Ye Tianyi was most familiar with A city. After all, the Ye family’s industries were mainly located in A. He grew up here. Therefore, after he teleported out of the survivor’s base, he decided to make the city his territory.

In order to control the city, he first had to subdue the zombies in the city.

As the only zombie currently with a fourth rank and mental abilities, Ye Tianyi had a huge advantage.

Ye Tianyi occupied the largest Z Hotel in downtown A as his permanent residence, not allowing any zombies to enter the Z Hotel, while surrounded by evolved zombies, they would be the first line of defense of the Z Hotel.

It wasn’t so easy for the higher level zombies to control the lower level zombies. Only after the zombies entered the third level could they deter other zombies from offending them, but they couldn’t control them. When the zombies entered the fifth level, they could control ordinary zombies with no abilities and low level zombies with the same abilities, but the exception was the zombies with mental abilities.

Therefore, when they entered the third level, they could control ordinary zombies and zombies with lower levels than themselves, regardless of their abilities.

Now that all his three types of abilities had been upgraded to the fourth level, it was very easy to control other zombies that were not as good as him. He took Little Leaf with him and walked around the city without any scruples, and now there were basically not many surviving humans in the city, at least Ye Tianyi didn’t see any survivors when he was looking for a way to control the evolved zombies.

In the whole city, Ye Tianyi only found two third-ranked zombies, one water-based and one wind-based, and the third-ranked wind-based zombie advanced by occupying a large storage area and hunting down humans looking for supplies, but the third-ranked water-based zombie was a bit strange.

When Ye Tianyi found it, it was in a reservoir, and there were not many humans around this reservoir, and the number of zombies was also relatively small, but how did this zombie advance its abilities to the third level in a sparsely populated reservoir? Especially since it rarely left the reservoir.

Ye Tianyi looked at this third stage water zombie whose body was still intact, that was, a little swollen from being in the water for a long time, and finally decided not to take it away, or let it live in the reservoir. It was the only thing that Ye Tianyi also stayed with, he wanted to stay here to observe the daily life of this zombie, to see how it advanced its ability.

He looked at little leaf that was clinging to his thigh and refusing to leave, and said helplessly, “You can’t have any chocolate if you stay here with me.” His stock had already been eaten up by this greedy little glutton. He wanted to let Little Leaf go back by itself, but he didn’t expect it to become rebellious.

Thinking of the delicious and smooth chocolate, Little Leaf couldn’t help but gulp, but it couldn’t bear to part with its master, so it could only look at Ye Tianyi pitifully with its big, watery sapphire blue eyes.

Ye Tianyi, who was soft-hearted, squatted down and touched his little head. He patiently said, “Little leaf, I have to stay here and find out how this water zombie cultivates power. I can’t leave casually.” If he could find a way that this zombie rarely ate people yet still advanced, he might speed up his growth. Now, only by the mysterious formula, increasing his abilities was much slower.


Little Leaf was now a third-ranked, dual-ability mutant beast, with remarkable strength and higher intelligence than other mutant beasts of the same level, and it understood Ye Tianyi’s words well.

Therefore, after listening to Ye Tianyi’s words, it came in contact with Ye Tianyi’s spiritual energy. This meant that it had something to say to him, and Ye Tianyi allowed little leaf’s spiritual energy to enter without any hindrance.

[Master, I know, I know how it cultivates].

This was a pleasant surprise, and Ye Tianyi asked in surprise, “You know?”

Little Leaf: [I’m also …… water-based, so I, I know.]

[Water-based ability, training in water speeds up ……]

Ye Tianyi: “…… “Why didn’t he think of this? The answer to the question that had been bothering him for so many days turned out to be so simple? No wonder that third-rank water zombie had been sinking into the reservoir all these days and hadn’t moved!

Ye Tianyi said to Little Leaf, “So will you also be able to practice your abilities much faster in the water?”

Little Leaf nodded: [But I want to be in ice water.]

Ye Tianyi never let Little Leaf stay in the water often, because cats didn’t like water, so he didn’t expect Little Leaf, who had awakened his water-ice abilities after the end of the world, to become fond of water.

He looked at the sunken shadow in the center of the reservoir – the third-rank water zombie in the water – for a few moments, then stopped lingering and turned away.

Since water abilities would be faster to cultivate in water, would his lightning abilities be faster to cultivate in lightning? But what about spatial abilities? As for the mental energy ……, Ye Tianyi recalled the unconscious days when he had just mutated into a zombie, and he had absorbed the negative emotions of humans to grow a lot of mental energy. Human emotions were a kind of outward release of mental energy, and when he was exposed to human emotions, his mental energy did run faster.

Ye Tianyi was not very anxious about the spatial ability, because his spatial ability was integrated into the Jade Guanyin space, which had mutated, and after entering the fourth stage, he also had the ability of instantaneous movement, and the instantaneous movement’s distance was very far, so he wasn’t anxious about the spatial ability advancement for the time being. The lightning ability, on the other hand, only advanced to the fourth stage after taking Su Tianyun’s spiritual spring by mistake last time, and then there was no way to enhance the lightning ability except for the mysterious chant that could increase the lightning ability a bit.

The mysterious chant could increase the cultivation speed of the abilities, but the increase wasn’t too big, so he didn’t know how long it would take for the lightning ability to reach the fifth stage. Now he had found a way to increase the training speed of his ability, which could speed up the progress of the lightning ability, and wait until he had advanced to the fifth stage ……

Ye Tianyi looked up to the south, over there was the direction of A city survivor base, and the black pupils of normal people almost flashed a red light …… He learned from the last time he caught an ability user doing a mission, the Xiao family had not given up looking for him ……


Ye Tianyi held little leaf and quickly left the reservoir and went towards the downtown Z hotel.

In the middle of the way, he suddenly stopped his instantaneous movement and raised his head to listen to the sound of cars driving on the next street, which was mixed with the sound of zombies being killed by ability users.

After he heard the sounds to make sure it was a human, his mental energy immediately spread over, and he detected the situation in the next street very clearly.

Those cars were not ordinary cars, and they were big military trucks. Ye Tianyi also detected a familiar scent – Li Min. Li Min seemed to have a very high status in this convoy and seemed to be the leader.

He eavesdropped on the conversation of Li Min and the others with his mental energy and learned that they only entered the city for supplies, not to discover his whereabouts, so he stopped paying attention to them and left the place again with an instantaneous movement.

Ye Tianyi returned to the Z Hotel, which he used as his lair, and filled a bathtub with water for Little Leaf, letting it swim in the icy water of the bathtub to its heart’s content. As for himself, he fed a few pieces of chocolate to little leaf and then turned to the bedroom.

He put his eyes on the outlet next to the bed ……Z Hotel was powered again by Ye Tianyi using the generator, so the outlet was powered.

Ye Tianyi inserted his finger into the socket, and his sharp nails emerged, the dark nails was in stark contrast to his pale, bloodless fingers. He inserted the nail into the hole, and a series of electric currents instantly passed into his body, and he subconsciously used the electric currents as lightning.

It seemed that his plan to use the electric current to cultivate his lightning ability was foiled. He thought that since the current was electricity, lightning was also electricity, the two should have something to do with each other, but he didn’t expect this to be useless. So …… Ye Tianyi looked out of the window to the darkening sky, not knowing when there would be thunderstorms, with the current hot temperature without any downward trend, the possibility of thunderstorm weather was too small, he was unable to try to use nature’s falling thunder to cultivate the lightning ability for the time being.

Ye Tianyi stood up and was about to close the curtains of the window when he suddenly made a sudden movement, his brows furrowed as he looked at the inconspicuous drop or two on the glass.

He gazed out of the window and saw tiny, sparse traces of rain falling on the glass.

Although he had just been hoping for a thunderstorm that would allow him to try out his training method for the lightning ability, it was raining, and he was sensitive to the fact that something was wrong with the rain.

The temperature was still so high, and the sun, which had not yet set, was still so hot that it seemed to be able to roast people.

But outside, it was sporadically raining lightly, from the glass one by one gradually increasing drops of water could be seen, the rain was becoming bigger …… However, the raindrops fell into the window glass after the crack open, leaving behind a small puddle of murky sewage ……

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