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   Xie Yifeng was friendly to everyone in the crew, and he was like a big brother, but he wasn’t very enthusiastic about Zhou Yuhe. He often called him to the lounge to say something, but he left without being spoken to.

Sure enough, he was trying to intimidate him.

        Zhou Yuhe was worried about his life on the set.

        Unfortunately, in the eyes of outsiders, this worry looked like he was being haughty, so they started avoiding him.

        The good thing was that Zhou Yuhe was very serious when he first started acting, although he cared about Xie Yifeng’s “unfriendly” attitude towards him, in his heart, what was more important was how to act well in each scene.

        At that time, he wasn’t yet blinded by the pomp and glamour of the entertainment industry, and his acting skills were quite impressive.

        “Yuhe, your expression in that scene just now was great! Let’s change the angle and go again!” Even Mike Lee changed from his initial dissatisfaction to praise, and he also openly said Xie Yifeng’s state wasn’t as good as his.

        Zhou Yuhe was of course flattered, and with such encouragement his acting skills became more perfect.

        The strange thing was, it was obviously Xie Yifeng who was being criticized.

        But Xie Yifeng would reveal a heartfelt smile.

        It gave him a strange feeling.

Zhou Yuhe tilted his head and looked out of the window at the moonlight.

        The perfect production team, strong rival actors and crew was his most relaxed and happy time in the entertainment industry, it was also recognized by the outside world as his peak of acting before his disfigurement.

        The movie meant a lot to Zhou Yuhe.

        That was why his reaction was strong during the day.

        The same director, the same actors, the same production team. But another person was starring in the role.

        It wasn’t that he was jealous, after all, he didn’t want to play the role he once did again.

      He could only say that it was a bit saddening.

       The “rebirth” gradually seemed blurry to Zhou Yuhe, he suddenly realized that his rebirth was like a butterfly effect, invisible changing the trajectory of many things.

        History had changed, he couldn’t predict everything.

        So did his advantage still exist?

        And what would …… be his and Xie Yifeng’s future?

        Such thoughts made him feel uneasy.

      Zhou Yuhe leaned his head into Xie Yifeng’s chest, listening to his steady heartbeat, the unwarranted fear in his heart eased a little.

However, the next day, he received the news that….

        Bai An resigned from the movie.


        Bai An came from a poor family and had been working since he was very young to pay off his parents’ debts. His overly rich social experience had made him develop more realistic values than the average person.

        Although he and “martial arts” crew signed a contract, Black Emperor added an extra 30% of the film fee to invite him to play the male lead in a male IP drama.

        The TV show was quick and easy, and the director wasn’t as fussy as Mike Lee.

        After pretending to hesitate for a few days, Bai An agreed to the agency’s arrangement.

      The spirit of contract? What was that, could it be eaten?

Before the movie started, anything could happen. Investors could be willful. Why couldn’t actors?

Before the official start of shooting, nothing could be said.

        “Short-sighted.” Yang Yu turned off the comments about Bai An, looking a little annoyed. Originally they weren’t sure whether to take this project, but since Bai An made such a fuss, there may be a major change!

        Mike Lee’s side may seem slow and long, but it was a movie resource!

        The other male lead the investor was talking about was Xie Yifeng again.

        If the movie did well at the box office, it would be good and a dream opportunity for many people to get to the top.

“He’s not short-sighted, he’s sensitive,” Zhou Yuhe smiled indifferently. “Is it bad for a big star to be a bad actor? Get IP dramas every year, and receive a few endorsements and variety shows to make money. Who cares what opportunities are not available … ”

        “Boss.” Yang Yu glanced at him, Zhou Yuhe immediately shut up.

        Yes, he was now the studio boss.

        He had to solve the problems of his artists, he should find a way to solve it and not act like a bystander with no awareness.

        Boss Zhou seriously thought for a while and said: “In fact, from another point of view, don’t you think this is a good thing? We were going to reject this script because the other male lead was Bai An, now that he’s not involved, isn’t it just as well that we can accept it.”

Xu Feng held his thermos and slowly said: “But the attitude of the investors is, if Xie Yifeng takes the role, then there must be another well known star added. We all know the big trend now, everyday a new IP is released, “martial arts” has already taken a loss, if the two main characters chosen are strong, the investors won’t feel the risk, but with the popularity of young stars …… Who is  currently better than Bai An? “

        The crowd couldn’t help but focus on Zhou Yuhe.

        Zhou Yuhe suddenly felt a cold wind blowing behind him.

        “Don’t look at me, I’m definitely not going to take it.” Zhou Yuhe refused without even thinking about it.

        When an actor played a certain role, he had to put all his heart and soul into the role and make the character “come to life” through his own understanding and expression.

        People lived their whole life, only once.

        Therefore, many actors, in order to retain a special sense of their heart, wouldn’t take the same script or the same role twice.

        After all, they wouldn’t be able to return to their state of mind at the time, and the imitation wouldn’t be the original.

      Zhou Yuhe was one of the actors in this group.

        His Rong Qian had been left forever, there was really no point in acting it again.

       But he refused too simply, and the other three present couldn’t help but look at him together.

        “…… I mean, the CP fans, have you thought about them?” Fortunately, his brain turned fast, “the number of FengYuhe CP fans is too huge, I haven’t thought about this before, but when Yifeng announced that he joined my studio, both of our Weibo pages became CP fans’ butchered version, causing a lot of dissatisfaction with the other fans. I’m afraid that at this juncture if we don’t avoid suspicion and continue cooperating, it may really ignite the fuse between our fans.”

        What was worse, he and Xie Yifeng were a real couple, not the commercial CP that netizens thought.

        In case their fans fought and things got big, what would they do?

        Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng were now in a critical period of career growth, he still had the 150 million betting agreement, there couldn’t be a problem.

        The other three remained silent.

       Zhou Yuhe didn’t expect to come up with a temporary excuse that was really a big or a small tricky problem.

Xie Yifeng’s eyes flickered slightly, and he said something that was shocking: “Then how about we go public?”

        “Going Public, plus acting the movie together, it would be controversial, right? It can also promote our studio for free.”

        Zhou Yuhe’s eyes widened and his mouth was big enough to stuff an egg.

        What was worse was that when he heard his response, he actually felt that Xie Yifeng had a point?

        Xu Feng also nodded, “Anyway, sooner or later you will have to face this problem, acting openly at this juncture, at least the initiative will be in our hands.”

       “Come on, if they were a normal couple, I wouldn’t say anything and contact the PR department now to send out an announcement, but they’re not! Are you guys crazy?” The good thing was that there was still a sensible Yang Yu in this meeting room, he spoke with his teeth gritted and the veins on his forehead were pronounced.

        Although China now allowed same-sex marriage, the conditions for same-sex marriage was quite harsh, no less than trying to get a green card in the United States, the Ministry of Culture and Culture strictly reviewed films and dramas that had this topic.

        And the entertainment industry was the place of selling illusions and beauty.

        The private, dirty and messy people didn’t dare show their hidden side in front of the public.

        Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe were both artists with good public images, and in the eyes of many fans, they were even perfect lovers.

        The two had had very few scandals break out in the past three years.

        Zhou Yuhe was fine, since his debut was a bit messy, fans could still resist.

      But Xie Yifeng was clean and spotless.

        If they were told all of a sudden that the perfect movie star they’d always loved was gay, it would be like a landslide.

      Zhou Yuhe nodded his head desperately.

       The matter of going public was definitely not allowed.

        “Oh? Then you guys mean that only normal couples can go public?”

        Xie Yifeng and Xu Feng looked at each other and tacitly smiled.

        Xu Feng said, “Then let’s go public as a normal couple first.”

        “With, with who?” Zhou Yuhe froze, why did he have the feeling of being led by the nose today?

        “Cao Qiyue.” Xu Feng said with a smirk.

        Zhou Yuhe looked at Yang Yu, who looked at Zhou Yuhe.

        They looked at the other pair of partners together again.

        It felt like these two people were preparing to play a big game today.

        Once Xu Feng said Cao Qiyue, Zhou Yuhe immediately reacted.

        Because a few days ago they also talked about this.

Cao Qiyue was lax and straightforward by nature.

    Her character of daring to love and hate had always been very attractive in this industry.

        Recently, there was a batch of photos of her and her same-sex friend wearing the same color T-shirt and the same shoes out on the internet.

        It was clear that there was no intimate contact between the two, but with the “couple clothes” and “couple shoes”, it was enough to make people think.

Cao Qiyue automatically made headlines.

It was a huge scandal.

The hot search of suspected homosexuals quickly flooded the network, and it heated up.

It was true that she wasn’t straight, but the comments of the online anti-fans were too hard to hear and ridiculous, what “I have seen her enter the gay bar with my own eyes”, “molesting the new female singer who cooperated with her”, “I saw her kissing a girl, her fans didn’t  accept it, now they’re being hit the face, right” ……

        Even the previously clarified plagiarism incident was brought out and slipped through.

        The fans of Cao Qiyue were also not vegetarians, they tore up the whole network inside and out, leaving them with a very poor reputation.

        Now Cao Qiyue really needed a “boyfriend” to shatter these untrue statements.

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