C10—- Get Up

After knowing Qin Shen’s password, Xu Jian looked forward to Qin Shen leaving the apartment all day long, so that he could have a good chance to surf the Internet.

Whenever he saw Qin Shen hanging around at home, Xu Jian began to think-

Are all popular movie stars so idle? Don’t you have to rush the announcement to make a film in the group?

Although Xu Jian’s original company was small, there were still one or two people who could be recognised by name.

In Xu Jian’s memory, there were a group of people around the pillar of their company at any time. At the very least, the configuration was two assistants, a bodyguard and an agent.

The pillars of the company were so busy all day long that they flew all over without touching the ground, making films and participating in activities, and their life was much more “fulfilling” than Qin Shen’s.

And even the pillars of their company were not even on the same level with Qin Shen.

Qin Shen was super-first tier.

Even between the third tier and the third tier and a half, there was a huge gap between the entertainment industry, and artists’ social status, self-awareness and the spread of their works were different, not to mention the distance between the first tier and the third tier and a half.

That was no longer a level of people.

Therefore, Xu Jian could’t figure out why Qin Shen seemed to have nothing to do, and he didn’t have to work all day long.

Then again, Qin Shen’s company actually allowed him to take such a long vacation?

Thinking of it, Xu Jian thought thought of the mysterious Mr Du and thought of Qin Shen’s action-

Qin Shen could be so capricious, was it related to Boss Du?

Qin Shen looked up at dinner, facing Xu Jian. The first thing he needed to do was to look at his eyes.

Xu Jian, who peeked at him, was in a tight mood. He quickly looked away and bowed his head to eat his egg yolk with shrimp.

Although Xu Jian pretended to be calm, he could see his guilty conscience reflected in Win Shen’s eyes.

Qin Shen smiled at Xu Jian, regardless of whether the cat could understand his words:

“If you want to see it, look at it boldly. Why do it secretly?”

Xu Jian, who was still trying to connect Qin Shen and Mr Du, didn’t lift his head and pretended not to understand him.

After dinner, Qin Shen put the dishes in the dishwasher, and then took his sleeves to the cat litter box.

Seeing Qin Shen’s posture, Xu Jian knew he was going to shovel sh*t again.

Xu Jian was also quite desperate about this. He also wanted to solve his own cat problem in the bathroom, but Qin Shen was almost inseparable from him every day. He could avoid Qin Shen and go to the bathroom only a few times.

Xu Jian could still run to the bathroom while Qin Shen was sleeping at night, but he couldn’t do it during the day, so sometimes he couldn’t do it, so he had to do it in the litter box.

Xu Jian’s only lucky thing was that Qin Shen also loved to be clean. The cat litter basin was cleaned once every morning and evening, and the cat litter inside was changed every three days, so there was no peculiar smell.

When Qin Shen cleaned up with a shovel and passed Xu Jian with a garbage bag, he was ready to go out and throw it away. He saw the white cat lifting his paws and covering his face.

Seeing Xu Jian’s expression, Qin Shen was suprised, then waved the garbage bag at him, amused:

“What’s that look on your face, Milk? This is the cat poop you pooped.”

Staring at the bag in Qin Shen’s hand, Xu Jian’s tail swept away and took a step back. The cat’s face was disgusted-

I know, but it stinks! Take it away! !

In the past, Qin Shen wouldn’t believe it. In his mind, the fluffy cat was so cute, so how could its poop smell as bad as people said on the internet?

It wasn’t until Qin Shen became a shoveler himself that he found out that what the internet had said was true-…

Cat poop really stunk! !

So the second time he cleaned the litter box, Qin Shen chose to wear a mask or hold his breath all the way.

Originally, the staff of the pet hospital suggested that the cat litter should be changed once a week at most, but Qin Shen couldn’t stand it. He had to change the cat litter in three days at most and then rinse the basin again.

Xu Jian didn’t let Qin Shen watch his hobby of solving a cat problem, and even Qin Shen didn’t want to be near the cat litter box.

But even that wouldn’t change the stinking fact.

Therefore, every time Xu Jian threw a deep pit in advance, it was buried so tightly afterwards that he couldn’t wait to throw the cat litter box directly from the balcony.

Seeing Xu Jian’s retreat, Qin Shen felt distressed:

“You love to be clean.”

Most cats loved to be clean. Qin Shen knew that if the litter box was not clean, many cats would not be convenient in it. However, he only saw Milk disdain his own litter box.

If it weren’t for his phone not being around, Qin Shen would certainly take pictures of Xu Jian.

After returning from throwing garbage, Qin Shen took a sip of water, took off his coat and put on his sportswear, and then went to the gym with Xu Jian in his arms.

In order to exercise and maintain his body, Qin Shen set up a small gym at home with all kinds of fitness equipment.

When Xu Jian saw Qin Shen changing his sportswear, he knew what he was going to do, but he looked up at the sky:

It seemed that tonight was another day of sacrifice.

Xu Jian was confused when he was first carried into the gym by Qin Shen for the first time, but he soon knew what the purpose of Qin Shen was.

Others did push-ups and their girlfriends laid on their backs, while for Qin Shen, a cat was on his back.

Others kissed their girlfriends, Qin Shen kissed his cat.

Xu Jian refused Qin Shen’s behavior at first, and ran away as soon as he put him down, but he was captured every time.

The number of times he fled, Cu Jian became numb and stopped hiding or running away, thinking.

Kiss, kiss, anyway, I won’t lose money, kiss a few times and I won’t lose a piece of meat.

Xu Jian attributed his submission to the fact that he was just a weak and poor cat, and he couldn’t beat Qin Shen, whose had height and strength. All struggles were in vain.

Resolutely refusing to admit that Qin Shen’s hormones and sensuality burst after sweating, and he was fascinated by beauty.

For Xu Jian’s cooperation, Qin Shen was also quite satisfied. After finishing the pushups, he laughed and opened his mouth:

“Milk, you took the initiative to kiss me now, great.”

Xu Jian, who listened to him, was frozen and thought suspiciously- did I take the initiative just now?

Did I really put my face together and kiss Qin Shen?

Looking at Qin Shen’s handsome face, which was gradually getting closer to him with a smile, Xu Jian’s brain began to get dizzy again.

When Qin Shen carried him out of the gym, Xu Jian thought with a lingering fear. It seemed that Qin Shen’s face was not only a big killer for girls in love, but also for cats!

Xu Jian told himself that the cat body was so weak that he succumbed to Qin Shen’s beauty.

Xu Jian felt that this cat must have been a gay cat before!

It was the instinct of the cat’s body that affected him!

That must be true!

Xu Jian firmly believed that he would not be fascinated by Qin Shen’s beauty, so he jumped down from Qin Shen’s arms and headed for the cat’s nest.

Qin Shen draped a white towel around his neck while he wiped his sweat:

“How did Milk walk in an S-shape?”

Was it drunk?

Xu Jian didn’t pay attention to Qin Shen’s question. He jumped into the cat’s nest because he made a mistake and hit his head. Fortunately, the cat’s nest was soft and didn’t hurt, but it knocked him awake.

Xu Jian held his tail in the cat’s nest and formed a white dumpling. A meat pad was placed against his heart. After feeling the cheerful rhythm, he shook his head and began to suspect-

What was wrong with him? The aftermath of becoming a cat?

When Qin Shen came out of the shower, he found Xu Jian had fallen asleep in a ball, and the little black patch of hair on his left paw made him look like a dumpling with white skin and black sesame stuffing.

Subconsciously, Qin Shen quietly took a photo and then sent it to his friends:

Qin Shen: Cute today [photo].

A minute later, Tang Li commented, “Lovely, I want to pet.”

Du Zezhou: upstairs +1.

Qin Shen replied to Tang Li: Don’t even think about it.

Qin Shen replied to Du Zezhou: No way, it’s my cat.

Tang Li replied to Qin Shen: Yeah, stingy, let’s take a look at it without losing a piece of meat.

Qin Shen replied to Tang Li: There will be no less meat, but a few cat hairs.

Milk was his, and no cat hair would given to others.

Tang Li & Du Zezhou: … You win.


Xu Jian woke up before six o’clock today, and Qin Shen was still asleep when he opened his eyes.

Xu Jian got up and shook off the small blanket, and then went out of the cat’s nest, not ready to go back to sleep.

He didn’t get up so early today to use the toilet while Qin Shen woke up, but to wake Qin Shen up.

After waiting for so many days, Xu Jian finally heard Qin Shen chat with his agent last night, saying that he had a job this morning and wanted to go out.

And listening to that meant that Qin Shen would come back in the afternoon, which meant that Xu Jian finally had a chance to use Qin Shen’s laptop.

Xu Jian felt excited.

Although he knew that the driver wouldn’t pick up Qin Shen until 8:30, Xu Jian paced back and forth in the room, and when the hour hand pointed to’ 6′, he jumped onto the bed with a vigorous step.

Skillfully walking to the pillow, Xu Jian raised his meat pad and patted Qin Shen’s sleeping face:

“Meow ~”

Get up, it’s six o’clock!

You have a job today, get up early and start early!

Qin Shen just frowned in his sleep and showed no sign of waking up.

Xu Jian stepped on the pillow and walked on Qin Shen’s head. He meowed at him a few times. At most, he just frowned and snorted.

Xu Jian knows that Qin Shen had always had been a shallow sleeper, he wasn’t waking up fast today. He reasonably suspected that the other was pretending to sleep and trying to escape from work.

Xu Jian decided to make a big move, so he jumped on Qin Shen’s chest and jumped hard on him through the quilt twice, trying to wake Qin Shen up.

Seeing that Qin Shen still didn’t respond, Xu Jian hid his sharp claws safely in the meat pad, and then used his cat’s paw to pull his face and meow while pulling:

“Meow ~ Meow!”

Get up, the sun is shining!

However, no matter how much Xu Jian screamed and pulled, Qin Shen didn’t move, it was too abnormal, if not for the rise and fall of his chest because of his breathing, Xu Jian would have  thought he had died.

In the end Xu Jian had no choice, lying on Qin Shen’s chest, he stood near the side of his neck, with his furry head, he rubbed the side of his neck.


After arching a few times with no response, Xu Jian looked at Qin Shen’s sleeping face and stretched out his tongue to gently lick his cheek.

After the lick, Xu Jian himself didn’t realize what he had just done, he suddenly heard a deep muffled laugh.

Xu Jian instantly looked up, dimly facing Qin Shen’s laughing eyes.

Xu Jian: “!!!”

Qin Shen, who hadn’t woken up no matter how much he screamed, had woken up at some point!

The author has something to say:

Jian Jian: You were pretending to sleep! !

Qin Shen: what a happy day ~

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