On the fourth day that Duan Hengye returned to work at the institute, the news that he had unprecedentedly guided the weapons team’s research had already spread throughout the entire planet. People were also privately saying that for some reason from the end of this leave, Duan Hengye really seemed to be not quite the same as before.

Despite the existence of people like Su Mingge, Duan Hengye’s top business abilities were still acknowledged by most people. After hearing about his participation in the weapons group meeting, quite a few people got the idea of coming to Duan Hengye to exchange ideas about the problems they encountered in their research.

After a few days of watching, the first warrior of the research institute finally appeared.

As the director of the research institute, Duan Hengye also had administrative work to complete. For example, every department needed his signature to approve the appropriation of funds, and there were also large experiments that needed to be reviewed by the director before they could be conducted.

After a test audit, the head of the research institute’s power system research group – the researcher who still held Duan Hengye in high esteem – finally tentatively asked the question that had been bothering him. But Duan Hengye wasn’t as enthusiastic as he thought he would be… Duan Hengye, who heard the question, just looked up at him, and then went back to reading the information he had on hand without saying a word.

The atmosphere was said to be very awkward at one point.

Hearing the disappointing description of the group leader coming out, a bunch of people who were thinking of trying to communicate with Dean Duan instantly lost their enthusiasm. Even quite a few people who were on the fence before started to mock the team leader – Duan Hengye’s research level was indeed high, but hadn’t they seen his selfish character until now?

But just as the questioner was doubly disappointed, he suddenly received a document on his light brain.

Duan Hengye certainly didn’t ignore this problem. It was true that his image was going to change, but a drastic change in temperament in a short period of time would inevitably arouse suspicion and excessive attention from the people around him. After receiving the questions, Duan Hengye put them in his head, and now after a few days of research, he finally sent the questioner a detailed written description, and even accompanied it with the experimental data from the light brain simulation.

The Director had really changed! This note caused a huge stir in the institute.

Although the original owner was a bit unkind, but for most people, his notoriety was not “callousness” but indifference to the research work of the whole institute. But now Duan Hengye even started to answer questions for the rest of the working group? Within a short period of time, the attitudes of some people who had been dissatisfied with him because of this also began to waver.

However, Duan Hengye had absolutely no time to dwell on what others actually thought of him, and right after he replied to the first question, a bunch more people immediately sent him the problems they encountered in their research. This time, President Duan, who was determined to change, he didn’t even have any time to rest.

Just in this recent period, the staff of the research institute would often receive Duan Hengye’s reply documents in the middle of the night. Unconsciously, the entire research building changed its deadly atmosphere.

While getting help, the staff of the research institute also started to guess the reason why Duan Hengye changed. Some said that he was doing this for the future of the institute, while others said that Duan Hengye was simply idle. Perhaps only Duan Hengye himself knew – he was using these questions to consolidate the knowledge inside his head, as well as to determine the direction of his future research.

After this period of contact, Duan Hengye gradually felt the subtlety and mystery of this discipline. At the same time, he had always been far-reaching in his thoughts, and after being reborn, he naturally wasn’t just satisfied with avoiding a tragic death. On the contrary, Duan Hengye wanted to completely integrate into this era and establish a career.

At the very least, since the original owner was too deadly… if Meng Jinhuai really wanted to do it one day, he might be able to use the research results in his hands to save his life. So no matter which way he looked at it, Duan Hengye believed that he must achieve his own, irreplaceable achievements in this industry.

Su Mingge was not wrong, the 12th generation armor dominated by the original owner did still have many legacy issues from the previous generation on it. However, just during the recent brainstorming session, Duan Hengye thought he might have some ideas.

In addition to solving the legacy issues, Duan Hengye’s ambition also called for him to intentionally challenge another area that the original master hadn’t thought of – top-notch armor that couldn’t be mass-produced.

After sending the last reply document late at night, Duan Hengye stretched his back and stood up from his desk.

Duan Hengye didn’t know that, like the times he had lived in, social software of all kinds was still a very important part of everyone’s lives nowadays. Immediately after he sent out the documents late at night, there was a staff member who was very excited on his social media page.

On the other side, Su Mingge, who was doing evening leisure activities, also saw the status, then said with a very disdainful sneer, “Remember to eat, not to fight.”

After solving this batch of problems, Duan Hengye finally had a little bit of free time, and at the same time he finally realized that he needed a new place to live.

The original owner used to live in the building of the research institute, during the daytime it looked fine, but at night when the staff of the building left, the inside of the building would become extremely silent, just like a hospital that had been abandoned for many years.

Especially Duan Hengye’s “bedroom”, white walls, white ceiling with white bedding, it did have a different flavor at night….

Precious Jade Star had a large residential area, and as the original owner of the dean’s house, he naturally had his own place, but it had been left unused. After experiencing many days of mental torture, Duan Hengye finally moved to the house that had been unused.

The original owner’s father was the last director of the Mecha Research Institute, and this house was the one the original owner had lived in as a child. The house had been vacant since that testing accident, and it had been more than ten years since then.

It was a three-story small villa, the overall color palette was bright and looks very cozy. In the corner of the first floor, there was even a black upright grand piano – probably because the author of “Dumping Interstellar” had specifically described it in his book and influenced by the original owner’s memories, when he walked into the building Duan Hengye actually developed a strange sense of familiarity. The actual house had not been altered in any way, and was still maintained in its original form.

After he left the “hospital”, Duan Hengye’s quality of life increased rapidly. The staff of the research institute wouldn’t have thought that such a cold looking person like President Duan would live in such a cozy house, and he even abandoned the housekeeping robot and chose to cook by himself….

The meals in this world were generally similar to the times Duan Hengye had lived in his last life, but the tastes were slightly different, and transmigrating had made him miss the taste he once had. After temporarily solving the problem of survival, Duan Hengye finally focused on the food.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Gaoling’s Flower-Duan Hengye neatly placed the food he had prepared on the table, then turned on his light screen. Then… he didn’t work or watch a serious science channel, but instead tuned the channel to a well-known interstellar entertainment show.

Like the original owner, Duan Hengye was a person with facial paralysis, but from the look in his eyes at the moment, Duan Hengye was really fascinated by what he was watching… Recently, Duan Hengye had spent all of his weekend teaching at An Luo University. After answering questions for the staff, the very responsible him also opened the campus system and began to read the daily discussions of the students in the background.

Unlike the challenges the staff faced in their research, the questions the students asked seemed really simple to Duan Hengye. After watching the entertainment program, Duan Hengye began to answer questions for the students in the background.

Although teachers would often show up at An Luo’s campus system from time to time, that didn’t mean that everyone would continue to remain calm when they saw Duan Hengye appear. Although these discussions could only be watched by students from the A department, it didn’t take long for the news of Duan Hengye coming online to answer questions to spread throughout An Luo and even the entire Star.

After hearing the news, because of a “coincidence”, Lan Jingchi, who left his contact information with Duan Hengye, finally couldn’t help but feel uneasy and sent a message to the other.

Unexpectedly, Duan Hengye didn’t ignore Lan Jingchi’s simple “Good evening Professor Duan ~”. On the contrary, he even cared about the other’s recent learning status on Star Network.

In short, Lan Jingchi was once again turned over by his idol. But soon he was sad again, because of the lack of experimental opportunities for a long time, Lan Jingchi’s late grades were really not good, and he was very afraid of disappointing his idol.

At this time, watching Lan Jingchi try to hide his present situation. Duan Hengye first acted as a strict teacher and pointed out his shortcomings one by one, that was, as the saying goes, exposing his shortcomings. However, before Lan Jingchi was upset again, he suddenly turned his temper and began to quietly talk about the talent that even Lan Jingchi had not found.

As a nerd, Duan Hengyi’s real communication ability was almost zero, and he also had the attribute of “facial paralysis”. But on the Internet, his eloquence had directly reached the sky.

After one night’s communication, Lan Jingchi, who was still at the bottom of the list, really believed that he was very talented.

Duan Hengye knew that Lan Jingchi’s main problem at the moment was that his knowledge was too theoretical and his practical ability was extremely poor. But he also understood that Lan Jingchi was a person with a high self-esteem. In a night exchange Duan Hengye didn’t mention a single word about the research funding, only at night did Lan Jingchi suddenly discover that he had a large amount of money in his account.

Duan Hengye left a message saying, “Don’t let me down.”

It turned out that Professor Duan was also a person with a cold face and a warm heart ah….

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