaner, Xu Jian looked down at the terrible carpet near the door. After only a second of guilt, he clumsily lifted the carpet with his paws, trying to fold the carpet in half and hide the dirty places.

When Qin Shen came out with hot lean porridge, he didn’t see the shadow of the white cat in the living room, and his heart hitched- ran away?

About to react, Qin Shen heard the cat cry in a low voice behind him.

As soon as Qin Shen turned his head, he saw that his cat was competing with the carpet at the door.

Putting down his things, Qin Shen went to Xu Jian with a smile:

“Kitty, come and eat first, and then go to play when you are full, OK?”

Because the paws were inconvenient, the Bala carpet had been folded in half unsuccessfully, and Xu Jian, who had been on the edge of being flustered, stiffened after hearing Qin Shen’s words, and the next second turned to him with a shrill cry:


He wasn’t playing with carpets!

But Xu Jian’s discontent lasted only two seconds because he saw the hot porridge on the tea table.

And the smell of meat …

Food at present, Xu Jian’s thinking and actions began to get out of control. He let go of the carpet that had been scratched off by him, and his eyes went straight toward Qin Shen.

The living room was filled with colorful dolls on the ground, and there was almost no place to stay, so Qin Shen held Xu Jian on the tea table and let him eat on it.

Xu Jian’s thoughts were filled with food now, so he didn’t care where the dining table was.

Seeing Xu Jian eat with relish, Qin Shen sat cross-legged on the ground, with a mobile phone, continuously taking a few photos with a contented face as he spoke to himself:

“Eat food and you will be my cat in the future.”

“I can’t always call you Kitty or Meow Meow. I have to give you a name …”

Not giving Xu Jian the opportunity to oppose, Qin Shen’s eyes moved to the nearby milk box, paused, and then said:

“Since your hair is so white, why not call you milk?”

There was only one person and one cat in the family. Xu Jian was busy eating without objection, so no one raised any objection. The name of his milk was hastily set by Qin Shen.

Qin Shen was very efficient. Since he decided to raise Xu Jian, he had already contacted the pet hospital nearby when Xu Jian was eating, and he was ready to take Xu Jian to take a bath and then go for a vaccination later.

Xu Jian heard the dialogue between Qin Shen and the pet hospital clearly, but he didn’t object. He should check and also take a bath.

Xu Jian hadn’t thought about being raised yet. He had to find his original body. It was impossible to stay here and be a pet for Qin Shen.

However, according to the current situation, it was much better to stay with Qin Shen than to wander outside. There was food and drink, and he didn’t have to worry about wild cats and dogs that came out suddenly. Maybe he could borrow his computer to check his car accident when Qin Shen was not at home …

Xu Jian buried himself in silence, but he analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of staying with Qin Shen clearly in his heart. Finally, he decided to stay temporarily and give himself a buffer time.

After deciding to stay and after eating, when Qin Shen hugged himself to the pet hospital, Xu Jian didn’t struggle. Qin Shen felt surprised and he couldn’t help but touch his head and boast:

“Milk, how are you so good?”

Xu Jian didn’t think the name milk was good either, but it was better than Meow Meow or Kitty after all.

On the way to the hospital, Qin Shen happily called his good friend to show off that he finally had a cat.

From the chat between Qin Shen and the man on the phone, Xu Jian learned that although Qin Shen had a heavy plush addiction, he was given a nickname of “animal dislike” by his friends.

That was, both hairy and hairless animals were inexplicably disgusted with Qin Shen and unwilling to get close to him. He had tried to raise cats and dogs before, but they all ended in failure because those cats and dogs would always keep at least one meter away from him …

For Qin Shen’ strange physique, Xu Jian at this time didn’t know whether to vomit, as he thought:

So I just hit the gun in the mouth, right?

The author has something to say:

Qin Shen: This is fate!

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