That was, of course, Zhou Yuhe.

From the facial features to other physical characteristics, they could easily see that this was Zhou Yuhe, but when they took a closer look at the teenager on the poster, they weren’t so sure ……

The temperament was too unlike.

If the TV’s Zhou Yuhe was the ice spring under the moon, or cold jade, then with the poster, the teenager was a stone, a pile of mud …… in short, a very small person.

Yes, a small person, not a passerby.

Passerby was said to look very ordinary, thrown in a pile of people, no one would recognize them, but the “small person type” role wasn’t.

Although the homeless boy seemed to be the bottom of the barrel, but the tension formed by the contrast between his eyes and appearance, the sense of drama and texture popped out of the screen, plus the contradictory and strange harmony with the kitten ……

It was so dramatic!

The “cat and An Xue” hot search jumped up immediately.

The posters had been viewed with amazement by countless people…

“Wow, Zhou Yuhe is too tough on himself, does he really have the self-awareness as a famous actor?”

“I feel like I see the next Xiao Lizi ……”

“I was scared and went to watch the Award show hundreds of times!”

“The kitten is also cute! I don’t know why, it looks a little heartbroken ……”


After learning that the original intention of the movie was to promote the adoption of stray cats, many cat lovers said that they would definitely go to the cinema to contribute to the box office, no matter how well it was shot.

More people, of course, were interested in Zhou Yuhe’s “golden fingers” after the TV series “Searching For Heaven” had been a major hit, they wanted to verify whether it was true that Zhou Yuhe would be a hit in whichever film he made.

They originally thought that the popularity of the literary film would be cold, but to everyone’s surprise, it became the most popular film of the beginning of the year.

“Cat and An Xue” had a warm healing theme, the slot was also selected for the second day of the year.

As there were many New Year’s blockbusters in the same period, Zhou Yuhe’s fans sweated heavily for their little idol.

The second day of the year in the early hours of the morning.

Many people came out to the cinemas, but most of them were hardcore fans of Zhou Yuhe.

When they walked into the cinema, they were all young girls of similar age, they looked at each other and smiled, and some cheerful young ladies even began to discuss in whispers with the people around them. When they walked into the premiere one after another, the lights dimmed, the credits were released, and the screening room, which had been somewhat noisy, immediately quieted down.

The three-meter wide giant screen pulled out an ordinary street, accompanied by the opening credits music, one by one the creators subtitles appeared in the corners of the film, Zhou Yuhe followed by the director Meng Chuan’s subtitles appeared, Zhou Yuhe’s iron fans in the screening hall instantly boiled up.

Considering that there was also a one-in-a-million chance that a passerby was watching the movie, the ladies immediately remembered the movie-going etiquette and remained silence.

After the subtitles all came out, the movie was also framed with country music in the middle of the street, with the bustle of passing pedestrians, the neatly sparse rise of the buns, and the rustling strokes of the street painter …… everything came together to form a busy and light-hearted picture.

This image lingered for a full twenty seconds or so, just when the audience wondered why the main film hadn’t yet begun –

The street painter with his backpack in the lower left corner was walking towards the street on the right, and the camera was moving with him.

After seeing the appearance of the street painter, a gasp rang out in the screening room again.

The feeling was as if a tightly running machine suddenly fell out of a part.

Like you were continuously flipping through a book and suddenly found a confession written by someone.

It was as if you were watching TV and suddenly the person inside came out of the TV.

Just when they thought the main character hadn’t yet appeared in the picture, he suddenly appeared, this overturned their expectations, although it was only a moment, it was easy for people to let out an exclamation of admiration.

This wasn’t only a kind of show-off skill of Meng Chuan, but also of Zhou Yuhe.

Just like when Meng Chuan stood in front of him for two minutes without recognizing him, now he managed to replicate it once again, so that these fans who were incredibly familiar with him didn’t notice any hint of difference, or a sense of incongruity, which was why everyone was so amazed when the camera moved after him.

After the street painter closed his stall, it was a string of about ten minutes of his daily life, it smoothly showed how he was disliked in the subway, his paintings rejected by the gallery owner, even hiding from the rain under the eaves, he had to slowly retreat into the rain curtain under people’s strange gaze …… isolated by the normal world, the sadness and loneliness under his expression, and finally with numb eyes, he hunched over and left –

The beginning alone, left many fans with sore noses.

It wasn’t that they felt for the real-life star Zhou Yuhe.

It was purely for the lonely, cowardly, inferior, wandering teenager in the movie, who was casually discarded by reality.

The young man who returned home in the rain with no harvest –

If this was a place that could be called “home”.

He took off his wet and dirty clothes to reveal his very bony back, which was so shockingly thin that it was even more shocking than seeing Zhou Yuhe!

How much had he really paid for this film ah!

This scene, mercilessly hit the mother fans’ hearts.

Please, be a body double!

However, in the next scene, the owner of this back turned around and revealed his familiar features, shattering the last trace of hope in their hearts.

Zhou Yuhe …… actually thinned himself to this point for the film!

This determination, this perseverance, was undoubtedly touching!

Fans gripped their hearts while continuing to watch.

Dressing up, waiting for the rain to stop, going out, being rescued by kind neighbours and returning home with a family’s half-cut birthday cake.

Although An Xue was very hungry, but his stomach was now very small, even if he wolfed it down, he couldn’t eat much, the cake still had a considerable part left, it was placed on the table as tomorrow’s breakfast.

Just when he was ready to sleep after a brief wash, a subtle meowing sounded outside the window.

A lithe figure leapt onto the windowsill.

An Xue looked back, and his gaze met it.

Those were two pairs of the same, quiet, pure, clear eyes.

But An Xue’s eyes like that only existed for a moment.

The next second he reacted, his eyes immediately returned to the previous numbness and vacancy, he stood up, wanting to drive An An out, but after seeing An An’s paws cut by something sharp, the little thing bleeding while mewing in the direction of the cake, his heart softened.

That cake, was also his breakfast tomorrow ……

From soft-hearted to torn, to forcing himself to be numb and indifferent and ruthlessly shutting the window –

Less than a minute, a very short period of time, Zhou Yuhe’s performance was stuffed to the brim.

The transformation of emotions in him was very obvious.

It was so obvious that every movement and every look in his eyes was full of texture.

So obvious that every audience in the screening room couldn’t ignore it!


Unlike the high start of “Searching For Heaven”, the premiere of “Cat and An Xue” made the premiere fans overwhelmed.

The thought of Zhou Yuhe giving so much to the movie made them feel so heartbroken that they wanted to cage the whole world into the cinema, and their words were inevitably irrational, such as “Very good! The film’s popularity has been boosted by the fact that it is a literary movie. The movie will be a great success.”

“As long as you buy movie tickets for Zhou Yuhe, then we are good friends for life.jpg” ……

In contrast to this kind of baffling amenity, the articles of critics who also saw the premiere and had a deeper understanding of the film were more convincing.

There was no doubt that the movie script and the director were excellent, and almost every professional who wrote reviews praised them.

Of course the most important, was the performance of Zhou Yuhe.

Which was more difficult to play, a big character or a little character?

Most people in real life would feel that big characters were more colourful, while small characters were more ordinary.

But in fact, the opposite was true in the expression of the film.

Big characters had many lines, even exaggerated movements, facial expressions to help them complete the performance.

But the minor characters didn’t.

Smaller protagonists had an inherent disadvantage in this regard.

They didn’t have the help of plot lines, no big ups and downs in life experience, they were like the reef under the surface of the water, sandwich chocolate in the mellow heart of wine, without sufficient acting strength and rich acting experience, it was easy to act blandly.

It was for this reason that there were many actors playing minor character-style protagonists, in the absence of lines, or standing on the sidelines, they were often reduced to a background plate for the big supporting characters, the big villain, with zero sense of existence –

But they were the protagonist, not a roadie ah!

Many actors would ignore the point.

But Zhou Yuhe didn’t.

In this movie, even when there were no lines, even when standing in the corners, even when An An shined, as long as the camera swept over him, you could see that “An Xue” was very vivid!

His eyes and small movements …… his acting skills didn’t stop for a moment!

The kind of natural sense of integration, who could imagine that he was only 20 years old when he made this film?

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