C5—- Life

Qin Shen posted something on Weibo. Fans in the comment area said they wanted to be his cat and be held by him. Others wanted to perform a show for him being a cat on the spot.

Qin Shen was watching the comment area, and Xu Jian, who was forced to squat on his leg, tried to avoid suspicion and followed him. When he saw someone crying about wanting to be a cat, Xu Jian thought:

You come, you come, you take a bath, you come and be photographed. Let me be a man!

Xu Jian didn’t know how comfortable he was until he became a cat. Although he knew that fans were joking, he couldn’t help but pat Qin Shen’s mobile phone screen with his claws-

Human beings were always in bliss and didn’t know it.

Xu Jian threw a paw disgruntled, but Qin Shen got the wrong idea. With a chuckle, he tapped the screen and threw the phone away.

Qin Shen held Xu Jian in front of him with both hands, and his tone was so gentle that Xu Jian was once a straight man, but now a straight cat, trembled:

“I was just busy watching my phone. Are you angry with me?”

  The lights of the living room were reflected in Qin Shen’s deep eyes. For a moment, Xu Jian seemed to see the stars in the city night sky that he hadn’t seen for a long time.

Xu Jian looked at Qin Shen and blinked.

Even if he was a straight man, Xu Jian had to admit that Qin Shen’s face was so handsome that countless girls held their hearts and called him their husband. His voice was indeed a major weapon.

Seeing Milk blink his ice blue eyes, Qin Shen couldn’t control his fluff addiction, with a moved heart, he leaned forward and kissed Xu Jian’s foot:

“Why are you so cute? Can I play with you?”

Xu Jian didn’t know if other cats were so sensitive, but when Qin Shen’s warm and soft lips kissed his meat pad, he was excited from his human soul to cat’s body:

A little itchy, but a more subtle feeling that couldn’t be described in words.

With a rude awakening, Xu Jian woke up and struggled in Qin Shen’s arms. He thought:

You are cute, your whole family is cute! Who wants to play with you!

He used to be a big master, but now he was praised as cute by a man. It was a shame!

Qin Shen, who was forced to let go of Xu Jian, looked at Xu Jian, who was obviously unhappy. He took a cat-teasing stick in one hand, touched its chin with his other hand:

“It seems that Milk doesn’t like cat-teasing sticks very much.”

 Xu Jian walked towards the cat’s nest, and then turned to Qin Shen to consciously and viciously ‘meow’.

However, he just walked into the cat’s nest, but before he could get down and feel the incomparably soft nest, he listened as Qin Shen talked to someone cheerfully:

“I tell you, when Milk went to the cat’s nest to sleep just now, he even turned his head and let out a cry. Do you think he was saying good night to me? He likes me too much. “

Xu Jian, who listened to every word: “…”

No, I just gave you a fierce cry. Don’t flatter yourself!

It’s because cross-species communication is difficult!

And the award winning actor, aren’t you a little too narcissistic? Who likes you?

After getting along for half a day, Qin Chen’s original set-up in Xu Jian’s heart collapsed so much that it could no longer collapse.

Qin Shen in Xu Jian’s memory;

Height was 186, the ratio of leg length to height was perfect, and his handsome face was impeccable. Unfortunately, this handsome face contained frost all year round, which was daunting.

Emperor Qin Ying went his own way. He heard that because he had a background, taking up a job depended on his preferences. After a few years in his career, he refused countless good resources that others couldn’t grab.

Everyone in the entertainment industry wanted to have a good relationship and be seen as a good person, but Qin Shen was different. He did things at will, regardless of what anyone thought, and his happiness was the most important.

Some people thought that he was just a man, living freely and smartly, while others disagreed with his style of doing things, saying that he was arrogant.

Therefore, although Qin Shen was an award winning artist, his acting value was good, but there were still countless anti-fans.

There were quite a few people who felt that he was blocking his own way. They wanted to take this opportunity to buy fake fans to blacken him. However, as soon as the work started, it was washed by the water army from behind.

Over time, it became a tacit matter for everyone in the industry that there was someone behind Qin Shen and his background was hard.

There were even internal rumors that several large water army studios had released words at the same time, and since then, the jobs about Qin Shen had not been answered.

It’s not that I don’t want to make money, but that I’m afraid I’ll make money without spending it.

This rumor may be somewhat exaggerated, but it was true that Qin Shen’s background was hard to mess with.

Otherwise, looking at the whole entertainment industry, which person wasn’t tactful and sophisticated?

Everyone was flattering one person after another, and Qin Shen was so arrogant, what else was it if he didn’t have something to fall back on?

And now …

In Xu Jian’s mind, Qin Shen had only a few key words: handsome, rich, heavy fluff addiction and deep narcissism.

No more.

Comfortably lying in the cat’s nest, Xu Jian felt that his back was a little cold, so he awkwardly hooked his paws and put a small blanket on himself.

After covering himself with the small blanket, Xu Jian continued to think about why Qin Shen’s image collapsed. His feet were trampled on the ground just now, and he even kissed his leg.

Thinking of it, Xu Jian lifted his paw and touched his head and the other leg.

After stretching out his short legs and licking himself, Xu Jian came to a conclusion-

The paw felt ordinary, and there was nothing special about it. Why did Qin Shen like it so much?

In the end, Xu Jian looked down at his pink meat pad inexplicably and thought:

Is it because the cat’s meat pad is too thick, and it feels different from people’s hand?

As a non Plush man, Xu Jian really didn’t understand Qin Chen’s inner thoughts.


Xu Jian pondered in the cat’s nest, and his tail hanging on the ground swayed unconsciously as a broom, while Qin Shen on the other side was not idle. He was surfing the Internet to find out how to match Xu Jian’s meals nutritionally and healthily.

When taking a bath in a pet hospital, Milk’s fluffy hair was wet with water, and then stuck on it. It looked skinny, and its small body was malnourished at first sight.

Qin Shen was distressed. He felt that he could not feed it cat food alone. He had to cook cat food for Milk himself.

Then Qin Shen saw someone say that cats should drink goat’s milk, and cats couldn’t eat many things that humans ate, or they would have a stomachache.

Qin Shen, who had just fed Xu Jian a glass of milk, was shocked and hurriedly went to see if Xu Jian in the cat house had any adverse reactions.

Xu Jian, who wanted to get sleepy, was suddenly pulled by Qin Shen with his hand, and raised his eyelids and looked at him:


You want something?

When Qin Shen saw Xu Jian listless, he thought that he was not feeling well, so he was ready to go to the hospital.

At the same time, Qin Shen secretly scolded himself for being too careless, and even fed Milk casually.

Xu Jian, who was disturbed from his clear dream, didn’t know what Qin Shen wanted to do without saying a word. He slept well and was picked up again. He was not so happy. He struggled wildly with four short legs and kept meowing at him.

Then Qin Shen discovered that his Milk was full of vitality, and there was nothing wrong with it.

Then he remembered that after drinking the milk, when he went to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that the milk was healthy except malnutrition.

Looking at the impatient Milk after being put back into the cat’s nest, Qin Chen touched his head with a smile and said:

“It seems that my Milk is still a different cat.”

After drinking milk, there were no adverse reactions such as lactose intolerance.

Xu Jian didn’t know Qin Shen’s psychological activity, but his words caused his pupils to dilate, so he looked at him in disbelief and thought-

Qin Shen discovered that he was not a simple cat?

When was it discovered? Just now?

In Xu Jian’s heart, he was in a panic, thinking crazily about which details he had revealed, but Qin Shen suddenly stuffed a fluffy doll into his cat’s nest.

Xu Jian, who was shocked by the doll: “???”

Qin Shen smiled and touched his cat’s head: “You must be lonely when you sleep. From now on, let Mr. Dinosaur sleep with you.”

Looking at the green dinosaur doll around him, Xu Jian: “…”

Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Xu Jian lifted his paw and pushed Mr. Dinosaur away-

But I don’t need to thank you.

However, Xu Jian suffered the loss that he couldn’t speak directly to express his opposition, and finally Mr Dinosaur stayed in his cat house.

After Qin Shen left, Xu Jian looked at the doll in disgust, wondering why Qin Shen, a cold-looking man, was so different.

Was this the legendary paradox?

If time went back a week, Xu Jian would never have dreamed of such a situation today.

When he was a man, the distance between him and Qin Shen seemed to be separated by ten galaxies, but he didn’t expect to get along with the other day and night after being a cat one day.

He also discovered the other side of Qin Shen, which was little known in private.

However, on second thought, Xu Jian never had the opportunity to live with the film emperor. Was it possible to learn acting secretly from the film emperor?

Although Xu Jian didn’t know if he could turn back into a human being in the future, there were not many opportunities to watch the actor at close range. When he was a person, he didn’t have the chance to learn, so it was too late to regret it.

And Xu Jian’s intuition told him that he wouldn’t always be a cat.

Although Xu Jian terminated his contract with the company, he was somewhat unwilling and obsessed with being an actor.


Early the next morning, Xu Jian woke up when the sky was dim, and the light in the room was a little dark, but Xu Jian’s excellent night vision ability allowed him to see the bed.

Qin Shen hadn’t woken up yet.

The cat nest was originally placed in the living room, but before going to bed, he changed his attention. Even the cat and nest were carried into the master bedroom where he slept. Before going to bed, he did not forget to kiss Xu Jian’s cat ears and say good night to him.

Xu Jian, who was half-dreaming and half-awake, was indifferent. At that time, the only idea in his mind was-

Plush addiction was hopeless.

Because there was only one person and one cat at home, Qin Shen didn’t have the habit of locking the door when he slept, which just facilitated Xu Jian to slip out of the door left unlocked.

After leaving the room, Xu Jian looked back at the crack of the door.

The idea that cats were liquids couldn’t be without reason.

Xu Jian moved lightly and quickly to the bathroom. Although Qin Shen prepared a cat litter box for him yesterday, he still had mental obstacles. He wanted to get up while Qin Shen was sleeping and solve a cat problem in the toilet.

The bathroom door was closed. Xu Jian raised his front legs and placed them on the frosted glass door. His rear legs pressed hard and struggled to reach the doorknob with his front paws to open the door.

Almost … There was still a little …

He felt the sorrow of short legs for the first time.

Xu Jian tried his best to reach the doorknob with his paws. When he finally got on the handle, his whole body was tired, and now his hind legs were almost dangling.

Half-hung on the door handle, Xu Jian was too tired to gasp and despised the height of the door handle:

The doorknob is so high, did the designer considered them cats and dogs who needed to go to the toilet?

Wasn’t this bullying cats? The user experience is terrible!

At first glance, the designer had never been a cat.

And slow for a while, to restore some strength Xu Jian slightly pulled down the door handle, “click”, the glass door opened, at the same time because of the weight of Xu Jian.

Xu Jian, who pulled the handle, couldn’t react as well. He wandered into the bathroom still hanging on the door.

Before the door hit the wall, Xu Jian loosened the handle and pressed the door with his body to prevent it from hitting the wall and making a sound.

Xu Jian never thought that it would be so difficult to go to the toilet one day earlier, just like burglary in the middle of the night and thieves who are afraid of waking up the owner of the house.

When he jumped on the toilet, Xu Jian slipped on the soles of his feet and almost fell into the toilet. After standing on the toilet seat in a hurry, his heart felt glad.

Although Qin Shen’s toilet was clean and had no peculiar smell, Xu Jian would have no appetite to eat all day.

After going to the toilet and carefully standing up to press the flush button above, Xu Jian once again sighed from the heart-

It was really hard to be a cat.

Fortunately, when Qin Shen’s toilet was flushed, it was quiet and almost silent, so Xu Jian didn’t have to worry about waking him up.

After solving a cat problem, Xu Jian stood on the cold ceramic tile and estimated his distance from the sink. Then he jumped up with four short legs and stood firmly on the sink this time.

Xu Jian carefully used his paws and turned on the tap. After the tiny water flowed out, he quickly stopped, he had a guilty conscience and was afraid that the water flow would be too loud to Qin Shen.

After picking up the water with a meat pad and touching his face wildly, Xu Jian felt that his face had been washed, and he leaned his wet head over and gargled.

Before wandering, there was no such condition, but now there were conditions. Xu Jian would never allow himself to be totally disgraced.

He just didn’t know if there were any toothbrushes and toothpaste for cats and whether Qin Shen would buy them for him in the future.

After Xu Jian finished all this, the sky was brighter than before, and he looked up and could clearly see himself in the mirror.

Long white cat, big blue eyes, wet hair on the head and face, ugly.

After self-deprecating in the mirror, Xu Jian looked down at the black cat hair with a small stamp on his left front leg.

He remembered that he had a black mole on his left wrist, which was almost the same as the black patch’s position now …

What was the connection between this cat and his former life?

Too many things happened in recent days. Xu Jian thought for a long time and didn’t come up with a reason. Finally, he had to give up in frustration.

Looking at the white cat in the mirror, Xu Jian made great efforts to make all kinds of expressions in front of the mirror, wondering how many expressions could have.

Just as Xu Jian opened his mouth to show his sharp teeth, when he raised his paw on the cat’s face and made an expression that he thought was extremely ferocious, the lamp in the bathroom suddenly lit up.

Xu Jian was stunned, he subconsciously lifted his eyes to look and suddenly saw Qin Shen’s reflection in the mirror.

Xu Jian was startled by Qin Shen, who suddenly appeared beside him, and almost gave Qin Shen a fright.

With a loud scream, Xu Jian slipped and slid directly down into the smooth sink.

Xu Jian slipped in shock. Suddenly, Qin Shen’s hand stretched out. Xu Jian had already fallen in the sink.

Looking at the white cat that fell upside down, Qin Shen was stunned for two seconds, then he couldn’t help laughing.

Xu Jian, who fell on all fours, was heartbroken: “!!!”

You laughed!

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Jian Jian: No, thank you

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