C6– Lend Me Some Money

“Changing places is fine.” Chen Jun was dazzled by Yun Zheng’s smiling face and was a little stunned, completely unaware of the true meaning hidden in Yun Zheng’s words. Full of it, Yun Zheng was getting better looking now.


Desheng Road was one of the busier roads in Xingcheng. However, this “liveliness”, wasn’t in a positive sense, but the representative of chaos. Almost half of the Xingcheng loan sharks and debt collection companies were gathered here. In the daytime, they could still disguise themselves as well-dressed, but at night, they could only be described as dancing demons.

It was just five in the morning, and the roads on both sides were empty. There were no other pedestrians, except for a few who were hungover or had been playing mahjong all night in an Internet cafe, squinting and wandering. The company’s logo, which was in red letters on a white background, could be seen in the desolate atmosphere, it looked more and more horrifying as if it was oozing with blood.

Chen Jun swallowed his saliva and subconsciously leaned a little closer to Yun Zheng.

“Is it really, really okay?” The further he went inside, the more intense that subtle depression became. Chen Jun’s face also turned a few shades whiter. He was wary of the unfamiliar surroundings and only felt his legs and stomach clench.

“Yun Zheng, why don’t we call the police. I’ve got my phone with me.” Chen Jun was truly afraid: “I heard them say that Desheng Road is a murderous black society. When they meet someone who is at fault, they don’t ask the reason at all, and directly kill someone. The third class said last time that Cao Ming’s cousin was very powerful and had more than a dozen younger brothers behind him. “

Bullsh*t giant power, he was so poor that he couldn’t even afford to eat. Yun Zheng looked at Chen Jun speechlessly and returned with a faint, “Why don’t I send you back first.”

“If I go back, what about you?”Chen Jun pursued the question.

“I still have things to do.”

“Then I’m not leaving either!” Seeing that Yun Zheng was determined to go, Chen Jun also became stubborn. As a brother, he couldn’t run away alone. If Cao Ming’s cousin was really as scary as the legend, he was bigger than Yun Zheng and could help block him.

Thinking this way, the fear in Chen Jun’s heart was much less. He followed behind Yun Zheng in a sullen manner, his eyes growing more and more alert as if this would allow him to take in all the wind and grass around him.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine.” Knowing that Chen Jun was hanging on to him, Yun Zheng’s heart warmed and he quickly reassured him a few times. Then he continued to ponder about Cao Ming’s cousin.

In Yun Zheng’s impression, the law and order on Desheng Road had always been the worst in Xingcheng. The place was a shady gray area, and those so-called “black society” were just little bast*rds gathered by debt collection companies. They made a commission according to the amount of money recovered. Looking at the scenery, they were actually very poor. Otherwise, Cao Ming’s cousin was also a small boss. How could he pick up Cao Ming’s arrangement for a thousand yuan?

He thought along the way, his footsteps quick, and in the blink of an eye, he arrived at his destination – the entrance to the debt collection company where Cao Ming’s cousin was working.

Coincidentally, at the very moment when Yun Zheng parked his noodle cart, a group of shirtless youths came down from the building in twos and threes. The first two, one had a badly tattooed blue dragon on his upper body and a fierce look on his face. The other one wore a pretentious casual outfit, and as soon as he had a good look, his stomach was full of straw bags. It was Cao Ming and his cousin.

After the night market last night, Cao Ming followed his cousin and stayed with the debt collection company. Intending to leave directly from here at first light, he went to find Yun Zheng.

But unexpectedly, just as soon as he left the house, he saw a very old noodle stall car right in front of the company’s gate, blocking it. In the back of the car, the warm and delicate teenager, standing there leisurely, tied a snow-white apron to his waist.

“F*ck, that bast*rd!” When enemies met, they were extraordinarily jealous. Cao Ming hadn’t slept well, and when he saw Yun Zheng again, he directly blew up.

“Brothers, that’s him!” With a gloomy face, Cao Ming pointed straight at Yun Zheng.
  Following his words, more than a dozen people, including Cao Ming’s cousin, all turned to look over.

“This is good, there are still those who come to the door looking for a beating.” A thug said, not putting Yun Zheng in his eyes in the slightest.

“Haven’t seen you for a few days, but you’re quite energetic. I heard you’ve made a fortune?” Cao Ming courageously spoke.

Yun Zheng’s eyebrows and eyes were tame and unmoving. But his eyes became profound as he met an acquaintance. It had really been a few days since they’d seen each other, but wasn’t the one who had beaten him in school before this the person in front of him?

Yun Zheng and Cao Ming’s cousin were really too familiar with each other. In his last life, he had had many dealings with him. Especially when he had just entered school, he would be blocked by him almost every two weeks. Later, when he went out to work after dropping out of school, Cao Ming’s cousin even brought someone to stir things up. Yun Zheng’s arm got broken trying to block him. At worst, if the police hadn’t come quickly, most of them would have died inside.

The painful feeling in his gut was still clear when he touched his right arm. Yun Zheng’s eyes suddenly went cold, only the gentle smile at the corner of his lips remained as before.

Chen Jun had become completely nervous. In the end, he was an ordinary junior high school student, and it was rare for him to have a small fight at school, let alone a big scene like this. Right now, he was genuinely terrified against Cao Ming’s cousin’s gang. But following Yun Zheng had become instinctive, and even though his legs and stomach were trembling with fear, Chen Jun took a step forward and tried to block Yun Zheng behind him.

“Heh, quite righteous.” Cao Ming sneered. The few thugs in the back also laughed non-stop, and their mouths were even more relentless.

“Not even hairy enough to learn how to be a hero, not afraid of lying back down?”

“Tsk! I don’t know, you look better than a chick within high school, it must taste good too.”

“Hahahahaha.” The not-so-funny joke made the thugs present laugh, and Cao Ming’s cousin, who headed the group, even pulled Chen Jun away and stood in front of Yun Zheng himself.

“Old acquaintance! You know my rules, kneel down and confess your fault to my brother, after letting him take out his anger, this matter will be considered settled.” Cao Ming’s cousin spoke with contempt, looking at Yun Zheng like he was looking at an insignificant little thing. In his eyes, Yun Zheng was just a good-looking kid with a smooth face, and if they really got into a fight, it would be too easy.


At this time, however, the situation suddenly turned sharply.

Cao Ming’s cousin’s had just said malicious words and flew over to face him with a kick and shifted directly towards his lower abdomen. Then, he didn’t know how the person in front of him shook a bit, and he grabbed his foot without stopping. Turned around and stepped on his face. The immense strength made his whole body lose the ability to resist, he knelt on the ground with a “puff”, and his upper body plunged directly into the soil.

It could be said that it was a kick to the head.

Everyone present was confused and dumbfounded, unable to speak for a long while as they stared at Cao Ming’s cousin. Yun Zheng’s next move, however, was even more ruthless. It was still a breezy move, but the process was so fast that it was impossible to see. Only the crunching sound that made the roots of their teeth sore as his bones cracking could be heard clearly.

Cao Ming’s cousin howled in pain, and it echoed around half of the street.

“So noisy!” Yun Zheng frowned and kicked again. And this time, the target was no longer his right arm, but he precisely stepped on the back of his head.

Still facing the ground, he directly fell flat on the ground. Now, Cao Ming’s cousin couldn’t even scream, and his eyes went white, paralyzed on the floor. The red blood, too, gradually flowed out from the gap between his face and the ground, staining the ground red.

“Uh ……” someone involuntarily swallowed their saliva, but even though it was such a tiny little movement, in this kind of silence, it was extremely obvious. As for the frightening smell of rust, it was also gradually spreading.

“Is this a murder?” Some people murmured to themselves, while even more people subconsciously gathered together and looked at Yun Zheng in shock.
  And Yun Zheng did not move at all, and the foot that stepped on Cao Ming’s cousin’s face wasn’t even taken away. He was even in the mood to calculate the effect of this skill.

The moment he faced Cao Ming’s cousin, he turned it on. Immediately afterward, Yun Zheng noticed that his body seemed to have a wonderful fighting instinct, and even his strength, speed, and explosive power had multiplied several times at the same time.

Although there were no specific names for the moves like “Rulai Divine Palm” or “Six Veins Divine Sword”, the vicious and decisive moves that could kill at any time were very much in line with Yun Zheng’s aesthetics.
He always liked simple and straightforward methods.

So, 100 wealth per minute wasn’t expensive, but it had to be done quickly. As Yun Zheng thought this, the smile in his eyes became softer and softer, and when seen against the sunlight, instead of showing fury, it was especially eye-catching.

“Cao Ming,” Yun Zheng said, “I remember I warned you, don’t provoke me if nothing happens.”

His tone was no different than usual as if Cao Ming and he were some very good friends. However, Cao Ming was paralyzed with fear the moment he met his eyes.

Yun Zheng’s eyes were even more insidious and terrifying than the fierce ghosts crawling out of hell.

“Yun Zheng …… No, Brother Yun Zheng, I was wrong.” Cao Ming’s trembling tones were filled with horror as he stared at Yun Zheng stepping on his cousin’s foot, his body constantly shaking, as he tried to escape the scene in front of him that seemed like Shura Hell. His weak limbs, however, were not able to do what he wanted, and his entire body was like a stupid meat worm that kept spinning in desperation.

But even so, no one scoffed at him. Because they were equally afraid.

Yun Zheng’s ruthlessness was beyond their expectations.

In a small town like Xingcheng, which was a fourth or fifth tier town, Cao Ming’s cousin was already the limit of what they could imagine as a “triad boss”. As for the so-called heroic attitude on the road at ordinary times, that was, the gang collected usury loans, or they were stuck at the school gate and extorted junior high school students. They had never seen such a deadly scene.

In this instant, almost all of these people’s three outlooks were turned upside down. Their previous perceptions of the world were also rapidly collapsing. But things were far from over at this point.

Finally letting go of Cao Ming’s cousin, whose status was unknown, Yun Zheng chose the next target.

“Spare me, please spare me. Brother Yun Zheng, it’s all because of Lu Ran, it’s all because Lu Ran told me to do this!” Seeing the pair of feet that made his own cousin collapse with just two strokes walking over, Cao Ming was so frightened that he couldn’t say anything and sold Lu Ran out in minutes.

But Yun Zheng didn’t hesitate a bit, as usual, his hand forcefully grabbed Cao Ming’s arm, and said with a cold smile, “I accept your apology, turn back and behave yourself, and by the way, let Lu Ran pay for you to buy a coffin board, so that your mother, who is always out, will remember to collect your body.”

After saying that, he lifted his foot on Cao Ming’s shoulder and kicked the man directly to the side, he picked up the rag hanging from the noodle stall cart and stuffed it into Cao Ming’s mouth, so as not to disturb him, then he turned to the others.
  ”I remember you guys saying you had something to discuss with me?”

“No, no, we didn’t!” A dozen thugs shook their heads together, brushing their movements together as skillfully as if they’d rehearsed them hundreds of times.

“Yeah? That’s just right.” Yun Zheng lost his smile, but wasn’t going to let them off the hook for that, “Now it’s my turn to discuss something with you guys.”

“Lend me some money to spend.”

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