“Mr. Sirami, I hope you can have a good listen to our Chinese instruments, there are differences in countries, and music has no borders.” Shi Fei finished these words and put his hand on the guqin.



Opening with the guqin, a song called “Water Dragon Chant” rang out, and the heart strings were in tune.



The sound range of the guqin was low, the tone was clear and mellow, the style was ancient and simple, the sound carried a distant space, giving people a sense of landscape and infinite reverie.



The timely Nanxiao followed with, as crisp as a bird in the ear.


The gentle pipa sound wasn’t willing to show weakness, it was slowly followed by the erhu and the song instantly ignited, the yangqin came, the flute also followed.



When all was silent, the guqin sounded again, Shi Fei was fully engaged, his whole person showed self-confidence, as if his body carried the same light, that was, he was charming when he was in his area of expertise.



The beautiful tone and thick connotation, a piece of music presented the five thousand years of Chinese art and culture in front of everyone.



“Oh my God, my goose bumps are rising, this is too good.”



“I’m crying crying, I’ve been learning guqin for years, I feel like I’m garbage.”



“A few years old erhu musician really kneeled down, the little brother who played erhu is in the realm of transformation, right?”



“I suddenly want to cry, those who scolded folk music, come and hear, folk music is not worse than Western music, do you see our Chinese culture?”



“I cried, I’ve learned the guqin for ten years, but every time many students know the piano, violin, but don’t know the guqin, Shi Fei, I love you.”



“Various gods and goddesses, playing the godly musical instruments, it sounds too good ah.”



“This guqin technique is too perfect, right, listening makes me feel drunk.”


“I don’t know any of these instruments, I just know it sounds good, it’s too good, too combustible.”


“Shi Fei, from today onwards, you are my father, can you teach me guqin?”



“Guqin, I don’t dare to think about it, but I learned the erhu for three years, please ask if that little brother can take me?”



“High-energy warning ahead, open the cycle of brainwashing mode.”



“I’m kneeling down, your father will always be your father.”



“Is it really that good? Even if he’s so great, why didn’t he take out this piece in the first place?”



The anchors all had absolutely no time to look at the live screen, completely immersed in the wonderful sound of music.


Sirami Herman grew up learning piano, for him the piano was his life, of course he had also listened to other instruments.



But that was the range of Western instruments, folk music was only occasionally heard, this was the first time he seriously listened to Chinese folk music.



He liked the sound of melodious music, Sirami automatically forgot the previous suona performance.



This performance poked his voice point, it was too good, simply a wonderful symphony of sounds.



After the song was finished, Shi Fei placed his hands on the guqin and looked up at the musicians of the Drunken River Literary Society across the room.



Sirami said with some intoxication, “This is your Chinese folk music?”



“Right.” Shi Fei said blandly: “In terms of individual performance, most Western instruments are difficult to match the folk music instruments; the fiddle can’t dry the Erhu, the percussion can’t beat the Da Tang drums, not to mention that the piano and the Yangqin are of the same family. Your Western music has the advantage of being able to construct regular string groups with rich harmonic expressions, and having extremely strong ensemble abilities.”



“Actually, I don’t quite understand why President Xue Wei had to place a challenge to our Idle Dream Literature Club. Whether it is painting or playing chess or musical instruments, different countries have different styles, it is all a historical heritage, what is comparable? For example, if I can play the guitar, I can also play the guqin. Still, there are differences in countries, but music has no borders.”



Sirami stood still and thought quietly for a while, then looked up, “This time, coming to China gave me a different perspective, Shi Fei I remember you, I’ll also remember your guqin, your country’s erhu, pipa and other instruments, I would like to hear more folk music when I have the chance.”



Shi Fei nodded, “Will do.”



Sirami continued, “I hope that one day we both will have the opportunity to play together.”



“Countries had differences, music knows no borders, that’s a great way to put it.”



“Oh my God, what kind of a divine love interest do I have, he’s too good, isn’t he?”



“He can play guitar and guqin, can create oil and Chinese paintings, husband, is there anything you can’t do?”



“The two of them are too good together, I want to kowtow to this CP, the name has been chosen, ‘Chinese and Western CP’.”



“Roll, Shi Fei must pair with little brother Cheng Yuan.”




“I worry ah, I am now worried that he will run away to play Chinese instruments.”



“Aren’t you worried about him running away to play chess or paint? Cra-p, brother Shi Fei has too many options.”



“Hurry up and clear the anti-fans messages,, in case brother gets scared and withdraws from the industry, what’ll we do?”


Sirami Herman was about to leave when Xue Wei rushed forward: “Mr. Sirami, are you not competing anymore?”


“Hasn’t the competition ended?”



Xue Wei was anxious, “You didn’t even play.”



Sirami Herman: “There is suona in folk music, but none of the Western music can match it. Shi Fei is right, thousands of years of history, there is no need to distinguish between the high and the low, that would defeat the purpose of learning these instruments in the first place.”



Xue Wei: “You don’t want to avenge your brother?” Sirami’s brother Carol was also humiliated by Shi Fei in the painting competition.



Sirami Herman: “He is not as good as others.”



He originally had some problems with Shi Fei, but after this incident, he changed his mind.



As for his stupid brother, he hoped he would come to his senses soon and not be used by his master again.



Without Sirami, the leader, and with the previous incident, the other musicians of the Drunken River Literary Society simply couldn’t take Shi Fei’s moves.



This match was also lost by their Drunken River Literary Society.



Xue Wei probably didn’t expect that she had planned so many things carefully and wanted to use the Idle Dream Literary Society to raise the fame of the Drunken River Literary Society, but in the end she couldn’t even win a single match, and instead she was a stepping stone for others.



Looking at Shi Fei, she really wanted to go up to his skin to pick his tendons, why was this person here, why?



Why did he know how to draw, play chess, and even know folk music?



Was he a human being? How could a person have so much energy to learn so many interests, but also learn to the extreme.



The host was still very conscientious at this point, hoping to have a perfect ending, allowing the two leaders to shake hands, wanting to put a perfect end to today’s exchange competition between the two literary societies.



Xue Wei forced herself to put up a pleasant expression on her face, she walked to Shi Fei’s side and said with a smile: “What a heroic young man, such a remarkable performance at a young age, you will definitely be great in the future.”



Shi Fei smiled: “Thank you, I also think so.”



Xue Wei was so angered by Shi Fei’s words, that her face creases were going to come out, forced to suppress her anger on the spot, she whispered a threat: “Shi Fei, we’ll see, I won’t let you go.”



As the person who ruined her plan, Xue Wei wouldn’t let him feel better, she would use all her contacts and financial resources, she wouldn’t rest until Shi Fei’s reputation was ruined.



Shi Fei replied, “Come on, I’m waiting.” If you have a chance.



Xue Wei didn’t know that the police was entering Ziwei Hotel to arrest her.





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