Zhou Yuhe was a bit overwhelmed by his words, as if the strength of last night’s wine had followed him to his head, and he couldn’t help but ask, “If it’s a genius marketing, why do you say it’s a not-so-good program?”

Yang Yu looked at him, “Don’t you think this time is very much like the last time ‘Rejuvenation’? Just like last time, there is a very difficult hurdle in front of you-”

“It’s acting.”

“Understand? You have to play the role well and far from enough, you have to really achieve ‘hanging’! The last time you took out Xie Yifeng, but your relationship was still cordial, you just had to show that you didn’t lose Xie Yifeng’s acting skills – of course, this was also very difficult – but this time the challenge is more difficult! You and Fan Junxi, also the role of Yuan Tian, a film version, a TV version, you will probably face almost the same launch period, plus now the whole network is promoting Fan Junxi trampling on you, you two are completely opposed to each other, so to speak, ‘either you die, or I die’! ”

For Zhou Yuhe who was  good at public relations, he understood, “So this time may be ‘genius marketing’, it may also become ‘the devil’s marketing’, If I can’t really ‘beat’ Fan Junxi in acting, then it will be us who will be reduced to clowns!”

Yang Yu nodded, his face was a little heavy when he put away his smile.

It was either a big success or a big failure.

This time was really exciting.

Zhou Yuhe took a deep breath, he could clearly feel the blood flowing in his body gradually being boiled by the fire, the kind of slow bubbling heat, his heartbeat gradually sped up the excitement ……

He heard the sound of his wild heart puffing and beating.

This time Yang Yu untimely poured him a little cold water, “Why I said ‘not very good program’, there is another reason: regardless of success or not, this time we are sure to harvest a group of anti-fans. Especially if it’s successful ……”

At this point Zhou Yuhe’s brain was running very fast in excitement, he almost immediately took over Yang Yu’s words: “Especially if we are a big success, then the people will most likely think that we are doing all this on our own: first we put out the word that we might be the movie hero, then it was confirmed that we are not, we were hit in the face, and then it turned out to be the drama. The production cycle of a TV series is shorter than that of a movie, especially a special effects blockbuster, but the audience wouldn’t think so much about it, so we’re sure to take the lead for the ‘heartthrob’. -and finally also acting another version of the male lead …… they completely stepped on the other’s corpse to the top, if I wasn’t part of it, I would also likely be disgusted with this star team.”

Yang Yu nodded approvingly, Zhou Yuhe had excellent forward-looking eyes.

He had taken care of so many idol teams, he could say that no artist like him could see these twists and turns of the entertainment industry so thoroughly.

“So that’s why, are you sure you won’t choose the first option? No risk, no acting pressure, and it will help you a lot in the future.” Yang Yu teased.

Although he knew he was joking, Zhou Yuhe still said firmly: “No, I’m going to choose the second one, the more things that can cause a craze the more controversy exists, it is impossible for everyone in this world to like me in the first place, if I don’t dare to accept the challenge because I am afraid of attracting anti fans, I believe such a person will not be able to go long in the entertainment industry. ”

Zhou Yuhe said the truth, his previous life when he was a big hit? Drinking water, he could be choked to death by an anti-fan’s curse, this little fight couldn’t scare him.

Yang Yu laughed, “So, you are very confident in your acting skills.”

Zhou Yuhe also smiled, his eyes were as quiet as water, but it seemed to be hiding something cold and severe.

Yes, compared to the foresight and public relations ability brought by rebirth, acting was his biggest “golden finger”!

The other side used insidious means to hurt him, and he preferred to fight back openly than to use the same conspiracy!

This mocking incident came so fast, so urgent, so wide in scope, in just half a day it was able to make the whole internet covered with this news, no fermentation period at all, it exploded straight away – obviously something that only human beings could do, and in order to hit Zhou Yuhe fast and hard, so that I.S had no time to prepare for crisis PR.

The driving force behind this was definitely Fan Junxi’s team in addition to the cast of “Searching For Heaven”. The movie could clarify, could deny, could create momentum, but there was no need to do such an offensive and unethical thing, though, most of them were the handiwork of Fan Junxi’s team, they were the direct beneficiaries.

Fan Junxi …… not only stole his role, but also went to such great lengths to step on him to do his marketing.

The corners of Zhou Yuhe’s mouth hooked up in a subtle arc.

Since you’ve made it this far, there’s nothing for me to feel guilty about next.


Open-air pool, swimsuit party.

Wearing beach swim trunks, Fan Junxi took a beauty in a revealing swimsuit with a hot body on each side, and walked out of the villa flirtatiously.

And there were also about ten bikini beauties on the edge of the pool and inside the pool. The sound of chirping and laughter accompanied by splashing sounds kept passing from the pool, and Wang Jing, the head of Starline Group sat on a beach chair, he picked up a cocktail and greeted Fan Junxi.


“Uncle Wang, thanks to your help this time, I was able to get this role, let me toast you.” With that, he took the tall glass handed over by the beauty on his right and clinked glasses with Wang Jing.

Wang Jing smiled wisely and said politely, “Junxi, your team is not weak, the signing was confirmed four or five days ago, right? You must have waited until today, waited for Zhou Yuhe and gave him a knife, the young people now really outdo us old men.”

“Uncle Wang, your words.” Fan Junxi laughed, but his eyes had hidden complacency.

“No need to be modest, they should be angry now and hide in the corner to cry.” The small half month’s publicity expenses were all wasted, and the price of a movie of the level of “Searching For Heaven” wasn’t cheap, the thought of getting so much publicity for nothing without any effort, Wang Jing smiled so much that the flesh on his face squeezed out.

Fan Junxi sat down beside Wang Jing, and he asked with some concern, “Uncle Wang, do you think if we deal with them like this, I.S will fight back because of it?”

Knowing that this movie also had I.S’s investment, they could now be said to have snatched away one of I.S’s most important male lead resources this year, Fan Junxi couldn’t help but be a little worried.

Wang Jing glanced at him in disbelief, “Counterattack? It also depends on who it is! If it’s the youngest son of the Ji family, his resources are the teeth of a tiger, who dares to pluck them? But Zhou Yuhe …… what a thing! I.S has more than a hundred artists! Don’t worry, this time they can’t afford to make a splash.”

In Wang Jing’s opinion, I.S was now pushing him because of Zhou Yuhe’s high popularity and no other deeper reason. But the popularity of this thing was very mysterious, his next drama may not be popular.

One could see how many niches in the entertainment industry were very popular every year. After a period of time, there was a “national school grass” last year. “National first love” was nothing.

Wang Jing thought his idea was very old-fashioned, but he didn’t know that in the last life this “national first love” name was popular for decades.

“Uncle Wang has high opinions.” After hearing Wang Jing’s words, Fan Junxi finally put his heart down, the corners of his lips hooked up a charming and confident smile, and next to him, the swimsuit beauty tried flirting with him.

To be honest, suppressing Zhou Yuhe, although the interests of the top, but the deeper reason, was that he felt threatened.

In the current market, either empty appearance and popularity, or outstanding but their popularity was worrisome. The former targets mostly had idol dramas and the commercial market, while the latter delivered fresh blood to the main dramas and niche productions. But didn’t big commercial productions want young actors with looks, strength and popularity?

It was crazy to not want them!

But the current trend was such that there were very few young actors who had all three, and there were only four or five who met this standard, including him, as far as Fan Junxi could see.

There were only a limited number of A-list productions in a year, and even fewer required young actors in the lead roles.

In order to get on the screen, several of them fought to the death.

It wasn’t hard to ignore Han Kun, but he didn’t expect that this year, Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe appeared.

He wasn’t jealous of Xie Yifeng.

But a movie star trophy could call people’s eyes to the point of no return, and seven …… he wasn’t jealousy at all, it could only be looked up to.

Besides, he had long jumped to the international film industry, so he just wanted to compete with others were not that qualified.

But Zhou Yuhe was different.

His temperament and Fan Junxi’s were similar, it was the elegant, nobleman type, and he carried a rare bookish atmosphere in the entertainment industry. He could act any role that Fan Junxi could act, but what he could act …… Fan Junxi may not be able to grab it.

Compared to several others, sunny and naive, dark and highly intelligent, mature and elite persona of the first-tier actors, Zhou Yuhe was on top and the most easily threatened was Fan Junxi.

This was also the reason why he had take away the role.

“Searching For Heaven” wasn’t only a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Zhou Yuhe, but also for Fan Junxi!

After this battle, it would take several more years for Zhou Yuhe to catch up with him.

Fan Junxi showed a meaningful smile and was about to bite the cherry in the beauty’s hand, when –

Ding ding ding.

His agent called.

He picked up the phone on the table with the displeasure of having his fun ruined, and said in an unpleasant manner, “Hello?”

The person on the other end of the phone said one word, and Fan Junxi’s entire body instantly stiffened.

He abruptly got off the beach chair with an incredulous expression of shock.

“What did you say–!”

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