C34— Day 34

The situation above the airspace was almost eerie.

The atmosphere was heavy and somber, with a feeling of an impending war, the inhabitants of Yura were shocked at the sight.

What was going on here?

The Empire was finally coming to destroy them!

Noone could blame the inhabitants for having such strange thoughts. The economy of Yura wasn’t on the top of the list, but compared to the barrenness, Yura wasn’t the best, not to mention that most of the people living here were immigrants without interstellar resident cards, and a few years ago, the cabinet spokesman claimed to completely eliminate the interstellar unregistered households and poor citizens within ten years.

The inhabitants of Yura had almost all of both!

So it was no wonder that when they saw this, the first thought that came to their minds was…

I knew this day would come!
I’m going to be wiped out because of poverty!

The population of Yura was in a state of panic.

In the face of this situation, many people went to the Internet and posted a message for help: [Help! There are so many warships coming to Yura, and there are still five years to go, so why are they coming to wipe out the poor people?]

[What’s going on? Are all the intergalactic warships coming to Yura?]

[Wasn’t it said that the whole territory was blocked because catnip was lost? Why are all the warships coming to Yura? Is this an attempt to wipe us out?]

At first, when StarNet users saw the news, they thought that it was a whim of the residents of Yura, who were making stunts for the cabinet spokesperson, and after a few entertainment bloggers saw the content, they retweeted it passionately and made a long string of hahaha.

Most of the comments were also “crying with laughter”, “heartache”.

No one took this seriously at all.

Until the inhabitants of Yura sent out photos of the airspace.

— Over the planet Yura, warships were moored in the starport, a dizzying number of them, pressing down in blackness and grandeur.


It wasn’t a joke!

But then, they still thought it wasn’t possible.

Their majesty had been called a tyrant since he succeeded to the throne, but the development of the interstellar world under his rule was obvious to all, and it was unlikely that he would try to wipe out an entire planet because of poverty.

Out of humanitarianism, as well as his methods were too bloody, the people were dissatisfied with Caesar.

But no matter how dissatisfied, his merits, no one could deny.

So …… the warship over Yura, what was going on!

Didn’t it start because catnip was stolen?

After that the whole territory was blocked, then the inhabitants of Yura Star came out because of the warship overhead and they posted many related developments on StarNet.

Wait a minute, could it be catnip!

Catnip was on Yura?

This was the only explanation, and the most likely one too.

More than one netizen thought of this spot, and everyone decided almost at the same time: [Catnip is in Yura Star!]

[Does that mean Catnip is there???]

[I have a wild guess!]

The inhabitants of Yura were dumbfounded.

Catnip was on Yura?

Catnip was actually on the planet Yura!

It was no wonder that most of them were people without interstellar residence permits. They were so weak-minded that their first thought when they saw the warship descend was that the Empire was finally going to make a move against them, not thinking that it was because of Catnip.

But after they were reminded by the netizens, they weren’t relieved at all.

If catnip was on the planet Yura, didn’t that mean that the person who stole it was on Yura?

Would the rest of them be implicated!

No, for catnip, the whole territory was blocked, the army was mobilized, their planet Yura, could it still be saved?

Everyone fell into silence.

It felt very dangerous, too dangerous.

As for the culprit of the theft of Yura, they didn’t need to think about it, except for that audacious Muse auction house, it couldn’t be anyone else!

It wasn’t enough that they stole, but they even stole catnip!

At this moment, the inhabitants of Yura were inexplicably convinced that even if Suzy had instructed someone to pick the precious gems from the scepter of His Majesty the Tyrant, the result wouldn’t as tragic as it was now.

God d*mn Suzy!

What was she doing now?

The descent of the warship was unknown to her, and she was still observing the catnip.

Yuanyuan gave Shen Tong some supplements, the pain didn’t ease much, but for Shen Tong, it was better than nothing.

That it could be relieved, even if only a little, was already very good.

The secretary sighed, “Ugh, I remember I was in pain for three whole days.”

The length of the growth period varied from person to person, the secretary’s three days, was already considered a long time, she had experienced such a torture, so she couldn’t help but say, “Little mint’s growth can’t be so long.”

“Otherwise, let’s discuss with Sister Suzy and return catnip as early as possible?”

A colleague suggested.

A familiar environment would indeed be better, but the secretary just asked her, “Do you think Sister Suzy will agree?”

The colleague thought a little and honestly shook her head.

What kind of person was Suzy?

She was a profit-oriented, profit-driven businesswoman.

To be honest, after they learnt from Suzy that the latest auction item was catnip, they were really surprised for a while.

Perhaps because in the past, only through the virtual imaging technology could they see catnip, they all felt sorry for this, and this regret directly led to the auction house staff being surprised after learning that Suzy made someone steal catnip, they didn’t say anything, they were even a little excited.

After all, who didn’t want to see catnip up close?

That was to say, catnip entering the growth period early was shocking.

They should have been able to persuade Suzy, and should have found a way to send catnip back.

But they didn’t.

Because …… they were selfish.

And their boss, Suzy, would certainly try to make up for it all.

She may destroy catnip, may try to come up with another way, but the possibility of taking the initiative to send catnip back was very small and remote.

“Alas, the boss she ……”

The colleague said half of the words, then he saw Suzy standing in the door, be was immediately scared out of his mind, “She, she can be really good ah!”

With the object they were talking about being there, the impact was too great, the colleague’s brain was blank, resulting in him not pay attention to Suzy’s unnatural expression, but he also didn’t think about why Suzy was standing near the door.

When he remembered this, Suzy had already pushed the door open with her usual demeanour.

Suzy frowned, “Noisy.”

With that she logically looked at catnip in the arms of the mechanical pet. Perhaps Suzy’s expression was too tense, with some killing intent, the secretary hurriedly moved over in small steps, afraid that Suzy’s next sentence was that she had decided to destroy the catnip. The secretary searched hard for words to say, “That, Sister Suzy, water and nutrients have been used for catnip, and it seems to be a little better than before.”

The small potted plant was immediately blocked tightly by the secretary, and Suzy could no longer see it, and she couldn’t help but frown a little more.

When the secretary saw this, she was even more frightened, and she frantically exchanged glances with her colleague.

–what should we do? Sister Suzy doesn’t seem too happy, is she still planning to destroy the catnip?

–Block it quickly! Block it tighter! Don’t let her see it!

They communicate silently with their eyes.

Catnip wasn’t visible to Suzy, and she couldn’t bear to look at it, after all, she was the one who said she wanted to destroy it. Suzy folded her arms and said, “Get to work. I don’t pay you to look at catnip.”

She was trying to shoo them away.

Secretary: “I’ll be right there!”

Co-worker: “Me too, right away!”

But this right away seemed to take much longer than a normal right away.

Several people dawdled for a long time, and Suzy had to glare at them before they returned to the office.

“Sister Suzy’s eyes just now, was too fierce, right?”

“She must still want to destroy catnip.”

“But what is the use of destroying catnip? Unless we can do it unnoticed, we will only end up more miserable, it is better to be honest and take the initiative to return catnip.”

Suzy deliberately slowed down her movement of closing the door, these conversations, she naturally heard it.


Suzy was tempted to say that she no longer intended to destroy catnip.

And she had already realized how stupid that idea was earlier.

However, based on that series of blocking by her secretary just now, Suzy could guess with her toes that even if she said it like that, they wouldn’t believe her.

The word “self-inflicted” was a true reflection of her.

Suzy sat back in her chair with no expression.

And her terminal screen, its interface was still stuck in catnip with its leaves gently wrapped around the finger of that Majesty of the Capital Star.

Suzy slowly, slowly knocked her forehead on the table a few times.

She also wanted to be close to catnip like this, wanted to actively wrap her finger with catnip’s leaves.

It must be very soft.

But thinking about it, how could catnip be willing to be close to her?

She was the one who said she wanted to destroy it!

Suzy took a deep breath.

Regret, she was very regretful.

The only way to express regret to Catnip, besides apologizing, waa probably to return it to Capital Star, right?

She couldn’t do anything else.

Suzy finally made her decision.

She stood up and opened the door again.

As expected, her secretary and the employees didn’t go back to work, but crouched on the floor, staying next to catnip. They looked down at the little plant in the glass enclosure, not even blinking, no less nervous than they themselves were during their growth period.

No, even when they were in the growth period, they were never this worried.

After all, it was their parents who were worried at that time!

Catnip made them parents in advance.

The group of parents saw Suzy, their original worried, nervous expressions were immediately added with a layer of fear, as if they had met the bully who loved to bully their baby, but suffering from too much difference in strength, they had to warily block her gaze.

“Sister Suzy, you, you ……”

Why are you here again!

This was the thought of everyone.

But they didn’t dare to express their true thoughts, and the secretary dutifully showed a smile, “Sister Suzy, do you have any orders?”

Suzy glanced at catnip, the secretary immediately moved a little.

Suzy: “……”

She withdrew her gaze and said expressionlessly, “I’ve already thought about how to deal with catnip.”

The moment these words were spoken, everyone’s heartbeat stopped.

Deal with?

How to deal with?

These words were really terrible. The secretary had been with Suzy for many years and had seen Suzy deal with some less than honest star robbers, she immediately winced and subconsciously linked this “treatment” with “destruction”, “Sister Suzy, no! ”

In addition to the secretary, other employees also firmly remembered that Suzy insisted on the idea of destroying catnip, and started trying to stop her, “Sister Suzy, this time the whole territory was blocked and the stars were thoroughly investigated because we stole catnip, it is really important to the felines, we can’t do this to it just for ourselves.”

“Yes, Sister Suzy, we are the ones who are at fault, besides, there is only one catnip among the stars, if we destroy it, we will really become interstellar sinners!”

“Sister Suzy, if our safety is guaranteed in exchange for the catnip, I would rather accept the punishment. Instead of destroying it and preserving us, let’s send it back, it has already suffered a lot because of us, we can’t hurt it anymore.”

Everyone looked toward Suzy with begging expressions and uneasiness in their eyes.

Suzy felt depressed.

She didn’t intend to destroy catnip, but to return it.

But ……

She looked at the group again.

Suzy could almost guess what they were thinking at this moment.

–Sister Suzy, please, please don’t hurt Little Mint anymore, it’s really uncomfortable already.

Forget it.

Definitely not.

Suzy helplessly held her forehead. She just watched a few videos and was deeply, deeply attracted to catnip, who would believe it?

This was her retribution, right?

She couldn’t see catnip, no one believed that she actually no longer want to hurt catnip. The more important point was that she caused catnip to enter the growth period early, if something happened, Suzy would blame herself forever.

And, catnip probably won’t forgive her either.

Why didn’t she watch the video earlier?

Why did she think she only liked star coins?

Suzy sighed.

She silently said sorry to Shen Tong in her heart, then told everyone her decision, “Let’s, send Catnip back.”

This decision was too unexpected.

Especially coming from Suzy’s mouth.

Everyone had been prepared to be extremely persuasive and force Suzy to watch the live broadcast at the necessary moment, but they didn’t expect Suzy to just let go so easily.

Perhaps their expressions were too surprised, Suzy had to find an excuse for herself against her will: “I’ve considered it, destroying it, will only make our deaths worse, but sending it back, there might be a chance of survival.”

This was Suzy’s style.

Interest was paramount.

The employees were so happy that they almost jumped up and down, “Great!”

They hugged each other, which gave Suzy a chance to finally drop her gaze on Shen Tong, and after a moment, she slowly, slowly revealed a smile.

And mouthed something.


Very briefly, almost no one saw.

Except for Shen Tong.

But he couldn’t even think about it.

Also at that moment, the door of the auction house was kicked open.

Several military personnel walked in the forefront. They looked around to make sure there was no hidden danger, and then passed a look to their men, and then many of them rushed up, and in a flash, these men restrained all the customers and employees of the auction house, including Suzy and those who were guarding Shen Tong’s side.

Screams, tables and chairs clashing, immediately resounded, while the faces of these few military personnel remained unchanged, they bowed their heads respectfully, “Your Majesty.”

The young monarch slowly walked in.

Platinum-colored hair, cold white skin, pure black military uniform, the colours had such a strong contrast that it inexplicably made him look extremely dangerous.

He had a cold temperament, the oppressive force around him was extremely strong, as if everything was inconsequential.

And then Caesar lifted his eyes, his gaze immediately locked on the small potted plant that was held in the rounded arms.

That was, his youth.

He walked over step by step.

When passing Suzy, Caesar didn’t even look at her, but the steeply strong spiritual power brought up a huge impact, and Suzy was immediately srnt backwards by an invisible force, and she smashed hard and fiercely into the hard safety door.

All her limbs and bones hurt at this moment, Suzy covered her mouth and spat out a few mouthfuls of blood.

Caesar looked indifferent.

And this appalling scene made the auction house completely silent.

Caesar extended a hand to Yuanyuan.

Yuanyuan’s program recognised that this was someone in its trust list, and he passed the identity verification, then it obediently handed him catnip.

Caesar lowered his eyes. The small plant inside the glass enclosure was obviously in very poor condition, its branches and leaves were twitching in small increments, slightly, one after another, a movement due to excessive pain.

Caesar knew what this meant, and he also knew that it was he who had come too late.

Long, strong hands took catnip, took his lost and found treasure, and then held it tight.

Caesar lowered his head and reverently, gently kissed the glass cover.

“I’m sorry.”

Caesar said.

His voice was low, and moving.

In normal times, Shen Tong might have been surprised by Caesar’s kiss on the glass cover, but now, Shen Tong couldn’t care less about anything.

It hurt, it really hurt.

Much more than before, it hurt much more.

His branches and leaves fluttered and swayed.

No longer a tiny movement, the amplitude was much larger.

This also indicated that Shen Tong had entered the most critical and final stage of the growth period.

Caesar released his spiritual power.

This time, his spiritual power didn’t have the aggressiveness of when he attacked Suzy just now, it was very gentle, flowing through like water, and even with a few soothing notes.

A far cry from this monarch’s usual style.

Shen Tong also really didn’t hurt that much anymore.

The intense mental fluctuations allowed Caesar to sense Shen Tong’s emotions and to be the first to know his changes, and after a few seconds, Caesar lifted his eyes as if he felt something.

–The growth period of the youth had passed.

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