Zhou Yuhe sat on the sofa, originally with a straight back, now he was slightly bent, he stared at the script on the coffee table and fell into a deep thought.

Yang Yu was right, ten months of time for any popular first-tier actor, was very precious.

Now wasn’t like the old days, that in order to make a good movie, it could take a year or two, or even five or six years.

Nowadays, everything was about fast culture and fragmentation culture.

The popular actors could use the ten months to take two seasons of reality shows, shoot three dramas and walk four or five red carpet shows.

Except that they wouldn’t use ten months to prepare for a movie.

Not even popular literary film.

Even if the acting was excellent, the script was outstanding, it won a lot of awards, so what?

Literary films had always been weak at the box office, in case the box office was dismal ……

What would he do if the box office was bad?

If he had only three or four months, he could have taken on another TV series or commercial movie right after the box office flop to regain popularity.

But ten months, no exposure, no work, no news ……

Once it failed, the blow to his current career wouldn’t be little.

The fact that Zhou Yuhe was unsuitable for the role of An Xu, instantly compressed his full confidence by almost half.

He leaned his head on the back of the sofa, looking at the white ceiling, and began to empty his mind.

Many fragments from his past life flashed by in front of his eyes.

He remembered, it wasn’t like he hadn’t been in this situation before.

The same good script, good director.

The same, longer shooting cycle.

At that time, he was already the first brother of I.S., and Ji Chen gradually retired to the background and began to plan for his business empire.

At that time, Ji Chen always looked at him with a tender and loving gaze.

“Yuhe, director Liao wants to shoot for a year, you’ll have to go to a dangerous mountain and experience new things. I don’t want you to suffer so much for me, for I.S, and spend so much time to make that kind of movie with an uncertain future, just to win awards.”

“You are now a top artist in China, even if you don’t do movies, just take on reality shows, endorsements, attend international events – as long as you can keep exposure you can attract a lot of fans, why push yourself to that extent, look at Fan Junxi or Bai An, they only do IP dramas every year. They only take the most popular reality shows of the moment, and they easily get what most people in the Industry can only dream of, you are much more popular than them, why not make it easy for yourself too?”


Yes, take reality shows or take endorsement ads or take traffic IP dramas, just keep enough exposure and show your face in front of the public from time to time ……

You don’t need to pay anything, you can live very, very well.

The money, the status, the popularity, the time, and the ease –

This was the life that everyone aspired to have.

The reason for this was the fact that a lot of people in the entertainment industry had good acting skills, but after becoming popular, they kept regressing in their acting skills.

Because what they wanted was too readily available, so they no longer cherished every moment of acting.

So they became too stingy to give every bit of extra effort.

But they, including Zhou Yuhe at that time, had forgotten the artwork – those things that really became classics and were remembered forever, originally required countless efforts and energy to pour out.

He once, for money, for love, for career.

Gave up countless opportunities to participate in the birth process of these gems.

It was hard to be reborn once, was he going to repeat the same mistake?

Obviously there was such a good script, such a good director in front of him, but because of the so-called time, the so-called commercial value, he wanted to give up one of the best options, and change to another director?

Zhou Yuhe’s hands gradually clenched into fists, the words that Meng Chuan said to him echoed in his ears again and again.

And every time it echoed, his blood boiled hotter, a kind of impulse began to bloom in his heart.

His blood, his bone marrow, every cell in his body was screaming madly!


With a boom –

torched all his sanity!

He grabbed his hooded jacket, casually grabbed his cell phone and money on the table, and headed out the door in the rain.


Inside the old corner of A City.

Although the entertainment industry in A City had grown rapidly in recent years, bringing up the entire A City’s economy, but in the old city, A City seemed to retain its appearance of more than a decade ago, crisscrossing alleys like tree branches coiled in a corner of the city, dilapidated low walls, dirty streets, the air was seemingly stinky mixed with the smell of dirt, no matter who was passing by, they wouldn’t be able to resist covering their mouths and noses.

However, even such a dirty environment, there were always many homeless people living here, they didn’t want to be rich and famous, nor did they want food and clothing, and they were afraid to ask for decent work, just like ants clinging to the rotting branch, only asking not to be picked up and then discarded.

As long as they were not abandoned by the city.

In a small, cramped, dilapidated bungalow was a bare-chested young man wearing old, yellowed beach pants.

His body was very dark skin, obviously the result of years of exposure to the sun.

In addition to the dark body, there were some indefinable dirt and scars.

His hair was long to his shoulders and messy, and he didn’t know how long it had been since he had taken a decent shower to be this brown.

He took his water bottle and was thinking of getting some water from the tap at the street corner, when a low, nice voice pierced through the thin curtain of rain.

“Hey, this is where you live, huh?”

The young man winced and turned his head to see a teenager in the rain wearing a hooded jacket, all plain black, but with a special aura, or was it a youth?

He slightly narrowed his eyes, and his head came forward a little.

Zhou Yuhe judged from this small action that this homeless man was a nearsighted, he couldn’t see his face very clearly, so his smile became even bigger.

“Let me discuss something with you ……”

The young man looked at him warily.

Zhou Yuhe wasn’t annoyed, he took out thirty dollars from his pocket and handed it to the homeless man.

Although the homeless man couldn’t see Zhou Yuhe’s face, he could recognise it as three ten dollar bills just by the colour, so his expression eased, but he still didn’t reach out to take it.

“I have no place to go, how about you take me in for a while and I give you thirty dollars a day?”

Although Zhou Yuhe had a lot of money, he also understood the truth that a grain of rice was a favour and a bucket of rice could bring hatred.

Thirty dollars? Per day?

The homeless man’s ears twitched, his hand fondled his kettle, and finally he couldn’t bear the temptation and slowly extended his left hand.

“…… good.”


A month later.

Meng Chuan was walking on the street.

He had already put off the Ghost Demon Biography, but he hadn’t taken any other movies during this time either.

He was walking distractedly when suddenly a not-so-melodious singing voice came into his ears, and he turned around to see a street singer on the corner, setting up a stereo and singing with a microphone.

He instantly thought of Zhou Yuhe.

After being so clearly, even embarrassingly rejected, Zhou Yuhe’s side never mentioned it again, and Zhou Yuhe himself evaporated, a whole month without any news about him.

Hey, in fact, it was understandable, a big star who was held in the hands of fans as a treasure, suddenly hit by this, no matter who, they would be a little affected by it.

He quietly approached the street singer, looking at his not-so-impressive appearance and temperament, lost in thought.

He was obviously a guy so ordinary that he wouldn’t be noticed in a crowd, but his eyes were special.

The starlight in his eyes was bright, the kind of expression that was both numb and somewhat unwilling; desperate, about to give up, and a little cautious hope ……

That kind of look made Meng Chuan’s heart uncontrollably start to itch in bursts.

Maybe it was a wrong decision to put off “Cat”? It was a really good script, as long as Zhou Yuhe was willing to sacrifice some more, why couldn’t he make some concessions?


Meng Chuan shook his head and called out unconsciously, he had already spoken, so how could he take it back?

However, this street singer did cause him to feel sad.

After the song was over, he took out a little change from his pocket and threw it in the small box in front of the singer.

He was about to turn around and leave, when suddenly –

“You just stood in front of me for two whole minutes, Director Meng.”

Meng Chuan was shaken.

He turned his head suspiciously and was about to ask how this wandering singer knew about him, after seeing a smiling arc at the corner of his mouth –

Meng Chuan instantly froze as if struck by lightning.

The man’s slightly hunched back became straight, his slightly lewd and mercenary aura suddenly swept away, and his plain face gradually became familiar.

The stronger the familiarity, the more astonished Meng Chuan was.

After the amazement converged together, finally it burst out in a cry of surprise –

“Zhou Yuhe?!!!”

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