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In fact, Qin Shen noticed it the moment when Xu Jian jumped into bed. He was completely awake when he patted his face with a soft meat pad and stood on a pillow and circled his head.

After all, cat hair was quite itchy when it grazed the cheeks.

Awake Qin Shen didn’t open his eyes immediately. It wasn’t uncommon for Xu Jian to jump out of bed, but it was the first time that he stuck to him. He enjoyed it and wanted to see what Xu Jian really wanted to do.

Xu Jian bounced on his chest, pulled his face, and arched him with his head. After all, he was the best actor, so his acting skills absolutely passed.

But when Xu Jian licked his face, Qin Shen failed and laughed.

There were many small barbs on the cat’s tongue. It didn’t hurt to be licked gently by Xu Jian, but it felt wonderful.

Qin Shen held out his hand and picked Xu Jian up and put him on his chest. There was no hoarseness in his voice:

“I caught you stealing a kiss, milk.”

While talking, Qin Shen also poked Xu Jian’s nose with his index finger, smiling.

Xu Jian didn’t expect Qin Shen to be awake, he also didn’t expect to lick somebody else, and he was caught on the spot.

Xu Jian, who was held by Qin Shen’s hands, stayed silent for a while and finally slowly lifted his claws under the gaze of Qin Shen …

Qin Shen thought that Milk wanted to lift his paw to give him a cat’s paw just like before, but the other covered his face with his paw.

See Xu Jian lift his claw over his face, Qin Shen was stunned for a moment, them hesitantly asked:

“Are you … embarrassed?”

Burying his cat face into his  meat pad Xu Jian didn’t meow, thinking-

I’m sorry, it’s not only my human face, but even my cat face has been thrown into my uncle’s house. [means as a human he’s embarrassed and as a cat, he’s also embarrassed]

Seeing Xu Jian silent, Qin Shen couldn’t help holding him, he jokingly said with a smile:

“You are a male cat, why are you so shy?”

Xu Jian, whose eyes were empty, retorted in his heart: Even male cats can be ashamed.

Xu Jian hasn’t figured out how he had just licked Qin Shen.

Qin Shen was very satisfied with Xu Jian’s compliant state. After kissing and kneading, he held him in his arms and covered him with the quilt. He rubbed his head with his cheek and said:

“It’s still early, milk, sleep with me for a while.”

Xu Jian, who just took advantage of others, was guilty. He struggled for a moment and let Qin Shen hold him.

Then I’ll just sleep with you and make it up to you …

Xu Jian, whose head rested on Qin Shen’s arm, had completely forgotten why he woke Qin Shen up so early.

By the light of the desk lamp, Qin Shen saw the white cat in his arms narrowing his eyes  very obediently.

Looking at Xu Jian, Qin Shen had a subtle feeling in his heart-

Sometimes Milk’s performance and reaction really gave him the illusion that the other could understand his words.

Touching the cat’s back, Qin Shen laughed at himself and felt he was thinking too much.

Many pets could feel human emotions and respond accordingly.

The doctor in the pet hospital also said that milk should belong to the category of special sensitivity, and it was also possible that long-term wandering forced him to learn to “sense one’s words”.

Holding the cat in his arms tightly, Qin Shen felt Xu Jian’s thin small body under the fluffy and soft cat hair, and his heart pulled at the thought of his suffering when he was wandering before.

He still remembered clearly that when he first saw milk, the cat panicked with a half ham sausage in his mouth.

Now he fed the cat every day, but milk was still light when held up, and he didn’t have meat at all.

Qin Shen looked down at Xu Jian who had closed his eyes. He decided to ask the famous pet bloggers on Weibo, learn from them and learn how to feed cats.

Qin Shen set a small goal in his mind-to make milk at least one kilogram fatter in the next month.


Perhaps it was because Qin Shen’s arms were particularly warm. When Xu Jian woke up again, it was already eight o’clock, and he heard who Qin Shen was calling.

Xu Jian moved his ears and listened. It was the assistant who called and said he would pick up Qin Shen later.

Hearing that Qin Shen was going out, Xu Jian instantly woke up, rubbed his eyes with his paws, turned to look toward the sound source, he saw Qin Shen talking on the phone.

Qin Shen put on his clothes and hung up the phone and turned around. He looked at Xu Jian, who had been sleeping soundly on the bed, and found him staring at him unblinkingly.

Raising the corners of his mouth, Qin Shen knelt with one knee on the bed, he bent over Xu Jian and left a gentle kiss, and said gently:

“Dad is going out to earn cat food for you. Milk, will you stay at home? Dad will be back in the afternoon. ”

Xu Jian lifted a paw to Qin Shen’s hand and meowed twice, that meant-

Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you come back later, I will take good care of myself!

Qin Shen, like a father who left his one-year-old son at home, was not at ease, holding Xu Jian to put cat food, and his tone was serious:

“Water and cat food are here, don’t go to the bathroom to drink water as before, you know? It’s not clean, I know you don’t like cat food, but I changed the brand. You need to eat a little at noon today, don’t be hungry, and don’t mess around at home … ”

Xu Jian: “Meow-”

I told you I didn’t go to the bathroom to drink water! I don’t have that kind of heavy taste!

Xu Jian felt helpless and suffered injustice again.

Qin Shen held the white cat and crouched over several cat bowls, twittering like an old father:

For a while, he was afraid that Xu Jian would be thirsty and hungry at home. For a while, he was worried that he would fall off the cat climbing frame. For a while, he was worried that he would run away while he was not there …

It was an endless cycle of worries.

If it weren’t for inconvenience, Qin Shen would have liked to go to work with his milk.

Finally, after nagging, Qin Shen raised Xu Jian’s cat paw, and pressed the button of the cat food automatic feeding machine with his paw, saying:

“If you are hungry and don’t have enough to eat, just press here, so there will be something to eat …”

Xu Jian felt that with Qin Shen’s patience, if he didn’t get into acting, he would have made a promising kindergarten teacher.

After the assistant called downstairs again, Qin Shen checked the doors and windows of the house again, and confirmed that Xu Jian would not sneak out while he was not at home, and then went out reluctantly one step at a time.

As soon as the door was closed, Xu Jian, who was originally sitting on the sofa, jumped in place, and jumped off the sofa like a left arrow and rushed straight to the bathroom.

He wanted to go to the toilet, because Qin Shen was there, he had suppressed it for a long time.

When Qin Shen left, he was afraid that Xu Jian would drink water indiscriminately, so he locked both bathroom doors, which caused Xu Jian to hang a long strip on the door handle and he struggled for a long time before opening it.

Xu Jian thought that when he was a man, his height was at least 181. How did he become short legged after becoming a cat? It was hard to go to the bathroom every time.

He was very angry.

After solving a cat problem in the toilet, this time he wasn’t afraid of being discovered by Qin Shen. Xu Jian was bold when he jumped on the sink to release water, and even had the mood to wash his long beard.

After putting himself in order and getting everything ready, Xu Jian took a deep breath and started walking towards the master bedroom.

Qin Shen’s laptop was placed on the sofa in the master bedroom. Xu Jian jumped on the sofa and lifted the closed computer screen with his paws. After trying several times, he found himself unable to open it.

After turning around the computer, Xu Jian walked to the other side and grabbed the gap with his two front paws, and then pulled hard-

Xu Jian was in this position now, but if he saw it, he would have thought he was doing cat stretching exercises.

After pushing the computer a little hard, Xu Jian quickly put a meat pad in fear that it would close, and then turned back to the front in an extremely twisted posture, pushing the screen up hard.

At this time, Xu Jian was glad that the cat’s body was soft, and it was not completely impossible to rotate 360 degrees.

After the gap was bigger, Xu Jian put his head in, pushed his legs wildly on the sofa, and pushed the screen to the top with his head.

Just opening the closed laptop, Xu Jian was so tired that he was panting.

Pressing the boot button with his paw, he looked at the boot page of the laptop. Xu Jian was almost moved to tears-

He didn’t expect that opening a computer was still a manual job for cats.

It was too hard.

When entering the password, Xu Jian always pressed the wrong key or accidentally pressed more keys because of the small distance between the keyboards in the laptop and his thick and wide meat pad, so he made a mistake several times.

When the password error was displayed again, Xu Jian was anxious and angry. He raised the cat’s paw above the keyboard and carefully touched the keyboard with the tip of his paw.

A few keys of ‘Qin 0811′, Xu Jian lost nearly ten minutes before finally getting it right, which made him physically and mentally exhausted and he couldn’t wait to throw away his clumsy meat pad.

He now missed his flexible fingers.

Because there was no mouse, Xu Jian put his meat pad on the touch panel and moved the cursor with his meat pad.

Cat meat pads were worse than human fingers, and sometimes the touchpad couldn’t sense Xu Jian’s movements, so he had to try back and forth many times.

Fortunately, Qin Shen’s laptop was automatically connected to the Internet, so there was no need to enter a password to connect to the wireless network.

After moving the cursor to the icon of the browser, Xu Jian took a breath, then lifted his paw and touched it twice quickly.

After opening the browser, Xu Jian first entered his name in the search box, only to find that he hadn’t switched to Chinese input method and had to delete it. He used his first two paws to press the’ Shift+Ctrl’ key of the input method switch at the same time.

After switching the input method, Xu Jian raised his paw and typed his name, then carefully pressed Enter.

After browsing the search results page for a while, Xu Jian sadly found that he still found no such thing. There were only a few entries about him, and none of them had said anything about his car accident.

With a frantically beating heart, Xu Jian searched  “Xu Jian car accident”, found that the page was full of news that had nothing to do with him:

It was all news that a major car accident happened in a city, causing several deaths and injuries. So-and-so Transportation Bureau reminded the general public to pay attention to driving safely in rainy days and not speeding.

Even there was news that a car hit a dam on a rural road because farmers had overloaded the road with corn, but there was no news about Xu Jian’s car accident.

Xu Jian tried several key words repeatedly, and even searched’ Xu Jian died’, but found nothing for nearly an hour.

Finally, Xu Jian frowned and looked at the computer screen, puzzled-

Now that the internet was so developed, how could there be no news about his car accident?

It was as if his car accident never happened and it was his own dream.

If he hadn’t kept the memory of the previous twenty years, Xu Jian had to wonder if he was born a cat for a moment, and he had never been a human being at all …

As if there was a pair of invisible hand grasping his heart, Xu Jian felt flustered.

The endurance of the laptop wasn’t strong. Xu Jian consciously couldn’t charge it independently now, so he jumped fast and clicked on the penguin icon on the desktop after exiting the browser.

Although a text was more convenient now, its computer version had a very pitted setting, that was, it was necessary to scan the code on the mobile phone to log in on the computer. For this reason, he couldn’t reach his friend Chen Doudou –

If he had a mobile phone that could scan the code, why would he put it on the computer version? Wasn’t it inconvenient for him to type on his mobile phone?

Xu Jian was deeply depressed at the moment-if he had his own mobile phone, would it be so difficult?

It was impossible for Qin Shen to let a cat own a mobile phone, yet alone, an intelligent machine that could scan code.

While spitting out a curse in his heart, Xu Jian entered his penguin number and password. With his previous experience, he was typing much faster and could almost skillfully use his claws.

Be careful not to poke Qin Shen’s keyboard with sharp claws.

Because it was logged in from a different place, Penguin also asked Xu Jian to drag the block to verify his identity. In this process, he took several minutes to successfully log in with his number.

As soon as the login was successful, the message prompt sounded continuously. When Xu Jian saw it, except for some group messages, it was all from Chen Doudou and his uncle:

Uncle: [The grapes in Xiao Jian’s home are ripe. I’ll send you a box of the best. Remember to sign for it. 】

[Are you busy filming recently? I called you on WeChat, and your phone was turned off. Give uncle a message when you are free, so that I can be rest assured. 】

This message was sent two days ago.

Chen Doudou:

[Er Jian, what’s the matter with you? If you don’t answer the phone and don’t return to WeChat, will you abandon me when you cancel your contract and go home? We agreed that I will come to you when my contract expires next year. Don’t forget! 】

[Are you home yet? Just scream …]

【 Today, I got a box of grapes from your hometown. The recipient is you. Why did your uncle send things here? He doesn’t know you’re off the contract? You didn’t go home? Where the hell are you now? 】

Chen Doudou sent him more than a dozen messages one after another, the latest one was this morning, saying that the grapes had arrived.

Chen Doudou and Xu Jian belonged to the same brokerage company. He was two years younger than him and signed with the company more than one year later. The company arranged for them to live in a dormitory. They were in the same boat and stayed for several years without any fame.

In the same situation, they quickly became each other’s best friends, and they decided to go home and farm together after the contract termination.

Seeing Chen Doudou’s messages, Xu Jian felt warm, at the same time –

He used to be really human, it wasn’t his illusion.

But he just didn’t know what went wrong. No one else knew about his car accident. His uncle thought he was still in the company, and Chen Doudou thought he had gone home.

Was it a Schrodinger’s cat accident?

Or because he became a cat, the accident was erased? So where was his body?

Thinking of it, Xu Jian looked down at the mole on his left front leg just like the black cat hair corresponding to the mole on his wrist before, and there was a faint guess in his heart-

Maybe he was not just a soul in a cat, but even his body transformed into a cat?

Xu Jian frowned and unconsciously shook his tail.

Things seemed to be much more difficult than he imagined.

He used to think that as long as he found his body, he might know how to find a way to become a person again, but now it seemed that this road wouldn’t work …

Shaking his head, he temporarily put aside the things in his mind, Xu Jian decided to solve the top priority first.

At first, he briefly replied to his uncle Liu Dingxiang that he was fine, and he was busy filming recently, so he didn’t have time to watch his mobile phone to reassure his uncle.

After sending the message to Liu Dingxiang, Xu Jian’s cat’s paw was sour because of typing. After shaking his leg hard, he gave Chen Doudou a shorter message:


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  1. I’m so curious about his uncle and friend! Ever since the author left that note a few chapters back, I’ve been thinking about what is going on with them. They don’t seem to have friendly intentions but the story itself didn’t give any clues so far *sighs* poor curiosity xD
    Thank you~ owo

    1. Ahh I completely forgot about that! I do remember it wasn’t something good.. what was it again?

      1. It was right at the end of the 9th chapter:
        “If he wasn’t wrong, his uncle and best friend Chen Doudou must be very sad and upset right now, he had to do something.


        The author has something to say:

        Uncle and best friend: Sorry Jian Jian, you guessed wrong.

        Jian Jian: ????

        Qin Shen: See, I’m the only one who cares about you, and you’re still pulling tricks and ruthlessly learning the password to run!”
        But now that I’m looking at it again after having read this chapter, it might just be that they’re not worried because they misunderstood where he is. So noone thought sth actually happened to him. Maybe it was me that misunderstood hahaha xD

  2. Binged all of this is a sitting! I am a huge fan of the concept as an eternal lover of fluff! My cats (who I hope aren’t actually humans in a cat body… haha) would surely sympathize Xu Jian’s struggles!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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