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There were two clips in the whole movie that best reflected Zhou Yuhe’s acting skills.

One was the ninth minute at the beginning of the film, when a hungry An Xue walked out of the door after the rain had stopped, and looked at the world of flowers and traffic with disappointment.

The contrast between the busy neighborhood and his lonely heart was strong.

At that moment, a cute little girl dressed in fine clothes was about to throw a small bite of bread into the garbage.

“Don’t, maybe someone else needs it.” The little girl’s father glanced at Zhou Yuhe, who was crouching on the curb.

So the little girl kindly put the bread back into the bag, put it in front of Zhou Yuhe, and walked away.

Zhou Yuhe looked at the piece of bread that had been eaten on the ground, a fierce battle of heaven and man was quietly taking place.

Although he was a street painter, although he was homeless, he had always lived by his own hands in the past.

He wasn’t a beggar.

He didn’t want to give up even the last bit of his dignity all.

But, he was really hungry ……

He hesitantly stretched out his hand, his slightly trembling fingertips represented the character’s inner fierce struggle.

However, at the moment of his hesitation –

A small beggar waiting for an opportunity to move, like the wind, he rushed over, took the bread and ran.

Just a moment of hesitation.

Now even the opportunity to choose was no longer.

Looking at the back of the little beggar as he ran away, the kind of remorse, the kind of despair, the kind of heartache, directly drove the seemingly young teenager crazy.

He couldn’t help but bite his lower lip, whimpering softly.

A middle-aged uncle wearing a birthday hat went out of the store, he was surrounded by two children holding a half-cut cake, walking towards this skinny heartbreaking teenager.

“Don’t cry, this is for you, I hope you don’t mind.” The warm smile of the old man was like a light crossing the dark night sky, illuminating An Xue.

He stared blankly at the uncle and the cake, he felt a surge of ecstasy that made him keep expressing his gratitude.


This scene, under the interpretation of Zhou Yuhe, the audience was actually very nervous, and very empathetic.

On the one hand, they were relieved to learn that An Xue’s dinner was ready today, but on the other hand, they felt very distressed.

Three yuan, a piece of bread that could be eaten in one bite, a cake that had been left over …… these were all things that they had in life that was very worthless.

They could hardly imagine that these foods that they might normally waste would become the hope that some people relied on for survival.

But in reality, there were many such things, and the courier brother would cry because of a bad review; Pancake aunt would sit helplessly on the ground while crying and beating her chest because het booth was taken away; Freight drivers who drove long distances would fight hard with others because of a fine … The sadness and suffering of these little people was beyond their imagination.

There were many such details in the movie, showing the delicate acting skills of Zhou Yuhe, and that deep sense of exposure of the little people.

But this was one of the most heart-wrenching moments.

In addition, another flashy segment in the movie was when An Xue wasn’t evicted by the landlord with the help of his kitten An An. From then on, An Xue reluctantly accepted An An, a cat and a person quietly ambled on the old desk in front of the window sill at sunset, An Xue smoothened An An’s soft fur while radiating a warm and soft kindness from the bottom of his heart.

This homeless little guy was so much like him ……

And An An opened its eyes at this moment, and what was very surprising was that its eyes were actually exactly the same as Zhou Yuhe’s!

It seemed that in the kitten An An’s eyes, An Xue was just like it, a poor wretch who needed help and was homeless.

They would definitely become the reliance of this.

Two equally weak little ones, equally releasing kindness to each other, equally healing and warm ……

This out-of-this-world similarity gave goosebumps to almost everyone who saw this scene.

Cr*p! This was too much!

No one could tell whether it was Zhou Yuhe who was cooperating with the little box or little box was cooperating with Zhou Yuhe. The acting of one man and one cat, with colour, lighting, composition …… all at this moment reached a great harmony, became the most classic clip of the movie!

“Zhou Yuhe: Acting seriously delayed by beauty” and “He wasn’t the best actor among contemporary niche actors, and he refused to accept it! “….. Such explosive articles spread rapidly in Zhihu, Douban and WeChat public accounts, and reached 10M+ traffic in minutes.

The premiere of “Cats and An Xue” wasn’t very good, in the crowd of New Year’s blockbusters that were so eye-catching – attention was attention, in the end the ability of literary films to attract money was still not as good as those special effects blockbusters.

The bright results continued throughout the Spring Festival holiday, and on the eighth day of the New Year, the first day of work for the work party, the box office of the New Year blockbusters of the same period were reduced to a certain extent, and only “Cats and An Xue” continued the box office of the New Year!

Every day the box office continued to be around 70 million, and by the second weekend, it even broke through to 100 million!

This retrograde box office trend was very eye-catching to see!

Some specialized market technicians analyzed that a large part of the reason for the strong box office of “Cats and An Xue” was from the spread of word of mouth.

Word of mouth was such a thing, it often seemed to be of little use, every year there were countless good word of mouth movies flopping to death, but once a certain east wind blew up, word of mouth would become a very critical factor, it could completely promote it!

This “east wind” was the cat!

Tens of millions of poop scoopers in China were crazy about the called “An An”!

The high value of little box played by An An, provoked a wave of nationwide cat craze.

A variety of buyers emerged.

Some people visited more than thirty pet stores in A city and found that the Dragon Li cats, which were rarely asked for, were snapped up, so much so that the blogger complained directly on Weibo about the distortion of human nature or moral degradation.

The photos of “An Xue, a homeless man, crying because he had no food to eat” and “An Xue, a winner in life, holding a big fat cat with a kind smile” were put together and made into memes, with the following words: ” Before having a cat” and “After having a cat”.

There was also a stray cat rescue page that made an announcement that the number of successfully rescued stray cats had doubled since the release of “Cat and An Xue”, calling again for people to adopt stray cats instead of buying them, so that every “An Xue” could find their own “An An”.


Not only stray cats, but also homeless people had received unprecedented attention and care.

The positive social impact brought by “Cat and An Xue” had led to several state media such as People’s X Daily and the Communist Youth League to take the initiative to endorse it.

Such a boom, coupled with the accumulated box office word of mouth, the box office figures of “Cat and An Xue” were simply as steady as a mountain. Although it didn’t have a powerful explosion, it steadily broke through 1 billion with a surprisingly long-lasting backbone, before slowly going down and finally staying at 1.23 billion.

1.2 billion!

Although the highest box office in China at this time had reached 2 billion +, but that was the commercial special effects blockbuster, so far only “Cat and An Xue”, as a literary film had reached that level!

In other words –

They broke the box office record for literary films!

All the watchers’ jaws dropped.

They could hardly explain such a phenomenon, or they knew it was the quality of the work itself that could beat it, but inwardly they weren’t quite willing to accept it, so they all focused their attention on Zhou Yuhe.

This Zhou Yuhe …… was he really so good?!

This drama, he was the drama king, shoot this movie, the movie broke a record –

Where he moved, his arrow never missed!

D*mn, this was too damn good!

It was said that since the record-breaking “Cat and An Xue”, many other artists had begun to believe in literary films ……

But no matter what the outside world said, there was no denying the importance of Zhou Yuhe to this movie.

At the film’s celebration party, Zhou Yuhe, in a navy blue suit, holding a fat ball, was definitely the focus of the audience.

Not far away, Meng Chuan was being congratulated by the crowd, drinking so much that he couldn’t even tell the north from the south.

Yang Yu was obviously also very happy, his first time to seriously managing an actor, and he brought out Zhou Yuhe, the “Chosen One”, he received the crowd’s flattery, while secretly muttering in his heart: Screw the “Chosen One”, for every drama and every movie if they couldn’t do it, they couldn’t do it, why did they insist on saying it was good luck, huh ……

The director and his Agent were busy, only Zhou Yuhe sat in his place, not moving, for no other reason –

Little box was really too heavy ……

Zhou Yuhe raised his eyebrows and took a look at the big fat cat lying comfortably on his lap with his eyes closed, and couldn’t help but move his guilty hand to its head –

He jerked a handful of hair, hard!

“You’re comfortable, aren’t you?”


Little box turned its head, and with that big fat face that Zhou Yuhe had been so painfully aware of countless times, it gave a solemn warning to this human who didn’t know what he was doing!

It was a super fierce cat, no longer a white little cutie!

Zhou Yuhe issued his 312th sigh for the day, and thought as he looked at the fat face: Daddy is sorry ……

With a feeling of indebtedness to little box, he didn’t bully it anymore, but raised his head and looked at the “Cat and An Xue” being shown on the projection cloth in the middle of the celebration, just as it was playing the clip of An Xue’s cat painting being purchased by the gallery.

It wasn’t that An Xue had no talent in painting, but that he lacked an opportunity, or that the spirituality in his works wasn’t fully developed, and that he still lacked a work that could make people’s eyes shine.

The series of cat paintings specifically for An An became the opportunity to change his fate.

He looked at An Xue excitedly holding An An in a circle, and couldn’t help but think spitefully.

Hurry up and make two more turns, this is your last chance to hold it in this film, after that you can no longer afford to hold it ……

Zhou Yuhe sighed again.

In order to avoid such emotions, he had to turn his eyes from the film back to the not far away Meng Chuan and Yang Yu.

Looking at them, he suddenly saw something wrong.

On Meng Chuan’s side, there were people lining up to befriend him, they were well-known in the circle of investment bigwigs.

And as Zhou Yuhe’s broker Yang Yu …… why was he surrounded by fellow agents instead of investors?

It wasn’t that Zhou Yuhe was self-absorbed.

The success of “Cat and An Xue” certainly had a large part of the director’s credit, but Meng Chuan was more behind the scenes, and “Cat and An Xue” had only been released, it hadn’t won film awards yet, now Meng Chuan couldn’t be compared to the entire film’s focus Zhou Yuhe.

Like the last “Searching For Heaven” celebration banquet, Zhou Yuhe and Yang Yu were surrounded by investors far more than the director.

The investors, which represented the resources, represented the next stage of whether there were no scripts.

Such a phenomenon did attract the attention of Zhou Yuhe, but he didn’t care much at the time.

When he had half a month of activities, he suddenly found that Yang Yu hadn’t yet discussed his next role, only then did he feel a little sense of crisis.

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