The heroine, Shang Mengzhen, was attending an event on the first floor of a building on the planet, which was located in the center of the city, opposite a huge central square. As a starship that belonged to the military and was always ready to go into battle, the vehicle that Duan Hengye was riding in at the moment Could naturally land at any location.

Although Duan Hengye’s visit was sudden, he didn’t notify the planet in advance for security preparations. But when he was about to land, Ye Pu still contacted the relevant departments here, asking them to help vacate the starship’s docking site.

At this time, anyone who liked to go on the Internet had already seen the news about Duan Hengye arriving at Planet X on a starship of the military. Because most of the buildings in the city centre were taller, people standing there had their vision blocked, so although they saw the news, they didn’t know whether the legendary starship was flying towards their location.

And just when everyone was in doubt, finally the security personnel of Planet X came and guided everyone to vacate the square.

Seeing this gesture, the square immediately quieted down. Everyone consciously followed the staff to the side, but in a few minutes, a large area of open space was vacant.

In fact, most of the people in the square today were there for Shang Mengzhen’s event. In addition to some of the fans, it was the residents who lived on Planet X and were very interested in the recent news, as well as some entertainment reporters who weren’t qualified to enter the venue. If some people were disappointed that they couldn’t get into the event, now that they saw the square, they immediately got excited.

The shadow of the starship hadn’t yet arrived, but there were already bold repirtees adjusting their lenses upward, waiting to take pictures in a moment.

A few minutes later, the black starship with a huge military logo finally appeared overhead, and people standing below held their breath.

At this time in the starship, Duan Hengye followed his assistant Ye Pu towards the door. Before him, a bunch of military staff had arrived at the side door of the starship in advance – although they could rarely be seen, in fact this starship had many staff from the military that specialised in security.

Duan Hengye’s eyesight had always been good, at this time the starship was slowly landing, standing at the window he saw that the onlookers below were also looking up at the huge starship.

He silently stared down.

Although the starship had slowed down its landing speed, it didn’t take long for it to come to a steady stop on the square below. Duan Hengye and Ye Pu didn’t go out first, just as they waited, the security personnel accompanying them had already come out of the doors on both sides of the starship and proceeded to organise the scene.

The security personnel assigned to Duan Hengye by the military ministry were imposing, and their serious expressions and the laser weapons they carried were enough to silence the onlookers. After seeing this formation, the ordinary onlookers who were watching put down their light computers, at this time only a few recording devices remained, they ignored the silent gaze of the staff and continued to record.

But the security personnel around Duan Hengye also didn’t stop.

The atmosphere at the scene was very serious, and after a few minutes, the main door of the starship finally opened slowly, and Duan Hengye’s assistant Ye Pu walked down before him.

Because of his visit to An Luo University, Duan Hengye’s appearance was very different from his usual public appearances. Professor Duan didn’t formal wear, but a simple sky blue light collar loose knit shirt with black jeans.

Duan Hengye didn’t look like the director of the Ye Tian Empire’s Mecha Research Institute, but rather more like a student who hadn’t yet graduated from college. Coupled with his soft and slightly long black hair, besides gentleness, he looked inexplicably vulnerable.

Although Duan Hengye had gradually become accustomed to participating in a variety of public activities, but this was his first time witnessing such a scene. After walking out of the hatch, feeling the strange atmosphere on both sides, Duan Hengye reflexively lowered his head, and then quickly followed behind Ye Pu.

And after noticing Professor Duan’s behaviour, for the first time, Mr assistant felt a large sense of responsibility. Ye Pu couldn’t help but straighten up again, and then he completely blocked Duan Hengye behind him.

Duan Hengye didn’t know that this simple action, after being broadcast live, caused a huge speculation on the star network.

Is anyone watching the live broadcast on XX.com right now, why do I feel that Professor Duan’s expression is not very good? And he also kept his head down and stood behind a staff member ……

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Owner, you are not alone! Today’s Duan Hengye looks so serious ah ~ and his mood doesn’t look very good.

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Thank you for reminding me! Professor Duan actually kept his head down and followed behind his own assistant, this is definitely not right ah.

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It seems like Shang Mengzhen is definitely going to be in trouble today, tsk.”

Obviously, at this time, people who said so on the star network had forgotten one thing – in most cases, Duan Hengye had always been such a serious person. Because of the psychological expectations, they automatically attributed Duan Hengye’s current mood to “unhappiness”.

The square was too large, although Duan Hengye had intentionally accelerated his steps. But after a few minutes, he finally reached the door. Before Duan Hengye entered, a part of the security personnel had already entered the building in advance.

Unlike the onlookers in the square who had been paying attention to this matter, because the inside of the building was too chaotic, no one knew that now Duan Hengye had arrived at the planet – of course, these people also included the female lead, Shang Mengzhen.

At this time, Shang Mengzhen had been trapped by those anti fans for a long time, although as the female lead she was far more calm than the average person. But after a few minutes of tossing and turning, Shang Mengzhen’s mood still couldn’t help but fall a little, and her mind gradually veered in the direction of collapse.

And at this time, Shang Mengzhen suddenly saw a bunch of staff wearing uniform at the entrance of the first floor. In the Ye Tian Empire, most of the organisations in the empire didn’t have uniform uniforms due to the different climates of each planet. In addition, the security personnel who had been accompanying Duan Hengye were dressed differently from ordinary imperial soldiers, so at first glance when they saw them, no one would associate these people with the military department, and Shang Mengzhen was no exception.

But no matter what, after seeing those people, Shang Mengzhen was finally relieved. In fact, according to the current chaos of the scene, the planet should have sent the police. The police were sent. Shang Mengzhen was a smart person, ten minutes ago, when the scale of the chaos began to expand, she realized that perhaps the people who had been causing trouble were related to the forces behind this planet.

Shang Mengzhen guessed that at this time, the person behind the master scene also realized that the scene had been too chaotic, and wanted to end this farce. Although she was still very unhappy, after seeing the uniformed security personnel, Shang Mengzhen finally felt a little bit stable.

As the string in her heart loosened, Shang Mengzhen’s eyes instantly turned red. No matter how strong a person was, after being aggrieved for so long, she would naturally feel a little helpless and aggrieved.

Not only Shang Mengzhen, but also the fans and media who had been staying inside the venue also saw the security personnel who were coming towards them. Finally, the first floor of the building quieted down. Because the scene was just too noisy, even the media staff who were surrounding Shang Mengzhen, also didn’t know about the sudden visit of Duan Hengye to the planet.

In any case, for individual unscrupulous media personnel, the word “queen” and chaos, security and so on, when associated with the two words represented an increase in the number of views. So just as the military security personnel entered the door, these reporters didn’t restrain themselves, but instead readjusted the height of the live camera and shot directly at the door, by the way, a staff member who was doing a live broadcast also looked at the live camera and said: “We can see that the commotion caused by Shang Mengzhen has indeed attracted not only a large number of fans, but even the planet’s security personnel were also drawn over.” The reporter didn’t mention the organiser’s mismanagement, instead, he directly put the biggest blame on Shang Mengzhen’s head.

Now Shang Mengzhen was in an emotional state, and when she heard that reporter say that, she turned around and gave him a blank look.

As a mature actor, since the beginning of her career, Shang Mengzhen knew that her future life would never be free of questions and slander. Before today, Shang Mengzhen’s treatment of these slanders was mostly to ignore them. But just now, Shang Mengzhen finally couldn’t help but lose control for a moment.

Of course, this footage was also faithfully recorded.

Just at this time, the security personnel who had arrived early were already standing in their positions. Because of their arrival, an empty space suddenly appeared in the originally crowded hall. After a few more seconds, a figure first appeared in that empty space.

…… Who was he?

After seeing this man dressed in black, the fans and media present couldn’t help but freeze in place. Because they had been covering the entertainment section, the reporters didn’t know Duan Hengye’s assistant Ye Pu, they only knew that the man in front of them had an extraordinary and dangerous aura.

But Shang Mengzhen was different, as a fan of Duan Hengye, she recognised at a glance that the man who appeared in front of her at this moment was Duan Hengye’s personal assistant.

If she was correct, Ye Pu generally never leaves Duan Hengye’s side.

That meant ……

Before all the reporters on the scene, Shang Mengzhen cast her gaze towards the back of Ye Pu. Then she saw that a light blue figure was walking towards her.

Surprisingly, it was really him.

The hall was very large, but at this time no one spoke, the original chaotic scene became quiet to the extreme. In such an atmosphere, Duan Hengye walked in step by step, and then stopped behind Ye Pu.

Unlike Shang Mengzhen, who had prepared her heart for a few seconds, after seeing Duan Hengye, everyone at the scene had a doubt of “am I dreaming now? And after the doubts gradually fell, Duan Hengye saw that a few people not far from him revealed an excited look, like hungry wolves that had seen a piece of raw meat with blood.

Duan Hengye knew what they were thinking.

Now the news about Shang Mengzhen and Southern Star had spread throughout the star network, although due to Meng Jinhuai’s identity, the so-called “special relationship” hadn’t been openly and explicitly said. But in the eyes of this group of reporters, it was 80% true. Now when they saw him suddenly appearing here, the disgusting emotions in their eyes almost condensed into substance.

Duan Hengye directly ignored the reporters. After he stood, Ye Pu, who had been with him, stepped forward, gesturing for the media to stop blocking Shang Mengzhen.

Although they didn’t know what Ye Pu was going to do, seeing the staff around Duan Hengye give such a request, the group of reporters still obediently gave way to Shang Mengzhen. It was only at this time that Shang Mengzhen, who had been “besieged” for half a day, finally walked out from the crowd.

Shang Mengzhen was a strong person, but at the moment she looked up and saw her idol, she couldn’t help but shed a tear.

In fact, now Shang Mengzhen felt apprehensive, although she knew she was innocent, at this time she wasn’t sure what Duan Hengye wanted to do.

After walking out of the crowd, Shang Mengzhen stood opposite Duan Hengye and called out “Professor Duan” in a low voice.

“Hmm.” Duan Hengye remembered that in the book “Dumping Interstellar”, it was written that the female lead, Shang Mengzhen, never shed tears outside of movies. So after seeing the other party’s expression, the usually calm Duan Hengye couldn’t help but feel panicked.

Duan Hengye really had no experience in comforting girls ah ……

As Duan Hengye stood there contemplating if he should say something, someone who had been standing behind couldn’t help but speak. It was important to know that Duan Hengye was the director of the Mecha Research Institute, and journalists with seniority like theirs naturally didn’t have access to him. Not to mention the special interview training their predecessors had.

So when they realized that Duan Hengye now had the intention of leaving, someone finally asked a question that countless people were concerned and curious about out loud directly – even though it was very out of place.

“Please a question for Professor Duan! Do you have any opinion about the special relationship between Ms. Shang Mengzhen and Southern Star?”

This reporter had just uttered those words, and immediately after that, he realized that what he was doing seemed to be somehow dangerous …… At the same time when his words fell, the Military Security Personnel standing around Duan Hengye uniformly turned and gave him indescribably terrifying look.

Although that reporter had seen a lot of wind and waves in the entertainment industry, but such a scene was indeed his first time. After seeing the murderous gaze of the security personnel, he was instantly cowed and then silently retreated several steps.

At this time, something unexpected happened.

Duan Hengye didn’t ignore him as expected, or call the staff around him to go forward to deal with hjm. On the contrary, Duan Hengye even stopped Ye Pu who was ready to go forward, then he looked up straight into the eyes of the reporter who just asked the question and said: “Special relationship? Why should I have an opinion on this matter.”

Although he didn’t answer the question positively, but Duan Hengye’s words clearly told everyone at the scene – Shang Mengzhen did have some “special relationship” with Southern Star. Now not only the onlookers, even Shang Mengzhen herself and Ye Pu couldn’t help but stare at Duan Hengye with wide eyes.

A big news from the sky fell right in front of them, how could they not go after it. Although they reasonably understood that asking such questions may lead to trouble, but see Duan Hengye really answer, the reporter who just asked a question actually once again moved towards Duan Hengye and loudly asked: “So you admit that Shang Mengzhen and Southern Star have a special relationship?”

Shang Mengzhen, who was standing beside Duan Hengye, turned white as she slowly raised her head to look at Duan Hengye.

After hearing those words, Duan Hengye’s expression still didn’t change in the slightest, he coldly glanced at the reporter and then said: “I’m not sure what you mean by ‘special relationship’. But I hope you know that Shang Mengzhen had a relationship with Southern Star from the moment she was born, and she was originally a member of Southern Star.”

“…… ah?” After hearing Duan Hengye’s answer, Shang Mengzhen herself reacted more than anyone else.

In actuality, in the interstellar world, the word “Southern Star” no longer represented simply the planet where the military department was located. It was the symbol of the military department as well as the representative of the huge family behind the military department that stretched for hundreds of years.

After hearing Duan Hengye’s words, many people thought, as a popular movie queen, Shang Mengzhen’s background and origins was investigated, but they all ended in failure. So according to Duan Hengye, Shang Mengzhen was actually also a member of Meng Jinhuai’s family?

In this way, it seemed that the answer to why she waa being promoted by Southern Star had also been found. But this answer was too crazy, right?

The reporter seemed to want to ask more questions, but after seeing Duan Hengye’s expression that he obviously didn’t want to deal with them, Ye Pu went up to stop him in time. In the meantime, he also faced the crowd and said a bunch of words that were superficially very official, but actually threatening in every sentence.

After Ye Pu finished, Duan Hengye, who had been standing in the same place, finally moved. He walked up and stood beside Shang Mengzhen, who was still frozen, and then bent down slightly and said in an extremely gentle tone, “Well, let’s leave here together.”

After listening to Duan Hengye’s words, Shang Mengzhen held back her tears and said, “Mm”, then she subconsciously followed Duan Hengye and walked towards the outside of the building.

Duan Hengye’s speech just now and the current scene were recorded together.

And when Meng Jinhuai finished an extremely important confidential meeting, he saw such a picture.

The picture showed Duan Hengye wearing a light blue knitted shirt, his expression was incomparably gentle, while Shang Mengzhen standing beside him had changed from her usual high and cold goddess temperament and looked softer.

Seeing this, Meng Jinhuai, who originally intended to take a look at the light computer and then go out, stood there for a long time without moving. The staff member who was approached by Meng Jinhuai in the conference room gave him a very apprehensive look, then asked tentatively, “Lord Marshal, is there something wrong with the private database we provided just now?”

At that, Meng Jinhuai, who had already finished reading the text description, finally took his eyes off the light computer, and then he shook his head at the staff member who had just spoken “There is no problem, it’s something else.”

“Ah, that’s fine. Lord Marshal if there are any more database related problems, please feel free to come to us.” After saying that, the staff member left the place in due course.

When he was left alone inside the office, Meng Jinhuai once again took out his light computer.

Although Meng Jinhuai was informed, after seeing this photo, he still couldn’t help but …… be a little jealous.

After a few minutes, Meng Jinhuai walked out from inside the conference room. He glanced at the assistant waiting outside and then said, “Inform the starship, go to Planet X now.”

Hearing Meng Jinhuai’s request, although the assistant was very doubtful in his heart, he immediately opened his light computer and began to contact the marshal’s starship.

At the same time, Duan Hengye also finally brought Shang Mengzhen along with him to re-board the black starship. Although the purpose of this trip to help the heroine had been achieved, the strange thing was that Duan Hengye didn’t immediately tell the starship to leave the planet.

Duan Hengye once again sent new coordinates to the starship – a famous luxury villa area on Planet X.

After hearing this coordinates, Shang Mengzhen, who hadn’t yet recovered from the shock of Duan Hengye’s words just now, couldn’t help but turn her questioning eyes to Duan Hengye. And at this time, Duan Hengye also slowly sat down on the sofa, and then asked Shang Mengzhen, “Do you know who did these things during this time?”

Hearing Duan Hengye’s words, Shang Mengzhen first shook her head reflexively, then hesitantly told Duan Hengye what she guessed just now. After hearing her words, Duan Hengye didn’t answer for a long time. Only when Shang Mengzhen thought that Duan Hengye was ready to skip this topic did he finally speak, “I think your guess is probably not wrong …… there is someone who once had a falling out with you that is indeed on Planet X.”

“Who is it?” Shang Mengzhen asked tentatively.

“My brother, Duan Hengxing.” He said.

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