The movie “Searching For Heaven” was a sure thing – at least for now.

Although there was no official contract, but the marketing and publicity was fast, if they didn’t release it now, when the official announcement was made, there would not be as much excitement without the initial accumulation.

According to the general marketing pattern, Yang Yu decided to let off a wave of smoke first, then deny it, saying that it was still under discussion, and finally confirm it, so as to achieve the best publicity effect.

In the end, Yang Yu took pity on him and gave him a day off for fear that he would be mentally weak when he joined the team.

It was very hard to get a day off, but now Zhou Yuhe was different from before, so he couldn’t go out even if he had a day off, and it was really boring to stay home and watch dramas and play games.

Ding dong.

The door opened.

Zhou Yuhe, who was holding a spatula and wearing an apron, looked at the people outside with a dumb look on his face.

Da Pan and Susu were holding heavy plastic bags in both hands, while Cao Qiyue was leaning against the doorframe with her hands free, and behind her-

“Brother Xie?” Zhou Yuhe was surprised.

The expression on Xie Yifeng’s face was exactly the same as Zhou Yuhe’s. He looked at Zhou Yuhe in the apron, as if he didn’t recognize him.

But in the next second, Xie Yifeng returned to normal and lifted the plastic bag in his hand, “You won’t welcome me?”.

“No, it’s just …… rather unexpected.” Zhou Yuhe turned sideways to let them in and glared at Cao Qiyue, who was smiling widely.

After settling everyone in the living room, he dragged Cao Qiyue over and asked in a quiet voice, “What are you doing? Why did you call him here? No. How do you know him?”

Cao Qiyue gave him a blank stare and said in an old-fashioned tone: “Calm down, I don’t even know which question to answer first. What’s the fuss? You don’t know the name of the socialite in Xie Yifeng’s circle. I was on WeChat with him long before you met, OK? It’s hard to have a rest. Look at you. If you don’t have a ghost in your heart, just call and get together. Besides, am I, Cao Qiyue, the kind of person who steals a lover? “

Zhou Yuhe: “…… you are.”

Cao Qiyue: “……”

Cao Qiyue said with her innocent face, “I’ll get you both drunk and lock you in a room, do you believe me?”

Zhou Yuhe winced, he really couldn’t afford to provoke her.

He took a glance at Xie Yifeng, who was sitting on the sofa, he was sitting in a very polite and disciplined posture, staring at the TV without looking away, and suddenly felt his head getting big.[tn: started feeling he was important]

Of course, he didn’t notice the news broadcast on the TV, or his head would have gotten even bigger.

The aroma in the kitchen was overflowing.

Zhou Yuhe and Su Su were busy in the kitchen, while two straight men were sitting in the living room – yes, you read it right, Cao Qiyue and Big Pan were very straight and shouting at the live soccer broadcast, while Xie Yifeng kept glancing over to the kitchen with both eyes, watching as Zhou Yuhe wore an apron and looked like a very good wife and mother.

Zhou Yuhe had to take care of himself, and with Ceng Ang’s help, he was a good cook, although he developed a bad habit of extravagance after he became famous.

At that time he either couldn’t afford a housekeeper or, at his most downbeat, he wasn’t worried about food and shelter, but he just wasn’t used to the presence of other people in the house anymore.

“I’ll go help.” Xie Yifeng got up.

“Go, go, go.” Cao Qiyue’s two eyes were glued to the ball on the TV, not caring at all who said what.

He didn’t know if he heard footsteps or felt something in his heart, but Zhou Yuhe turned back and saw Xie Yifeng and said with some guilty embarrassment, “Why did you come in?”

“I came to see if there was anything I could do to help.” Xie Yifeng’s eyes glanced over and saw the hot soup bubbling on the cooking table, so he didn’t wait to be instructed.

Xie Yifeng lowered his eyes and touched the edge of the pot without making a sound.

Then his hand shrank and his brow furrowed.

Before he could say it hurt, Zhou Yuhe had already put down the spatula and came over in a panic, grabbing his hand for a closer look.

“Why are you so careless?”

Xie Yifeng didn’t say anything, but his dark eyes stared at Zhou Yuhe’s careful look and then turned to stare at their hands that were clasped together.

Zhou Yuhe stared up at him and he immediately showed a slightly aggrieved expression.

Zhou Yuhe grabbed his hand and went under the faucet to rinse his fingers with cold water.

Xie Yifeng didn’t say a word, waiting for his hand to be touched up and down, inside and out, by Zhou Yuhe before he said in a quiet voice: “It’s okay, it’s just a little thing.”

Zhou Yuhe sighed, “I’ll do it myself, you’d better go to the living room and wait nicely for dinner.”

Xie Yifeng nodded, holding his burned fingers, and silently sat down at the table.

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