C49— Day 49

   Caesar asked indifferently: “Who got it?”

        The ministers, fearing that they might bear the wrath of the emperor, told the truth with fear and trepidation: “The steward, Lady Natasha, and a few of your guards.”

        “Tell them to come and see me.”

        Caesar expressionlessly ordered, they immediately went forward to convey the message.

      In a short time, the butler and his people arrived at the study.

      The butler asked respectfully, “Your Majesty, what is it?”

       Natasha also sent him a questioning look, but it was the guards who didn’t dare breathe loudly.

       “Catnip pendant.” Caesar lifted his eyes and asked, with little fluctuation in his tone, “Do you have them too?”

        If it were usual, the butler would have noticed the word “too” wasn’t quite right, but at the moment he obviously didn’t pay much attention, and nodded cheerfully, “We all have it.”

   Caesar’s glanced at them and he held out his hand, “Give it to me.”

       The butler didn’t think much about it, thinking he just wanted to look at it, so he took the pendant off and gave it to Caesar.

        Caesar looked in askance at Natasha, “Yours.”

      Although Natasha was puzzled, she didn’t ask more and silently handed him the pendant, the three guards next to her honestly presented theirs to him.

        Caesar didn’t even look at it, and mercilessly said: “Confiscated.”

        Butler: “?”

        Natasha: “?”

       Guards: “?”



        The butler was shocked by this, “Your Majesty!”

        Even Natasha could no longer maintain her usual calm, she frowned, “Your Majesty, may I ask why they were confiscated? Is it because you think there is something wrong with the pendant? I can confirm it ……”

        “There is no problem.”

        Caesar interrupted her, “confiscated.”

       He swept a glance at these people, with a stern expression.

        The steward opened his mouth and suddenly realized something.

        –His Majesty was jealous?

        Caesar asked again, “Is there no one else but you?”

       The butler responded deliberately, “Your Majesty, this pendant, Mr. Shen said it was given to us as a thank you gift, only we have received it so far, the others …… may have it later.”

        Caesar: “……”

        His gaze was quite dangerous.

        Purposely made for him?

        Specially made for them.

        Only he had it?

        Everyone had it.

        Caesar’s face sank in displeasure.

        What was the use of confiscating the pendants of these few people alone?

        The youth had to be taught a lesson.

        He lifted his feet and headed out.

Natasha opened her mouth, and the butler hastily looked at her and shook his head slightly.

        His Majesty was angry.

        Meanwhile, the official post sent out by Perth soon caused quite a stir.

        Catnip had passed the growth period safely?

        That was really great!

        To be honest, since learning that the catnip entered the growth period, many people worry about it, people commented on the official account a dozen times a day, afraid to miss the news, but they waited and waited, but Perth Palace never gave any response.

    No news was the best news simply didn’t work, everyone’s hearts kept going up and down.

       What happened to little mint?

        Why was there never a report of safety?

        So much so that after Perth’s official response was finally given, netizens almost wept with joy.

        Comments also swarmed in.

        [It’s okay!!! Scared the hell out of me !!!!]

        [Little mint you scared your mother to death you know QAQ!!!]

        [No news for so many days, I was scared every day, and cautiously checked the news all the time _(:з”∠)_]

        This comment was echoed by a number of people.

        [sister you are not alone! I wanted to know the recent situation of little mint, but I wad also afraid QAQ, I spent every day in fear, afraid that I’d no longer see my lovely little mint!]

    [ Every day, I held my terminal and at this official page.]

        [QAQ little mint, you abrasive goblin!]

     In addition, there were also many people that noticed the catnip pendant in the accompanying picture.

        To be honest, if the didn’t see the text, the first impression of this pendant was –

        A little ugly.

        But after reading the message carefully, they knew that this pendant was handmade by the catnip, and then opened the picture again, the impression of it was very different.


        How could it be so cute!

        They wanted it!

        For this group of felines, facing catnip, they undoubtedly had no bottom line and were full of fanaticism, as long it was catnip related, then it would be loved by them.

        For example, this pendant handmade by Shen Tong.

        The comments were instantly swept up by the new topic.

[The pendant is so cute ah ah ah ah ah QAQ is there a job opening at Perth Palace? Don’t say it, I’m coming!]

        [My eyes, why is red and dripping blood? Because I want to have this little mint handmade pendant QAQ]

        [I want, I want it! But I know it’s impossible to get the pendant made by Mint, is Papa Perth considering mass production for sale all over the stars? I will buy it!]

        [buy burst + interstellar ID]


        It was only logical that this comment proposing mass production received unanimous approval and was topped at the top. The user of the official account saw it at a glance, and she also thought it was a good proposal and secretly wrote it down, intending to ask the butler about it later.

        In addition to this one, there was another comment that received a lot of likes.

        [Although I want the pendant, I want to see the human form of little mint more la, I humbly ask if little mint will open live again, I want to see the human form of little mint _(:з」∠)_]

        The official Perth Palace account posted a reply to this one.

Since someone asked, it’s a unified reply. We have asked the opinion of the little mint, he is not too keen to appear in front of the public in human form at the moment, so the live broadcast may not be available.

        The news was a thunderstorm, and the comments were immediately woeful.

        [don’t ah !!!!!]

        [What fun is there in my life if I can’t smell little mint?]

        [I won’t listen I won’t listen! Perth dad I’ll give you one more chance to talk properly!]

        Netizens were frantically commenting that were no longer willing to accept the reality, they all understood that this was Little Mint’s own choice, Little Mint didn’t want to show up, they had to respect that.

        This time, someone carefully replied: [Although I know it’s not quite right, yesterday I found a very gentle little brother, like catnip. How to say, whether he’s playing the piano or reading a book, he can make people very happy, but also makes us want to change to our original form to ask for hugs, good feelings to the MAX, @ Shen Tong]

      [True or false?]

       [I also know this little brother, I got the same feeling, if little mint doesn’t go live, we can find him for replacement QAQ]

      Because of this comment, many people were convinced to click on Shen Tong’s homepage.

        And Shen Tong himself, also found that he inexplicably got 30,000 followers!

     What was going on?

        Shen Tong didn’t understand.

        His newly registered account had nothing, even the avatar was the system’s, just like a robot account, how could he get so many follows?

        Shen Tong thought for a moment, gave up, then he changed the system avatar.

        He changed it to the photo he took of the big, bad-tempered cat in the bathroom yesterday.

        — The majestic snow lion was piled with foam, almost submerged, and it looked at the camera with an expressionless face.

        Inexplicably funny.

        Shen Tong couldn’t help but laugh out loud, he finished all this, put down the personal terminal, and was about to continue making the pendants, when there was a knock on the door.

        Shen Tong thought it was the big cat coming back, and hurriedly went over and opened the door.

        He was caught off guard when he looked into a pair of smoky gray eyes.

        The eyes were very deep, as if it was repressing anger.

        It was Caesar.

“You ……”

        He didn’t finish speaking, his jaw was abruptly pinched and lifted up.

        The action wasn’t gentle, but the strength of his control was very good, both so that Shen Tong couldn’t escape from the shackles, but also comfortable for him, and the owner of this hand, his gaze dropped, full of a sense of aggression and predation.

        Four eyes met, and the space between them closed up.

        Caesar sullenly surveyed him for a moment, his fingertips rubbed the youth’s lips a few times, finally he fiercely pushed Shen Tong against the door, leaned down and pressed down –

        But it was only almost.

        He saw the youth’s eyes widen slightly.

        Bewildered, uneasy.

      Caesar narrowed his eyes and paused, he was both reluctant to just let this little liar go, but also didn’t want to scare him.

        The next second, he raised his hand and covered the youth’s lips.

        Caesar lowered his head.

        Through this hand, he kissed the youth.

        And the kiss, landed on the back of his hand.

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