The white shirt was loose and elegant. His long hair that was dark was half tied with a silk ribbon of the same color. His eyes were slightly upturned, and his lips as thin as cherry blossoms were slightly hooked into a smile. An intimidating aura enveloped the atmosphere. The young man walked in slowly, as if he was walking on air.

His eyebrows were like a painting, his eyes glowed as bright as the stars and the moon, his posture was calm and steady, as he walked, he seemed to have clouds moving over his body, when the wind blew, his snow-white clothes moved lightly. He didn’t continue walking but stood there calmly, yet it was as if he was ready to ride the wind and go.

Su Tong couldn’t help but cover her own stimulated little heart.

Beauty, face, aura, strike!

What was a beauty blast, this was f*cking it ah!

Cai Yuan and Zhang An and others also let out a cold breath in unison.

Although they had seen Zhou Yuhe’s audition on the film set, he was wearing the simplest white t-shirt, and no makeup, at that time, they thought he had a faint aura, they didn’t expect him to be on this level!

The makeup artist who brought Zhou Yuhe out had already been charmed by her perfect work, she took advantage of the crowd surrounding Zhou Yuhe and quickly opened her cell phone, admiring the photos she had just taken in the dressing room.

The angle was perfect, three hundred and sixty degrees without a bad angle, and even through the screen, Zhou Yuhe’s immortal aura wasn’t diminished at all, as if it grew on him, a casual bow of his head, or a light smile, would make his immortal aura spill out of the screen!

She couldn’t help but take several private photos.



The filming of both the movie and the TV series took place at the same time.

Seemingly knowing that the TV series would definitely be released before the movie, the publicity and development team on the movie side was doubly nervous, they were mostly afraid of being compared to the TV series.

At first, people who didn’t know the truth still had more sympathy for the movie version.

It took two months to recruit the lead actor, and the lead actor who was easily found was sent to jail for drug addiction and had to be replaced; the replacement, the one who was “brushed” off, deceived them, he pretended to be the lead actor of the movie and announced that he was the lead actor of the TV series.

The film crew was indeed more pitiful when they just looked at the surface.

But as time went by. The netizens found-

The TV series and Zhou Yuhe remained low-key, not to mention the news, even stills hadn’t been released, fans could only rely on passers-by sneak peeks.

On the contrary, the film crew, as if overreacting, they didn’t know what they were afraid of, but even Fan Junxi advertised crazily.

Su Tong was a girl next door. She went to the hospital because of heatstroke on a hot day yet she wasn’t as melodramatic as he was, and she didn’t have to buy a hot search or something.

The two sides posting style was also very different.

The official page of the movie sent out paragraphs every day, funny things about the interaction between the main characters, and small videos to keep exposure.

In contrast, the TV series official page rarely did.

Only once a week, they sent a lot of behind-the-scenes teamwork status, such as artwork, greatly hand-painted production project, costume design: the whole process… the protagonists were rarely photographed.

Or it was the writers’ understanding of the original “Searching For Heaven” and the discovery of unknown details in the novel.

To summarize.

The movie’s official page was more like an entertainment gossip blog.

The official page of the TV series, on the other hand, was full of a craftsman’s spirit from top to bottom, and one could clearly feel the sincerity, which was undoubtedly what the fans of the original were happy to see.

So the wind of public opinion gradually turned.

“Regardless of the previous hype, at least this attitude of theirs is certain, I retract my previous words of absolutely not watching the drama.”

“The original fans simply want to cry, okay, the plot restoration degree is 82%! Although there are some places that the plot must be changed, look at the original script (fragment) issued by the official page, this is already very sincere.”

“The movie’s page, every day they post gossip and are always on the hot search, please learn, where are your original drawings? Where are your set construction plans? Don’t tell me while they are trekking in the deep forest, you only have a green backdrop, don’t always use special effects to do things, the level of China’s special effects, don’t you know?”


The film team wasn’t stupid, looking at the crowd’s growing boredom, they immediately put away all the gossip videos, and also began to post some production process, and became a lot more low-key.

Both sides became calm and uneventful.

A month later.

Just when everyone was a little unaccustomed to being so uninformed and wanted to see the news about “Searching For Heaven”, a makeup artist’s post online instantly exploded the entire network.

In the photo, was a teenager in white wearing a snow-white satin ribbon, and using a  phone, he had an impeccably handsome face, his whole person seemed to emit a sparkling and shimmering fine light.

And the second photo, this teenager looked up to the camera with a clear smile –

“Ahhhhhhhhhh the stunning Zhou Yuhe!!! I want to make an international long-distance call to him ah!!!”

“Yuan Tian is my husband, draw your swords gentlemen!!!”

“The second one!!! I’m going to over breathe!!!”

“I profoundly doubt that the film director has eyes, sincerely suggest that he goes to see an ophthalmologist  [goodbye]”

“Million thanks to the crew, I now completely can not accept Yuan Tian played by any actor other than Zhou Yuhe, he is too good-looking [tears flow]”


The film crew previously did more than half a month of publicity, bought so many hot searches, the results were not even worth two unprofessional pictures of others.

This result was undoubtedly breathtaking and sad.


“Director Cai, do you think this is okay?” The Makeup artist carefully gave her Weibo page interface to Cai Yuan to look over.

Cai Yuan nodded, “Okay, the phone is confiscated, wait to collect it from the director after.”

It was already very good not to be fired, she didn’t dare to object, she nodded like a chicken pecking at the rice, tucked her tail, and went back.

The thing was, because the TV series and the movie were torn apart – according to Zhou Yuhe, it was a bit overexposed. Plus with the post-production time of the special effects, the drama wouldn’t be online until mid to late next year, so with an early over-hype, the popularity would be there, but the word of mouth wouldn’t be good.

So Cai Yuan, Zhang An, and Director Li after discussion, unanimously decided to keep a low profile during filming, to earn the goodwill of the people.

So the following people were strictly ordered not to reveal a single bit of the crew’s situation to the outside, so as not to fill another fire to the already exploding drama.

At first, this ban was well enforced.

But after a month, people became a little bit stupid.

The makeup artist privately saved a lot of photos of Zhou Yuhe, but enjoying it alone was a bit lonely, and then she really couldn’t hold it, she sent two pictures to her best friend on the set, Ah Shui, and instructed him not to pass it out. Then Ah Shui gave his best friend Xiao Doudou and urged him not to pass it out, Xiao Doudou urged Da Bai, who urged Su Tong …… back and forth, making such a circle, it wasn’t surprising that everyone inside the crew had these two photos.

Deleting it now wasn’t realistic, Director Cai could only let her post these two photos, at least it was from them, rather than an outsider.

He never thought it would cause such a big stir.

Looking at the screen full of confessions, Director Cai – the ultimate straight man – chairman of the board, touched his chin.

“This little Zhou is really so good-looking?” He was just like them, two eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

That wasn’t true.

Su Tong’s ears twitched as she passed by.

She was about to walk away without a sound, who knew if Cai Yuan heard her thoughts, he sternly turned and said: “Why are you dawdling, quickly go into the shed!”

Su Tong quickly walked into the studio, today they were filming the main scene of the whole drama.

The Immortal Gate Competition.

That was, the scene of Yuan Tian’s blackening.

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