C37– Day 37

Caesar’s smoky gray eyes narrowed abruptly.

Inside, the young man sat on the bed, surrounded by many cats, next to a mechanical pet.

Realizing that someone was coming, Shen Tong raised his head, looking slightly puzzled.

“Your Majesty?”

Unlike his calmness and bewilderment, the three cats were so shocked that their hair stood up the moment they saw Caesar, and they got up with a start, how happy they were just now, how desperate they were now.


They were absolutely dead!

In fact, this guess was correct.

Caesar was furious.

His face obviously sank, his icy gaze swept through the three cats in the hands of the youth one by one, even Yuanyuan also received a cold look.

In such an unkind sight, the cats’ bodies were unusually stiff, they didn’t dare move.

Shen Tong seemed to have noticed their abnormalities, he lowered his head to look at them a few times, and then pinched the back of their necks as if soothing them.

His movements were very light and gentle, but didn’t have any effect on relieving the tension.

Shen Tong found that the kittens, became more afraid?

They were trembling in his hands.

What was going on?

Shen Tong didn’t understand until he raised his head again and met Caesar’s smoky gray eyes.

The colour was cold, dark with anger.

Shen Tong: “?”

These kittens, were they frightened by this monarch?

He thought for a moment, this was the only reason, Shen Tong sighed gently, his hand gently stroked the arched back of the kittens a few times, and he asked Caesar: “Your Majesty, what do you want?”

Caesar stared at his hand, his gaze became even more unkind.

Norman and the others read the implication almost immediately.

If before was a warning, now this sire was announcing their death without words.

The kittens shrunk into balls, trying to reduce their presence.

This also led Shen Tong to feel even more pity for them.

He lightly called out again, “Your Majesty?”

After a long time, Caesar only expressionlessly replied with “hmm”.

The reason he came over was purely because he thought the youth had only just transformed and might be uncomfortable, so he put aside his tasks and went back, wanting to stay with him for a while longer.

The result was that he saw a bed of cats.

Thinking about it, Caesar’s eyes lifted, his gaze swept heavily over the three cats.

Very well.

Caesar’s thin lips lightly opened, his tone was cold: “You guys–”

He didn’t finish speaking, Shen Tong carried the kittens one by one to his lap, then covered their eyes.

They shouldn’t be afraid anymore, right?

Caesar saw this, then he slowly, slowly looked at Shen Tong meaningfully.

Shen Tong said good-naturedly, “Your Majesty, you’re scaring them.”

Caesar: “?”

Shen Tong: “They are very scared.”

After a long time, Caesar opened his mouth again: “So?”

Shen Tong tentatively asked, “Can you …… look a little happy?”

He politely persuaded this sire not to be so fierce.

Caesar narrowed his eyes to look at Shen Tong, he didn’t respond.

He was dissatisfied, very dissatisfied.

Dissatisfaction almost overflowed from his smoky gray eyes.

Like a large feline that wasn’t satisfied and was in a very unpleasant mood.

He was like the bad-tempered snow lion.

Probably because their temper was a bit similar?

Also, the eyes of this sire and the big cat, were smoky gray, which was very unique, but also very good-looking.

Shen Tong simply gave himself two reasons.

It waa precisely because he felt the same way when he wanted to coax the big cat, he actually wanted to coax the obviously unhappy majesty.

Shen Tong really did it.

He inclined his head and smiled a little, “Your Majesty.”

Shen Tong smiled, his eyebrows lightly curved, it was very infectious, Caesar looked at him for a few moments, still maintaining his cold attitude, then he slowly replied: “Hmm.”

“Don’t be unhappy.” Shen Tong raised his hand, and used his fingers to raise the edges of his lips into a smile, and smiled towards Caesar again, “This way. Be happy, okay?”

He looked at Caesar, his eyes curving into a pretty shape.

His voice was very soft and gentle, and his eyes, were clear and pure.

Looking at him, Caesar was slightly swayed.

The anger in his heart inexplicably disappeared.

He looked slightly softer.

So simple, he just wanted to make him happy?

Caesar gave a light hum.


He moved his eyes away slightly unnaturally, as if he was bored, and as if he was too lazy to care about Shen Tong, and said in a flat tone, “If staying here is not interesting, you can have someone take you out for a walk.”

Caesar’s ice-blade-like gaze fell again on Norman and the other cats, it was filled with displeasure.

The three cats shrank back.

A few minutes later, Caesar announced a new notice extremely arbitrarily and unquestionably.

–From today onwards, no one is allowed to appear in their original form inside the starship, or face the consequences.

As for the three men that didn’t know what they were doing, they would immediately be made an example.

That afternoon, several small starships were dropped into space …… to clean up the cosmic garbage.

From a distance, in the vast universe, these three small starships looked extraordinarily miniature, wobbled and drifted around, vividly illustrating the specific meaning of the expression “poor, weak and helpless”.

And the operators of the small starship were Norman and the two officers, if they had to describe their feelings at the moment, it was glad, very glad.

This result was at least much better than what they envisioned, being thrown out of the starship and becoming cosmic trash.

After all, they had the audacity to sneak in and play with catnip, and then they were caught in the act by His Majesty.

Not being thrown straight out of the starship was already a blessing in disguise!

Only ……

The two officers secretly glared at Norman who acted as if nothing had happened.

They held a grudge because of the catnip dolls.

They wanted it.

Probably because they had too much resentment in their heart, after being released back to the main ship, the two officers couldn’t help but lament to their fellow officers to release their bitterness: “The army chief is too much, he proposed to his majesty for catnip dolls as a reward to our regiment, but his majesty refused the request, he didn’t want to be disappointed alone, so he deliberately came to us, is he still human? ”

“Catnip dolls?”

Originally the two of them were spouting off about Norman, but it turned out that everyone who heard them focused on the catnip dolls.

The Legionnaires couldn’t help but fall into thought.

They imagined a catnip doll. Even though everyone hadn’t been able to see catnip in its human form, it didn’t matter, whether it was in its human form, or in the grass form they were familiar with, as long as it was catnip, just the thought of it was cute as hell!

Not to mention that catnip was very precious, he must be placed in the safest, but also the most comfortable place, and the capital star waa undoubtedly the most suitable place for catnip, but for the legionaries, it was a bit bad, because they needed to guard within their own star field on weekdays, the capital star waa also too far away, they could only see him in their free time through the live streams.

With catnip dolls, it was a different story.

The dolls could be carried around.

With catnip dolls, every time they went on a mission before the mobilisation meeting, catnip dolls could remind them that they were guarding not only the empire, but also catnip, which would immediately make them full of fighting spirit, then the frequent mobilisation meeting and recognition meeting would be more inspiring.

Now, it wasn’t just the two officers who wanted catnip dolls.

Everyone wanted it.

This also led to later, when Shen Tong asked to go out for a stroll, the officer assigned to accompany him had a very complicated expression.

There was excitement, and …… disappointment and sadness?

Shen Tong: “?”

Excitement, excitement he could probably understand, after all, this was the first time seeing him after the transformation, but this sadness and disappointment was ……?

Shen Tong wasn’t actually too curious, but since he came to this world, he had always received a lot of preferential treatment and love from these felines, based on intuition alone, but Shen Tong really couldn’t understand how he could make these felines feel sad.

Besides, the officer’s eyes were too hard to ignore, like a child lying in front of a window despondent and pitiful, as he longed for a new toy that was visible and untouchable.

When he remembered that the officer was also a furry cat, Shen Tong became a bit soft.

He simply couldn’t turn a blind eye.

Walking around, the officer continued to look at him with complicated eyes, Shen Tong sighed and took the initiative to talk to the officer, “Are we going back to the capital star?”

“Yes, the Rose Legion is escorting you and His Majesty back to the Capital Star.”

“How much longer will it take to get back?”

“It is expected to be around five days.”

Shen Tong let out a soft “ah”.

The officer immediately asked nervously, “What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable? Do you need to take a rest?”

If it wasn’t for the two officers who had annoyed His Majesty and were forbidden by him to go near the catnip, such a good job wouldn’t have reached him, his excitement and thrill couldn’t be explained, the officer thought catnip was really cute, but after this, he couldn’t help but think of the catnip doll that His Majesty had rejected, many emotions mixed together.

And at the moment, Shen Tong’s reaction made him worried, after all, for felines who had just passed the growth period, mental instability, physical discomfort was a common occurrence, the officer subconsciously thought of this aspect.

He was afraid of not being able to take care of catnip.

Shen Tong smiled and soothed him: “No discomfort, I just remembered that when I came here, it wasn’t so long.”

Normally, it didn’t need to take so long, this return trip would take five days, purely because Caesar gave them an order, the officer truthfully informed Shen Tong: “His Majesty requested that no spatial migration be used during the return trip.”

No use of space migration?

Shen Tong blinked his eyes.

The officer hesitated for a moment, he repeatedly looked at Shen Tong several times, and couldn’t help but ask him again, “Are you really not in any discomfort?”

His attitude was careful and cautious, as if Shen Tong was some kind of porcelain doll that would break if touched.

Shen Tong shook his head, “No.”

He saw that the officer was really worried about him, so he added helplessly, “If I’m uncomfortable, I will tell you, now there is really no discomfort anywhere, you don’t need to worry.”

Only then did the officer put down his heart.

Shen Tong thought about it and tried to ask him: “The way you looked at me before …… was a little sad? Is it because I didn’t do too well somehow?”

“No! No!” The officer sniffed and reacted fiercely, “Please don’t ever think that!”

Shen Tong smiled, “Okay, I won’t think that, then can you tell me the reason?”

His temperament was pure, and very gentle, which made people feel good, not to mention the attractiveness of catnip was very obvious, even if the officer originally didn’t intend to say, with Shen Tong intentional soothing and guidance, he couldn’t help but spill the truth to Shen Tong: “It’s this …… ”

The officer mumbled: “We all want your doll.”

Shen Tong: “……?”

His doll?

How come he understood every word, but together it didn’t quite make sense?

The officer lowered his head and said, “After this operation, His Majesty originally wanted to reward our legion with some military fund, but the army chief felt that your doll was better, but unfortunately His Majesty didn’t agree. We are sad because we can’t have your doll, definitely not because you did something wrong, you are good, really good.”

This answer made Shen Tong want to cry and laugh.

But …… they wanted their his doll?

Shen Tong tried to think about it and felt quite ashamed. But with the feline’s love for catnip, it didn’t surprise Shen Tong that they would have such an idea, after all, in his last life, he was also a panda doll lover.

He looked at the officer again, and unsurprisingly, he recognised the nervousness, shortness of breath, and loss in his expression.

Shen Tong could only sigh and try to overcome the shame in his heart, “Okay.”

“…… if you guys really want it badly.”

The officer froze.

“If you guys really want catnip dolls badly.” Shen Tong repeated, “Okay.”

After a little thought, Shen Tong hesitated again, “Can we not make it my human form?”

Making it his human form was very strange, and Shen Tong’s level of shame would also increase exponentially.

As for that His Majesty’s refusal, did be also think that this request was too strange?

Shen Tong didn’t think too much about it.

For the officers, whether it was Catnip’s humanoid state or his original body, it didn’t really make much difference, as long as it was him it was enough!

And to be honest, in fact, they also felt that the request for catnip to be made into a doll, was a bit rude.

But he actually agreed to it!

Just agreed to it!

The officer was dumbfounded for a while, and finally came back to his senses and said excitedly, “Yes! As long as it’s you, whatever works! It’s all just as cute!”

He was so excited that his face turned red, and for a while he was a bit overwhelmed, even after taking out the terminal, he just stood there and giggled, forgetting what he had wanted to do.

Finally, Shen Tong kindly reminded him: “Do you want to tell your companions about the news?”

The officer nodded vigorously and edited a few messages with trembling hands.


[Catnip has promised us his dolls!!!]

[We can have Catnip dolls now !!!!!!]

His excitement was easily seen from this long exclamation marks.

And those who saw the message and thought that words seemed too wrong at the moment to perfectly show their inner surprise, chose to post a longer string of exclamation marks.
[Catnip !!!!!!!!!!!!!]

All in all, the news spread unnoticed and soon spread throughout the starship.

The reaction of the crowd was surprisingly consistent: excitement, unbridled excitement!

Norman was happy, he even verbally awarded the accompanying officer an annual merit citation. No one opposed the decision, and they happily supported it!

Almost everyone was happy about it, except one person.


His Majesty was angry.

His Majesty opened the spirit world in annoyance.

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