The words in front of him surprisingly pulled Duan Hengye’s heartstrings. Although he was sure he still had no memories of his childhood, after seeing these words, Duan Hengye couldn’t help feeling that he saw the scene back then.



…… probably in the eyes of his parents, Duan Hengye grew up to be a somewhat silent and more mature child than the average child. On the one hand, they thanked Duan Hengye for this maturity and early wisdom – so he had the ability to take over the work of the Institute, but was also better suited to survive in that environment. But on the other hand, after seeing this child who had lost his innocence and fun, how could they not be heartbroken?



Although Duan Hengye’s life as a child wasn’t as bad as the later, compared to others, he also lost a lot of fun moments.



Duan Hengye’s parents knew that as a child who had been studying mecha design since childhood, he probably wouldn’t like the simple and childish model in front of him – even though it was indeed popular among interstellar children. But as parents, they bought the model and gave it to Duan Hengye as a birthday present.



In the interstellar era, there were few people who wrote notes by hand anymore. Duan Hengye looked down and saw that the handwriting on the note laying quietly in his hand was very neat. Probably because it was rarely done, the words weren’t linked, but the structure was extremely standardized and clear. The interstellar paper had a special manufacturing process, although more than ten years had passed, the white paper in Duan Hengye’s hand still had no signs of yellowing. Even the words written on the paper by the carbon fountain pen water, still gave a feeling that the ink hadn’t yet dried.



It was clear that there were only simple words, but Duan Hengye still read the note in his hand over and over again.



When Meng Jinhuai walked into the living room, he saw such a scene – Duan Hengye was sitting quietly on the sofa with his back to him. He had his head down, as if he was reading something, his expression was unusually focused.



When Meng Jinhuai entered the door, the door of the room behind him also slowly closed automatically. The thick wool carpet swallowed up the sound of his footsteps, and it wasn’t until Meng Jinhuai walked up to Duan Hengye that the man sitting on the sofa in a daze noticed the other man’s arrival.



“What are you looking at?” Meng Jinhuai asked as he sat down next to Duan Hengye.

After hearing the other’s question, Duan Hengye didn’t speak at first, instead he handed the small slip of paper he was holding to Meng Jinhuai.



“This is ……” Immediately afterwards, Meng Jinhuai saw the words on this note.



“Happy birthday, love you forever!”


Seeing Meng Jinhuai’s gaze fall on the note, Duan Hengye finally came back to his senses, “This is something that Duan Hengxing delivered just now. It was originally a birthday gift that my parents prepared for me back then, after that incident happened …… Duan Hengxing took the stuff out of the house before being taken away by the Empress family people, until just now …… he finally re-gifted it to me. ”




Duan Hengye’s words weren’t heavy. But Meng Jinhuai knew…… Duan Hengye lost his childhood memories, perhaps he was holding the last object left from his past.



Meng Jinhuai didn’t speak. He handed the note back to the other with great care. After receiving the note, Duan Hengye carefully put it back into the box, then he gently closed the lid.


Unlike the gentle expression he usually showed in front of Duan Hengye, as a marshal, Meng Jinhuai was a person who didn’t show any half-heartedness towards his opponents and enemies. It could even be said that …… the Marshal could hold grudges. Meng Jinhuai didn’t tell and wouldn’t tell Duan Hengye that he actually hadn’t forgotten what happened last time at Duan Hengxing’s home, and had even been waiting for the opportunity to make him pay.



But today, after seeing this birthday gift that was more than ten years late, Meng Jinhuai gave up his former plan, which he rarely did.


That press conference was destined to rewrite the interstellar history books – this was almost the consensus of people all over the world. After the conference, countless important meetings were held throughout the Ye Tian Empire in just a week’s time. Many old nobles and former rulers of the empire who had retired for many years and had become “historical figures” in everyone’s mind suddenly appeared in the meetings.



In recent decades, the Ye Tian Empire hadn’t been peaceful at all, and the upper echelons of the empire had been talking. Probably no one would have thought that one day those powerful people who used to reign in the empire would gather together – and all of them stood behind Meng Jinhuai. It was only after seeing this scene that people had a more intuitive understanding of the invisible power of Southern Star.


This week’s meeting achieved countless results, the largest of which was definitely the issue of power control of the imperial family.


Because the mecha simulation experiments had now ended, the physical mecha also began the manufacturing process, Duan Hengye finally returned to the busy research life. Duan Hengye, who had been watching the progress of mecha manufacturing, didn’t have much time to watch the news, and by the time he did, the imperial family had already been hollowed out. As for the emperor of the empire and the rest of the core members of the royal family …… They began to wait for their trials.



The most surprising thing about the whole thing was that – Southern Star didn’t “rise to the top” as people had imagined, but instead the Imperial Council, which hadn’t been much of a presence before, appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.



Although the discerning eye could see that there was a very close relationship between the Imperial Council and Southern Star, but this didn’t mean that people didn’t express their admiration for Meng Jinhuai – Meng Jinhuai just gave up a chance to completely take the Ye Tian Empire into his control.



After the heat of several consecutive meetings had passed a bit, the Starnet began to discuss the purpose of Meng Jinhuai doing so. Although Duan Hengye wasn’t interested in whose hands the power of the empire actually fell, when Meng Jinhuai came to the research institute a few days later, Duan Hengye couldn’t help asking about it.



The new top mecha would also not be mass produced and was the only one in the entire interstellar world. More complex design drawings and more functional upgrades, compared to the previous time, the manufacturing time of the top mecha also lengthened a lot. But looking at the bare metal frame in front of him, no one except Duan Hengye, the designer, could equate it with the most powerful interstellar weapon to be born.



After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Meng Jinhuai couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, then said in a joking tone, “Isn’t it said on Starnet that Southern Star is actually the behind-the-scenes controller of the Council?”



Meng Jinhuai was talking about a rather uninteresting speculation on the Internet, which became the object of ridicule as soon as it appeared, after all, everyone knew that if Southern Star wanted to control the YeTian Empire, they would’ve used such a troublesome method long ago.



Although he knew that Meng Jinhuai was joking, Duan Hengye still couldn’t help but try to organize his words to explain. Fortunately, Meng Jinhuai didn’t mean to make things difficult for Duan Hengye, and after seeing the other’s slightly torn expression, the Marshal said in a good mood, ” Southern Star won’t do that.”



Meng Jinhuai finally returned to his serious appearance, “The overall framework of the Ye Tian Empire was originally problematic. If it’s as simple as simply taking power away from the hands of the royal family and then holding it in the hands of Southern Syar, then …… might as well do nothing and keep it as it is.”



As they spoke, Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai sat on the resting seat opposite the mecha that was being assembled, the top mecha was extremely large, if Duan Hengye tilted his head to look at it, even his neck would get sleepy.



“Never keep too much expectation on the creature ‘human’, whether it is others or yourself.” Meng Jinhuai’s tone was extraordinarily cold.



The Marshal was looking up at the mecha not far away when he said those words, and after seeing his appearance, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but look towards the huge metal object on the opposite side.



Meng Jinhuai was right when he said that although the current Southern Star extremely prestigious and had given a lot to the Empire, the future wasn’t clear to anyone, if they held the power in the hands, in the end whether it would bring prosperity or disaster to Southern Star was unknown.



This reasoning was understood by many people, but there really wasn’t many that would refuse power.



Duan Hengye and Meng Jinhuai fell silent. Because the size of the top-level mecha was many times larger than the mass-produced mecha, the ceiling of this mecha manufacturing room had now risen quite a bit. Although the area didn’t change, the visual space was thus expanded exponentially.



Facing the huge and hollow manufacturing room in front of him, Duan Hengye unexpectedly produced the illusion of echoes floating in his ears. In this background, the world seemed to be left with only him and Meng Jinhuai.



“Besides, even if I can fight, I won’t be able to manage Ye Tian for a while.” Meng Jinhuai’s tone regained its ease, and a smile slowly appeared in his eyes again. Looking at the huge mecha in front of him, Meng Jinhuai said to Duan Hengye while thinking, “I’ve been working in the military department along with my parents since I was a child, and when the interstellar world really settles down, I’m still thinking of hurrying up and retiring.”



As soon as these words came out of Meng Jinhuai’s mouth, Duan Hengye couldn’t help but laugh. Although Meng Jinhuai had been a military marshal for many years, his age was still too young in the interstellar era. In addition to the slow aging rate of people in this era, at this time Meng Jinhuai looked like he was in his early twenties. This kind of Meng Jinhuai said “retirement”, in the eyes of Duan Hengye, it was extraordinarily incongruous.



Meng Jinhuai’s mood got better when Duan Hengye laughed. And after a while, the Marshal continued to speak freely: “Seeing Ah Heng’s appearance, it is estimated that you’re not willing to retire early. Then I will come to the Institute to accompany you when the time comes.” Although there was a smile on his face, Meng Jinhuai’s words had a serious undertone.



After finishing these words, Meng Jinhuai turned his head over and then gazed into Duan Hengye’s eyes and asked with incomparable affection, “Ah Heng, do you think it’s okay?”



Instantly, Duan Hongyi’s brain went blank. Only after a while did he slowly nod, “Yes.”




At the same time as the mecha was being manufactured, Lan Jingchi’s thesis was also released. Now that the big problem had been solved, Southern Star directly announced the identity of the genius who was hiding behind the scenes and fighting against the controlling dru-gs with his own strength.



Although some time ago, Lan Jingchi already some fame, after this “propaganda” of Southern Star, in a short period of time, Lan Jingchi landed on the top of the interstellar hot search list, then became a household name.



The removal of toxins from Duan Hengye’s body was a very troublesome and difficult matter, and in the study of this problem, Lan Jingchi also overcame several well-known problems in the industry. So after the paper written on this was published, the entire pharmaceutical field was shaken.



The number of large and small award ceremonies in the interstellar world was extremely large, and recently just in time for the awarding of a comprehensive award that was quite authoritative in the scientific community. From the moment he was nominated and announced, the whole interstellar world was looking forward to the moment when he would receive the award.



At the same time, this award ceremony also sent an invitation to Duan Hengye through the Ye Tian Empire Mecha Research Institute – they hoped that Duan Hengye could be the guest of honor.



Although this award ceremony was comprehensive, the awards involved in it had little to do with mecha design. Before that, it wasn’t like they hadn’t sent invitations to the Institute, but they were never successful. This time, after knowing that Lan Jingchi was nominated, Duan Hengye accepted the invitation without any hesitation.



Lan Jingchi knew Duan Hengye had been busy with the assembly of the new mecha, so after receiving the nomination, he was afraid of disturbing the other, so he didn’t reach out. What Lan Jingchi didn’t expect was that he would see Duan Hengye’s starship at the star where the event was held.



The process of this award ceremony was quite elaborate, and even like the entertainment industry, a red carpet ceremony would be held before the start, but as the guest of honor, Duan Hengye wasn’t required to participate in this event. Just stepping onto the red carpet, Lan Jingchi saw the silver object in the distance that was flying towards the starship docking pad.



Duan Hengye was riding in his own starship today instead of the military one, and on the surface it just looked like a luxury private starship, so it didn’t attract much attention. The silver-white starship looked no different from ordinary private starships, but the details showed many traces of modification.



Lan Jingchi didn’t expect that Duan Hengye would come here today, without any special preparation he couldn’t help but reveal a look of surprise after seeing the starship. At this time, Lan Jingchi happened to be standing on top of the red carpet, his expression wasn’t missed by the various live and filming devices.



Immediately after seeing his expression, several filming devices turned the camera to the direction he just saw. But unfortunately, the starship moved very fast, and by the time those cameras turned, the silver starship had already landed on the ground.



Today, Lan Jingchi was wearing a black velvet texture suit, hair all combed back, he looked mature. After seeing the starship landing, Lan Jingchi didn’t intend to stay on the red carpet and sped up his steps, and within a few minutes, he disappeared in front of people’s eyes.



After all, today was a scientific awards ceremony, only the entertainment industry awards ceremony needed to create suspense to attract people’s attention, here, a few days before the start of the ceremony, they’d announce the list of award winners. This was less suspenseful, so it made the atmosphere of the ceremony more relaxed and elegant.



After walking down the red carpet, all the people he met were congratulating Lan Jingchi. Now he was already a person who could skillfully deal with such scenes, so although there was some anxiety in his heart to find Duan Hengye, Lan Jingchi’s superficial work was still done without any cracks. He began to skillfully socialize with people, but if you looked closely, it was obvious that Lan Jingchi’s gaze had been wandering around the venue.



Lan Jingchi was today’s important award winner, the red carpet on the time was relatively late. So after he entered the door, he didn’t have long to exchange pleasantries before the award ceremony officially started. After the ceremony was about to start, Lan Jingchi would be led by the staff to the first row of seats.



Seeing that the seats around him were almost full, Lan Jingchi finally asked the staff who brought him over, “Where are the seats for the guests of honor?”



Probably because some didn’t believe Lan Jingchi, after hearing his question, the staff had a handful of reactions before saying: “Uh …… Mr. Lan, today’s guests are in the backstage.”



After the staff finished speaking, Lan Jingchi couldn’t help but show some disappointment. He nodded, then said “thank you” to the staff and turned his light computer on. His hand hovered over Duan Hengye’s avatar, but after a moment’s hesitation, Lan Jingchi still didn’t click on it.



The flow of this award ceremony was very tight. The ceremony started immediately after Lan Jingchi sat down for a short time. Because this event was being broadcast live for the whole interstellar reason, although Lan Jingchi felt an impulse to open his light computer, he never found the right moment.



Also because Lan Jingchi was now the hot new star of pharmacy on the interstellar, live cameras were often swinging around his side. Although the aura of the current Lan Jingchi was quite mild, after being chased by the camera for a while, he was a little annoyed


As a popular male supporting character in “Dumping Interstellar”, Lan Jingchi’s appearance was also outstanding. While he was thinking of Duan Hengye, at this time his live image had been screenshotted and then put on the forum to enjoy ……



Duan Hengye had had a lot of experience participating in large events, but as a guest of honor, this seemed to be the first time.



For example,……, when he arrived at the scene, Duan Hengye found one thing – this award ceremony had no host crosstalk. That was to say, they’d stand alone on the stage, then either talk to themselves or interact with the stage for a few minutes, and then they’d present the award.


Duan Hengye was used to appearing in front of the camera, but this didn’t mean that he could successfully complete a impromptu speech.



After hearing this news from the organizing committee of the conference, Duan Hengye wasn’t unsettled, but on the contrary, his assistant Ye Pu, who had been rushing by his side, couldn’t help but frown.



“Professor Duan, may I ask if you need me to write a speech?” Obviously …… in Ye Pu’s mind, Duan Hengye wasn’t a person who could make speeches. Standing in the background, Duan Hengye was able to see that there were quite a few guests who had written their scripts in advance. But after hearing Ye Pu’s suggestion, Duan Hengye shook his head and rejected the offer.



Duan Hengye paused for a moment, “No need, I’ll just do it myself.”



Since Duan Hengye always had a blank expression, Ye Pu didn’t know whether Duan Hengye was sure or not. Although a long time ago, Duan Hengye had been pitted by his “former love interest” to speak on stage, and he often spoke in the classroom of An Luo University, he had a period of time to practice. But those were all related to Duan Hengye’s own field of expertise …… this was a completely unrelated topic, could Duan Hengye do it?



Despite the worry in his heart, Ye Pu was after all just an assistant. After hearing Duan Hengye’s decision, he stopped mentioning it.


The process of the award ceremony went quickly, and it didn’t take long for Duan Hengye to get on stage. He stretched out his hand to straighten the cuffs of his suit, and then turned around and walked towards the stage. With a light yellow chasing light, Duan Hengye’s figure slowly appeared in front of people.



Because the awarding guests walked on the red carpet, no one could have expected Duan Hengye to attend this event before he appeared here. As an award ceremony for the scientific community, the lighting on the stage today wasn’t particular. It could even be said that some were too careless. But when Duan Hengye appeared under the warm light, people were still amazed by the scene.

After a while, applause rang out.



This was Duan Hengye’s first public appearance after the press conference.




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