C4—-Kill the Emperor (4)


Warning: Almost non-consensual touching occurs.

Shen Jue saw the house in front of him and suddenly stopped.

  ”You said Feng Qingbao is in there?”

  The little eunuch who led him over nodded repeatedly, “Yes, Eunuch Feng is inside.”

Shen Jue’s eyes showed a bit of sarcasm, but he quickly restrained this look and put on a somewhat uneasy expression instead.

  When Murong Xiu went to morning court this morning, a young eunuch with clear eyes said that Feng Qingbao had something to tell him. Shen Jue knew there was a deception, but he needed it just as much as he needed it, so he came as if he didn’t know anything about it.

  When he saw Qin Yuan, Shen Jue’s steps snapped to a halt and he turned his head to make a move to escape. How could Qin Yuan let Shen Jue escape, he immediately had Shen Jue captured, not only shutting the door, but also tying Shen Jue up with ropes, just short of gagging Shen Jue.

  ”Eunuch Shen, we meet again.”

  Qin Yuan was white and beardless, about twenty years old, and looked at Shen Jue the way a viper looked at its prey.

  Shen Jue pursed his lips straight, his face pale, his eyelashes fluttering in fear.

  This feeble appearance of his clearly pleased Qin Yuan.

  Qin Yuan smiled gloomily, “Why is Eunuch Shen afraid? I haven’t done anything yet.”

  Shen Jue’s lips trembled, “Head Manager Qin, why did you want to trick me into coming here? If His Majesty finds out I’m not there after morning, he’ll surely…”

  Before he finished his words, Qin Yuan interrupted him, “What? Do you think His Majesty would go to such lengths for a slave like you? You’re too proud of yourself.” Qin Yuan crouched down and reached out a hand to cupped Shen Jue’s chin, “With such an ugly face, how can you have the face to serve in front of the emperor?”

  Shen Jue looked at the Qin Yuan in front of him, it was really a bit funny.

  He was jealous because Qin Yuan adored Murong Xiu, but Murong Xiu hated everyone who had anything to do with the Regent, and never looked at Qin Yuan at all.

 Qin Yuan loved him and didn’t even have a chance to see Murong Xiu. Naturally, he was jealous of Shen Jue, an eunuch who served personally, so even if the Regent didn’t care about Shen Jue’s small role, Qin Yuan wanted to kill Shen Jue. 

  He was so jealous of Shen Jue because he was a lackey.

  Why was it that Shen Jue could get Murong Xiu’s good eye, but not him?

  Qin Yuan carefully sized up the person in front of him, feeling that he couldn’t really find a single good thing about the other person. His gaze gradually shifted downward, moving to Shen Jue’s hands. It was these hands that could serve Murong Shuo. Perhaps these hands had also touched Murong Xiu’s body when Shen Jue was dressing Murong Xiu.

Qin Yuan’s eyes were miniature and he said coldly: “You all go out.”

Several eunuchs behind him went out after hearing the order, and didn’t forget to close the door.

  When Shen Jue and Qin Yuan were the only ones left in the room, Qin Yuan suddenly grabbed Shen Jue’s hand.

  Shen Jue’s body shook and tried to retract his hand, but Qin Yuan, a grown man and much stronger than Shen Jue, not only grabbed Shen Jue’s hand, but also untied the rope on Shen Jue’s wrist with his other hand.

  Shen Jue frowned faintly at the sight of this.

  Wasn’t this Qin Yuan going to beat him? Why did he untie him?

  Because Shen Jue had recovered his memories, some things were different from before.

  It turned out that Shen Jue hadn’t been keeping vigil for Murong Xiu, so Qin Yuan wasn’t jealous enough to tie him up.

  When Shen Jue discovered that Qin Yuan had actually started to undo the waistband of his trousers, the expression on his face visibly stagnated. His hand was still tugged in Qin Yuan’s hand, and his black eyes were staring, obviously with a shocked expression. Qin Yuan smiled twistedly and said, “I’ll give you two choices today, one, feel your Master Qin’s body properly. I’ll pretend that nothing has happened and let you go back today, or two, I’ll take this cheap life of yours, which one do you choose?”

  Shen Jue didn’t expect Qin Yuan to be so perverted and reacted so angrily that his eyes turned a little red.

  It seemed that the Heavenly Dao could not tolerate him for even a moment, and after he recovered his memories, he arranged for these filthy things to await him.

  To be honest, Shen Jue had experienced a thousand years of reincarnation and suffering, and had long ago stopped taking his body too seriously, and for so many lifetimes, he didn’t know what kind of abuse he had been subjected to, even as a child….

  Shen Jue gritted his teeth, his body shaking from anger.

  He lowered his eyes and restrained the murderous aura in his eyes.

  Shen Jue, you have to hold back and endure before you can go back.

  But when Qin Yuan grabbed Shen Jue’s hand and reached into his pants, the strings of reason in Shen Jue’s brain still snapped.

  His mind suddenly went blank, and then he struggled frantically. Shen Jue’s eyes turned red and he exerted all his strength to escape from Qin Yuan, who was so angry that he threw a slap at Shen Jue’s face when he saw that Shen Jue was not cooperating.

  Shen Jue’s face was plain, but his skin was fair and delicate, so his cheeks turned red when he slapped him.

  Qin Yuan, as a eunuch, letting Shen Jue’s hand touch him, actually wanted to take the opportunity to get close to Murong Xiu, he thought that Shen Jue’s hand had touched Murong Xiu’s clothes, maybe even touched Murong Xiu’s hand.

 But he didn’t think that Shen Jue would actually be unwilling.

  Qin Yuan was breathing heavily, angry and annoyed, and only when he saw that Shen Jue had been slapped into submission until the corner of his lip was bleeding and he stopped struggling, did he stop.

  ”Eunuch Shen, what the hell do you still think you are? I let you touch it to give you a face, it’s best if you obey now, if you don’t, I’ll have my own way to punish you.”

  Shen Jue’s hair was scattered, he was off to the side, his body was shaking slightly, as if he was afraid, or as if he was overly angry.

  When Qin Yuan saw this, he smiled coldly and grabbed Shen Jue’s hand again and reached into his pants.

  Just as soon as this hand reached in, the door side was opened.

  Qin Yuan frowned and turned back angrily, “Can’t you see that I’m in the middle of business…”

  Before he finished speaking, Qin Yuan immediately withdrew Shen Jue’s hand and kneeled down with a shaking body, not even daring to tie the waistband of his trousers.

  ”Your Majesty…Your Majesty….”

  Murong Shuo covered his nose with a silk handkerchief and looked down at the house in disgust, and when he noticed Qin Yuan’s pants waistband, his appearance changed slightly. Murong Xiu slowly shifted his gaze to Shen Jue.

  The teenager whom he had scolded last night was still off his head at this point, trying to hide his face, his feet tied with ropes, and his right hand hanging weakly in midair.

  ”Bastard!” Murong Xiu reacted, his eyes changed, and the way he looked at Qin Yuan was no different than looking at a dead object, “Someone, drag this dog thing out and kill it directly.”

  When Qin Yuan heard this, he kowtowed and shouted, “Your Majesty spare this slave’s life, Your Majesty spare this slave’s life!” He saw that Murong Xiu didn’t even look at him, and someone came up to drag him, Qin Yuan panicked and actually spoke out of turn, “Slave is the Regent’s man, your majesty, you want to kill a slave, but you still have to ask the regent’s will ah!”

  Murong Xiu was originally at seven points of anger , but now by Qin Yuan’s words, he directly got to ten.

  ”What? Do I need the Regent’s permission to punish a slave? Somebody! Split this daring slave with five horses.”

Splitting the body with five-horses was much more painful than beating it to death with a stick, and after death, the corpse was so different that he was afraid he would have to reincarnate in the next life as a beast.

  If Qin Yuan wanted to cry out any more, some clever people immediately gagged him with a cloth and dragged him out. As he was dragged out, because Qin Yuan’s trousers were unbuckled, it slid down, exposing most of his white buttocks.

  Murong Xiu glimpsed it, his face showed disgust, and his hatred for the Regent added a few points.

  The Regent was shameless, and the lackeys under him were even more shameless.

  After dealing with Qin Yuan, Murong Xiu moved his mind to look at Shen Jue.

  Shen Jue was still in the same posture as before, as if he was frozen.

  Murong Xiu was silent for a moment before slowly walking to Shen Jue, “Shen Jue, raise your head.”

  The young man in front of him shrank down, and only after a long while did he say, “Slave is afraid of polluting His Majesty’s eyes.”

  ”No problem, raise your head up.” Murong Xiu said coldly.

  When he saw the injuries on Shen Jue’s face, Murong Xiu’s eyes went a little colder, he had promised to protect Shen Jue last time, and in just a few days, Shen Jue had been beaten again, even by….

  But this was also too stupid of Shen Jue.

  Murong Xiu was also angry with Shen Jue, “A random young eunuch asked you to go with him, and you went with him? Why are you so stupid?”

   Shen Jue lowered his head again at the words and did not say anything.

  When Murong Shuo saw this, he snorted, “Get up and go back with me.”


  The Regent, knowing that Qin Yuan had been split up into five horses, calmly nodded, “What was that ugly slave’s name again?”

  The man reported back, “Shen Jue.”

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