Zhou Yuhe was starring in the TV version of “Searching For Heaven”?

The moment this news came out, the internet immediately exploded!

The team that previously mocked Zhou Yuhe was instantly dumbfounded.

Zhou Yuhe’s fans were even more dumbfounded.

They had already been torn into pieces on the Internet because of this matter, fan groups or support groups, in order not to attract hate to their idol, they all went quiet, laid down as people mocked them.

Were they aggrieved? Of course they were! Were they unwilling? Of course!

They didn’t know what netizens thought of Zhou Yuhe, but everyone knew that although Zhou Yuhe was popular, the brokerage company I.S behind him had been operating for so many years, and it was a very reliable big company. If it wasn’t the exact news, it wouldn’t be released. Therefore, compared with the outsiders mocking Zhou Yuhe, they believed that there was something hidden in it.

The original gossip from the set said that Fan Junxi stole the role of Zhou Yuhe, the president of the fan club exploded with anger, they originally planned to organize a wave of counterattack in the next two days.

Just when they were about to get a batch of water army accounts, they didn’t expect this to fall from the sky!

“Those who said he was a disgrace the week before, do you have a sore face now? [smile]”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, your Fan Junxi is hanging, are you satisfied? Have you memorized the movie script? Please don’t drag the hind legs of the TV series, haha. “ .

“In the end, it is not known who is not as skilled as others, many of the staff on the day of the audition heard the director say that it was settled with Zhou Yuhe, the marketing team went in accordance with the protocol of publicity, the result was that the male lead was replaced without saying a word. Now he has become the male lead of the drama, I feel that there are many stories inside ah.”

“Ahhhhhhh I can’t wait until next year! Ahhhhhh!!!”


The fans were instantly agitated, and the depression that had been suppressed for days was instantly expressed, and the bottom of the post was as lively as New Year.

In contrast, Fan Junxi’s side wasn’t so good, Zhou Yuhe took the lead in the drama, unreasonably Fan Junxi  didn’t want to see this.

Therefore, Fan Junxi’s public relations department and fans were also very busy in this wave, trying to turn the tide away from Zhou Yuhe in the online reviews.

“I will use Zhou Yuhe’s approach when I want to take advantage of someone to make something popular. First, he put out a bunch of unclear posts. Then it said that he was the male lead of the movie version. Later, after being beaten in the face, he came out to clarify that it was not the movie, but the TV drama. Did Fan Junxi dig your ancestral grave? Even if you do this, did you have to pull your peer down. This is the most disgusting marketing method I have ever seen. “

“Person upstairs, I also think the suspicious nature of the hype is too big, the movie had just clarified, and it became the TV drama? There must be a problem here. “

“His drama pulled on Ji Chen, and the next one pulled on Fan Junxi. Some people are really shameless in the entertainment industry in recent years. In the future, he will play other TV dramas and movies, newcomers can only hide.”


Zhou Yuhe’s fans were so angry at the upside-down words that they wanted to explode into the sky.

What did they mean by “pulling and stepping”?

“When “Rejuvenation” was first released, it was clearly “Obviously Sweet” that trampled on “Rejuvenation”, from the lead actor to the director to the script, all of them f*cking trampled on it, and only later did Zhou Zhou fight to win the fight! The same went for “Searching For Heaven”! Fan Junxi stole Zhou Zhou’s role, but also stepped on him, if Zhou Zhou didn’t take the drama, who knows what would have happened! You guys are selectively blind!”

Zhou Yuhe’s fans were so agitated that they broke out into a superb battle, partly to control the whole network, partly to justifiably counter the unwarranted abuse of Fan Junxi’s fans, and partly to show a long picture, analyzing from beginning to end what was going on for passers-by, so that Zhou Yuhe wouldn’t die innocently.

The fans logically organized the facts. In fact, it all depended on Zhou Yuhe’s amazing public relations article about Cao Qiyue’s plagiarism. His public relations ability and language level had brought him a lot of logic fans, IQ fans and reasoning fans.

This group of fans were the earliest group, and the fan group, under their leadership, had always been organized, disciplined and sensible.

This was very different from the other popular youngsters who moved and ran to others under the blind confessions of brain-damaged fans.

Even if later, because of “Rjuvenation”, a batch of face fans were collected, assimilation was completed after a while, so there was no comparability between them and Fan Junxi’s messy fan group.

The advantage of Fan Junxi was that his fan base was large, and the advantage of Zhou Yuhe was that the fans were extremely strong.

Once the two sides moved, it was also considered difficult to part, the “Searching for Heaven” adaptation became the most controversial topic.

Zhou Yuhe moved in such wind and rain, into the cast.

The TV series “Searching For Heaven” crew was in the suburbs of City A. It had beautiful mountains and scenery, and at first glance was a great place for tourism.

But the people who could get in and out of this place, most of them didn’t have any leisure time to play in the mountains.

The crew of “Searching For Heaven” was built amidst a sea of questions and arguments, and everyone inside was busy with no less caution and attention than the film crew, and didn’t pay much attention to Zhou Yuhe’s arrival.

Cai Yuan and Zhang An who came with him … Yes, the film crew went back on their word again and again, and completely angered the great god. He only appeared occasionally on the set, then decided to accompany the TV drama crew to shoot the whole time, and also volunteered to share the task of reviewing and adapting the script for the screenwriter. Even before Cai Yuan, who hesitated to choose Zhou Yuhe. Zhang An spared no effort to recommend him, indicating that Zhou Yuhe was the only male lead in his mind.

He didn’t expect that the selection of Zhou Yuhe would bring so much attention to the drama.

These things added up, so that Cai Yuan, who had a gap with Zhang An because of the copyright, was moved, and the relationship between them was better than before the accident.

Zhang An said while walking: “Is it inappropriate for us to start in such a hurry? It seems to the outside world that we have to rush to broadcast the drama before the movie is released.”

Chairman Cai, who had experienced a lot of hardship, said, “If we don’t rush, can we broadcast after them? The post-production of the film is set, so we set the schedule early. If we can’t catch up, some people will gossip. It’s better to let them gossip. Let’s start early, the shooting period is also plentiful. “


As the two spoke, Zhou Yuhe followed behind the two slowly into the studio, once inside, he could clearly feel a lot of curious eyes glancing at him, the recently popular figure in the limelight.

Instead of hiding, Zhou Yuhe smiled generously at the actors and staff, making them feel good.

“Su Tong, come over and get to know each other.” The TV director Li waved his hand towards the rest area, and a beautiful woman in a purple broad-sleeved brocade dress in ancient costume answered, she put down the box lunch in her hand and came over.

The same “Lin Xue”, but this girl’s temperament and Ning Qin’er were very different.

Ning Qin’er was mixed, she had delicate and profound features, when she dressed up as Lin Xue, she looked exotic, like a demon that ate human essence and drank blood.

But the girl called Su Tong had almond eyes, her features were very upright and beautiful, she had acted ancient roles before, but it was mostly a pampered young lady, or a classy lady. This time the role of Lin Xue the demon girl, was a big challenge for Su Tong, but after she put on makeup, she looked vague stern and heroic, even a bit handsome, not at all like an ordinary flirtatious demon.

In accordance with the common language on internet, Su Tong’s demon was very aggressive.

The role would be very popular with girls.

“Director Li.”

“This is Xiao Zhou, you guys have to get along well these few months.”

Su Tong’s character was also as atmospheric and straightforward as her appearance, she stretched out her hand to Zhou Yuhe and said, “I know you, little Zhou, don’t care about those messy voices, welcome.”

Zhou Yuhe shook her hand and smiled, “Thank you, Sister Tong, please give me more guidance.”

Zhou Yuhe looked outstanding, and had a high popularity, yet he was still so humble and polite unlike the others, Su Tong had a good impression of Zhou Yuhe and enthusiastically shoved a few small snacks in her hand to Zhou Yuhe.

Zhou Yuhe didn’t have time to say thank you, Director Li took a look and his eyes narrowed: “You’re still eating chocolate! Do you still want to look good on camera?”

Su Tong was also thick-skinned and wasn’t afraid of being discovered, she waved her hand in a casual manner: “This hasn’t been eaten, besides, I gave it to my ‘white lover’, this isn’t a problem ah.”

Zhou Yuhe appeared as a disciple of the Qing Lan Sect for half of the drama,  and wore an immortal ethereal white daoist robe, which was how the ‘white lover’ came up.

“Coincidentally, I also have a gift for Sister Tong,” Zhou Yuhe suddenly smiled and magically pulled out an Alpine from his pants pocket and handed it to Su Tong, “‘ Heavenly Shattering Pearl’, please smile.”

In the period when Yuan Tian was still a “white lover”, Lin Xue was trying to cheat it out of his hands to get the Heaven-shattering pearl by all means.

Zhou Yuhe used the “Heaven-shattering Pearl” to respond to Su Tong’s “White Lover”, which was also a divine move, seemingly both sincere and witty.

The two main characters, who had obviously memorized the script, were smiling at the moment.

Looking at the male and female lead who were likely to “gain weight before filming”, Director Li’s mood wasn’t so happy, he had a complicated expression and knocked Zhou Yuhe’s back with the script rolled into a barrel, and said in a good-natured way: “Laughing so happily, go to the makeup room now!”

Zhou Yuhe touched his nose sarcastically and was silently led away by a makeup artist.

When he came out again, everyone was stunned.

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