In the 1980s, the University of Hong Kong was one of the few institutions of higher learning in Asia to be ranked among the best in the world. The medical school of Hong Kong University was renowned overseas, and its medical research results were very rich, for example, the laboratory of Hong Kong University was at the forefront of the world in the research on the SARS virus that broke out later.

It was also one of the important reasons why Li Zheng resolutely gave up his comfortable environment in China to sneak into Hong Kong. It was hard to cook a meal without rice, but in China, where he couldn’t even find a few complete drug production lines, it would be harder for him to get a modern laboratory that could keep up with international standards.

Li Zheng stared at the familiar instruments in the window with what could almost be called a hungry gaze as if he was looking at his lover. He had been away from the lab for too long, which was simply cruel to the lab dog who had spent almost half of his last life in the lab.

Yes, Li Zheng was now at Hong Kong University.

Yesterday, he had refused Daniel’s offer of a lab, but the synthesis of catalase required a lab, and before he had his own lab, the medical lab at Hong Kong University, which was independent of the capital, became his best option.

Lab, I’m back. Li Zheng said softly in his heart and then walked towards the Hong Kong University Medical Laboratory.

It was lunchtime for the students and faculty, so the medicine lab at Hong Kong University was empty. The staff at the registration desk sat behind the registration table holding a golden reading book in his hands and read with great interest.

Li Zheng tapped his hand twice in front of the registration table, and the staff member subconsciously hid the novel under the table. Looking up, after seeing that the person at the table was a student-looking teenager, he couldn’t help but show his impatience on his face.

“All the registrations have been full recently, so wait a month.” The current Xiangjiang University was no better than thirty years later, apart from the private labs of those research bulls, there were only a few public labs for all the students and teachers, the number of people led to the fact that the labs were always fully booked, ordinary students would have to start booking a month or two in advance if they wanted to do an experiment.

Li Zheng’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, “I remember that the medical lab of the Xiangjiang University has a rule that those who publish SCI papers can have priority use of the lab.” In his last life when he visited Hong Kong University, the president of Hong Kong University was quite proud of his school’s culture of advocating research, and specifically mentioned that he was impressed by the fact that the public labs in Hong Kong University were open to all fellow research aspirants.

The staff was stunned, then showed a look of understanding, “I told you earlier,  which professor do you want to register for. I’ll ask the student in the back to move.”

“No, myself.”


“I said, I’ll use the lab for myself, I’ll just extract a little something and it’ll be ready during my lunch break. No need for the back of the room to move.”

The staff pulled their ears out, “You’re using it for yourself? Register your name?” He asked again, there were some students in the school who were quite popular with the professor, and with the professor’s permission, they would register under the professor’s name and use the lab themselves. But such students could be counted in a slap on the wrist, and he knew every one of them, but not the one in front of him.

“Well, just register my name.” Li Zheng hesitantly nodded his head to confirm, just registering a name, the police checking for stowaways would never check here.

The staff puffed out a laugh, looking at Li Zheng’s confident expression, he really wanted to take the registration book to paste this kid’s face, the youngster was reading too many novels, who did he think he was?

“You’re not going to tell me that you’re a publisher of SCI papers, are you?” The staff said amusedly.
  In the slightly mocking gaze of the staff, Li Zheng looked up at him lightly, then nodded calmly, he took out the copy of the return letter of Microbiology and placed it on the table.

“The reply letter of Microbiology, although the paper won’t be published until January next year, it’s inevitable that it will be accepted by SCI, can I use my privileges in advance?”

The lab was a golden thing at Hong Kong University, and naturally, those who could work in the lab were not unseen cats and dogs, the staff looked at the drop-off Hansen Doyle’s dashing flowery letter and froze.

“You …… you wait!” He stood up and wiped his hands vigorously on the sides of his trouser legs, then carefully picked up the reply letter that Li Zheng had placed on the table, and Li Zheng felt that the man was almost ready to put his whole face in front of the reply letter.

The staff tried hard to find any traces of falsification of this reply letter, but he read it over and over again, but he did not succeed in picking out any mistakes or omissions, and an absurd thought arose in his mind, could it be that this reply letter was real, and the student in front of him had published a paper in Microbiology?

The eighties were no different than thirty years later, the biological sciences in China started late, and even in Hong Kong, there were only a handful of scholars who could publish in prestigious international journals.

Now a student who looked like his hair hadn’t grown out yet stood in front of him and told him that he had published in Microbiology?!

That was too creepy!

“Are you Li Zheng?” The staff still couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, I’m Li Zheng, the owner of this paper. Now I’m asking you for permission to use the lab, is that okay?” Li Zheng was helpless and repeated it again.

“Wait, you wait here.” The staff member said, taking off his work tag and pushing it in Li Zheng’s direction.

“Keep this, I’ll take your reply to someone, okay?”

Pointing to use someone else’s lab, what could he do, he could only nod ah, he looked at that staff carefully holding the letter, Li Zheng touched his nose, said kindly, “This is a copy, it’s fine.”

Hong Kong University School of Medicine, Dean Xu Mingsheng concentrated on flipping through the latest issue of Science, he was born as a frontline doctor, after being a doctor for half of his life, he felt the status quo of being a doctor without medicine, only then he resolutely switched to the pharmacy, from one with a scalpel to one making medicine, it was this spirit of studying all the time that made him get to this step today.

“Bang Bang Bang,” the door of the dean’s office was knocked on.

Xu Mingsheng rubbed his eyebrows and put down the Science magazine in his hands, “Come in.”
  The young staff member from the lab registry poked his head cautiously, “Do you have a minute, Uncle?”

That was right, Zhang Kuan was the staff member of the laboratory registry, and he had a personal relationship with Xu Mingsheng. Zhang Kuan was the son of an old friend of Xu Mingsheng’s, the old friend died early leaving an orphan and a widow, this Kuan didn’t have much of a talent, but the victory was that he was still somewhat disciplined, so Xu Mingsheng had arranged for him to be a registrar.

“Go ahead, find me if you need anything.” Zhang Kuan had never revealed his relationship with him to anyone at the University and seldom came to see him in the office, which caused Xu Mingsheng to see him in a high point of view.

“Uncle, can you see if this letter is real?” Zhang Kuan didn’t talk nonsense and directly handed the letter to Xu Mingsheng.

Xu Mingsheng swept a glance at it, then immediately took the glasses that were placed aside and held them over his nose, “Yes, this is Hansen Doyle’s words, which professor has passed the Microbiology audit again?” He said smilingly, one more SCI paper, one more research result, well, it was a big good thing for Hong Kong University.

“Hey, no, Li Zheng? Is there a professor named Li Zheng in our school?” Xu Mingsheng frowned and asked.

Zhang Kuan smiled bitterly, “I came to you for this, a student, I don’t know which faculty, brought this letter, saying that he wanted to use the lab with the SCI paper author priority.”

“Student?!” Xu Mingsheng’s voice rose, at this time it is a thousand times more difficult for a professor to publish an international paper, a student? How was that possible!

But Hong Kong and even the whole of China, those bulls who could publish SCI papers, he knew them all, and there was no one named Li Zheng in them.

“Is that guy still around?” Xu Mingsheng immediately asked, no matter what, being able to publish an SCI paper meant that the person’s academic level was already at the top of that circle in China.

Xu Mingsheng put on his jacket and headed out, “Quick, you lead the way, I’ll go take a look.”

Li Zheng leaned against the registration table in boredom, he hadn’t had this kind of experience in a long time, when he was at the university, he did have the experience of running errands for professors and waiting to grab the right to use the labs at the lab registry, but this was no longer his job after his first appearance, now that he thought about it, he actually felt a little nostalgic.

What Xu Mingsheng saw from a distance was such a scene. A student-like person, wearing a delicate gray coat, leaning back against the registration desk, tapping the back of his hand down on the desktop.

Xu Mingsheng was stunned. The two sides of maturity and youthfulness were completely contradictory, but they coexisted appropriately on this young man.

The young man seemed to have discovered them and slowly stood up straight, while a smile appeared on his face.
  ”Verified? So I can go in and experiment, right?” Waiting for a while could be considered reliving the past, waiting for a long time wasn’t good, it was the beginning of winter but the temperature had already dropped.

“You’re Li Zheng, hello. I’m Xu Mingsheng.” Xu Mingsheng smiled and extended his hand.

Li Zheng’s eyes flashed with surprise, he knew of Xu Mingsheng, he had seen Xu Mingsheng’s name on the display wall of the medical school in his last life when he visited Hong Kong University.

Counting the time, the current Xu Mingsheng should be the dean of the Hong Kong Medical School.

“Hello, I’m Li Zheng.” Li Zheng shook Xu Mingsheng’s hand with both hands, he had always been respectful to his seniors.

“You know me?” Xu Mingsheng was somewhat stunned, “It doesn’t matter if you recognize me or not, you want to use the lab? Then use it, can I be around to see?”

The reply letter was definitely genuine, but was the young man in front of him really the Mr. Li Zheng from the letter? Xu Mingsheng was a little doubtful, but he was smarter than Zhang Kuan, he wanted to use the laboratory well, a donkey couldn’t be a horse, if he was false, he would slip out.

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