C38— Day 38

Shen Tong was about to go to sleep before entering the spirit world.

As soon as the snow lion saw him, he came over aggressively.

In the spirit world, it was night time. The manor was magnificent, the lights were brilliant, and even the snow lion’s fur was also plated with a few bright colors, glittering, shinier than snow.

It approached Shen Tong step by step, it inexplicably appeared to be full of momentum.

Like it wanted to settle accounts with someone.

This inexplicable thought made Shen Tong couldn’t help but laugh a little.

And this time, the snow lion stopped in front of him, Its smoky gray eyes lightly raised.

Shen Tong subconsciously reached out and patted its head, the snow lion discontented moved aside, after staring at Shen Tong’s hand.

This hand had fair complexion and round fingertips.

Shen Tong raised his hand again, and gently pointed at the tip of the snow lion’s nose, the snow lion immediately opened his mouth to bite.

Shen Tong wasn’t worried, he knew it wanted to scare him more than hurt.

“Don’t be embarrassed.” Shen Tong said smiling.

The word “embarrassed” had nothing to do with him. Caesar looked at Shen Tong coolly, he really wanted to bite him. Shen Tong still didn’t worry that this big cat would hurt him. He said with a good temper: “Don’t bite, it isn’t clean.”

Wasn’t a lion a carnivorous animal?

The youth wasn’t afraid at all.

Seeing that he couldn’t scare him, the snow lion suddenly lost interest, he released his hand, but fiercely pounced Shen Tong, throwing them both to the ground.

Shen Tong had become accustomed to this big cat, and interpreted such behavior as a special way of pampering, he extended his hand to the snow lion, “Is it for a hug?”

A hug?

The snow lion ignored him, and then slowly pressed Shen Tong’s shoulder with his front paws, lowered his head and sniffed.

It was his favorite smell.

Light, sweet and moving.

The snow lion moved elegantly and slowly buried his face into the nape of Shen Tong’s neck.

And took a deep breath.

Its head also couldn’t help but rub against the youth a few times, then as if it realized what it was doing, it stiffened for a moment, but as soon as it thought of the group of cats outside the spirit world, the snow lion re-lowered its head again.

Shen Tong: “……”

Why was it suddenly doing that?

This big cat didn’t seem to be interested in him before?

It felt a little heavy being pressed by the snow lion, Shen Tong tried to push it, “Kitty, you’re heavy. ”

The snow lion didn’t respond, Shen Tong had to push a few more times, but it didn’t move, this bad-tempered cat even put a paw down, dominantly pressing Shen Tong down, not allowing him to move.

Shen Tong couldn’t move, so he laid down quietly.

The big cat’s behavior was really like it was pampering him.

It didn’t want to be denied, so it overbearingly pampered him.

Shen Tong helplessly lifted his hand and groomed its beautiful mane.

Caesar rubbed against him enough to let Shen Tong go.

Of course, his anger was still not so easy to eliminate.

–He dared to promise others to make catnip dolls.

He didn’t know how to behave. frivolous.

The snow lion looked at Shen Tong again, like it wanted to crush him.

Shen Tong: “?”

Although he didn’t know what happened, he could roughly read the dissatisfaction in the big cat’s eyes, and concluded that it wasn’t happy again.

Shen Tong sighed, he was worried that this big cat couldn’t control its emotions and was always so temperamental, so he took the opportunity to ask: “Kitty, do you want to come to the Capital Star to find me? Or I’ll look for you.”

He blinked, “I’ve passed the growth period, we can live together in the future, and I can raise you too.”

Raise him?

Caesar lifted his eyes and glanced at Shen Tong.

His private properties were spread throughout the interstellar, who would raise who was still certain.

The snow lion gazed at him with disdain, but its tail happily wiggled several times.

For that phrase living together.

Even though they were already living together.


The youth didn’t know that he was Caesar.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to confess, but he didn’t know that the youth was the catnip earlier, his previous acts were too bad, causing the youth to subconsciously start avoiding him when he saw him, and in the spirit world, he met the youth in the form of a snow lion, and the youth misunderstood that he didn’t have a human form and was distressed about it, Caesar didn’t deny it.

He couldn’t tell him yet.

Caesar lowered his eyes to think for a few seconds.

Anyway, he was in his place, the future was long.

Thinking of this, the snow lion arrogantly and reluctantly agreed.

He would find a way to appear at the youth’s side in the form of a snow lion.

With him around, other cats wouldn’t be able to get half a step closer to the youth.

Not long after, the spirit world closed.

Caesar lazily leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, his long fingers played with a saber.

His personal terminal suddenly vibrated a few times.

The butler sent a call request.

Caesar spoke slowly: “What is it?”

The steward asked, “Your Majesty, when will the starship arrive?”

“In a few days.”

“Is Catnip …… all right?”

Caesar lifted his eyelids and spoke in his usual tone, “Yes. He’s already transformed.”

The housekeeper breathed a sigh of relief and said with delight, “That’s good.”

After the transformation, there were other things to start preparing, and the butler asked Caesar’s opinion: “Your Majesty, do we need to celebrate?”

This was the habit of felines. After passing the growth period, it was equivalent to leaving the cub stage, just like bar mitzvahs on ancient earth, there was usually a big celebration.

This time, it was catnip that had passed the growth period.

The whole interstellar may have to celebrate.

Caesar let out a hum in agreement.

The butler got the approval and quickly came up with a few options in his head, but he felt they were too conventional and rejected them all, “Your Majesty, do you have any suggestions?”

The youth was always within the spirit world, when he mentioned the place he once lived, he looked nostalgic and despondent, during this time, the youth would look distant, as if out of reach.

After a long time, Caesar spoke, “Give him a home.”

In this way, he could never walk away again.

“A home?” The butler repeated, and then smiled, “Your Majesty, you’ve thought well.”

Caesar raised his eyebrows.

The butler asked again, “Your Majesty, do we need to inform the people of the news of the catnip’s transformation?”

“Not for now. We will ask him afterwards.”


The butler immediately went to prepare.

And Caesar narrowed his eyes thoughtfully.

What kind of surprise should he prepare for the youth?

Without warning, he remembered the grass ring that the youth had given him when he first entered the spirit world.

Five days later.

The starship arrived at the capital star.

In order to ensure safety, the starport had been cleared and all unrelated people were removed.

Shen Tong followed Caesar, got off the starship, and they switched to a private hover car.

The hover car drove to Perth Palace.

Shen Tong looked out curiously.

All the facilities in this era were full of technology, tall buildings towered into the clouds, the air tracked back and forth, they were made of special transparent material, a lot of plants had been planted, looking from afar, it looked like an air garden.

Perhaps he looked too seriously, he didn’t pay attention to the magnificent palace around the corner, the hover car steeply turned.

Shen Tong almost hit the car window.

But only almost.

A hand raised in time to protect his forehead.

The imagined pain didn’t come, Shen Tong blinked, and then turned his face sideways and met a pair of smoky gray pupils.

The color was cold and sensual, but his gaze was filled with annoyance.

Shen Tong : “…… Thank you, Your Majesty.”

The other withdrew his hand and said carelessly, “Caesar.”

Shen Tong subconsciously responded to him, “Shen Tong, my name is Shen Tong.”

Shen Tong?

Caesar’s eyebrows twitched.

Caesar’s gaze dropped lightly and he didn’t respond.

This name, was he the first to know?

Caesar let out a single syllable, “Hmm.”

His posture was diffident, he acted as if he didn’t care about it, but in reality, Caesar lowered his eyes and used the terminal to edit a short, powerful message.

[He told me his name is Shen Tong.]

The words “he told me” were deliberately emphasized.

The butler was currently outside the palace with many people, waiting for their return, after receiving this message, the butler froze for a moment, and he didn’t know if it was an illusion, he somehow felt a bit of smugness in these few words.

But the butler just respectfully replied: [Yes, Your Majesty].

It must be said that the butler’s outfit today was really much more grand and formal than usual.

This wasn’t to say that he was usually casual, but he paid more attention today, almost to the extent of being fussy.

He had carefully applied hairspray, and his suit had been ironed many times the night before, and now he was wearing it, straight and ironed, with not a single crease to be found.

The maids and guards following the butler were similarly dressed.

All of them behaved uncharacteristically today.

After all, this was the first time they would see little Mint after his transformation.

Just thinking about it, everyone couldn’t help but secretly suck in a breath.

Nervous, too nervous.

But at the same time, but they were also full of anticipation.

They didn’t know if little mint would like the gift they prepared for him.

Five minutes later, the hover car drove into the eye range.

The butler once again straightened his appearance, and then checked the maid’s instruments behind him with great care to make sure everything was in order before welcoming him, “Your Majesty, you’re back.”

Caesar nodded his head.

The butler’s gaze shifted and fell on the youth who was one step behind Caesar.

This was catnip after transforming, right?

The youth’s skin was very white, there was a very light colored mole under his right eye. His beauty, was comfortable and pleasing to the eye, without the slightest aggression, his temperament was also the same, clear and gentle.

And his hair color and pupil color were the unique black color of the Blue Star people.

Why didn he find him a little familiar?

At the same time, the butler was quite sure that he hadn’t seen Shen Tong before that.

He threw this unwarranted thought to the back of his mind and slowly revealed a friendly and kind smile, “Welcome home, and, you have grown up.”

The maids and escorts behind him also lit up when they saw Shen Tong, and they said in unison, “Welcome home.”

Welcome home?

Shen Tong was stunned.

“His Majesty told us a few days ago that you have successfully passed the growth period, so we can celebrate you.” The butler smiled and said, “So the entire Perth Palace has prepared a gift for you together.”

Shen Tong didn’t know this at all, he subconsciously looked at Caesar.

Caesar glanced at him and said nonchalantly, “If it’s revealed in advance, it wouldn’t be a surprise.”


Shen Tong blinked.

A surprise for him?

A few minutes later, Shen Tong entered the palace.

In the palace was small sculpture of the palace, Shen Tong immediately recognized that this was many times smaller Perth Palace. It was a building, with a flourishing glass flower room, patches of lily of the valley bloomed all around, and in the open field, many clay statues were placed.

They held hands and circled one after another, leaving only a small vacancy in the very center.

The butler pointed to one of the small clay figures dressed in western clothes and said, “This is me.”

After that, he pointed to the clay figure next to him, “This is Natasha.”

“And this one, she is-”

“It’s me!” A maid poked her head out, “It’s Dana!”

“To Dana’s left is Hans.”

“In front of Hans is Anna!”

“And me and me, I’m here.”


Everyone competed to point out the clay figure symbolizing themselves to Shen Tong, the atmosphere was momentarily cheerful and lively.

Of course, no one ever mentioned how much time they spent in order to make a good clay figure, and how many clay figures were scrapped, and how long they stayed up late.

And all this, just to have a perfect gift.

Shen Tong listened very carefully.

His eyes skimmed over each clay figure one by one, and Shen Tong knew very well that these clay figures symbolized not only these people, but also their care for him.

Shen Tong asked softly, “Did you guys make the models too?”

“The models were made by the butler and Natasha themselves!” Someone answered, “They seem to have consulted a lot of people for this models. In order to rush out in advance, they didn’t close their eyes for several days, we all said that the butler and Natasha seemed like robots, as long as the memory of little mint …… ah, as long as they remembered you, they immediately became energized.”

Shen Tong raised his eyes to look at the butler.

The butler shook his head, “It’s not so exaggerated, it just took a little time.”

It just took a little time?

Far more than that.

His heart felt heavy, but he was also touched. Shen Tong knew very well that they didn’t do this for anything in return at all, they just wanted to give him a surprise. Shen Tong never took other people’s kindness to him for granted, but these people showed kindness to him as a matter of course.

As if they were born to give him the best.

Shen Tong didn’t even know what to say for a moment, so he could only thank them: “Thank you, I like it very much.”

“Thank you. ”

The housekeeper smiled, “It’s good that you like it.”

At this point, the butler paused for a moment, “Natasha?”

Beyond the crowd, Natasha said succinctly, “Yes.”

She slowly walked over.

Shen Tong smiled at her as a token of appreciation.

This iceberg beauty was stunned for a long time before she slowly returned a smile.

Natasha spread her hand, and within her palm was a small clay grass. Shen Tong seemed to realize something, and the next moment, Natasha’s actions confirmed Shen Tong’s suspicions.

She took this small grass and placed it carefully in the very center, filling the little vacancy.

Inside the palace model, bellflowers were spread all over the ground. The clay people held hands and surrounded one circle, while in the middle of the place, a small clay grass was placed, which only had one leaf.

As if the stars were holding the moon, the people flocked to it.

It was precious and irresistible in their hearts.

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