C8– Day 8

For this reason, the Academy’s top brass held a special meeting.

At the very beginning of the meeting, the dean who had the full version of the video played it over, using the latest virtual imaging technology. The advantage of this technology was that it allowed people to immerse themselves in the scene and view it from a first perspective, not to mention the tiny drooping amplitude of the catnip as it dozed off, but even the fine soft fluffy hairs that grew on the brittle white young stems could be seen clearly.

The higher-ups were apparently unmoved, sitting squarely in the middle of the room, unaware that they were far from calm-
Cute, too cute!

The video played to the end, the picture froze, and they couldn’t help but sigh in frustration.

They wanted to watch it again.
No, once was not enough, they could watch it all day!

The dean received the incomparably eager eyes of the crowd and hesitated for a moment, but firmly turned off the device, he actually wanted to play it on a loop, but the meeting was limited in time, so the dean had to reassure, “After the meeting, I’ll pass this video to you.”
As soon as the executives heard it, they nodded incessantly and sat nicely and waited for the dean to speak, “Speak, speak.”

Even the honorific was used.

One had to know that this group of old guys, in the past, were leaning on the old to be tenth-grade players!
The Dean cleared his throat and said joyfully, “Because of this video, many people have asked us to give Catnip a live broadcast, what do you think?”

How else could they look at it?
Catnip was an intergalactic treasure, and no one could have it all to themselves!

One of the top executives was the first to take a stand, “My opinion is that if people want to see it, let’s start a live broadcast for them.”
“That’s right, it’s so cute, we shouldn’t be the only ones to see it.”

“It’s fine to have a live broadcast, don’t young people like that? By broadcasting it live, more people can see the catnip, and we can also give the institution publicity.”
“Yes, it’s a treasure, but we can’t keep it private.”

Everyone agreed, but of course, no one mentioned their own share.
Going forward with a live broadcast, it would mean they had one more channel to see catnip, such a good suggestion, only a fool would disagree!

It was at that moment that a high-ranking official who hadn’t spoken since the beginning opened his mouth, “That’s true, but do you remember that the original reason we cultivated catnip was to give it to His Majesty?”
“The celebration doesn’t seem to be for a few days, does it?”

The fact that catnip was an offering, which everyone had already selectively forgotten since it sprouted, he brought up so untimely that the conference room was instantly silent, and then the executives glared at him angrily.

–You’re the one who talks too much!

The Dean stared especially hard.
For he was forced to remember that it was really close to that tyrant’s celebration.
It was going to be a few days before he had to leave for the Capital Star.

The Dean announced to the senior officer without good grace, “No more catnip videos for you!”


The good thing about not being human was that Shen Tong could be a salted fish completely and utterly. [used to refer to someone feeling tired and sluggish.]

The scientific academy discussed for a long time over the live suggestion, while Shen Tong himself was completely ignored, and he began to take a pleasant nap as soon as the time came.
Not sleeping for long, Shen Tong entered Caesar’s spiritual world.
After five days, Shen Tong came here again.

This time, his luck wasn’t too good and he encountered a rainstorm.
Black clouds came cascading in, the wind was tearing freely, and the rain was pouring down. Shen Tong knocked on the villa’s door, there was no other place in this manor to hide from the rain.

There was no one to answer.

It was raining heavily, and he was soaked to the skin, his white fingers flexed, and Shen Tong knocked a few more times.
Still no response.
But the door was unlocked.

Shen Tong twisted it slightly and opened it.

He felt that it was not good to break into someone’s home without permission, but Shen Tong was uncomfortable and wanted to borrow the bathroom to clean himself up, so he had to try asking, “Excuse me, is anyone there?”
Thinking about it, Shen Tong made another sound, “Meow, are you there?”

He didn’t know the big cat’s name, so he chose to use the name that applied to all felines.

There was a faint noise from upstairs.

Was it the big cat?
Shen Tong walked in.

Inside the villa, the curtains were hanging disorderly, the dim light was dappled and dull, there were many shards of glass on the floor, on the side facing the garden, the curtains were torn down by half, and the piano placed there, the lid was kept open.

What was going on?
Was something wrong?

Eventually, Shen Tong raised his eyebrows, “Meow, is that you?”
He walked towards the spiral staircase, he was going to go upstairs to check, but the snow-white lion had silently appeared at the end, staring at Shen Tong condescendingly, as he stood there in a daze and smiled, “Are you all right?”

The youth was dripping wet, his black hair was limp against his face, bubbling with moisture, even his eyelashes were wet, his complexion was white to the point of being translucent, and his off-colored lips, stained with water, were touchingly red.
The snow lion’s heated gaze swept over him, finally resting on his lips.

This was one, beautiful prey.

Shen Tong didn’t notice the big cat’s abnormality, but asked him, “Can I borrow the bathroom?”
The Snow Lion took a step towards Shen Tong.
Shen Tong blinked, “May I?”

The Snow Lion walked towards him step by step.
Elegant and powerful, different from the previous times, the Snow Lion’s pair of smoky grey pupils looked at Shen Tong, and the sense of oppression followed, his breath was cold, and his eyes were dangerous.

With malice.
Like a beast close to its prey.

Shen Tong realized something and asked him in a warm voice, “Meow, aren’t you happy?”
The Snow Lion stopped in his tracks, he was close enough to Shen Tong, so close that he could pounce on and capture his prey at any time if he wanted to, enjoying the fear and tears of his prey, or he could easily bite the neck of his prey.

He gazed deep into the youth’s eyes.

Shen Tong lifted his hand and gently touched the Snow Lion’s head a few times, “Don’t be unhappy, I’ll play with you.”
The snow lion turned its head sideways, dodging the overly gentle touch, and Shen Tong’s hand fell short.
He didn’t care, “It’s having a tantrum again-”

The conversation paused.
Shen Tong and the Snow Lion, four eyes opposite each other.

The Snow Lion’s gaze at him was cold, indifferent, and emotionless.
It was like looking at prey.

In an electric flash, Shen Tong remembered the passage from the book.
–When you find yourself frequently entering the spiritual world of an advanced evolver, which means that his state is extremely unstable and could go out of control at any time, you can choose to flee or appease him, but you have to understand that in their eyes, at this moment, you are only a prey, and he …… has been reduced to a bloodthirsty and vicious beast.

Shen Tong’s eyelashes trembled.

Could it be that ……

Without even allowing him to think about it, the snow lion pounced on him, and Shen Tong fled wretchedly, the snow lion seemed to be unhappily narrowing his eyes as it did not end up under his paws due to its prey’s inattention.

Shen Tong tried to soothe him, “Meow meow, do you want to tickle? Just sit down and I’ll tickle you, okay?”
The Snow Lion looked at him mockingly and took a step forward without slowing down.
  This reassurance didn’t do much good, and Shen Tong took a few steps back, “Or I’ll accompany you-”
He tripped over the piano bench and sucked in a little breath, his ankle knocking a little painfully.

The snow lion had little patience with his prey, and he glanced at it coldly, his gaze proud and indifferent, while he took a hunting pose.
For some reason, Shen Tong felt that this big cat wouldn’t hurt him, and in the meantime, he said, “Meow, if you keep this up, you won’t be behaving.”

The snow lion responded by pouncing.

It was heavy.
Shen Tong was pressed back a step against the piano, his hand unconsciously lowered back, and several keys were pressed at the same time with a long, long sound.

The snow lion opened its mouth, about to tear.
It froze.

Shen Tong waited for the expected pain, but discovering the snow lion’s abnormality, he tried to press the keys again.
The snow lion stared at him with dark eyes but did not make any more aggressive movements.
Shen Tong seemed to have guessed something, so he maintained this awkward posture and intermittently played a very simple piano piece.

The Snow Lion was very quiet throughout.
When Shen Tong pressed the last key, the rainstorm that had been falling for a long time finally came to an end.

The snow lion gently closed its eyes, and then slowly opened them again.
Shen Tong tentatively called out, “Meow?”

Caesar: “……”
What kind of name was that?

The Tyrannical King had only snapped out of his disorder, still grumpy, and he was so unhappy with the name that he pawed at Shen Tong with a black face.

Finally, he was back to being this bad-tempered big cat.
So he was …… successfully pacified?

Shen Tong couldn’t help but curl his lips, his ebony pupils bright, “The last time I finished playing the piano and asked you if it sounded good, you acted like you just woke up, but now I know.”
Caesar jumped off him unnaturally.
  ”So, you’re an advanced evolver?” Shen Tong finally decided, “It’s not a dream either, it’s your spirit world, and you’ve been, lately, in a very unstable state, only I can calm you down.”

The snow lion laid on one side, dropping his eyes carelessly, but his ears were listening more carefully than ever.
Shen Tong suddenly asked, “You must also be sad to always be out of control like this, right?”

To him, such a state was the equivalent of people always doing something irreversible when they were extremely angry, and even if it wasn’t intended to be, the rift was already there when they woke up.
Moreover, it wasn’t even due to anger but he was born with a genetic defect.

Shen Tong came over and gently hugged this big cat, comforting him, “Meow, don’t worry, I’ll help you in the future.”
“You’re easy to coax anyway, I’ll just play a piano piece for you in your spirit world.”

Shen Tong’s voice was soft, he was dripping wet, but the embrace was warm.

It was rare for Caesar to allow the youth to hold him.
Only he knew that he woke up so quickly, not because of the piano piece, but when the piano sounded, he somehow remembered the youth’s appearance playing the piano in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

Focused, and gentle.
He couldn’t afford to be disturbed in the slightest.

Shen Tong sneezed a little.

In the next second, as if covering up something, Caesar withdrew from Shen Tong’s arms, he bobbed his head, shook off the water stains that had rubbed off from Shen Tong’s body, glanced at the rain-soaked youth in disgust, and ran upstairs as fast as he could.
When he came back down, the snow lion was carrying a black uniform in his mouth.

Sitting on the floor, Shen Tong flipped through the book that introduced the Advanced Evolutionary again.
He was serious about his work, and since he had promised to pacify the big cat, of course, he needed to know more information about the Advanced Evolutionary.

Caesar looked over.
Even the wind had become gentle after the rain, the white shimmering daylight crept in, the light and shadows of the villa floated, with the young man’s head down, his long fingers pressed to the side and his face cloaked in vapor, the dots of light jumped back and forth.

He was here, and the light was here.

He was the light.

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