The annual track and field schedule was quickly sent to the conference room of the Athletic Center, compared to the schedule shown on the PowerPoint from August 23 to September 6, Sun Zhihai and others quickly began to discuss which event was most suitable for the current Su Zhe, Zhao Zhixuan, Meng Hao, etc. to compete.

        On the schedule, the first to be ruled out were the two Diamond League races.

       As the top international track and field league, the Diamond Race itself had extremely high standards, only the top 20 players in the annual ranking could be qualified to participate, and currently the only person who had the qualification for the Diamond Race was Chen Zhi.

        There were only two high-profile events in the country recently, one was the recently concluded National Championships, and the other was the World Championships Challenge, which was currently on its second day of competition..

        “This ……” Zheng Wensheng pointed to the National Athletics Grand Prix Finals on August 27: “This is a domestic competition, Zhao Zhixuan and Meng Hao have participated in the Grand Prix this year and have already qualified for the finals, Su Zhe is a wild card, so there is no problem for him to participate.”

       “Well ……” Sun Zhihai repeatedly looked at the schedule of this half month, he was a little hesitant.

In this short period, after excluding the events that the players weren’t qualified to participate in, and there were no wild cards that could be arranged by Athletics Center, there were only three events left, namely, the National Athletics Grand Prix Finals on September 4th, the National College Athletics Championship on September 1st and the Asian Athletics Championship Invitational Tournament held in Tokyo, Japan on September 1st.

        “College track and field championships, there is no need for this.” Sun Zhihai pondered for a moment and then pointed to one of them: “Zhao Zhixuan and Su Zhe can forget about it, Can Meng Hao even go for this competition? And the level of players in this game is also not good, I think it won’t be able to stimulate them.”

        For athletes, their state usually changed because of the pre-game tension, training adjustments, the importance of the event itself, the strength of the participants in the same event and other factors.

        Many high-achieving sports players automatically gave up low-level competitions to prevent themselves from losing their game form and rhythm.

    A tournament was needed to allow Su Zhe find better form and win a spot in the World Championships. Since this was the case, time was limited, the opportunity was limited, the choice needed to made carefully.

  “Since that’s the case.” Chen Guangzhi said: “Then it’s only the Grand Prix Finals, right? If it’s confirmed, let’s send out the event notice as soon as possible and also contact the organizing committee to reserve Su Zhe’s spot.”

        After pondering for a long time, Sun Zhihai shook his head and pointed his pen in the direction of the Asian Athletics Championships: “This one, didn’t the Japanese Athletic Association invite our  champions to compete? I remember that for the men’s 100 meters event, our people selected Chen Zhi, right? Now, I think it might be better to replace him with Su Zhe.”

       “Is it necessary …… to arrange for Su Zhe alone to go ahead and compete?”

        Seeing Chen Guangzhi and Zheng Wensheng’s confused expressions, Sun Zhihai pointed at the desk book as he explained: “For the three of them, Su Zhe has the least experience, especially for international tournaments, he is still inexperienced. He’ll soon participate in the World Championships, using this as practice will be good.”

        “In addition, he is also the most hopeful candidate, I think giving him an opportunity is necessary.”

      Su Zhe didn’t know the Athletics Center was deliberating his next move, after returning to the hotel arranged by the sponsor, he was immediately rushed back to his room to rest.

        After returning to the room, Su Zhe, after a simple clean-up, couldn’t afford to pay attention to anything else, he fell into a deep sleep immediately he reached the bed.

        When he woke up the next day, the sun was just right outside the window, after a night’s rest plus the repair of the deep sleep skill, the heavy tiredness finally receded from his body.

        It wasn’t until then that Su Zhe checked his phone and began to reply to the congratulatory messages from Shao Xingchen and his other friends.

        At nine in the morning, Su Zhe received a message from the tournament organizing committee, inviting him to participate in the promotional photo shoot and magazine interview for the previous day’s champions, and also informing him that a pep rally for the World Championships would be held after the tournament, that was, on the 23rd.

The Athletics Center’s decision was very fast this time, after the schedule of Su Zhe and the other three were determined, they quickly contacted Su Yinsheng and asked him to immediately submit their Zhe’s relevant details to the athletics center as soon as possible to complete the processing of official passports.

        When he learned that he also needed to apply for a special official passport, Su Zhe was a little curious: “Can’t I use an ordinary passport?”

        Su Yinsheng said with an indifferent expression: “Yes, if you don’t want to compete.”

        After breakfast, Su Zhe followed Zhao Zhixuan to the designated place arranged by the event organizing committee, which was an advertising company that had undertaken the promotion of the World Championships.

        When he arrived at the advertising company, there was a staff member from the Rampage Group’s publicity team waiting outside the door. The championship photo shoot was actually one of the needs set by the Rampage publicity team when planning the overall event publicity node, and these publicity photos could be used for some event-related benefits, as well as for some press and brand publicity.

        After walking into the studio, Su Zhe had a sense of long-lost familiarity, after all, a few months ago he clearly had the title of an artist.

        Compared to the promotional and hard photo shoots for idol artists, the shoot for athletes was much simpler.

        When Su Zhe arrived at the studio, there were already a few of the previous day’s champions waiting at the scene, and two make-up artists were doing their facial retouching, the make-up wasn’t as complicated as that of the artists, it was only to make their features more clear and three-dimensional in front of the camera.

        When it was Su Zhe’s turn, the makeup artist in charge of his makeup froze for a moment and then said in surprise: “Oh, you’re Su Zhe! I saw your live match and airport interview yesterday, your skin and features …… are really much more exquisite than what you see on TV!”

        “Uh, thanks.”

        For the makeup artist’s praise, Su Zhe smiled and said thanks.

        During this period of time, with the 24-hour care of the system’s perfect care, Su Zhe’s skin was much more delicate and perfect than when he was still in the entertainment industry.

        It was at this time that Su Zhe had a feeling that the system really lived up to the name “perfect idol system”.

Although the make-up artist wanted to do some detailed styling for Su Zhe, as the promotional photos of this event, it wasn’t necessary to be so fancy, and each athlete was wearing the casual sportswear prepared by the Rampage Group, so the make-up artist had to let Su Zhe go after the same simple tracing, unfortunately.

        The photographer’s job was a slight headache, unlike the simple and quick make-up.

        It was important to know that the athletes on the scene, even if they were outstanding on the field, outside the field, they were just ordinary people, when facing the camera, their instinctive reaction was to stiffen and dodge.

        Photographers had to constantly guide the athletes to make their usual training poses or their most familiar movements in the game, so that they could show their more natural side, and then capture some wonderful moments from it.

      But even this method caused a lot of headache – athletes in the field events were fine, each had their own technical actions. When it came to track athletes, it was basically the starting position, some of the usual training movements were difficult to reflect the image of the runner in the publicity photos. So when shooting the championship series of track athletes, the photographer had a headache.

        In the end, the photographer chose to take a single exclusive starting action and running action freeze frame photo for each track athlete, although the movement wasn’t particularly outstanding, each track champion had their own momentum, so it looked very good.

        As a former professional artist, Su Zhe’s shooting process was much smoother than the others, after all, it was only a few limited actions between the start and running freeze frame, it wasn’t difficult.

        After completing a full set of shots and interviews, the time had come for his afternoon training session.

       Although the previous day’s game made Su Zhe tired to the point of physical exhaustion, after a day of rest, the ‘want to move’ in Su Zhe’s heart prevailed.

        Su Yinsheng also knew what he was thinking, and after Su Zhe rested the day before, he and Zhao Changhe communicated overnight about the competition status of both Su Zhe and Zhao Zhixuan, and reformulated a set of adaptation training for the two of them before the September competition.

        For the next two days, Su Zhe completed the training program that Su Yinsheng had developed for him and Zhao Zhixuan respectively, while attending the World Championship pep rally at the end.

In addition, the organizing committee of the World Championships also rushed to print out the publicity photos taken earlier and made some cute little banners, while letting Su Zhe and others sign theirs one by one – a small gift for the athletes’ fans, and also one of the gifts issued to the volunteers of this challenge.

        After hearing about it, Su Zhe applied for some extra banners from the organizing committee to give to those little girls who had been supporting him.

       The public opinion on the internet had finally formed a complete logical chain after these few days, from the beginning of Su Zhe’s debut to the series of competitions when he quit the entertainment industry and returned to the sports world, all had been made into a long picture, with the addition of his “Broken Light” film with Shao Xingchen and his interview at the airport, etc., completely blended the airport sports beauty in the previous topics with Su Zhe’s identity as an athlete and former artist.

        With the emergence of fresh topics every day, after two days, this hot topic gradually ceased to appear in the sight of the general public. But even so, the Rampage Group’s publicity team had successfully completed its publicity plan and goals.

        On August 24, the World Championships had been completed for all events.

       By the end of the challenge, a total of 21 events in China had qualified for the World Championships, with a total of 52 participants. After the event and the mobilization meeting, Su Zhe, Zhao Zhixuan, Zheng Jian and Su Yinsheng soon returned to S City by plane that afternoon.

        On the internet, because of the publicity of the Rampage brand, many people learned about the upcoming opening of the World Athletics Championships, so the seats for the World Championships were discussed in the athletics fan circle and pulled to the eyes of the general public.

        For the general public, the only known event of the sports world was basically the quadrennial Olympic Games, in fact, the World Championships as a high-level sports event, in its specifications, was actually equal to the Olympic Games.

        After learning the World Championships was an event, many people were surprised to find that in the World Championships, there were many projects in which the national players didn’t get a seat, as for the projects that didn’t get a full seat, that was more.

[? I just found out about the track and field world championships, and I just saw the entry form. Aren’t they all challenge events? Can’t even the challenge winners participate in this World Championships?]

        Such statements and questions appeared from time to time on Weibo, and many sports enthusiasts appeared in time to answer questions for passers-by.

        [This is a single top level event, the qualifications of the participants are required, only those who have reached certain performance standards can participate …… and the number of participants from each country is limited.]

        The World Championships qualification was an assessment period, only during this assessment period, could they obtain a project qualification.

        [The way to qualify for the Olympic Games is actually the same, just that people usually pay little attention to this detail, so they aren’t clear about the actual situation.]

        [Our country is a sports powerhouse, but even if it is, it is impossible to dominate the whole range of projects, like the track and field category, track and field, in addition to the marathon and long-distance walking, can almost be said to be a total loss.]

    [ The marathon quota of the World Championships can be full for both men and women, and the popularity of the marathon in the country and various events publicity is also inseparable.]

        In order to let the majority of the passersby have more understanding of athletics, sports enthusiasts could be said to have made every effort to produce a variety of simple and easy to understand content for the general passersby.

        This hard work wasn’t in vain, from their explanation, others also quickly understood the status of the World Championships in athletics, the glory and hardship of qualifying, and the most important point – the event’s results cycle was calculated up to September 7, so many of the projects that hadn’t yet reached the standard, were trying to arrange for participation opportunities for the people concerned, in an effort to get more World Championships qualification for the country within a limited time.

[I looked at the entry criteria, Su Zhe’s 100m score was only 0.02 seconds short, wow. In this little time, it feels like there wasn’t enough time to blink …… Wasn’t it very promising for him to get a seat?]

        [Yes, Su Zhe is currently the most promising player to qualify for the World Championships in the men’s 100 meters, the Athletics Center has arranged for Su Zhe to compete during this period, let’s look forward to his next race!]

        Su Zhe, who had returned to the S City sports team, welcomed an unexpected visitor on the second day of training – Shao Xingchen.

       The long-lost Big brother Shao came to the training ground of the sports team in a low-profile disguise, quietly watched Su Zhe’s training for a long time, until it was time for his break, then he came up and said hello to Su Zhe.

        “Eh? Big Brother …… Ah no, Xingchen, why are you here?” Su Zhe was a little surprised at the sudden appearance of his Big Brother Shao, only the night before, the two had a brief conversation on WeChat, he never mentioned he would come to the gymnastics center the next day.

        After greeting Su Zhe, Shao Xingchen’s eyes brightened slightly, and his eyebrows, which originally appeared somewhat indifferent, had a slightly softer curve.

        He nodded, “I just happened to have a spare moment, so I came over to take a look.”

        In fact, after seeing Su Zhe’s deflated appearance after the race that day, Shao Xingchen had been a little worried, which was why after Su Zhe returned to S City, he couldn’t help but personally come over to see him in person to confirm how he was.

        Although he didn’t understand the purpose of Shao Xingchen’s visit, seeing him made Su Zhe happy, he was ready to chat with him and have a meal after training, but before he finished training, Shao Xingchen was called away.

        Before leaving, Shao Xingchen only had time to wish him a good competition in Japan, after the end of the training, Su Zhe remembered that he needed send a small gift to big brother Shao to commemorate the competition, so he  found the small hand banner, took a picture and sent it to him.

        [=w=! World Championships Challenge souvenir …… forgot to give you!]

        Shao Xingchen smiled faintly and quickly replied: [Wait for me to pick it up next time, the competition will go well.]

        As time went by, training re-emerged as the theme of Su Zhe’s life, which was also the most conventional state of life for every athlete.

Training, adjusting his state, breaking through the results, competition, training …… so on and so forth, even the most talented athletes would inevitably get tired of this boring routine.

        For Su Zhe, after returning to the sports circle, in these two or three months, he had adapted and gotten accustomed to this kind of life, after experiencing the cycle of high-intensity training some time ago, he even felt inadequate for the current pre-competition adaptation training.

This kind of training time was always fleeting, until he was ready to go to B city to join other Japanese track and field athletes, a message from Jiang Hanning made Su Zhe remember what he had forgotten, it was almost time for him to enroll in S University.

        After remembering this, Su Zhe awkwardly dialed his counselor and explained the situation.

        The counselor was very open-minded and laughed in response: “The college already knows your situation, you won the provincial games, the national championship and the World Championship challenge in S province, and also won the honor for the school. This time, we’ll cheer for the Japanese competition, I’ll deal with the relevant procedures here, when you return to school, it won’t be too late for you to register.”

        The next day, Su Zhe got a photo from Jiang Hanning while he was on the high speed train to B city – outside the school building, which Su Zhe was familiar with, there was a huge banner [Congratulations to our student Su Zhe for winning the men’s 100m championship in the National Athletics Championships, winning glory for his country and successfully qualifying for the World Championships in the 110m hurdles!]

       Jiang Haning, who sent the congratulatory message, also sent series of laughing emojis.

        Looking at Jiang Hanning’s face in WeChat, Su Zhe was silent for a moment before he threw out a long-awaited blast: [Jiang, did you pass the make up exam?]

Suddenly, Jiang Hanning, who had laughed wildly, withered in the same place like frost-beaten eggplant, firmly sent the word goodbye, and then pretended to disappear and refused to reply again.

In the afternoon, after meeting with the Athletics Center team, Su Zhe took an international flight with the team to Japan and was about to usher in the first international competition of his sports career.

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