Eight courses and one soup.

Dinner could be considered a great meal!

Cao Qiyue first officially and politely congratulated Zhou Yuhe on getting the leading role in the movie “Searching For Heaven”, in an very elegant and refined manner, but as soon as the polite words were finished, her essence was revealed.

“No alcohol? How can I not drink at this time?! “

As soon as she said that, the joking words about getting him and Xie Yifeng drunk popped up in Zhou Yuhe’s mind.

“I got it.” At that moment, Xie Yifeng’s voice sounded on the right side.

Cao Qiyue, with a “you can’t get away with it” look on her face, enthusiastically took the plastic bag from Xie Yifeng, popped open the beer can, and shoved it into Zhou Yuhe’s hand.

He glanced at Xie Yifeng and saw that his appearance was very calm and normal, and he scolded himself more and more for his impure thoughts.

And could he even get drunk with that beer?

Zhou Yuhe raised his eyebrows and looked at the beer can in his hand.

In his last life, when he was in an important position in I.S., he was so busy that he could handle at most three meetings in one night, but he drank real liquor at that time.

Zhou Yuhe was so relieved as he remembered, and Cao Qiyue persuaded him to drink, and he drank without hesitation.

He didn’t remember that his steel stomach had not been reincarnated with him.

As the core figure of tonight’s dinner, the host of the celebration, Zhou Yuhe became the focus of everyone’s “care”, and when the mood got too strong, one person gave a toast, praising Zhou Yuhe to the nine heavens beyond, he drank until his feet were weak, but with a sense of confidence left over from his past life, he thought he could still drink three hundred cans, so he held on until everyone was down, and then he went to the balcony shakily to blow cold air.


The sliding door opened, and the cold air hit him in the face, clearing Zhou Yuhe’s groggy mind.

He sat on a small rattan chair, head down, thinking about the terrible drunkenness of everyone in the restaurant, and laughed lowly.

As he laughed, a warm current flowed through his heart.

Cao Qiyue, Xie Yifeng.

A person whom he never dreamed he would see again.

One who he never dreamed would still be in a similar position to him.

Being born again allowed him to achieve what he had never dared to dream of before.

It was wonderful that they could drink together, joke together, and celebrate him winning the leading role in the movie together.

There was no death, no fire, no disgraced queen Cao, and no unattainable Film Emperor Xie ……

It was really, really good.

Zhou Yuhe’s voice was very clear, it was a kind of juvenile voice with high cold alienation, but alcohol brought a touch of indescribable magnetism and amorous feelings to his voice, and the low laughter blew into the distance, which instantly filled the air with a strong wine aroma and stirred people’s nerves.

Xie Yifeng, who stepped across the sliding door in the next step, heard the laughter, and his heart jumped. He looked down and saw that the young red face in the night was like a peach blossom petal in a bud, and his watery eyes were blurred, and he just looked at the moonlight outside the railing.

“Yuhe?” Xie Yifeng’s throat slid up and down and he called out softly.

Zhou Yuhe stayed for three seconds, before slowly turning back like a sloth, he didn’t know whether it was the alcohol or the heat of the summer night, he unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt, his delicate and fragile collarbone and a small hint of his white chest under the moonlight was particularly attractive, while the pair of beautiful big eyes still ignorant, he looked at him innocently and confused.

Xie Yifeng, who had also drank a lot of alcohol, was breathing heavily.

At that moment, Zhou Yuhe’s pupils finally had the shadow of Xie Yifeng in them.

“Yifeng? Why is your face so red? Drank too much?”

“…… “Xie Yifeng looked at the blushing Zhou Yuhe and didn’t know where to start.

So he decided not to say anything and just sat down next to the wooden chair next to the small rattan chair.

Xie Yifeng’s body was very hot, and as soon as he leaned in, the constant heat and the touch of strong muscles came through the light clothing, making Zhou Yuhe dizzy, and he couldn’t help but want to step back.

Just as he was halfway through shrinking back, Xie Yifeng suddenly said, “By the way, I haven’t seen the music video you made for Cao Qiyue yet.”

Zhou Yuhe’s attention was drawn away by the question, and he forgot to step back for a moment, leaving the two of them with their arms pressed against each other like this, and he stood still for a full three seconds before dilly-dallying and pulling his phone out of his pants.

“Just watch it then.”

His right index finger poked the screen one finger at a time to enter the password.

Xie Yifeng was so charmed by this rare goofy and serious look of his that his heart softened, and when he saw that the four numbers the other entered were 1023, his heart jumped again.

His birthday?!

Was the password of Zhou Yuhe’s cell phone his birthday?

A cluster of brilliant fireworks exploded in Xie Yifeng’s chest, what music video, what drunkenness, it was all thrown to the back of his mind, he couldn’t help but ask directly: “Your phone password is my birthday?”

Zhou Yuhe, who drank a lot, didn’t think deeply about this sentence. He had hidden his thoughts for so long, and actually sold it so inexplicably. He replied very cleverly: “Yes, my password is your birthday.”

Xie Yifeng just waited for him to admit it and secondly replied, “Why?”

A pair of dark eyes stared at Zhou Yuhe’s flushed face, a hint of anticipation and a hint of sweetness at the tip of his heart began to slowly entwine into a strand of anticipation and a strand of sweetness.

A cell phone password was a very private thing, setting another person’s birthday as their own cell phone password-.

Xie Yifeng was not stupid, and when he thought of what this might mean, every cell in his body fidgeted against his command, his heart puffed under the alcohol and the young man’s good-looking face reddened.

Zhou Yuhe was embarrassed by his direct gaze, the red haze slowly crept up from behind his ears, and he fidgeted: “I, I don’t know.”

Xie Yifeng slowly approached, his tone soft and ambiguous, like a hunter who tempted small animals to fall into a trap, “You don’t know?”

The strong smell of alcohol and slight sweat stains carried overwhelming androgenic hormones around him at a rapid rate, and Zhou Yuhe’s brain became more and more muddled, and just as the strings of reason were about to snap, he saw clearly the face he knew so well from his past life.

It was Xie Yifeng.

It was the one he had looked up to countless times, the one who had already sat on the movie emperor’s throne.

Like many poor people who had been disabled, fifteen years, disfigurement, and a long period of depression was enough to destroy all a person’s self-confidence.

He really liked this person.

But that liking was like a little mushroom growing in a dark corner.

As soon as the sun shone on it, it would immediately die a violent death.

Zhou Yuhe frowned, winced, and stepped back, subconsciously pushing against Xie Yifeng’s outstretched arm.

His movements were so light that there was little resistance, but his willingness to refuse was so obvious.

Xie Yifeng sobered up instantly.

No more approaching.

As the two men stared at each other with flushed faces, Zhou Yuhe’s heart swelled, and he didn’t know how to react, somewhat annoyed, somewhat sorry, but more than anything, embarrassed.

Just as the atmosphere was about to freeze.

A soft sigh flowed in the night breeze

“Do you still watch the music video?”

Xie Yifeng didn’t ask too many questions.

It was just like when Zhou Yuhe went to the lounge to find him with his heart exploding, he didn’t say anything, but he seemed to naturally know what was in the boy’s heart.

Therefore, he didn’t approach, didn’t demand, and gently retreated back to his original position.

This was Xie Yifeng, so smart that he couldn’t hate ……

Even more irresistible was Xie Yifeng.

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