After Ye Tianyi flipped into the villa from the window, his first action was to rush over and carry little leaf down.

The big cabinet was a bit high and ordinary people could’t go up there, but Ye Tianyi’s movements were extremely good after lifting the stiffness of his limbs, and he easily jumped very high to carry down little leaf who was still flaunting on the cabinet.

Ye Tianyi rested little leaf on top of his head again before settling down.

The sudden departure of Little Leaf without a single greeting just now had made him nervous, and it wasn’t until Little Leaf came back to him again that he was able to relax.

What kind of relationship he had with Little Leaf and what kind of past he had, he couldn’t remember at all, but he remembered that Little Leaf was very important, which was why he had gone to find Little Leaf the first time after he had mutated into a zombie.

In his heart, Little Leaf was the little friend he would never be separated from, and he was unwilling to be separated even for a moment.

Ye Tianyi wrapped the cat’s tail, which had grown much longer, around his neck, making sure that he could feel Little Leaf’s presence at all times, which was much more reassuring, and turned his attention to the food who were hiding in the corner and wanted to run but were afraid to run.

The outside of the villa had been blocked by ordinary zombies, and the group had lost the best chance to escape the place, only to be reduced to dead souls under Ye Tianyi’s claws.

All the more powerful ones had been killed by Ye Tianyi’s attacks with his mental ability, and the rest were ordinary people, none of them could block his claws.

Ye Tianyi was not in a hurry to kill all the reserves, but dragged over a man first in front of everyone, using his claws to insert into the man’s head to stir and stir, looking for the small round ball that he coveted.

None of the others were aware of the inner workings of his actions, but that didn’t stop them from breaking down emotionally from such a shock.

Feeling the emotions of the crowd that collapsed after despair, Ye Tianyi greedily absorbed the negative emotions and grew his own mental strength.

These negative emotions flowed into his mind like a wisp of clear water, expanding his mental energy, making his memory and thinking ability stronger, and even reminding him of many intermittent fragments… such as who exactly threw him off the building and left him to be eaten by zombies….

Ye Tianyi grabbed that memory fragment and remembered the two faces of Su Tianyun and Su Ming to death.

These memory fragments were intermittent and not very clear, he didn’t remember who they were, but he remembered the situation and the jade goddess that had been snatched away by Su Tianyun.

At that time, although Ye Tianyi was in a coma, he had begun to awaken his abilities.

He had already awakened his spatial abilities before the arrival of Su Tianyun and the others, and when Su Tianyun dragged him to the floor-to-ceiling window and threw him down the stairs, he had already awakened his spiritual abilities. But he was destined to awaken three types of abilities, so he hadn’t woken up until he had awakened his lightning ability, but by then it was too late, he had already been bitten by a zombie.

After mutating into a zombie, Ye Tianyi lost the memories he had when he was a human and he didn’t deliberately search for those memories.

Until he had just absorbed too many negative emotions, causing his mental strength to grow, causing him to think of many memory fragments, including the images he had automatically recorded when he had just awakened his mental ability and his mental strength was outwardly released.

Su Tianyun and Su Ming’s faces were especially profound to him.


After knowing who had thrown himself off the building, Ye Tianyi became very restless, he had been subtly affected by the negative emotions he had absorbed.

Ye Tianyi’s eyes were red as he stared at the emotionally collapsed reserves, and a lightning bolt struck over, directly killing all the people hiding in a pile, but in the end, only a woman who was abandoned by the crowd sitting dumbly on the ground next to him was spared.

The woman stared dumbly at the scorched black dead bodies on the ground, her eyes dull and unmoving, like a puppet.

Ye Tianyi noticed her as well, remembering this food that had survived peacefully after being attacked by him with his mental ability.

With his zombie mind, he couldn’t tell the difference between a normal person and a fool, he only knew that this woman was unharmed by his attack.

So Ye Tianyi no longer used his mental abilities to deal with her this time, but used his lightning ability to attack her.

The woman didn’t even know how to run away, she just stayed like that and watched the deep purple lightning fall on her, without a sound.

Ye Tianyi felt a bit strange, how come the ‘strong enemy’ that he hadn’t even killed before was now so easily killed? He wanted to ask Little Leaf to cooperate with him to kill her.

He walked over and crushed the head of his ‘strong enemy’ with one foot, and then from there came a scent that enchanted him, and even after it spread, the ordinary zombies guarding the outside of the villa shrieked urgently.

Ye Tianyi joyfully took the small transparent ball out of the woman’s head and was about to stuff it into his mouth, little leaf on top of his head clawed and patted his forehead before summoning a stream of water once more to help him rinse his claws and the ball clean.

Ye Tianyi was stunned to see his right hand that held the small round ball being rinsed off by the clear stream of water, and subconsciously used his left hand to reach out to little leaf above his head to pat him on the head with his claws.

But little leaf saw the filth splattered on Ye Tianyi’s left hand and disgustedly jumped from his head to the side table: [Master, how can you be so unhygienic?]

Ye Tianyi was stunned, hygiene? What was that?

【 Master clearly told me that he was more hygienic and clean than little leaf before, and never allowed me to go to bed without taking a bath. Now I won’t allow you to touch my beautiful hair without washing your hands! 】

Little leaf felt that he had sacrificed a lot, letting his master only wash his hands.

Now his master didn’t like to be clean, his whole body stunk, and his body was covered with blood and brains. He didn’t make his master take a bath before he was allowed to touch and hug him, and he was already very fond of his master.

Wash his hands?

Ye Tianyi looked at his left hand, which was a little dirty, and his right hand, which was washed clean by little leaf’s water system power. Then he simply extended his left hand in front of Little Leaf: [Little leaf, help me wash my hands! 】

Little leaf stood on the table, condensed a big water pool to wrap Ye Tianyi’s left hand in it, and soon the filth on his left hand was taken away by the big water pool, and little leaf controlled the big water and threw it away.

After his left hand was clean, Ye Tianyi immediately grabbed the tail of Little leaf and touched his beautiful hair mercilessly.

Little leaf: […]

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