C36— Day 36

Shen Tong asked with surprise: “Can I?”

Caesar glanced at him meaningfully, he suddenly lifted his eyebrows with an arrogant posture, “You need to ask for its opinion.”

Caesar expectantly looked at Shen Tong.

– If he said a few words, maybe he would agree

But Shen Tong thought about it, and thought he had a point, when he saw the big cat, he would ask for its opinion, he could ask next time he went into the spirit world, it wasn’t very urgent. So Shen Tong nodded, “Okay, I know.”

Caesar: “?”

Shen Tong: “When I see it next time, I will ask.”

The monarch, who had always been a strategist, had a rare look of chagrin.

He gave a light tsk.

“Good luck.”

Not long after, Caesar once again opened his mouth as if nothing had happened, “Let’s go.”

He stopped lingering and lifted his feet to leave.

The black military jacket was with Shen Tong, and at the moment Caesar only had a white shirt with the hem tucked into his straight military pants. He lightly took a step, yet his military boots heavily hit the ground, Shen Tong looked over, the man’s posture was upright, yet also full of strength, and his aura was compelling and extremely severe.

Caesar pushed open the door.

He didn’t expect to see a lot of people outside.

“Transformed? Transformed? Transformed?”?

“Boy or girl!?”

“Little mint is so cute, he must be a boy!”

Caesar: “……”

Shen Tong: “……?”

Why was it like they were guarding a delivery room?

The people outside immediately clamored. In order to be the first to know about the catnip’s transformation, the higher ranking officers within the Rose Legion deliberately arranged their patrol area in the vicinity, but the waiting time for the transformation was really a bit long, so much so that when the door opened, not many people noticed their majesty, not to mention noticing their majesty’s not-so-great face, everyone’s attention was on the catnip inside.

There were even people poking their heads in and looking around.

Caesar was so unhappy that cold air was coming out of his body, and the air pressure around him was low.

“Very nice?”

His voice was low and dangerous.

It was a pity that the other party had no sense of crisis, “It will surely look good, it’s–”

His companion was the first to come back to his senses, he originally looked suspiciously, after seeing clearly that it was Caesar, he immediately sucked in a breath of cold air, and quickly poked him a few times, whispered a reminder: “Your Majesty.”

These two words seemed to be some kind of switch, the officer’s movement became stiff, and he slowly, slowly twisted his head.

He didn’t see catnip, but he saw the living king of hell.

And this living king of hell had “you’re dead” written all over his face.

The officer swallowed a mouthful of saliva, “Your Majesty, Your Majesty.”

Caesar always restrained his temper with Shen Tong, but to those spying on Shen Tong, he wasn’t so polite. He said with an expressionless face, “Nothing to do?”

The officers shook their heads frantically.

Caesar’s tone was bland, “Better not. Otherwise I don’t mind giving you a few assignments – get out and clean up Interstellar trash, or become Interstellar trash.”

The warning was clear.

The officers immediately scattered and returned to their positions.

The effect of his intimidation was obvious, and Caesar faintly withdrew his gaze, then looked at the two officers who stayed behind and instructed them, “Keep an eye on this place, don’t let anyone disturb his rest.”


Only then did Caesar leave.

He arrived at the office, where Norman had been waiting for a long time.

“Your Majesty.”

Caesar nodded his head, “Hmm.”

Norman previously didn’t know that the growth period of catnip wasn’t normal, after interrogating the auction house people, he finally learnt the truth, he immediately inquired, “Did catnip successfully transform?”

Caesar looked at him, apparently too lazy to answer this question.

Norman also realized that his question was nonsense.

If something had happened to Catnip, His Majesty would have given the order to blow up Yura by now.

He smiled and reported respectfully, “Your Majesty, all the people from the auction house have been brought back, as well as the three star thieves, who have also been caught and are waiting for your decision.”

Caesar lowered his eyes and thought for a few seconds, “The leader and the three star thieves, throw them into the mining planet, and deport the rest of them.”

Norman: “The mining planet?”

Caesar looked at him condescendingly, “Too much?”

Norman hurriedly replied, “No, no, no.”

In fact, after finding out that the boss’s motive was to auction catnip for star coins, Norman only felt that she wasn’t worth saving. Besides, she was responsible for catnip entering its growth period, and Norman thought that their Majesties’ style would have been to execute them outright, leaving no one behind, instead of leaving them alive.

But well, serving on a mining planet might be better than dying.

After all, the environment there was notoriously harsh, mining dust covered the sky, there was no day and night, they had to work hard the whole day.

How dare anyone get the idea to steal catnip?

It was a deserving punishment.

Norman lamented in his heart.

After disposing of those people, Caesar said indifferently: “In a few days, the Rose Legion will get a military fund.”

Norman listened to understand, this military fee, in fact, was a reward for the Rose Legion rescuing catnip.

In the old days, getting a military fund for doing nothing would make Norman crazily happy, but right now Norman had other ideas.

He felt that there was something that would be more inspirational to his soldiers than military expenses.

Norman, the old army chief, was more or less friendly with Caesar, so he bargained: “Your Majesty, how about not allocating military funds? Change it to something else.”

Caesar carelessly glanced to the next, indicating for him to continue.

Norman continued, “Your Majesty, the reason we went out this time, was for the catnip. So let’s do it this way, the military expenses in exchange for catnip dolls, as a souvenir, when we sleep at sleep at night, we can hold it. What do you think?”

Caesar: “?”

He stared at Norman expressionlessly.

Unfortunately, Norman was still immersed in the fantasy of having a catnip doll, he didn’t notice.

Catnip was cute, so catnip dolls’ would also be cute too, their rose legion would become the first in the universe to get catnip dolls, this honor was enough for him to show off to people one by one, and also to make his colleagues, the eleven army chiefs, envious again.

Just thinking about it almost made Norman laugh out loud.

It was so beautiful to think about.

He didn’t even notice Caesar’s dangerous eyes.

Catnip dolls?

One for each person? Hold to sleep?


No way.

Caesar didn’t hesitate to release his mental power.

A few seconds later, an invisible force appeared and Norman was viciously thrown out, with it came an extremely cold voice, the tone of displeasure almost spilled out.

“Get out.”

Thanks to the strong physique of a soldier, Norman was only thrown away by his mental power, but didn’t suffer any injuries.

He rubbed the back of his head in pain.

He was only applying for a catnip doll, not the real catnip, so how could His Majesty have thrown him out!

Norman was puzzled.

He patted the dust on his body, and decided to make a tour around as the army chief,

Of course, out of selfishness, Norman’s first choice was the lounge where Shen Tong was staying.

Outside the door, the two officers stood straight in military posture, but their heads frequently twisted to the house, Norman saw this, and also came over to look.

There was a youth there.

Wearing a uniform that clearly didn’t belong to him and didn’t fit well, he sat on the bed, holding a small black and white tumbler in his arms, his head was lowered as he scratched the panda’s chin.

The youth’s hair and eyes were black, an extremely rare colour among the stars, and his skin was very white, as if made of porcelain, his face was beautiful, but it wasn’t aggressive, it was both gentle and comforting.

If they had to use two words to describe him, it would probably be gentle and silent.

There was a smell in the air, very light, like the sweetness of the water.

As a fan of catnip, who had repeatedly watched the live many times, Norman was familiar with this smell.

It was catnip!

The youth was catnip!

In this way, without realising it, Norman also looked fascinated.

Some people were like this, no matter what they did, they looked very attractive, making people unable move their eyes, the youth clearly belonged to this type.

Yuanyuan was sent over shortly after Caesar left.

Shen Tong was a little worried at first that it wouldn’t recognise him, but it turned out that as soon as the cub saw it, it was like a launcher aimed at a target, it shook and rushed towards him.

Because of its overly cute appearance that reminded Shen Tong of the live panda video he had seen in his previous life, he then naturally reached out and completed the regret of his previous life–

He hugged the panda cub.

Yuanyuan was very cooperative and let him rub and squeeze it.

It was just a little sprout that melted when lying flat.

Yuanyuan was soft all over. If Shen Tong didn’t know that it was a mechanical pet, he couldn’t think that it wasn’t a real panda. He gently smiled, “Yuanyuan, where I live, pandas like you are national treasures.”

The word “national treasure” belonged to the ancient earth vocabulary and wasn’t in Yuan Yuan’s vocabulary, it asked in confusion, “What is a national treasure?”

Shen Tong thought for a moment, “A national treasure is …… precious, cute, and no one dislikes it.”

It dawned on Yuanyuan, “So it means cub.”

It immediately included this term within its vocabulary and made a simple note that
National treasure was (cub)

Shen Tong thought it didn’t understand, “National treasure doesn’t mean that, it’s to describe ……”

Shen Tong was still thinking about how to make Yuanyuan understand, but Yuanyuan said, “Cub is precious and cute, no one dislikes him, national treasures are also precious and cute, no one dislikes them, so cub is a national treasure, national treasure is cub.”

It continued, “Yuanyuan is praised as a cub!”

Shen Tong was the core of Yuanyuan, it didn’t understand the specific meaning of the word national treasure, but it understood how much it liked Shen Tong, and also understood how precious Shen Tong was, so with the simple and brutal “national treasure” and “cub” equivalence, Yuanyuan understood that Shen Tong was praising it, and for it, no compliment made his as happy as this.

Because cubs were the best!

It was a cub!

That meant it was good too!

Its eyes were shining brightly.

Shen Tong was stunned.

It took him a long time before he smiled again and laughed soundlessly, “Yes, Yuanyuan was praised.”

The officer outside the door saw this and whispered, “Catnip seems to like furry little animals.”

The other man agreed: “Yes, and he’s scratching this mechanical pet’s chin.”

They both looked at each other and saw the longing in their eyes.

— they wanted to stay with catnip and have their chins scratched by catnip.
Norman thought the same.

No matter how much they evolved, they always retained their feline nature, they liked to be tickled, liked their fur being smoothened, not to mention the person doing it would be the irresistible catnip.

Norman regrettably lamented, “…… what a pity.”

He couldn’t be tickled by catnip, and he couldn’t have a catnip doll.

This sudden exclamation from him startled the other two officers. The two of them immediately turned their heads back and stood straight as if to remedy the situation, “Army chief.”

Luckily Norman wasn’t going to pursue it, but he decided to share the pain, “I just came from His Majesty.”

So ……?

The two officers looked puzzled.

Norman had a sullen look on his face, “His Majesty was going to reward us with some military money for this operation, and I said that the legionnaires should like the catnip dolls a little more than the military fund, and I hoped that His Majesty would reward catnip dolls to our legion as a reward.”

Two officers: !!!

Not should, would prefer catnip, definitely prefer catnip!

Their eyes widened abruptly.

Catnip dolls, just the thought of them was unbelievably cute!

The two officers’ hearts fluttered and they looked to Norman with expectation in their eyes, waiting for his response.

Unfortunately, his next words weren’t so pleasant, Norman said slyly: “His Majesty refused.”

The two officers: ????

The hope that was just just lit, immediately extinguished.

The army chief deliberately said this to hurt them!

In fact, Norman did deliberately hurt them, after all, he himself was also hurt, he needed to find someone to share with, now seeing the two’s aggrieved and bewildered expressions, Norman’s mood was a lot better.

His gloating was too obvious, and the two officers couldn’t help but grit their teeth and say, “Army! Chief!”

Perhaps their movement was a little too loud and startled Shen Tong, who inquired softly, “May I ask what’s wrong?”

Shen Tong turned sideways and looked outward.

In a flash, Norman remembered that l the youth was fond of furry critters, and he changed back to his original body almost without thinking.

The two officers, on the other hand, were much more honest. Seeing that they had disturbed the youth, they hastily apologized to Shen Tong: “We’re sorry to disturb you, it’s nothing, we just-”

Shen Tong: “Why is there a little Siamese?”

Officer: “Huh?”

When they both looked down, they saw the army chief who had changed back to his original body and was licking his paws in a calm manner.

The Siamese cat was a kind of cat that changed colour. When it got cold, its face got darker and darker, and this little Siamese’s face was also really dark. Shen Tong had no trouble guessing that it was cold where this little Siamese lived, or was stationed, and he smiled and asked, “Little Siamese, are you cold?”

Norman responded by meowing at him.

The sound was whiny.

So whiny that the two army chiefs were stunned.

Their army chief suddenly turned into a cat!

And was attempting to launch a cute attack on catnip!

Wasn’t he ashamed?

The two men immediately recognised Norman’s bad intentions and secretly cursed, but Shen Tong ate it up.

He reached out his hand to it, “Siam, do you want to come in and play?”

Norman immediately ran in happily, without the dignity of a military leader, and rubbed his face against Shen Tong’s fingers.

Shen Tong tentatively stroked his head a few times, but the Siamese didn’t hiss at him at all, and instead of being alert and wary, it hugged Shen Tong’s wrist.

Shen Tong raised his hand and shook it a few times.

Siam held on tightly and followed the shake, but didn’t let go.

Shen Tong was amused by this little guy.

He didn’t know that although he was currently in human form, his body still had the scent of catnip.

Not as mind numbing as before, but enough to make a cat sway from the smell.

Norman was in such a state.

It was so happy that it was on all fours and showed its white fluffy belly to Shen Tong.

This was the cat’s way of expressing trust.

Silly, but cute.

Shen Tong was amused.

His white fingers kneaded its ears continuously, he found that this little Siamese liked to have its ears rubbed.

Norman was so comfortable that he couldn’t help but whine a few more times.

The pleasure was divine.

And the two officers looked jealous from outside.

Extremely jealous.

First he hurt them with the catnip doll, and then after that he sneaked in as a cat and attracted catnip’s attention!

He was actually inhaling catnip’s scent just like that!

The two officers were so angry, they too wanted to be hugged by Catnip, to play with him, and to smell Catnip up close.

The two exchanged a look and managed to reach an agreement.

–They wanted to join!!!

Soon after making this decision, Shen Tong found two more fallen kittens.

They tilted their heads, one purring more than the other.

Norman, who had seized the opportunity, glared hard at the two shameless cats.

–Get out!

To no avail.

His displeasure was ignored.

For this reason, Norman decided to use the old Legion method, forceful solution!

So Shen Tong just picked up the two kittens, when the Siamese cat aggressively pounced on them.

The two cats also didn’t show weakness and eagerly accepted the fight.

You scratch, I kick, you pounce on me, I bite your ears, and so, three cats quickly became a big ball, meow meow meow.

The scene was very tragic, cat hairs flew around.

Shen Tong looked very confused.

If he could understand cat language, he would know what was going on.

–No disturbing me!

–You can do it, so can we!

–You can’t!!!

No deal was made, so the three cats fought again.

The battle became more and more intense.

Fearing that they might get hurt, Shen Tong tried to separate the three cats.

His left hand held down two, his right hand picked up another, the aggressive cats immediately laid down without dignity, and skillfully rolled, then coyly called out: “Meow.”

Shen Tong: “……”

That was quite fast.

The three cats were harmonious on the surface, but behind the scenes they were actually fighting for favour. They were all trying to take Shen Tong’s eyes away from the other two cats, almost to the point of doing everything possible.

But this competition for favour didn’t last long, they shivered violently.

There was a very aggressive and oppressive spiritual force, approaching them.

And the owner of this spiritual force, was very powerful.

It was clear who it was.

The next second, Caesar, who was supposed to be on official business, pushed open the door.

His gaze dropped.


Dun dun dun

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