C9—- Sun Cat

Xu Jian, out of curiosity, pulled a handful of English short’s fur beside him, which was understood by the staff as flirting with the female cat, so she suggested Qin Shen find him a companion.

Qin Shen, who was deeply addicted to fluff, was naturally willing to raise an extra fluffy cat, and went to the pet shop after Xu Jian was done.

It was a pity that Qin Shen was disliked by animals. Cats and dogs shrank to the deepest part of the cage when they saw him. No pet wanted to approach him.

When the pet shop staff saw this scene, they looked suspiciously at Qin Shen, who was armed to the teeth with a mask and sunglass. He held his mobile phone tightly in his hand and was alert, ready to call security.

It was said that animals liked humans, and there was this scene before them, so this man didn’t look like a good man at all.

In the face of the cross-species gap, Qin Shen couldn’t buy the pets at all, so he tried to console him.

The plan to bring a female cat back fell through. After returning home, Qin Shen touched his chin and stared at Xu Jian. He asked in a consultative tone:

“Milk, maybe you like male cats?”

Xu Jian was sulking because Qin Shen wanted to find a female cat for him just now. As a result, Qin Shen asked him if a male cat could do, and his long cat beard almost stood up.

Xu Jian, who was held by Qin Shen, kicked his legs in his abdomen and broke free from his arms.

After landing, Xu Jian twisted his face and shouted angrily at Qin Shen: “Meow ow!!”

Are you out of your mind? What do you think about male cats? !

I’m straight! !

Even as a cat now, I’d rather be a straight cat than bend!

After grimacing at Qin Shen for a while, Xu Jian turned around and walked away.

But looking for company, Xu Jian became more and more angry. He had walked for one or two meters with small short legs. He ran back with anger, and his leg was lifted and kicked Qin Shen’s instep.

After stepping on Qin Shen’s foot, Xu Jian turned away.

This kick was as close as Xu Jian could get to exerting all his strength, but he was now a cat, so his strength was not painful to Qin Shen.

Qin Shen even felt that Milk ‘meowing’ a bit after stepping on him was super cute.

Lovely, want to pet.

But Qin Shen didn’t succeed in getting the cat, because Xu Jian, who was still angry with him, didn’t even give him a hug.

Even when he saw him, he turned his head and pointed his buttocks at him.

Seeing that Milk ignored him, Qin Shen didn’t care if he could understand his own words or not, and began to ramble at him:

“Milk, your dad wants to find you a companion for your own good. Don’t you think you’re a lonely cat? Of course, we are a family. I don’t mind which type and which variety you like. If you really don’t want to, we will … ”

Xu Jian now only had one idea-

No, he had to find a way to become a person quickly.

Xu Jian was afraid that it would take a long time. Qin Shen would really bring him a female cat back one day, and then put him and a female cat in a cage …

The scene filled his mind, and Xu Jian’s whole soul trembled.

If that day really happened, Xu Jian decided to scratch Qin Shen before committing suicide.


The consequence of Xu Jian’s anger was that he ignored Qin Shen most of the time, and even refused to meow.

When Qin Shen came out after washing in the evening, he found that his Milk was still buried in the cat’s nest, and that little blanket was draped on his back, leaving only the furry tail outside.

Qin Shen stared at the cat house for a long time, and finally sighed in his heart-

It seemed that Milk was really not interested in male cats.

And it seemed that milk wouldn’t take care of itself in a short time.

While thinking in his mind what toys to buy for milk after getting up tomorrow to make amends, Qin Shen lifted the quilt to go to bed, but he just sat down on the bed, a white shadow shot out from the cat’s nest and rushed straight to the bed.

Looking at the cat squatting on his stomach, Qin Shen thought it was his own illusion and blinked.

It wasn’t his illusion that the cat on his stomach was still there.

Xu Jian jumped on Qin Shen’s bed, which made him pleasantly surprised. He held him until he was head-up, and his mouth rose wildly:

“Milk, aren’t you angry with your father?”

With that, before Xu Jian reacted, Qin Shen narrowed the distance between one person and one cat, rubbed Xu Jian with his own face, and kissed his ears several times.

His plush addiction was satisfied.

Xu Jian had two front paws, one was on Qin Shen’s chin and the other was on his cheek. Facing his kissing and rubbing action, the cat’s soul slowly laid flat, and Xu Jian thought-

Was this his sacrifice for justice?

Xu Jian suddenly jumped into Qin Shen’s bed, not because he felt relieved, nor because he was fascinated by beauty after seeing Qin Shen’s collarbone and lean chest after washing, just because he had something important to do.

Hmm? Ask him what he has to do in bed at night.

Nonsense, of course …

Peeking at the password!

After living with Qin Shen for so many days, Xu Jian basically understood Qin Shen’s living habits.

According to his observation for many days, before going to bed every day, Qin Shen had a high probability of using a tablet or laptop, which was for entertainment on the one hand and dealing with work on the other.

Although Qin Shen was on vacation now, he couldn’t completely cut off contact with his broker, studio and the outside world, and he still had somethings to deal with and sign.

And this point in time was the best time for him to peek at Qin Shen’s password.

So he saw Qin Shen going to bed and Xu Jian reacted and quickly ran out of the cat’s nest to occupy the favorable terrain for peeking at the password-

Qin Shen rubbed his belly.

As for anger, Xu Jian decided it wasn’t as important as peeking at the password.

Even as a cat, he had to know the priorities of things.

Xu Jian was finally put down by the contented Qin Shen after the “humiliation” of letting Qin Shen eat enough tofu and have a good time.

Xu Jian, who was put down, subconsciously looked at his back. He suspected that if Qin Shen rolled down like this again, he would have to be bald by him sooner or later.

Unexpectedly, being a cat was worse than being a man. Being a man, he only had to worry about his hairline, while being a cat, he had to worry about his cat hair.

Because cats would not only be bald, but also bald back, face, tail and legs …

In short, it would be bald.

Looking at a few conspicuous white cat hairs on the sheets, Xu Jian began to think about the usefulness of baths, should he take a bath when Qin Shen was away?

But Xu Jian soon felt that his hair was worth it, because Qin Shen took a look at his mobile phone after putting him on his stomach, and then went to get the laptop beside him.

When he saw Qin Shen put the computer on his thighs, Xu Jian’s whole spirit was invigorated, and a pair of big eyes stared straight at his movements, just in case he missed his action of typing the password.

After turning on the computer, Qin Shen lowered his head and saw Milk staring at the keyboard, so he couldn’t help getting his phone to take pictures.

When Xu Jian saw Qin Shen suddenly remove his hands from the keyboard suddenly, his head tilted: “Meow?”

Why are your hands off?

We’re so close to victory, turn it on, brother!

If you are tired of typing, you can say the password and I can type it for you with my paws.

The next second Xu Jian heard a “click” sound, pictures were being taken behind his back.

Xu Jian heard the voice and turned his head, he found Qin Shen pointing a phone camera at him, laughing with a face of kindness.

Xu Jian: “…”

Just … Very speechless.

Looking at Qin Shen who indulged in taking pictures, Xu Jian was in such a hurry that he couldn’t wait to press Qin Shen’s hand directly on the keyboard with his paws to make him type his password.

But in order not to be sent for anatomical study, Xu Jian decided to put up with him, but his tail swinging towards Qin Shen’s chest exposed his inner anxiety.

After Qin Shen had shot enough, he went to Weibo to bask in the cat again:

Qin Shen V: Milk is becoming more and more sticky. Now he has to stay with me on my lap when I work. [Photo] ×9.

Qin Shen’s Weibo post had just been sent successfully, and there were dozens of comments as soon as it was refreshed:

Milk reveals his beauty from the back!

Wow, my brother posted again! Happy!

Thanks to Milk, if it weren’t for him, Brother Qin’s posting frequency would never be so high!

I also want to sit on my brother’s lap! I can’t!

People are not as good as cats, they cry and envy.

Brother, are you still short of cats? Can cook, graduate students! I can not only work with you in your lap, but also warm your bed!

I have a premonition of Brother Qin’s painting style on Weibo in the future- basking in cats.


Qin Shen was scrolling through Weibo, and was petting Xu Jian’s head on his leg. During this time, he even patted the laptop with a meat pad to attract Qin Shen’s attention and express his eagerness to know the password quickly. Unfortunately, Qin Shen didn’t understand it.

In Xu Jian’s anxiety, when he was just preparing to step on Qin Shen, Qin Shen finally put down his mobile phone and put his hand back on the keyboard after rubbing his cat’s head.

Qin Shen hugged Xu Jian with one hand and typed the password with the other.

Xu Jian, who was rubbed and hugged, didn’t mind, and even thought of it in his heart-

Hug, hug, as long as you enter the password, even if I’m bald, it’s fine.

Qin Shen finally started to input the password, watching him move Xu Jian didn’t dare to blink his eyes for fear that he might have missed a single digit.

Qin Shen’s typing speed was not slow, but the good thing was that it was a one-handed operation, so Xu Jian saw every key he pressed.

Xu Jian recited ‘qin0811’ in his heart a few times to strengthen his memory, ‘qin’ was Qin’s name he knew, but what did the four numbers ‘0811’ mean?

Was August 11th Qin Shen’s birthday?

Xu Jian didn’t know when Qin Shen’s birthday was, but to make it easier to remember, he temporarily took 0811 as Qin Shen’s birthday in his mind.

“Where are you going, Milk?”

Xu Jian coldly walked with elegant cat steps, headed to the cat house without turning back, and thought to himself-.

If I don’t leave I’m going to be rubbed bald by you.

Now that the password for the computer was also known, Xu Jian waited to take advantage of whatever time Qin Shen wasn’t home and go online to check what he wanted to check.

If conditions permitted, he would also like to use Qin Shen’s computer to log on to his social media account.

If he wasn’t wrong, his uncle and best friend Chen Doudou must be very sad and upset right now, he had to do something.


The author has something to say:

Uncle and best friend: Sorry Jian Jian, you guessed wrong.

Jian Jian: ????

Qin Shen: See, I’m the only one who cares about you, and you’re still pulling tricks and ruthlessly learning the password to run!

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