“Why is your face red?” Xie Yifeng slightly lowered his head, approached Zhou Yuhe and touched Zhou Yuhe’s forehead with his own forehead intimately, before he could avoid it, he retracted like a dragonfly, and said suspiciously, “Hmm? No fever.”

His action was too natural, so natural that it seemed to say that they were boys and physical contact was nothing.

But Zhou Yuhe shyly couldn’t stand it.

“I, I’m fine, don’t get so close, it’s hot.” Zhou Yuhe stumbled and said, his shy expression and the shrinking little kitten in had arms gave a synchronized feeling, Movie Emperor Xie’s heart immediately melted.

He was so cute, even when he was shy, he was still so cute, he really was the world’s cutest.

“I’ve already paid, let’s go.” Xie Yifeng smiled, then decided not to tease him, he took out a black face mask from his pocket and took the lead out of the pet store.

The two of them walked on the small, sparsely populated street.

The orange sunlight warmly spilled over the entire street, hitting the top of the teenager’s soft and delicate hair, reflecting a ray of fine soft light.

“Why do you keep looking at me?” Zhou Yuhe, who was walking in front, suddenly asked sullenly.

Xie Yifeng said cheekily: “I’m not looking at you, I’m looking at the cat.”

Zhou Yuhe simply turned around and showed him the handsome face of little box.

“Come on, take a closer look.”

“Meow ……” It seemed to feel the gaze of two people, the little box lazily meow, and looked at them in confusion, as if to say ‘I don’t know what you two mortals are doing.’

Zhou Yuhe looked at its expression, he couldn’t help but reach out and caress its head twice.

That was when another hand also touched the cat’s head.

“Eh, do you think it will bite someone? I haven’t had a cat, so I’m not quite sure.” Xie Yifeng said carelessly, as his hand again and again “accidentally” touched Zhou Yuhe’s fingertips.

Zhou Yuhe was being caressed, but he didn’t dodge, his face was red, plus the Sunset’s orange filter made his face look like a nearly ripe tomato.

“No, little box is very good.” Zhou Yuhe said absentmindedly.

Xie Yifeng touched it again and again as if it wasn’t a cat or his hand, but he directly took his heart out of his chest and started touching it.

Otherwise, how could his heartbeat be so fast?

Xie Yifeng let out an “Oh”, and his low magnetic voice took on a dragging tone. “Little box … is very suitable for you ~”

Hearing these words, Zhou Yuhe’s heart beat even faster.

The little box that was jerked by the two humans: “……”

Heh, the whole world was filled with the sour smell of love, only I exude the fragrance of single meow.


The planning of the film was carried out in two simultaneous stages.

One was the life experience of Zhou Yuhe, and the other was the adaptation of the script.

Zhou Yuhe’s life experience wasn’t bad. He made up his mind to eat and live with the man, and the most difficult month had already passed, and the later things went smoothly, and it took only two months to complete the task of life experience.

But the script adaptation, the perfectionist Meng hired the entire screenwriting team to modify the original script, after changing it back and forth, he still wasn’t very satisfied, so the progress was stuck.

Zhou Yuhe saw him in a depressed mood, so he invited him to his home for dinner.

When he opened the door, nestled on the sofa with a dull face was little box, his pointed ears seemed to be instantly turned on, with a soft jump, he ran down from the sofa, while rushing to Zhou Yuhe, it meowed endlessly!

Meng Chuan was startled by little box’s enthusiasm.

Zhou Yuhe picked up little box and gave Meng Yuan an apologetic look, “It’s probably starving.”

When Zhou Yuhe made an apologetic expression, the slightly upward corner of his eyes would be pulled down, his eyes became rounded, and at this time little box also happened to look his way, the timid and good-natured aggrieved little eyes actually looked the same as Zhou Yuhe!

Meng Chuan felt like the sky opened and he was struck by lightning.

His head began to bubble with inspiration!

“I thought of it! I thought of it I thought of it ……” Meng Chuan just took off his shoes, and now he hurriedly put on his shoes again, without being able to say anything more, he rushed out of the apartment.

Zhou Yuhe looked at Meng Chuan, who ran like the wind: “……”

Did all directors act like this?

Two days later, Zhou Yuhe came to the office of Yadong Culture, only to learn that Meng Chuan was suddenly inspired that day, and ran back to call the scriptwriting team to start work overnight to change the script.

“Has it been changed?” Zhou Yuhe asked with some surprise, the script that hadn’t been touched for a month had been changed in just two days?

“Changed, look at it ……” Two days with only six or seven hours of sleep made Meng Chuan look like a demon drained of essence, he looked absent.

Zhou Yuhe flipped open the script and took a look, and was instantly drawn in by the new script content.

Most of the plot hadn’t changed, the main change was the main character’s parts.

In the original script, An Xue was a young man of twenty-six or seven years old, but in order to fit the new theme of self-seeking, he changed his age to a lean young man of eighteen or nineteen.

The protagonist, An Xue, was an orphan, withdrawn and reluctant to open his heart after being adopted by his adoptive parents in an orphanage. This self-imposed isolation culminated after his adoptive parents, who originally thought it would be difficult to have children, gave birth to a son.

He had loved to paint since he entered adolescence, but his painting style had always been intense, dark, and filled with sky-high abstraction influenced by his life circumstances, it had never been accepted by mainstream aesthetics.

One day, after his dark paintings scared his ten-year-old brother into tears, the family conflict completely erupted.

Angered by his poor academic performance, An Xue dropped out of school and ran away from home, starting a life of wandering.

An Xue was radical, dark, withdrawn, with low self-esteem, but at the same time a super talented genius.

Unfortunately, art was something that couldn’t be said clearly. Many painters’ paintings were discovered after their death, and then their value soared and even sold for sky-high prices, but many of them were depressed all their lives before they died.

An Xue belonged to this category.

He gathered all the courage to leave home, but found that the “free” life was not as easy as he had imagined.

He had no qualification, so he had to make a living by painting portraits on the street, often without food and living in poverty.

It wasn’t that he didn’t regret it.

When he cautiously returned to the neighborhood, he saw his foster father with his brother full of smiles from the outside as they carried toys back, their expressions of love and joy deeply stimulated An Xue, he originally wanted go to them, but he silently retreated to the darkness.

Since then, the teenager’s eyes became more and more numb and indifferent, he wandered the edge of the city, living the lowest, most undignified life.

It was at this time that the cat An An appeared in the teenager’s life.

The appearance of this cat brought An Xue great luck, not only in his career and economic transformation, but most of all, this kitten changed An Xue’s barren world.

He slowly felt a connection with the world, slowly felt love and warmth, and slowly found himself in the process of raising An An.

Instead of An Xue saving An An, a stray cat, at the most critical time, it was An An who saved An Xue at the most critical time.

“I intend to connect An Xue and An An together through their similar appearance. An An is suggestive of the original An Xue, who has not suffered the cruelty of life or the trials of his dreams, the timid, quiet, but clean and clear An Xue, who represents the good side of An Xue, who enters An Xue’s gloomy life and pulls him out of the abyss – ‘Only you can save yourself! ‘, this is our whole movie, hidden under the theme of self-growth, affection, and love for animals is a deeper, warm and beautiful intention.” Meng Chuan was pumped up and expressed his thoughts to everyone in the audience as much as possible.

Only you can save yourself ……

Just these few words alone could already conjure up a lot of things.

Zhou Yuhe was stunned, he looked at Meng Chuan, and then looked at the new script in his hand.

The new script was no longer called “Cat”, but “Cat and An Xue”. Under the new script’s adaptation, An Xue and An An were now one whole.

A whole that couldn’t be separated from each other.

The script seemed to still have a bit of residual warmth from the printer, like a slowly beating heart.

The previous script wasn’t bad, the “self-growth”, “affection” and “animal care” aspects were enough for people but as soon as Meng Chuan said these words, the script instantly came to life and became flesh and blood, and even made the people holding it feel warm.

Zhou Yuhe gazed at the script and slowly said, “I think this is a very good adaptation.”

It was really good he picked up this movie.

“So now that the most difficult problem is solved, we’re going to audition for the ‘male lead’ next, right?” Cai Dong glanced at Zhou Yuhe, jokingly, he said the “male lead” of course not Zhou Yuhe, but “Cat and An Xue” the other male lead, kitten An An.

“Speaking of male protagonists ……” Meng Chuan looked at Zhou Yuhe.

Zhou Yuhe cut to the chase and said, “No.”

How could he not know what was on Meng Chuan’s mind?

An An had to have some resemblance to An Xue, where else could they find a cat that looked like “An Xue” so quickly?

“Zhou Zhou ……” Meng Chuan softened his tone, he was younger than most directors in the industry, plus Zhou Yuhe wasn’t the same small unpopular actor, and calling him “Xiao Zhou” was obviously not appropriate. So not only Meng Chuan, now Su Su, Yang Yu and almost all of them called him so.

“The new script says that in order to highlight the changes, An An will become fat later, I do not agree.” Zhou Yuhe said coldly.

His cat, in his last life had been fed into a fat ball once.

In this life, such scenes couldn’t be shot, his face had to be preserved!

No matter how Meng Chuan pestered him, Zhou Zhou used the full force of a first tier star, and refused very politely!

Meng Chuan had to put an end to it and move backwards, saying that the cat actors would audition first. If they really couldn’t find a lookalike cat for Zhou Yuhe, the movie would have to be filmed …

When Zhou Yuhe thought about it, he suddenly felt that the long legs of little box would be lost in this life …


“Cat and An Xue” started shooting smoothly.

Four months, plus two months of life experience.

A whole six-month vacuum period, no exposure, no work, no news ……

Fans of Zhou Yuhe could say they were very disappointed. At first, when they heard that Zhou Yuhe had put off all commercial work offers and took on a literary movie, they were overwhelmed with relief.

Zhou Zhou was clearly about to launch a sprint for his acting skills!

No matter how disappointed the outside world was, ridiculing Zhou Yuhe “still too young, doesn’t know the rules of the Industry”, “no vision”, “a pity that a good talent”, they were always willing to believe and follow Zhou Yuhe’s choice!

Zhou Zhou’s acting skills were so good, but outsiders only stared at his face, it was time to use strength to respond to those who questioned his voice!

Now, although there was a lot of bad, when the movie was released, it would be stunning!

But as time passed, things were developing more and more in the opposite direction of their imagination.

Cat and An Xue’s investment cost wasn’t high, but the shooting closed period was very long!

People were already prone to newness and boredom, plus for stars, exposure and popularity qas life, if you didn’t make any noise for months, people would soon forget you.

Although Zhou Yuhe was the king of drama for two years in a row, not as fragile as the general stars, but now on the network, obviously Searching For Heaven’s broadcast rating was less!

Popularity came and went quickly –

No background, no foundation, that was it.
Even if the fans are anxious, it was useless, Meng Chuan continued to shoot calmly, as if he didn’t perceive the anxiety of the fans.

He thought this anxiety would gradually subside as the shooting went smoothly, but he didn’t know that a photo released online recently had completely shattered the fans’ illusions.

Oh my god!

So ugly, so plain, with such poor skin, and a very ordinary temperament, and even a hint of lewdness…

This unattractive “passerby” was their beautiful Zhou Yuhe?

This inadvertently leaked photo was immediately deleted, but it still hit the self-esteem of countless face fans.

The anti fans were also waiting for the opportunity to move and started to make fun of Zhou Yuhe’s appearance.

Many fans who hadn’t seen Zhou Yuhe with their own eyes began to wonder if makeup waa really a demonic art. Was Zhou Yuhe really such a “passerby” in private?

When the industry was in a state of panic, the momentum was low.

More bad news appeared…

The movie version of “Searching For Heaven” was coming!

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