C35— Day 35

Caesar immediately left with big strides.

When he passed by the commander, he cast a slightly cold look, indicating that everyone present, no one was allowed to be spared.

But this army commander, Norman, was still in a state of disorientation.

What had he just seen?

His loyal sire, his cold-blooded and ruthless sire, had kissed Catnip?

He didn’t even inhale catnip and he was already hallucinating.

In fact, in addition to the army chief Norman, and he also brought the legion members.

His Majesty was just kissing catnip?

So reverently and tenderly?

The universe wasn’t going to be destroyed tomorrow, right?

All of them thought hard for a moment, and then behaved surprisingly consistent. They either rubbed their eyes or watched Caesar’s departure with a dumbfounded look on their faces, unable to connect the person who had just kissed catnip with the tyrant they knew, but it didn’t take long for someone to react to something extremely important and vital – catnip had entered its growth phase.

“Catnip has entered the growth period?”

The moment this was said, many people were awakened.

It wasn’t out of fear, it was out of pure surprise.

Catnip was taking shape!
Catnip was growing up!

For felines, after the growth period, it was equivalent to their complete maturity, from now on, they would no longer be carried up.

After the growth period, catnip was no longer a seedling!

The parents were sad to witness the growth of the cub, but more than that, they were happy.

The last time they voted for Catnip, the weekly movie viewing activity within the army naturally turned into a collective viewing of Catnip’s videos, and they had watched Catnip grow up little by little.

The best part was that they could stay with catnip during such a critical period.

Someone instantly exclaimed with excitement, “Catnip is going to transform! I can stay with it! I can accompany it through the growth period!”

“Don’t make such a fuss, like you’ve never seen it before.” Norman glared at him and calmly corrected, “It’s just the growth phase, you’ve never done it?”

With that, he took out his personal terminal and solemnly sent a message to the remaining eleven army chiefs: [Urgent, pick up quickly].

Norman sent a video call request.

When those eleven army chiefs saw his message, they thought it was something important and passed this video request.

“Norman, what’s up?”

“What is it?”

“Your garrison needs assistance?”

“No.” Norman, who had just told people not to make such a fuss and was all calm, opened his mouth and broke down, “I just wanted to inform you that Catnip is going to transform, and I, for one, can witness his transformation.”

He simply couldn’t relax at this moment, his face was red, from holding back the urge to dance, “I can accompany it through the growth period, I can also see its human form before you!”

“I! It’s me! It’s Norman from the Rose Legion! Not you guys! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”

Opposite side: “?”

You f*cking, urgently, asked us to answer, just to show off this?

After a long silence, the remaining eleven army chiefs roared in unison, “Get out!!!”

Then without hesitation, they hung up the call.

Norman’s bragging simply poked them in the heart.

God knew these eleven army chiefs were jealous to the point of deformation just thinking about that scene.

They too wanted to accompany Catnip through its growth period!

They also wanted to be the first to see catnip’s human form!

Norman, that son of a b*tch!

With Norman taking the lead, the members of the Rose Legion had also contacted their friends and relatives. Whether the relationship was good or not, blood related or not, it didn’t matter, anyway, they had to show off!

And everyone had a very tacit agreement, among them, none of them chose the message group sending function, everyone would rather call the people in their address book one by one.

“Grandma! You know what, I’m on Yura now, and I’m going to witness catnip taking shape! What? You didn’t hear me? Then I’ll speak louder! I’m going to witness catnip taking shape!”

“Debbie, I told you, sooner or later you’ll regret breaking up with me! I’m telling you, it’s today, because today I’m going to accompany catnip to transform! That’s right, catnip! Go ahead and regret it!”

“Hello? Is that John? Oh, he’s changed his number? That’s okay, I just wanted to say something, it’s okay if you’re not John – Catnip is going to transform and I’m right there with him!”

This was a big deal, and it had to be told!

Because of this operation of the Rose Legion, the news that the catnip was in its growth phase and about to take shape spread quickly.

This night, many people were so excited that they couldn’t sleep.

They were all concerned about catnip.

But no one knew that the moment Caesar stepped onto the starship, catnip took shape!

It was the appearance of the youth.

The long-lasting growth period exhausted Shen Tong’s physical strength, and after struggling to take human form, Shen Tong was so sleepy that he could not even move his fingers, except for a few light flutters of his long eyelashes, and finally he let his consciousness dissipate and fell into a deep sleep.

He didn’t know his current situation, he only felt a vague sense of someone holding him in his arms.

This person’s breath was aggressive and he held him very tightly.

But Shen Tong somehow felt at ease.

This was also the reason why he let himself sleep.

It was also fortunate that Shen Tong was in a sleeping state.

He didn’t know that he was currently unclothed in the arms of people.

Caesar glanced at him.

The youth’s complexion was very white, like the best porcelain enamel, white and bright. Perhaps the light inside the starship was too harsh, his body moved towards Caesar’s side, his eyelashes gently drooped, he had a very light mole, it was almost hidden.

The youth’s thin and tough waist was very thin, the curve was also beautiful.

He was sleeping unconsciously in Caesar’s arms, unaware of how deep the young monarch’s gaze fell on him at the moment.

In fact, Caesar hurried to Yura, in addition to sensing the youth’s mood swings, there was another very important reason.

He absolutely wouldn’t allow anyone other than him to see the transformed youth first.

After all, his youth was so beautiful that he looked like a work of art, from his pale pink toes to the strands of hair, all finely carved and without any flaws.

Such a beautiful sight, just imagining that it would be seen by others, made Caesar more than a little hostile.

He had no doubt that he would gouge out the eyes of those people.

Caesar put the youth on the bed.

After that he raised his hand, and elegantly unbuttoned his jacket, the pure black uniform slowly fell to the youth, Caesar covered him tightly, until he completely covered the tempting scene, only then was he willing to rest.

Caesar’s eyelids drooped slightly, and he began to wait for the youth to wake up.

His face was expressionless, but his long fingers continuously tapped on the bed, his force was well controlled that it didn’t make a single sound.

What would the youth’s reaction be when he woke up?

To thank him?

Flattered by his condescension?

He would reluctantly accept the youth.

Caesar’s jaw was slightly raised, and the tip of his eyebrows were gently raised.

He stared down at Shen Tong for a long time.

Like a dragon guarding a treasure under its wings, its most precious treasure, so his eyes remained fixed on him.

A few hours later, Shen Tong woke up.

The bright light made him raise his hand, blocking some of the light. Through his fingers, Shen Tong could barely see someone beside him. He sat up from the bed, his clothes slipped off most of his body, and Shen Tong was stunned, and then realized that he had a human body again.

No, what was more important than that was that he wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Shen Tong hurriedly put his clothes back on and looked down and buttoned up a few of the buttons, “Sorry.”

His face was a little red.

From the beginning to the end, he didn’t seriously look at the people around him, let alone recognize Caesar.

Given the youth’s rare appearance of panic, Caesar reluctantly forgave him for this behavior and opened his mouth, “This one, is the wrong button.”

His hand came up.

This hand, with defined bones, was very long and slender. Caesar untied Shen Tong’s wrongly tied coat button and unhurriedly buttoned it into the correct position, before adding, “Will you?”

The usual overbearing tone.

Now, even if Shen Tong didn’t even look up, he recognized him.

It was Caesar.

That tyrant Majesty.

When Shen Tong was still a grass, due to this Majesty’s love to play with his leaves, he couldn’t help but curl up at the sight of him, Shen Tong’s conditioned reflexes were still there, he subconsciously moved back a little, leaving a distance that he thought was safe enough.

This action caused Caesar to narrow his eyes.

Shen Tong’s memory was still stuck on when Caesar picked him up from Yuan Yuan. Everything after that, because it was too painful, became fragmented pieces that Shen Tong couldn’t put together for the time being, but he knew that it was this sire who saved him, and realizing that his avoidance wasn’t very good, he hastily remedied the situation by saying, “Your Majesty, thank you for saving me.”

“…… trouble you.”


When the youth was in the spirit world, even the first time he saw the snow lion state, he wasn’t so startled.

Caesar’s expression wasn’t very good.

After a long time, he said coldly, “It’s okay. I’m going to Atlantis and came by the way.”

Shen Tong didn’t doubt it, he nodded, but still said again sincerely, “Thank you.”

Caesar: “?”

He looked at Shen Tong with a high gaze.

How could someone not know how out of the way Atlantis was really from here?

Obviously, Shen Tong indeed didn’t know, and he knew even less about the interstellar situation.

But Shen Tong did notice that the gaze from Caesar lingered on him for a bit too long, Shen Tong asked uncertainly: “Your Majesty, what is it?”

Caesar: “……”

None of the envisioned scenarios were realized, Caesar lifted his eyes, his face expressionless, “Nothing, rest more.”

Shen Tong meekly answered down, “Okay.”

Caesar lifted his feet to go, and suddenly stopped, his smoky gray eyes stared at Shen Tong, his voice was very light: “To that snow lion, how is-”

Caesar gave a slight pause, Shen Tong looked sideways, and asked him a little uncertainly: “Snow lion?”

He didn’t know if the snow lion Caesar was talking about was the big, bad-tempered cat.

Caesar said carelessly, “That snow lion …… it can’t turn into a human because of a genetic defect, and you are its match, often entering its spiritual world to appease it.”

It really was the big cat.

Shen Tong blinked, “Your Majesty you know it?”

Mentioning his original form, the youth’s attitude was obviously much more familiar and enthusiastic than when treating him in human form.

Caesar actually had a few moments of food for thought.

Even though he was the snow lion.

Caesar denied with displeasure: “No ……”

Shen Tong started speaking at the same time: “Your Majesty if you know it, can you tell me something about it? It seems to be in a very poor state, and it only gets a little better when it stays by my side, so I’ve been trying to get it to my side.”

This wasn’t a whimsical idea of Shen Tong, he really intended to do so.

The big cat in the spiritual world was always in a bad mood. Previously, Shen Tong was still a grass, he still had to take care himself, so he didn’t mention it to the big cat at all, but now that he became a human, the problem shouldn’t be too big.

He could find a way to raise the snow lion.

Caesar was silent for a moment and changed his tone without changing his expression, “I know. You want to see it?”

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