Meng Chuan let out a shriek, “Zhou Yuhe” his words were so loud, making the surrounding passers-by look back to see.

They placed their eyes on the shoulder-length hair, wheat-coloured skin, beard scruff, then they looked up, just at this time, the building’s exterior screen was playing Zhou Yuhe’s skin care advert, his amazing face value almost made people freeze in place.

But even if they couldn’t take their eyes off it, this ad had been on for two or three months.

Passersby walked away disappointed, and a few whispered “what’s the fuss about?”

Meng Chuan and Zhou Yuhe successfully escaped a disaster.

If the passers-by knew that Zhou Yuhe suddenly appeared in the street, everywhere would become crowded.

When the passers-by dispersed.

Meng Chuan asked shakily: “How did you become like this?”

Zhou Yuhe smiled faintly, his pair of bright and shiny eyes, even with his appearance, were like two diamonds, shiny and sparkling: “Director Meng, you asked me ‘how far could I sacrifice for the film’, now, are you satisfied?”

Meng Chuan was speechless.

He looked at the “famous actor” that he couldn’t recognise. In addition to admiration, a thick, chest-filled, indescribable feeling rose in his heart.

This guy ……

A month ago he destroyed his self-confidence with his street performance.

A month later he was able to return the favor and prove himself in the same way.

Although there was the factor of walking away, knowing that a month ago Zhou Yuhe, even with a duck-tongue hat, even in a foreign country, sitting in the most corner place playing the guitar, was still prominent enough to make people recognise him at once.

But now, as he said, the whole two minutes, Meng Chuan stood in front of him, and didn’t notice the difference.

What was this?

This, was acting.


After finalising the directing contract with Meng Chuan, the “Cat” crew quickly entered the preparation period before the start of filming, Cai Yuan, Meng Chuan, Zhou Yuhe, and Yang Yu, who were listening, all felt that although the plot was wonderful, the script was ……

“Too redundant,” Meng Chuan hit the nail on the head, “the author wants to express too many things, rather than no focus, which doesn’t match the excellent plot settings. There is a give and take, we have to throw something away ……”

After two days of meetings, Meng Chuan, who was the director, finally finalised the direction of the revision –

He decided to shave off the love scenes and remove the female lead.

Just from the warm interaction between the cat and the protagonist An Xue, the core proposition of self-growth and affection was enough.

This way, although the width of the film was reduced, but the depth of the film became more pronounced.

The direction of revision had been set for the time being, but the specific plan hadn’t been made yet.

Meng Chuan said that the film was still under preparation, so there was no hurry. He asked Zhou Yuhe to continue experiencing life and adopt a cat by the way.

After all, the audience would still see the difference between a cat owner and an actor playing a cat owner.


Zhou Yuhe agreed and left.

Speaking of adopting a cat.

He instantly thought of the civet cat that Xie Yifeng kept in his previous life.

It was said that when he bought it, the little guy had been squatting in a box in the pet store and refusing to come out, so it was called “little box” –

Yes, Movie Emperor Xie named it so casually.

From its childhood, little box’s health wasn’t very good, the next few years Xie Yifeng was really busy, so this guy almost spent half a year in Zhou Yuhe’s home.

He still remembered what he thought when he first saw it.

When little box was originally sent to him, it was thin and spirited. Its long legs below the neck looked exaggerated.

But Zhou Yuhe was recovering from an illness, so he hired an aunt to take care of it.

The Auntie was warm and loving. So when he first went out to film, he had peace of mind, he didn’t expect to come back after three months to see –

Who was this fat ball?

Below the neck were legs? Sorry, this fat ball no longer had a neck.

He could never forget the expression on Xie Yifeng’s face when he picked up the little box.

It was as if he had seen the little box eat a building with his own eyes.

Shocked, bewildered, and overwhelmed.

Zhou Yuhe deeply felt that it was the biggest miracle in the world that their friendship didn’t come to an end at that time.

Zhou Yuhe didn’t have deep feelings towards little box but his feelings weren’t shallow, because Xie Yifeng was too busy to take care of it, it contracted an infectious disease and died, he had been sad for a period of time.

Acting a movie about a cat, all of a sudden, Zhou Yuhe felt sad.

He was sad for a while, before remembering that May 2015, was when Xie Yifeng bought little box from the pet store.

So after reporting with Yang Yu, he took the nanny car and went to the remembered pet store.


Duck tongue hat, black mask.

Zhou Yuhe got out of the car wearing full armor.

The pet store was located in an inconspicuous place on the corner.

The store wasn’t large, but very clean.

In a pet cage with small kittens with big eyes, through the glass window, they curiously and timidly looked at Zhou Yuhe.

But Zhou Yuhe immediately noticed little box at a glance.

That was probably a less than two months civet, with black and light yellow striped fur, its ears were pointed, its blue membrane hadn’t faded, its nose was red, and it stayed quiet, then it looked up without warning and looked at Zhou Yuhe nervously.

Zhou Yuhe couldn’t help but take a step forward, it seemed to have startled the little guy, its eyes changed and its round eyes suddenly became sharp. His two little paws stayed on the iron bars of the pet cage, and its mouth was wide, revealing its sharp and thin little teeth, which was matched with a striped little face. It was a bit like a little tiger, and it was heading towards Zhou Yuhe with great power.

It was the real little box!

Zhou Yuhe thought it was too cute. It took a long time to discover-

The environment in which the little box was located wasn’t different from the other kittens, and there was no toy box in the pet pen like Xie Yifeng mentioned.

Hmm? Could it be that he misremembered?

Just when Zhou Yuhe was confused.

The pet cage of the little box was opened, and the friendly and cute looking sales clerk lady carefully carried little box out of the pet cage –

It was going to be bought!

Such a thought flashed through Zhou Yuhe’s mind.

He barely thought deeply, he used his long legs and walked further into the pet store.

In front of the cashier, he saw a familiar figure, lovingly holding the little box in his arms, stroking its little head gently.

The little guy squinted its eyes in enjoyment and let out a long purr, was this still the same fierce kitten as before?

Zhou Yuhe couldn’t scold this heartless little thing, and froze when he saw the cat buyer’s face–

“Brother Xie?”

Xie Yifeng was also stunned, “Yuhe?”

No way? Could there be such a coincidence?

Zhou Yuhe pointed to little box in his arms and asked, “You’re taking it?”

“Yes,” Xie Yifeng looked at the anxiety and concern on Zhou Yuhe’s face, and with a slight twist of his eyes, he asked, “Do you also like it?”

“Not really, in fact, it’s director Meng who wants me to have a cat of my own, so that when the time comes, I’ll understand the script thoroughly.”

Xie Yifeng nodded, Zhou Yuhe was busy experiencing life, although they didn’t meet much during this period of time, but he also knew about “Cat”, he handed out the kitten in his arms, “Then, I’ll let you have it.”

“Don’t you like it too?”

“Like is like, I also need to have time to raise it,” the corner of Xie Yifeng’s mouth hooked up in a smirk, he pretended to say carelessly, “I think it’s more suitable for it to be raised by you.”


“Don’t you find that it’s a bit like you? Especially when it gets surprised and turns its eyes round ……” Xie Yifeng slightly smiled, the doting in his eyes was enough to drown people.

His voice hit Zhou Yuhe’s heart at once.

Little box …… was like him?

He looked down, little box was also staring at him with round blue eyes with a confused look.

A man and a cat just stared at each other, their expressions were exactly the same!

Suddenly thinking of something, Zhou Yuhe looked at the smiling Xie Yifeng, and his cheeks immediately turned red.

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