C20-Shining Stars

The entire 110m hurdles site of the National Championships qualifier suddenly fell into an eerie silence, one could only hear the running sound of athletes crossing the finish line one after another, and then all those who had run across the finish line, all revealed the same stunned gaze, looking in the direction where Su Zhe was.

Under the sunlight, Su Zhe, who gradually stopped, turned back to look in the direction of the finish line, clad in golden light, at this moment in the eyes of everyone on the scene, he looked like a heavenly god.

“How did he do it ……”

On the stands, those few G city track and field fans froze looking at Su Zhe, they could not help but issue a soul question – How?

A 100 meter athlete.

A 100 meter athlete who had to participate in the 110 meter hurdles qualifier because the staff filled out the wrong registration form.

A 100-meter athlete who just switched back to sports from the entertainment industry, was less than 180 tall and looked like a small sheep who had strayed into the wolf pack ……

14.05 seconds wasn’t the top 110-meter hurdle achievement in the period when China once led the world record in 110-meter hurdles, but for the talent break, Su Zhe was bright enough this time!

This was a good result enough to make all track and field fans’ spirits lifted.

Among several people, the middle-aged uncle wearing glasses was the first to react and took the lead in the 110m hurdles section of the track and field forum by posting a thread with a single number representing the result: 14:05!

Compared with the track and field fans and athletes on the scene, the “philosophers'” joy was much more simple and direct.

Some of the girls in the stands hugged each other in groups of three or two, some covered their mouths alone and screamed silently, while others simply broadcasted it on WeChat to announce the good news with their friends and relatives who were not there.

“Ahhhhh! I’m telling you! The pup is number one again! He’s now No.1 in 110m hurdles too!

The lively atmosphere spread from the stands to the live broadcast room, and the entire live broadcast room was as lively as the New Year, with everyone cheering happily.

[Ahhhhh, my son is great! I’m so happy!]

[I can’t stop spinning and sprinkling flowers, I can’t stop, I’m so proud of you!]

[Ah, before those who said that 100m athletes were below 110m hurdles said nonsense, I want to go to hit them in the face!

These little girls were laughing happily and impudently in their own territory. They used to talk quietly about their idol in their small groups, and figured out which day their idol would get a little new resource, so that they could see his appearance in the camera and on the spot.
 But whenever he had small resources that they could look forward to, they had to worry about whether even this little resource would be taken away.

After Su Zhe fell to the bottom due to the meme incident, these little girls accompanied him through many days that no one cared about them or ridiculed them. At that time, there were always people who were desperate and retreated. The remaining fans accompanied each other with love and warmth.

At that time, they told themselves that it would be better-the worst was that Su Zhe would retire, even if he retired they could still see him on Weibo, which was good.

And now, although their idol had retired from the entertainment industry and was training in the sports team all day, he completely became a training madman, but he remembered to say hello to everyone every day, and occasionally posted a picture. He gradually began to participate in domestic track and field competitions, and they could see that his opportunities were also increasing!

Moreover, his condition was getting better and better. He even used his own strength to conquer people who mocked the “philosophers” in the past, and obtained resources that could not be touched before he left the industry.

Some of the little sisters who had left had returned again, and there were still some sporadic new fans, and everyone admired him.

They watched him grow up a little bit. In just one month, the person who was boycotted by the sports industry had now stood at the entrance of the highest level competition in the country, and had participated in two different competitions which was almost impossible in the eyes of sports fans.

Several “philosophers” shed tears in excitement. They hugged and wept together, not only because of the results of the day, but also because they had gradually grown up with Su Ze and found their own direction.

They saw what their dreams were like in Su Zhe, and they also saw the shining star that seemed to gradually rise behind him.

After the track and field fans on the side recovered from their shock, they realized that the little girls not far away were actually hugging and crying in twos and threes.

Seeing a group of young girls crying, the men suddenly became a little at a loss.

Before the game, he was still mocking whether Su Zhe would hit the bar in the front of the first column. At this moment, he swallowed and cautiously shouted to a nearby place: “Hey, what… Isn’t this result very good? You should be happy, why are you crying?”

Several other guys also started to persuade them: “Yes, yes, Su Zhe is very good, 14.05. Now it’s also the first-class level in China! He will definitely be able to enter the finals after participating in the championship!”

Hearing their persuasions, the “philosophers” who were crying in their excitement finally wiped away their tears. After looking at each other, they all smiled.

Yup! They should be happy, why were they crying!

The group of young girls thanked the track and field fans for their comfort, and some people began to ask them for knowledge about track and field, asking them what level of achievement was the 14:05 score in the current track and field circle.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the stands melted.

On the field, the athletes in Group 5 had already exited the track and headed to the rest area. Everyone still had an unbelievable appearance, and looked in the direction of Zhou Tianjue and Su Zhe from time to time.

After he got off the field, Zhou Tianjue still had a weird expression, his fists were clenched tightly.

“Su Zhe.”

When he was about to reach the rest area, Zhou Tianjue suddenly spoke up and called out to Su Zhe.


Su Zhe stopped and looked back at the tall young athlete, his face was written with resignation, and his eyes were filled with the sadness of a man who had suffered a setback.

Zhou Tianjue stared viciously at Su Zhe’s face for a long time before saying, “You are not as strong as me, you ran at your full strength in the race just now, and I have not!”

He seemed to want to show through the conversation that Su Zhe’s victory was only an illusion, and that the real strongest person was still him.

Su Zhe nodded his head and admitted, “Ah, yes.” A moment later, Su Zhe looked at Zhou Tianjue seriously, “So?”

Zhou Tianjue was stunned by this counter-question from Su Zhe, and then said with a fierce aura, “So you should know that I didn’t really lose to you, I just didn’t exert my full strength!”

Hearing these words, Su Zhe couldn’t help but laugh: “But, Zhou Tianjue, you should also know that in this qualifier’s performance record, my speed will always 0.02 seconds faster than yours, isn’t it?”

These words choked Zhou Tianjue even harder, and he eagerly tried to clarify something.

“It’s my coach’s plan that I don’t need to use my full strength in the qualifier! And my athletic state is not adjusted to the best state, you winning against the current me doesn’t mean you really have the strength to beat me!”

Zhou Tianjue’s eager and grumpy look made Su Zhe laugh.

  ”Why are you so nervous about proving anything when you know you’re following a plan to prepare for the event? You are also an old athlete who grew up, and in competitive sports, results mean everything in the end, whether you have any bitterness or not.” Su Zhe squarely said to Zhou Tianjue: “You have executed your game plan according to the plan with your coach, for you, you have achieved your game purpose, but you can’t ask others to cooperate with your plan and lower their level of participation.”

“If you can’t stand in the first position because you reduced your strength, then the only problem is that you are not strong enough now.”

The sharp spear in Su Zhe’s words caused Zhou Tianjue’s face to start changing non-stop, and his expression changed from the fierceness at the beginning to uwillingness, to finally wiping his face viciously with his right hand and barely returning to calm.

“You’re right.” Zhou Tianjue suddenly affirmed Su Zhe’s words, “It was me not being strong enough that allowed you to run ahead of me. It was also my tactical choice that made you run ahead of me. But in the next All Championships, I will give it my all, and I will see you on the field then – you will know that you are still the same little sheep in my eyes!”

After he finished his fierce words, Zhou Tianjue grunted and walked around Su Zhe’s body and walked quickly into the rest area.

Su Zhe looked at the tall figure that walked by, and could still vaguely see the stubbornness and aggression on him.

Scratching his head, Su Zhe sighed: “Alas, the young man’s psychological quality is still not good.”

The surrounding players looked at Su Zhe, who was also heading to the rest area, and looked at each other – wait, wasn’t this Su Zhe also only 20 years old? Why was Zhou Tianjue, a 19-year-old, a young man with poor psychological quality? ? ?

On the internet, the Athletics forum had been in an uproar because of the post posted by that fan on the scene.

1st post: [Sofa, the race time seems to be not over yet, huh? But this time is almost a lock for first place, so Zhou Tianjue’s time is steadily rising again? Look at this performance, running into 14 seconds is just around the corner ah!

2nd post: [flowers, the domestic 110m hurdles finally has a newcomer to thrive! Lu Shuai remarkable, really is worthy of being part of the golden generation younger than Zhou Tianjue with two years, very promising ah!

5th comment: [look at the post title, you can imagine his excitement at the time, alas, but I hate not being in G City, otherwise I would also like to see brother Zhou’s style at the scene.]

10th comment: [Haha, everyone is concerned about Zhou Tianjue, you forgot that Su Zhe also participated in the qualifier today? I would like to know his results …… I just don’t know if after the results come out, will he still have the courage to continue to participate in the 110m hurdles afterwards.

As the middle-aged uncle only posted an excited title, his ID looked like a Zhou Tianjue fan, so everyone acquiesced that this result was Zhou Tianjue.

Until the middle-aged uncle at the scene finally remembered that he posted this post, he opened it to take a look and found that everyone’s understanding had been abducted to the ninth cloud, he hurriedly re-edited the main post’s content –

[Today’s National Championships qualifier, Zhou Tianjue and Su Zhe ran in the 5th group, the final score, Zhou Tianjue: 14:07, Su Zhe: 14:05 !!!! Up to now, Su Zhe’s result is still the first in the qualifier!]

When everyone saw the changed information on the main post, the entire Athletics Kingdom forum was in shock.


The person who ran the time of 14:05 wasn’t their much-awaited brother Zhou, but that Su Zhe?

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