2:00 pm.

It was the most sleepy time of the day, and all the pedestrians in the airport had tired expressions on their faces. A middle-aged uncle had just come out of the airport exit, he had landed, but it felt like his soul hadn’t yet landed, then he was awakened by a neat and unified slogan.

“The Chosen One Zhou Yuhe!”

“The lucky man Zhou Yuhe!”

He looked to the side in response, only to find that the side of the departure gate was filled with enthusiastic fans, looking at the momentum, they almost filled up the airport.

Wow, no way, which fan was so strong?

Zhou Yuhe? Zhou Yuhe! No wonder, it was him!

The man looked back and saw a teenager wearing a duck-tongue cap, black face mask and denim jeans, slowly walk out from the exit.

Although his outfit low-key, it still couldn’t hide his unique and outstanding temperament.

Zhou Yuhe, with the assistance of security guards, walked out with difficulty, his enthusiastic fans held support signs in front of him, if it were other idols, they might have lost their temper, but Zhou Yuhe took off his mask, while smiling and greeting the fans, he gently and kindly commanded: “You can take pictures, don’t rush, stand to the sides, Be careful not to hurt yourself, I will walk a little slower, don’t rush ……”

The fans who were close to this gentle and doting voice almost fainted, under the control of Zhou Yuhe, they gradually regained their senses, they began to organise themselves so Zhou Yuhe could leave faster, but in order to keep his promise, Zhou Yuhe stood in place for several minutes then slowly walked out for the fans to take enough pictures, before he entered the black nanny car.

“Zhou Zhou, you have to take good care of yourself!”

“You’re not allowed to neglect eating for filming!”

Zhou Yuhe asked the driver to roll down the window and shouted to his loudly concerned fans, “Okay, I remember, you guys have to promise me too, don’t chase the car, stand far away and pay attention to safety, okay?”



The nanny car finally drove onto the highway as expected.

Yang Yu who sat in the car long ago couldn’t help but rub his temples and said with a headache, “You’re the only one who is so good-tempered, my brain was getting fried listening to them.”

Yang Yu preferred silence, but on the other hand, very few humans could endure such sounds.

Zhou Yuhe laughed and didn’t respond.

Perhaps people always had to wait until after they had lost and found something, only then would they cherish it.

The fact that he was able to regain the love of so many fans was something he didn’t even dare to think about before he was reborn, and he knew that behind the seemingly crazy fire was the most sincere love and affection of one fan after another, and he certainly had the responsibility of takingcare of it.

Zhou Yuhe leaned back on the leather seat, closed his eyes and rested for a while, waiting for his energy to come back a bit before he slowly asked, “What other activities are there for the remaining half month ……”

Yang Yu also quickly switched to his work state, “You were invited to Milan Fashion Week, tomorrow you have two magazine pictorials to shoot, the day after tomorrow there is an interview ……”

Zhou Yuhe listened to him for a while before he lamented, “Ah, when will such days come to an end? God knows I’m already missing the period of making movies.”

If it were normal, Yang Yu would have said a few words to tease with him, but today, he was surprisingly quiet.

Zhou Yuhe keenly sensed a hint of something.

“What’s wrong Brother Yang?”

A soft sigh came from Yang Yu from the front seat, “I know you don’t like being idle for too long, but there’s really nothing to shoot lately.”

Zhou Yuhe was surprised: “Nothing to shoot?”

Yang Yu explained, “It’s not that there are no movies, it’s that there are no suitable movies.”

Not to mention that Zhou Yuhe now had a lot of popularity, when he just finished filming “Rejuvenation”, the film offers came constantly, the more he grew popular, the lesser it became, were they questioning his ability to work?

Yang Yu added: “Now the big films can’t be reached, and the ones that can be reached doesn’t match your position, which causes you to have entertainment activities every day.”

Zhou Yuhe pondered for a while, in the acting industry, it was true that an actor couldn’t receive the right film contract every day, especially when their status and popularity reached a certain level, they couldn’t even receive many supporting roles, indeed, they would be subject to certain restrictions, he couldn’t understand the latter sentence “doesn’t match your position”, but the former ……

Zhou Yuhe: “What do you mean, big movies can’t be reached?”

When he hadn’t picked up Cat and An Xue before, didn’t many A-level blockbusters reach out to them? Even if there was no movie with a suitable schedule during this period of time … No, Yang Yu said “can’t reach”, not “it doesn’t have a schedule”.

“What do you mean? You were just listening to it?” Yang Yu pointed behind him, “The Chosen One, the luck is overwhelming.”

Zhou Yuhe didn’t understand: “What’s wrong with these two slogans?”

Yang Yu didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “‘The Chosen One’? How dare the investors choose you? You now have a big ‘golden finger’, your fame is too big,
If the investors ask you to make a film, in case it doesn’t do well? The case would be,’ the chosen one’ can’t carry a bad film. Not to mention being ridiculed by passers-by, your fans will bring a lot of pressure to the creative team. Except for those scripts that are in urgent need of popularity, who dares to find you to film now? ”

Zhou Yuhe also felt funny when he heard it, so now it was having too many good results that was dragging him down?

But jokes were jokes, Zhou Yuhe knew that Yang Yu’s statement was only exaggerated, there had to still be a schedule, other suitable candidates, the company’s recommendations ……

Zhou Yushun joked with his words: “Then should we look for those scripts that are in urgent need of popularity?”

Yang Yu seriously responded: “That’s actually true. You can’t act in the big male lead drama, but the big female lead drama can be negotiated. Anyway, the reception wouldn’t be up to you. It can also help you reduce the impact of your ‘Golden Finger’. There’s a youth drama “Intimate Opponents”…..”

Zhou Yuhe nodded, “Now the female main lead dramas are indeed more suitable for me than male lead dramas, but if it’s a female lead drama, will it affect anything?”

This year’s major award ceremonies hadn’t yet begun, but Meng Chuan had sent “Cat and An Xue” to a lot of film festivals, the outside world was optimistic that the film could take the awards, That was to say, the film’s most brilliant moment may not be when the box office broke records. If it got the awards, his nickname of “Golden Finger” would probably get louder at that time.

Yang Yu’s eyes flashed with a glint of light, “so I prepared this for you.”

With that, he forwarded a file to Zhou Yuhe via WeChat.

“A reality show?”

“The Liar?”

“Xie Yifeng?”


“The Liar” started out as a Japanese comic book, then was turned into a Japanese drama, then it was later bought by South Korea and made into a variety show, which was recently introduced into China and caused quite a bit of controversy.

Now most of the variety shows on the market were mainly light-hearted and amusing, and then there were all kinds of travel variety shows, but this brain-burning variety show was the first. In order to ensure the ratings, the organizers not only spent a lot of money to invite the nation’s host, Zhang Sheng, but also invited the famous Xie Yifeng, and now also invited Zhou Yuhe.

These three people alone, to a certain extent, would ensure the first ratings, as for later, it depended on the effect of the show broadcast.

“The Liar” was a double-quotient competition show that used huge amounts of money as a bargaining chip to determine the final winner through various brain-burning games. Each episode of the show would invite artists who were good at different fields to compete in a game, during which players could use all means to win except what was explicitly prohibited in the rules. This included, but wasn’t limited to
alliances, fraud and betrayal.

Sounds exciting, right? The more exciting part was yet to come.

Since it was a competition, there would be eliminations.

Each episode of the show featuref eight artists competing in a game, with one eliminated in each round and replaced by a new artist in the next round. After ten rounds of elimination, the last seven surviving players would enter a final three-day summit showdown, and the player with the most chips – that was, the most money – at the end of the entire tournament would be the winner of the first season.

The first day of “The Liar” recording –

Zhou Yuhe pushed open the door of the ancient castle, and the large European-style living room was filled with conventional decorations except for an extremely large poker table, a large screen behind it and tables and chairs neatly placed around it.

Xie Yifeng was standing right in front of the card table, staring curiously at the staff dressed in lotus costumes.

“Such a coincidence? Just the two of us?” Zhou Yuhe smiled while looking around.

Xie Yifeng winked at him, “Who else do you want to see besides me?”

Zhou Yuhe replied back in a variety show style, “I want to see anyone except you.”

The post-production editor appropriately added a fancy “heartbreak” special effect next to the dumbfounded Emperor Xie.

The viewers in front of the TV, especially the CP fans, showed a mischievous aunt’s smile.

At this time, the door of the castle opened again, the national host Zhang Sheng looked at the interaction between the two, and asked slyly: “What are you two chatting so happy ah?”

“Hello, Mr. Zhang.”

“Hello, Mr. Zhang.”

“Such a tacit understanding, even greeting each other in the same breath?” Zhang Sheng gestured at the two with slight surprise.

“What’s wrong with Teacher Zhang?” Another player, female dancer, Lulu, walked in.

The editor specially drew a fox tail behind Zhang Sheng.

He said as if to point out, “As soon as I came in, I saw Zhou Zhou and Yifeng chatting particularly happily, and they greeted me at the same time.”

Lulu also looked at the two, her expression was a little subtle:

“Oh ~ they might have decided to form an alliance before they came. We all have to be careful.”

As soon as she finished speaking.

The atmosphere, instantly, changed!

In this kind of team competitive game, the most taboo was players partnering before the beginning of the game.

They seemed to have found a reliable ally, but likewise, the two people would be regarded as a group and would subconsciously be rejected by others in the game, which would quite unfavourable for the next game.

Zhou Yuhe’s little head was spinning rapidly.

He scanned back and forth at the different expressions on the three people, and subnconsciously took a half step backward, he was smiling but his eyes was filled with a strong sense of caution and distrust: “What is this serious atmosphere? Has it started now?”

The game hadn’t officially started, but the dark battle between players had already begun ……

As a variety show that allowed scamming, dissociation, and lying, Zhang Sheng and Lulu’s words were strongly directed at the beginning, obviously to push Zhou Yuhe and Xie Yifeng against the other players.

Zhou Yuhe reacted in this way precisely to keep them from getting their way.

He was the youngest among the guests, only 21 this year, and the three opponents were old drivers who had been in the society for many years, two of them announced that he and Xie Yifeng had already aligned, and Xie Yifeng was smiling gently, so Zhou Yuhe looked “confused” and like he “couldn’t understand the situation” Zhou Yuhe, who looked “confused”, was especially like a lamb that had fallen into the wolf’s pit –

The move to distance himself from all three, and to protect himself, instead set aside the possibility that he and Xie Yifeng had partnered with each other.

The audience couldn’t help but give a nod to Zhou Yuhe’s resourcefulness.

And on set –

A trace of surprise crossed the eyes of Zhang Sheng and Lulu.

Zhou Yuhe’s reaction was so fast!

Even Xie Yifeng hadn’t made a statement yet, and he cleared himself first!

It seemed that this youngest brother, wasn’t to be underestimated ……

The duo couldn’t think much about it yet, when the new players entered the scene one after another.

New topics were constantly being thrown out, so the two let go of Zhou Yuhe and turned to chat with the others.

After the last player arrived, the gates of the old castle closed completely.

The big electronic screen behind the card table flashed for a while, and then a slightly treacherous looking masked man appeared on the screen.

The game had begun –

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