C15- Day 15

On the day of the celebration, the wind was beautiful and the sky was clear.

The venue was Perth Palace.

The Science Academy crowd came neither too early nor too late.
As soon as they stepped into the auditorium, they drew the attention of everyone present and became the focal point of the room.

To be precise, it was Shen Tong who had become the focus of the room.

After all, the news about Catnip had been pushed almost all over the net in the past two days, and everyone who were able to come to the celebration had their own channels of information, and they had turned their heads.
Their movement was neat.

Just like when the sun went down, the sunflowers in the field turned their heads, all facing east.

Shen Tong: “……”
He kind of wanted to laugh.

The butler was no exception, and he smiled at the flower pot in the dean’s hand. The small plant was bright green in color, the strips were drawn and the leaves had grown a bit, the butler’s eyes couldn’t help but soften, and he duly made a gesture of invitation to the Academy of Sciences crowd, “Please follow me.”

In fact, in his capacity as a butler, he didn’t need to receive anyone, the Academy of Sciences being received was purely thanks to Shen Tong, he led the people to their seats and exchanged a few more pleasantries with them in a cordial manner, which of course, all had to do with catnip.

“Catnip looks like he’s grown a little more.”
“I can hold it for you if that’s not convenient.”

To which the dean denied, “It’s okay, I can just hold it.”
Even though he was rejected, the butler kept his smile, after all, putting himself in the dean’s shoes, if he were the dean, he would be reluctant to hand it over to someone else at this moment, and the butler nodded with slight regret, “Okay.”

This time, the celebration had been broadcast live from the time the invited people began to enter at nine o’clock sharp, and the scene, of course, had been truthfully filmed, with netizens continuously sending out pop-ups from the moment they saw catnip.

[Raising Lotto Green: here it comes! My little baby is finally here!]
[No sugar: the first time I’ve seen catnip and wanted to ask about the process, do I just start sucking?]
[Fudge Strawberry Flavor: The little baby is so cute when he doesn’t move _(:з)∠]_ I want to hug him too.]
[The dean had a face full of wanting to hug, and the dean had a face full of rejection.]

At the same time, the numbers began to grow by leaps and bounds.
— With a full push from Starnet, the fact that catnip had sprouted and was about to be given to their monarch as an offering was well known, and everyone wanted to see catnip, except for the previous recording, which was this live broadcast.

After the butler walked away, the Dean whispered to his assistant, “He’s just here for the catnip!”

The assistant said indignantly, “Catnip is going to be sent to the Perth Palace soon, and he had to come and rob us now.”
Dean: “Exactly!”

The assistant paused for a moment and said tactfully, “But …… Dean, you’ve been hugging it all the way from the starship to now, aren’t you really tired? Why don’t I give it a hug? It doesn’t matter if I’m a little tired, I can’t tire you out.”

Dean: “?”
Listening to him, was that even human language?
The Dean glared at the assistant and rewarded him with one word, “Get out!”

Shen Tong: “……”

Disputes like this actually happened often, but thanks to the fact that he was just a plant, even if he was the protagonist, Shen Tong could avoid having to participate.

He took a few measurements of this auditorium.
In line with the overall style of this palace, luxurious and glorious, red velvet spread on the tabletops and draped gently at the end, before each seat, there was a thin pamphlet, Shen Tong looked at the title of the book.

“Born to be King, Perth’s Crown of Glory – Caesar

Written by Stephen Bryan.

There was also a small line below: an exclusive reveal of the truest Majesty, the noble, powerful, and elegant monarch, invincible with his long sword.

Shen Tong: “?”
How was this different from the last book?

As he watched, the door to the auditorium slowly opened and it was quiet.
The young monarch walked in slowly.

Platinum blonde hair, smoky grey eyes, a diffused and cold gaze. He changed out of his cold military uniform and wore a haute couture black suit, which had a white shirt buttoned to the uppermost part, the protrusion of his Adam’s apple was obvious, and a heavily textured coat was draped over it.

In his long, pale hands, he held a scepter, its pure black obsidian stars and diamonds gleamed.

His footsteps were small, but one after another, clear and unmistakable, almost overwhelming and imposing.

Caesar, sat on the highest throne, dropped his eyes a little and glanced downward with pride.
Then his face fell.

Caesar: “?”
Where is he?

He looked around.
There was no sign of the youth.

Yesterday, in his sleep, the youth had unintentionally mentioned that he had come to the Capital Star, but since he was here, how dare he not come to his succession celebration?

Caesar narrowed his eyes in displeasure, and his look was inevitably somewhat cold.

Since Caesar’s entrance, the camera had been given to him in full, and his powerful presence was already intimidating, not to mention now sinking in again, the crowd’s earlier excitement at seeing catnip vanished into thin air, and there were only a handful of pop-ups on the screen.

[CCCU: His Majesty is not very happy. A little frightened.]
[Creamy Talking Plum: Shivering.]
[Stars Light Up: His Majesty used to always show off his military uniform, why is …… so grand today?]

[Silly yellow sweet: already A, today A on A, as if a screen had been opened _(:з”∠”_]]

[I’m going to fucking meow at you: Yes, yes …… I also feel as if His Majesty is opening a screen.]
[Sakura: Are you guys kidding, for f*ck’s sake?]

The first time the screen came out, everyone suddenly regained consciousness, dared not speak nonsense again, but the mention of “open screen”, many did not express their own deep feelings.

The main culprit, Shen Tong, only commented about the monarch in his heart…

For the next little while, the monarch on the throne consistently showed a lack of interest.
Even more so, he was supposed to make a speech, but Caesar apparently changed his mind, and when the crowd in the auditorium looked at him, he only lifted his eyes slightly, gave a perfunctory greeting, and skipped the part, going straight to the final offering.

Throughout the entire time, the young monarch had not shared a single glance, let alone accepted the dedication of the crowd himself, and he only faintly gestured to the people beside him.

Shen Tong added another word to his earlier assessment in his heart.

  Finally, it was at the Academy of Sciences.
The pop-ups are also back to normal at this point.

[I don’t play with fools: I’m so sore QAQ]
[Miss Puffy: Me too QAQ]
[But TEM-8 doesn’t change its name: QAQ]

The Dean should have just handed over the catnip to the butler, but because he was so reluctant to do so, the butler’s hand had been outstretched long enough for the Dean not to let go, and the scene was taken in by Caesar, who looked over at him indifferently.

The eyes were dark as substance.

“Is this catnip?”
Caesar’s voice was deep and crisp in texture, but his tone was somewhat mocking.

In Caesar’s eyes, instinct could be resisted, and only the weak would indulge in it.
Catnip, no matter how special it was, was just a plant from the ancient earth to him.

The contempt in his tone was unabashed, and the pop-up screen immediately brushed open.

[Raising Lotto Green: ???]
[I’m going to fucking meow you: I won’t allow you to talk to my little baby like that QAQ!]

And in the auditorium, the dean finally reluctantly let go of his hand.

Caesar flicked his eyelids, “Give it to me.”
The butler then took the catnip and presented it to him respectfully.

It seemed no different from ordinary plants.

Caesar looked at it for a moment, raised his eyebrows, and tapped the glass cover.

With a “thud”, the small plant inside the glass cover trembled lightly, and Caesar snorted, “Fragile.”

Shen Tong added an adjective for him again.
His new master, in addition to being moody and arrogant, was also harsh.

And this act of Caesar’s was enough to cause the audience’s displeasure-.

Only after the clear bone hand knocked down, the two slightly rounded small leaves of the small plant inside the transparent glass cover followed a slight tremor, although the magnitude was small, since the catnip appeared in the camera, everyone who didn’t blink could still easily catch it.

The tremor was subtle, but it was enough to tug at everyone’s heart.

Their monarch, was bullying Catnip!

This knowledge filled everyone watching the live stream with anger, and that anger overshadowed their fear of this tyrant for a moment, floating one pop-up after another.

[Miss Puffy: I’ll give you three seconds to get your hands off me, smelly man!??]
[Silly Yellow Sweet: Geez Science Academy Dad can’t bring it home QAQ When has catnip ever been wronged like this?]
[Fixu: NOOO !!!!!!]

And the number of people on the air had reached their limit with this discontent.
  [Nein: Sisters, what’s going on? Can’t get anyone in the live studio?]

[Lemon Sandwich: I remember that Jinjiang TV was in charge of this broadcast, they’re famous for their potato servers and operate normally]

  [LBJ Cola: No, you guys look at the numbers!?]

When LBJ Cola said that, everyone went to see it.

“One, two, three, four ……”

The people who started counting one by one were not only the viewers, but also the backstage staff, but he wasn’t counting the number of people watching the live broadcast, but the number of people in the queue backstage.

  The staff was shocked to find that the queue was also nine figures, he trembled and sent a call request to the person in charge, Guan San, “San, San, we seem to have picked the wrong server.”

In general, in this type of live broadcast, the audience was very limited, young people were not very interested, only the elderly would be in front of the virtual screen to watch the whole thing, the number of viewers each year fluctuated, choosing a small server, could accommodate three hundred million viewers into the virtual scene, it was  more than enough.

The news of catnip sprouting on the Star Network before the start of the broadcast was so sensational that Jinjiang TV reconsidered and used a medium-sized server.

Unexpectedly, it still wasn’t enough!

  Guan San made a quick decision: “Quick! Change the server!”

 ”Change large servers! No! Large may also not be enough, use the extra-large one!”

A Backstage personnel quickly changed the server, the live room could finally contain them, the upper right corner of the number began to beat wildly again, the number of people actually approaching ten figures!

It was then that Caesar said lazily, “Is the feline fondness for catnip written in the genes?”

The phrase, familiar to every feline because it was written in a textbook, Caesar indifferently said, “I don’t have any of this insignificant stuff in my genes.”

With that, he lifted a corner of the glass cover carelessly in full view of the public.

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