C7— Day 7

 It was late, and while it was intellectually accepted that catnip would be like this, due to a lack of adaptation to the environment, the images shown by the light-brain were still worrying.
No, it was heartbreaking.

A cub cried and fussed when it was uncomfortable, but there was nothing Catnip could do when it was uncomfortable.
It could only hang its young leaves wanly, unable to express its pain and itch.

The more they thought about it, the more no one could sit still.

Almost at the same time, all four of them turned in the wrong direction and sailed back to the Academy of Sciences and arrived in succession.
…… and a successful meeting.

Dean: “……”
Dai Xi: “…………”
Researchers: “………………”

It was all in a nutshell.
Even the process of making up nonsense was thrown out.

They tacitly chose not to say anything and returned to the lab in silence, the researcher checked the catnip again, but like the time during the day, it was clear that there was absolutely nothing abnormal about the catnip, and Dai Xi had to sigh, “Never mind, I won’t be able to sleep today anyway, or I’ll catch a ride to the incubator.”
Her suggestion was met with unanimous approval, “Okay.”
“No problem.”

The dean couldn’t help much, but was equally worried about Catnip, he sat to the side looking at Catnip with a loving face.
The night passed.

Shen Tong had slept heavily last night, unaware that anyone had gone and returned, and he was inevitably a little surprised when he woke up to see a few people lying crooked in the lab.
But this surprise didn’t last long, Ji Mei came.

She was here to say goodbye to Shen Tong.

Ji Mei’s group of interns would be leaving Titan in the afternoon, so she took the time to see Catnip one last time, but when she pushed open the door, Ji Mei actually saw other people in the lab.

There was the Dean, there was Abe, there was Alan, and there was Dai Xi!
–These were the big names in the industry who appeared frequently in textbooks.

Ji Mei couldn’t hide her excitement.
But at the same time, she began to hesitate whether she should come in or not.

When Shen Tong saw Ji Mei, he couldn’t help but shake her a few times and greeted her in his own way.

Ji Mei’s eyes wandered, fixing on the plant inside the glass enclosure, and she suddenly opened her eyes wide and covered her mouth as if in shock.

Shen Tong stiffened.
Scared, frightened?

Ji Mei walked in gently, close enough for Shen Tong to see the girl’s red face and bright eyes, rather than being frightened, she was …… excited?

Ji Mei lowered her voice and covered her heart, saying, “You know, little mint, it’s so cute when you shake it left and right and the tips of the leaves shake gently with it.”

Shen Tong: “……”

Ji Mei tried to suppress her desire to scream for fear of waking everyone up, but she underestimated how nervous everyone was about catnip, and the slightest movement was enough to wake people up, and Dai Xi, who was lying on the lab table, looked up and down the strange intern before asking wearily, “What time is it?”
“Eight, eight-thirty.”

  Dai Xi rubbed her temples and Ji Mei couldn’t help but ask, “Did something happen last night, teacher? Why are you all here working late?”

“Catnip ……”
Dai Xi said casually, and her eyes darted that way as well and she froze instantly.
The seedlings, which were wilting last night, were now standing straight up in the soil again.

Dai Xi: “?”
The matter was catnip, and Ji Mei worriedly pursued, “What’s wrong with catnip, teacher?”

Dai Xi was also quite confused, “No, we watched it droop down last night at eleven o’clock.”

“He? Who?” Ji Mei was getting more and more confused by the minute, “Someone fell asleep?”

It was not what she said, it was what she heard.

Dai Xi murmured, “It checks out fine, but it always wilts, and we thought it was a lack of acclimatization, but it’s between eleven at night and eight in the morning, and it seems like it’s really resting, except-”

“It’s a plant” were three words that Dai Xi didn’t say.

Because she suddenly remembered that it wasn’t like there weren’t records in the interstellar history of other species getting evolved, about every few hundred years, there would always be that sporadic one or two, albeit few, but there were.

Did this catnip get evolved too?
Needed a break, could understand their conversation, could even give a response.

Thinking about it this way, Dai Xi’s heartbeat slightly accelerated.
If this was true, maybe someday in the future, catnip could even have its own humanoid state, just like felines!

And Shen Tong, in hindsight, realized something.

Did he wilt when he slept?

And these cats thought something was wrong with him, so that was why they returned to the lab late at night again?
That was why, during the daytime, even when indoors, with only a few rays of sunlight, the dean had to carry a parasol for him?

Shen Tong didn’t even think that he had caused these cats to worry all night just by sleeping.
He felt guilty.

Dai Xi described the situation to Ji Mei in general and promised to tell her the follow-up results, Ji Mei nodded and reluctantly said goodbye to Shen Tong, “Little mint, I’m leaving.”
Shen Tong looked at her and shook a few times gently.
The ringing rustled as if to say goodbye.

–Bye, little curly ears.

The lab was still busy.
Dai Xi had the guess, but it needed to be verified, but the construction of the incubator was not left behind. The good news was that this time Shen Tong figured out why, and to keep these people from worrying too much about him, he slept on time every day, even if he couldn’t sleep, he pretended to sleep on time.
Every night from around ten o’clock to eight o’clock the next morning, and from one to two-thirty in the afternoon.

This went on for a while, and these researchers finally decided!

“Are we …… growing an evolved catnip?”
“We can’t confirm it yet, and it doesn’t matter, as long as the catnip is okay!”
“It’s so cute that it has to go to bed when it’s time, isn’t it?”

Regardless, everyone finally stopped worrying about Catnip being different and no longer had to watch over him day and night.

Shen Tong let out a sigh of relief.
  But he didn’t know that after figuring everything out, Dai Xi had gotten permission from the Dean to specifically intercept a video, convert it to a moving image in GIF format, and post it on the Academy of Sciences’ StarNet certified account.
And, of course, blocked the smell.

Dai Xi posted the motion picture solely because she thought the dozing catnip was too cute and wanted to share it with others, but she hadn’t even thought it would trigger such a huge response!

How big was it?

The official blog of the Academy of Sciences, because it was good enough, had a regular group of fans in itself. On this day, the fans brushed up on the news released by the Academy of Sciences on their home page, it was a motion picture, they clicked on it as usual.

Obviously, the motion picture was taken from a video, and the warm sunlight was falling down on an unknown plant.

A very small plant, with a glass cover on the outside.
It looked flat and unimpressive.

Fans: You’re letting me watch this?
They were a little disgruntled, but held their nerve and moved on.

After a few seconds, the plant moved a bit.
No, you couldn’t say it moved a little.

The young plant in the pot, which had been standing upright in the soil, suddenly dropped its tips in a wilting fashion, and the pale golden sunlight gently fell.

Fans: It’s… interesting?
The hands that wanted to exit stopped moving.

This time drooping down, the seedling still didn’t give up, and it tried to lift its curled up leaf, but the movement was so slight that it wasn’t noticeable without a closer look. More cruelly, no matter how hard it tried, instead of propping itself up, it gave another little squeak and the tip of the leaf drooped even more.
And then the screen went black.

This, this was gone!

The picture ended here, and fans, who were initially confused and then overwhelmed, for a total of no more than five seconds, watched the motion picture over and over again, finally excitedly commenting.

[Later sisters, listen to me, be patient, you’re about to get an amazing little cutie !!!!]

[Like I dozed off in class, with a head that had nowhere to rest.]
[Too cute.]

  [Isn’t that f*cking adorable? want to raise!!!]
[What variety show is this? Me too!]
[It’s times like these that you have to @ the flower shop botanist]
[What kind of plant is this, Uncle Flora, the botanist who runs the flower shop? Wanna have it!]

The botanist in the flower shop had been @ed nearly 800 tweets.

He was humorous and knowledgeable, and many netizens would always @ him to identify plants they didn’t know, and some would even prank him on purpose, picking out plants that were and its original form couldn’t be seen and asking him what they were.

If there were only one or two, the florist might have missed them, but with over 800, it was hard for him to miss them.

So the flower shop botanist opened the motion picture.

At first, he looked at it with a purely academic eye.
Until this young plant wobbled.
The botanist in the flower shop’s heart trembled.

Then, the seedling’s chicken-pecking movement struck him, and the florist covered his chest and watched with wide eyes as the little one struggled slightly, not wanting to leave out a single detail, until the sound of a popping sound made the seedling droop down completely, wilting and wretched.

This was also too cute !!!!
  Once it passed, the flower shop botanist was left with a frantic screaming pop-up in his head, forgetting that he had clicked on it to identify what kind of plant it was in the first place, and he had to read it again from the beginning, yet again being cute to the point of making him lose his intelligence, and so the flower shop botanist read it over and over again, finally retweeting with a response two hours later…

[I don’t know, I think it’s a plant from the ancient earth, indeed lovely. @excuse meow: @ flower shop’s vegetative uncle, what kind of plant is this? Lovely, want to raise QAQ
@AcademyV: Cute Love

He couldn’t lose his maturity and stability!

The botanist who opened the flower shop had many fans, and after his retweet, more people saw the moving picture, and more people were stunned by the dozing plant in the moving picture, so overnight, the official blog of the Academy of Sciences actually went up by 50,000 fans!

Meanwhile, someone suggested under the original blog that there were simply not enough moving pictures to see: [QAQ Academy of Sciences, consider starting a live broadcast?].
And this one comment got a unanimous approval with 30,000 compliments!

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