It was a drug rash, and the side effects of carbapenem antibiotics were starting.

“Monitor the temperature, ECG, can you hear me, teacher? Don’t be afraid, if you feel a need to vomit, it’s normal, bear with it, it’ll pass in half an hour.” Li Zheng said calmly while looking at the mechanical watch on his wrist.

He had experienced countless drug trials, but this was definitely the most special drug clinical trial.

“Wang Jing, are you ready, intramuscular injection in five minutes.”

Wang Jing gulped and nodded vigorously, her hand holding the syringe trembled slightly.

Xu Mingsheng’s face suddenly turned white, he fiercely turned over to the side of the bed and vomited the millet porridge he ate last night.

Chen Sufen went forward and gently patted Xu Mingsheng’s back, “Li Zheng’s medicine made old Xu vomit.”

“Feed it in again!” Li Zheng said without even thinking about it.

Xu Mingsheng’s dry heaving continued, he could no longer vomit anything, but his stomach seemed to be tossing like an earthquake, he helplessly laid on the side of the bed, almost vomiting out bile water.

“Old Xu, you must eat it!” Chen Sufen’s eyes glistened with tears, she opened Xu Mingsheng’s mouth and poured the medicine in.

Xu Mingsheng’s face twisted with pain, he kept shaking his head, but Chen Sufen wasn’t soft, she covered his mouth and refused to let go.

The bitter bile flowed along Xu Mingsheng’s mouth and stained Chen Sufen’s hand, but Chen Sufen still didn’t let go.

The second hand turned twelve o’clock, Li Zheng looked up, “Wang Jing, intramuscular injection.”

“Yes!” Wang Jing answered heavily, she took a deep breath and grabbed one of Xu Mingsheng’s arms, which looked very stiff because of the violent vomiting.

“Professor Xu, take it easy, or it will hurt a little.” Wang Jing said while pushing the injection into the lower edge of Xu Mingsheng’s deltoid muscle.

The medicine was smoothly injected into Xu Mingsheng’s body, Wang Jing wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead, and then looked at Li Zheng.

Li Zheng’s gaze moved away from the watch, he nodded to her and said nothing more, the next step would depend on Xu Mingsheng himself.

He had seen Xu Mingsheng’s case and medication records, Xu Mingsheng had no history of antibiotic allergy, and carbapenems didn’t have the thiazole ring of penicillins, and there was generally no cross-allergic reaction. The only thing Li Zheng was worried about was the nephrotoxicity of the drug.

Compared to imipenem, which was marketed in 1985, the carbapenems extracted by Li Zheng hadn’t been biotoxic and hadn’t been proportioned and diluted, which required the patient’s own immune resistance and will to live.

The next minutes were very difficult for the people in the ward, Xu Mingsheng’s drug rash and dry heaving became more and more intense, the red rash densely covered both arms and spread to his face.

Chen Sufen’s face was squeezed, and everyone knew she was holding back her grief.

One hour, two hours, Xu Mingsheng’s reaction slowly became calm, as if he was a person who almost drowned and managed to swim to the shore, taking a big breath of fresh air.

“It’s dropping! Old Xu’s body temperature is dropping!” Chen Sufen looked at the number on the temperature monitor and her voice trembled slightly.

The ward instantly stirred up, Xu Keqiang’s entire body was almost affixed to the temperature monitor, 38.7 degrees Celsius, still a high temperature, but compared to the continued high temperature of more than thirty-nine degrees for several days, it was already an extremely surprising figure.

Everyone looked at Li Zheng with reverence, this not so tall seventeen year old, did such a genius really exist in the world?

Now they could answer without hesitation, they existed, they had one in front of them!

“Professor Chen, carbapenems nephrotoxic outbreak duration after the drug enters the body is three hours, teacher has passed the dangerous period, in another hour his body temperature will come down, then give him some glucose sugar supplement, it’s almost over.”

Chen Sufen covered her mouth in excitement, she wiped the excited tears seeping out of her eyes, “Thank you, thank you Li Zheng!”

“Thank you, Li Zheng!” Xu Keqiang said.

“Little brother, you’re amazing!”

“Little brother, good job!”

The dreary atmosphere in the ward was swept away, and the original heavy mood of the crowd became relaxed, and the atmosphere in the room suddenly became warm and cheerful.

However, Li Zheng’s tense nerves still didn’t relax, he looked at the watch on his wrist, it was already close to seven in the morning.

“Professor Chen, how are the patients in the isolation room?”

Li Zheng thought that with this example of Xu Mingsheng, the hospital would be a little more accepting of this brand new antibiotic.

Chen Sufen smiled, and also calmed down, the expression on her face became serious.

“As of five o’clock in the morning, two people died in the isolation ward, three went into the resuscitation room due to organ failure, and the rest are continuing to use antibiotics.”

“Professor Chen, I would like to ……” Chen Sufen interrupted before he could finish his sentence.

“Mr. Li Zheng, I am now pleading on behalf of the Mary’s Hospital hospital administration to sell the carbapenem antibiotics you have in your hands as special drugs for temporary purchase by our hospital.” Chen Sufen’s face was serious, but her gaze towards Li Zheng was very gentle.

Li Zheng was stunned at first, and then reacted that Professor Chen was doing this to protect him completely.

She was purchasing drugs on behalf of Mary’s Hospital, and if a patient died because of the drug toxicity, Mary’s Hospital would be the first to bear the brunt, and Li Zheng, the supplier, would not be able to escape, but there was greater room to manoeuvre.

Chen Sufen was trying to protect Li Zheng to the greatest extent possible under the worst possible scenario.

Li Zheng felt moved.

“Professor ……”

Chen Sufen came forward and patted Li Zheng’s shoulder, “Good boy, you are a treasure given to mankind by God, you should stay in the laboratory and concentrate on your research, the rest, leave it to us.”

Chen Sufen was a professor of clinical medicine at the medical school of the University of Hong Kong, but what few people knew was that Chen Sufen also held three percent of the shares of Mary’s Hospital, so she could completely speak on behalf of the hospital, but she had to discuss with the rest of Mary’s Hospital’s shareholders.

“Ah Qiang, you look after your father, I’m going out.” Saying that, she sorted out Xu Mingsheng’s case, and then walked out with a thick pile of information in her arms.

Li Zheng pursed his lips and then followed.

“Professor Chen, there are some things on the lab notes that probably only I can explain myself.”


“No way! Absolutely not! How can a drug that hasn’t been marketed, that hasn’t even passed the drug clinic, be tried on our patients! This is a crime!” The vice president of Mary’s Hospital hit the table, gasping for air.

Chen Sufen responded heatedly, “Chen Xuhua, who are you saying is committing a crime!”

Dean Chen’s aura weakened all of a sudden, “Teacher, that’s not what I meant.”

He scratched his head hard, Chen Xuhua hadn’t slept for two days and two nights, he was the vice president of Mary’s Hospital, but he also held the position of the director of the Department of Oncology Surgery, this Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection began from the ICU ward of the Department of Oncology Surgery. When the infection first broke out, he only thought it was a mutation of the flu virus and ordered increased disinfection, but he didn’t think it would cause a hospital-wide infection with a drug-resistant bacteria.

Chen Xuhua heavily blamed himself, he had been almost always in the first line of defence these two days, he also went into the isolation room several times, he constantly told the patients to have confidence, to have the will to live.

A patient looked at him with a hopeful gaze and asked him, “President Chen, will we be saved?” When he nodded vigorously, tears flowed down his face.

He was still a f*cking doctor, so many patients were struggling with life and death, yet he actually couldn’t save one!

“Teacher, to ensure drug safety, this is the basic professional ethics of a doctor! The physician’s code, and the relevant provisions of the doctor’s practice regulations ……” Chen Xuhua had been taught by Chen Sufen, for his mentor, he was still very respectful.

Chen Sufen’s attitude also eased. “Xiao Chen, Professor Xu has already taken the medicine. This is his medication record and drug reaction report. Carbapenem antibiotic is effective! I have read the physician’s guidelines and practice regulations, I understand these terms clearly, but Xiao Chen ah, don’t you remember my first sentence in my first class with you? The patient’s life is above everything!”

Chen Xuhua smiled, his expression was a bit dazed, he seemed to think of something and he didn’t speak for a long time.

“I am 80% sure, I will be responsible for all the consequences of the patient’s injection of the antibiotic.” Chen Sufen’s gentle face was filled with seriousness.

Her not-so-tall body stood there, and Chen Xuhua felr like he had returned to the classroom more than 20 years ago, which could even be called a humble classroom. Professor Chen also had such a look.

He remembered that Professor Chen walked into the classroom with a book in her arms, and her first words were, “You will all be doctors in the future, a doctor’s original duty, is to treat the sick and save people, I hope that no matter where you go in the future, no matter what position you are in, don’t forget that the patient’s life is above everything!”

Chen Xuhua slapped the table and stood up, “I know, teacher.” He took the case of Xu Mingsheng from Chen Sufen and studied it carefully.

Li Zheng came forward and explained the principle of action of carbapenems and drug effects and defects at the side.

Chen Xuhua couldn’t stop nodding and looked at Li Zheng with appreciation and a stunned gaze, “It is said that a great man of chivalry is for the country and the people. Mr. Li Zheng, you are a chivalrous man among scholars!”

Li Zheng shook his head, “President Chen, you’re overpraising me, I’m just an experimentalist, without you and Professor Chen’s vigor, these things of mine would not be useful.”

Li Zheng truly admired the high-end intellectuals of the 1980s, who paid more attention to being a human being while doing their studies, and in them you could see the accumulated glitter of the Chinese nation. To be honest, if in his time, he wanted to make this thing, he probably needed to write a lot of commitment to promise that all the consequences of this matter would be borne by him personally.

Chen Xuhua have a wry smile, “Mr. Li Zheng, we’ll have to trouble you to go back and prepare enough antibiotics, the ones in the box are far from enough ah.”

“Teacher, I’ll gather the doctors in the hospital, screen the patients with normal kidney function and immune resistance to the standard, and inject them with the medicine first.”

Li Zheng smiled, his expression stiffened for a moment, Chen Xuhua’s meaning was already clear, patients with defective kidney function and poor immune resistance wouldn’t be injected for the time being, which meant that these people were already declared dead without even having the chance to be challenged. Li Zheng shook his head and smiled bitterly, things in this world were difficult to complete, this was already the best of the best of both worlds, wasn’t it?

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