Ma Wenmin walked up to the stage under the attention of the crowd, and a sparse applause rang out from the stage.


She stood still on the stage and swept her gaze across the entire venue. The familiar and unfamiliar faces on the stage made Ma Wenmin’s heart surge.


Xuefeng, see? The stigma and curses we carry will be cleared, and our dreams will soon be realized.


“First of all, I must make one point. Today, although I am standing here as the illustrator of this project, the leader of this project and the person in charge of the experiment is Mr. Li Zheng of our laboratory.”


After saying this, a slick smile appeared on Ma Wenmin’s face. She waved her hand and the large projector cloth on the podium was slowly lowered.


“All the technologies I am announcing below have been applied for international patents in the name of Li Zheng’s studio.” Ma Wenmin said, while placing a photo under the projector’s lamp.


Xu Mingsheng listened to the sound of his old buddies huffing and puffing next to his ears, and he couldn’t hide his smugness.


Look, look, he completely forgot his reaction when he first saw the “human nose mouse”.


Yes, the first thing Ma Wenmin took out was the group of photos that Li Zheng showed to Xu Mingsheng.



“A rat with a nose?”



“Oh my God! This is real?”


The whole venue boiled up at once, it’s happening, arguments filled the whole venue at once.



Dong Juncheng’s hand on the crutches trembled slightly, his face could no longer be described as ugly. The panic and disorientation on the faces of the people of Dong Juncheng laboratory simply couldn’t be hidden.



“Professor.” The young assistant beside Dong Juncheng felt his limbs become cold all of a sudden: “What do we do?”


If it was confirmed that the results of their lab project were falsified, not only Dong Juncheng, the researchers would be branded with a deep stain on their resumes.


Dong Juncheng didn’t say anything, his eyes were fixed on Ma Wenmin’s movements on the stage.


One by one, the photos appeared in front of the crowd.


“This technology that our lab is sharing at this moment, I’m sure you’re not unfamiliar with it, just half an hour ago, Professor Dong Jun Cheng introduced us to most of its principles. That’s right, it is the ‘in vitro organ regeneration’ technology.”

“Li Zheng’s lab has realized the living transplantation of body surface organs, and experiments have shown that body surface organs reproduced and inoculated by bovine cartilage cells have the same ability to grow and repair themselves as the organisms themselves.”



“Buzz ……” The discussion in the meeting hall became more intense.


“Researcher Ma, you said your results are out, do you have any physical objects? You can’t just send us off with a few pictures.”


Ma Wenmin smiled faintly at his words.



“Naturally not.” She gestured to Zhang Yuejun on the stage, who nodded vigorously and together with Zhang Chao, one carried the glass case and the other carried the biological cabinet toward the stage.



The identical glass case, compared to the turbid suspension in Dong Juncheng’s lab, the nutrient solution in the culture tank in Li Zheng’s lab was much cleaner, and at least the scholars could clearly see the shape and structure of the artificial nose through the glass.


Zheng Lingling got up and distributed rubber gloves to the scholars, and Zhang Yuejun directly took out the artificial nose from the culture tank under the unbelievable eyes of the crowd and handed it to a scholar on the stage.


“Professor, once it’s out of the culture tank, the artificial nose will have a little discomfort, thus accelerating the leakage of tissue fluid, be careful.” Zhang Yuejun kindly reminded.


The scholar nodded rapidly, but didn’t even look at Zhang Yuejun who carefully held the artificial nose in his hand as if holding some priceless treasure.


“Old Wang, have you finished reading, hurry up.”



“Yes, a large group of us are still waiting to see it!”


The scholar sitting next to him shouted.



Ma Wenmin smiled slightly, “The artificial nose can remain active for about three to four hours after leaving the culture tank. The stent is made of biodegradable polymer material, which automatically degrades after transplantation into a living body and doesn’t cause too much harm to the living body.”



“This is simply a miracle!”



“What else, researcher Ma, the rat, the rat with the nose!” Someone shouted.



At this moment, the crowd no longer held contempt and disdain towards Ma Wenmin, but solemnity and insanity.



Ma Wenmin placed her hand on the light switch above the biology cabinet, and she took a deep breath.


“Snap.” The built-in light bulb of the bio-cabinet lit up.



As if frightened, the creature in the cabinet squeaked and ran towards the deepest part of the cabinet.

Although it was only a short moment, the scholars in the front row already saw it, a live rat with a human nose!



It was real! It was all real!


The biosphere of Hong Kong was almost going crazy.



It was as if a certain country announced at once to confirm that Mars was suitable for human survival, people around the world were shocked and happy, and then not an hour later, another country came out and said, yes, people can live in Mars, we have already immigrated people there, and the response is good!


This was enough to drive the world crazy!


Ma Wenmin took the human-nosed mouse out of the biology cabinet. The human-nosed mouse lay quietly in the palm of Ma Wenwin’s hand, eliciting puff of air after puff of air.



Ma Wenmin took out a very small scalpel and gently cut a shallow wound on the nose of the human-nosed mouse.



When the old professors off stage saw her actions, they almost pounced on her immediately and seized the scapel from Ma Wenwin’s hand.



“What are you doing! Put it down!”


Ma Wenmin was startled by the old seniors’ excitement and almost sta-bbed the rat.


She coughed dryly, “Don’t worry teachers, I just cut a very shallow wound in order to prove that this, transplanted to a living body, nose is like a biological organ that has the function of self-repair.”



The crowd smiled and stopped arguing and making noise.



A few of those who considered themselves qualified and mature, went straight up to the stage to observe the wound repair up close.



“It’s stopped! The bleeding has stopped!” An old professor shouted like a child.


The professors off stage flocked to the stage, the same scene, the same starry night. Only this time the main character was no longer Dong Juncheng but Ma Wenmin.


Li Zheng looked up in the direction of Dong Juncheng, Professor Dong sat down disheveled in his seat, as if he had aged several years at once.


The group of researchers in his laboratory were also like frosted eggplants, frustrated and fearful.



The media present couldn’t squeeze past those old professors, so the reporters with higher news sensitivity directly focused on Dong Juncheng.



“Professor Dong, what do you think about the in vitro regeneration organ technology that Li Zheng’s lab came up with?”


Dong Juncheng felt his bones were trembling.



“Professor.” The young assistant’s slightly tearful voice reached Dong Juncheng’s ears, and Dong Juncheng’s hand instantly clenched on his crutch.


He forced out a smile, “The wave after the Yangtze River pushes the wave before it, Mr. Li Zheng is a biological genius.”


As soon as the reporter heard Dong Juncheng only mention Li Zheng, without mentioning Researcher Ma Wenmin on stage, he understood that this was big news.



“According to Mr. Li Zheng, researcher Ma was the initiator of this project and made a great contribution in the experiment. Do you have anything to say about this?”


Dong Juncheng’s teeth almost bit through his lip, “I won’t comment on researcher Ma, I can only say that the scientific research ability of Li Zheng’s lab is very powerful.”


“What do you mean by this, are you saying that the project results of Li Zheng’s lab are based on your experimental data?” The reporters were aggressive.



The rest of the reporters saw the scene over here and slowly gathered around.



Someone on the stage also noticed the change on the stage, and all of a sudden, the eyes of the whole venue were focused on Dong Juncheng.


Dong Juncheng was now riding a tiger, Wen Xuefeng had died, between him and Ma Wenmin was a dead end, it couldn’t be settled. He had to say Ma Wenmin stole the experimental data, or his reputation would be broken.


Dong Juncheng had been a respected professor all his life, it was really difficult to imagine him doing something terribly wrong.


“I didn’t say that.” But his expression clearly didn’t mean that.


No one in the academic circle was a fool, and looking at Ma Wenmin and then Dong Juncheng, they had a vague idea in their hearts.


Li Zheng had been listening to the conversation between the two parties, and seeing that Dong Juncheng was about to speak, he slowly stood up. He understood Dong Juncheng’s idea, to mention Ma Wenmin’s paper plagiarism, and then boast of Li Zheng’s laboratory’s scientific research capabilities. Let people think that Ma Wenmin stole Dong Juncheng laboratory project pre-data, and relied on Li Zheng, the genius, to make the project.



In this way, although Dong Juncheng couldn’t rely on this project to the next level, but at least he could still be able to retreat, and even win the sympathy of the masses and play the public opinion card.


Naturally, Li Zheng wouldn’t let him get off so lightly.


“Professor Dong, I’ve actually been wanting to talk to you about the ‘in vitro organ regeneration’ project. I just looked at your artificial ear, it’s very good, it’s just that your artificial ear can’t leave the culture tank yet, I might be able to help.”



Sweat poured down the faces of the lab guys behind Dong Juncheng.


“I would also like to ask Li Zheng for your advice, ah, but it isn’t convenient due to this occasion.” Dong Juncheng responded with a forced smile.


“Oh? Okay.” Li Zheng raised his eyebrows slightly, and then took a transparent plastic bag from Liu Sichao under the attention of the crowd of reporters.


“I wonder if Professor Dong recognizes this?” In the transparent plastic bag, a human ear-like object was presented in front of the crowd.


“Click click click,” the sound of pressing the camera continued to ring, a group of scholars in the venue also slowly gathered around.


Dong Juncheng was trembling, his fingers trembled as he pointed at the transparent bag in Li Zheng’s hand, he shouted loudly, “I don’t know what you are talking about, this thing is somewhat similar to the artificial ear made in our lab, but it is definitely not it!”



“Professor Dong, you’re so old, you should know that this isn’t about who is loud, but who is justified.” He took out a pair of scissors and cut the plastic bag and the ear together.



The scissors got stuck and couldn’t cut down.



Li Zheng ripped the ear away with his hand, “The material is very good, non-toxic, very similar to skin, very suitable for medical plastic surgery.”



“So what?!”


Li Zheng sighed, and then handed the torn ear to Dong Juncheng, “Professor, your stuff. I’m returning it to you.”


The whole room was in an uproar.



This ear? Was it the same one that Dong Juncheng showed on stage! This …… was simply just a model!



“Nonsense, this isn’t that ear at all!” Dong Juncheng clenched his teeth and refused to let go.



Not waiting for Li Zheng to reply, Liu Sichao couldn’t help speaking “I’m really sorry, this ear is really what I fished out in your culture tank with my own hands, if you don’t admit it, you have the ability to take something out.”


Of course Dong Juncheng couldn’t get anything out.



The rustling discussion beside his ears kept ringing in his ears, Dong Juncheng seemed to hear the disdain for him in the words of his peers and saw the contempt in their eyes.



He covered his chest and his breathing became rapid.


“Professor Dong! Professor Dong!” His mind was dizzy and the voices sounded further and further.



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