C022: Forcing a Contract

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Teng Haining said furiously, “Shi Fei, if you continue to be crazy, I believe I can fire you from the show today.”

“Alright, Director Teng, don’t scare him.” Wu Ziqiang saw that Shi Fei was still able to calm down by now, and praised, “You are calm, it’s good to have this kind of heart at a young age. Since that’s the case, I’m sure you’re also smart enough to know how to choose what’s best for you.”

“As long as you become an artist in our company, not only will nothing bad happen to you, but the company will even provide you with resources to find a songwriter for you to sing and release an album. Even for this competition, it’s not impossible for you to win a title.”

“What about my friend?” Shi Fei continued to ask.

“Originally he was in the waiting area, the show decided to eliminate him after a week, seeing that he still had potential, and as long as you both sign on to the company, the company is willing to give him a chance to compete fairly.” Wu Ziqiang put the dark side directly on the table to let Shi Fei know.

This could be said to be a clear threat, and Shi Fei reached out and brought the contract over to look it over.

Seeing Shi Fei’s action, Wu Ziqiang smiled, picked up the water next to him and leisurely drank, in the end, he was still young ah, for Shi Fei’s choice, he wasn’t surprised.

Teng Haining also showed a hint of disdain in his eyes, he knew this would be the case, when faced with the opportunity to become a big star, which young people were willing to give up.

Shi Fei quickly looked over and said, “This contract is for ten years, isn’t that a bit too long? There’s also this breach of contract amounting to 80 million, a bit high, right?”

Wu Ziqiang said, “We spent a lot of time and energy human and financial resources to train in the early stages if people jump ship or terminate their contracts when they get popular, that’s a huge loss for our company. This signing time and liquidated damages are just a guarantee for the company, and as for liquidated damages, as long as you won’t jump ship when you’re popular, that column can be treated as ignored.”

 Shi Fei asked again, “This contract has nothing written on it, how many endorsements will I receive a year, how many albums will be released these all have not been implemented into the contract, it seems that none of them are favorable to me except for the personal restraints on me.”

Wu Ziqiang placed the cup on the table and said, “Star Media is such a big company, wanting to package a person is a matter of minutes, it is hard to cheat you. As long as you sign a contract with the company, the champion of this competition is yours, and the company will turn you into a top star, like Jiang Yu, within a year. Think about the feeling of being chased by ten thousand people, don’t you want to have that day?”

As for signing a contract with a new person, Wu Ziqiang was handy, and practice made perfect.

Last time, he failed to make Shi Fei sign the contract smoothly. This time, he said the conditions so well and made the interests clear. As long as he signed it, it would be a train leading to the star road, no one would be unmoved.

Wu Ziqiang lifted the teacup and drank confidently again, as a result, before drinking into his mouth, he heard Shi Fei say, “I refuse.”

Wu Ziqiang squeezed the cup in his hand, his eyes narrowed as he asked again, “What did you say?”

Shi Fei pushed the contract back and said, “I wouldn’t dare to sign such a contract.”

Wu Ziqiang narrowed his eyes and threatened, “Think carefully about what you’ll face if you don’t sign the contract. This show is a joint creation between our company and Penguin Video, and the company has put so much effort into creating this show, there’s no way that the popular contestant that the show has held up will be given to another company.”

In other words, the only way to then participate in the competition normally was to sign a contract.

Shi Fei put away his previous angry face, and once again put a lazy smile on his face, and lazily said, “I haven’t even fallen into your hands yet, and you’ve already started making threats openly and secretly, if I really sign for ten years, I’m afraid that I’ll have to work as a cow for you for those ten years.”

Wu Ziqiang finally sneered, “Very well, I hope you won’t regret it in the future.”

There was a strong threat in his words, and Shi Fei didn’t care about that, directly getting up and leaving the conference room.

Teng Haining looked at Shi Fei’s back and asked Wu Ziqiang, “Just letting him go?”

Wu Ziqiang showed a disdainful smile, “Young people do things impulsively without considering the consequences, such a person must be given some suffering, otherwise he might get into a lot of trouble after signing a contract in the future.”

“Director Wu, are you still not going to give up on him? This person is too prickly.”

“You don’t understand, his features are outstanding, his looks are not aggressive, such features are easy to absorb fans, and he was born to be in the entertainment industry, such a person can gain fans even if he doesn’t have the strength to rely on his face. Plus his singing strength, when the time comes, any packaging cause a big fire, how can the company let go of a good money tree.” Of course, if he still refused to comply in the end, he didn’t mind ruining him. If such a person fell to another company, he might grow up to be an enemy in the future.

  When Shi Fei returned, he found that everyone was practicing in the vocal room, and only He Xiaobei had been assigned to the lounge.

“The vocal teacher said that the song I chose for the competition wasn’t the style she was good at, so she let me skip the class.” He Xiaobei sat on a chair, looking slightly helpless and indifferent.

The program team was starting to openly suppress He Xiaobei, not even looking for a decent reason.

The six pending personnel of the fan results would only be known a week later, for the next round of competition He Xiaobei had not even chosen the song, and yet the vocal teacher knew that it wasn’t her style.

Moreover, today’s teaching was only vocal technique lessons, what did it have to do with style, the program team was quite quick to act.

“Just don’t think about it, I’ll teach you when we go back to the dorm later, now let’s go record a song first.” Shi Fei boasted to him.

He Xiaobei nodded, his eyes bright, others did not know the level of She Fei’s singing skills, but He Xiaobei was clear, Shi Fei would not teach any less than the vocal teacher.

He Xiaobei went to the recording studio, they probably did not think that the two would go to record a song, so there was no one to stop them.


The third episode of the show aired, He Xiaobei rose in popularity and even got on the hot search last night.

He couldn’t participate in vocal practice all morning, the two of them hid in the studio to record songs, and this time, Shi Fei asked He Xiaobei to record an inspirational song, “A Diao”.

When the recording was done, he was directly asked to upload it on Weibo.

The song “A Diao” was a folk song, the original musician wrote about a very strong girl who encountered difficulties and was unwilling to give up on her ordinary drive.

The song reached F5 at its highest pitch, and He Xiaobei put out all his energy to sing it, though he still didn’t quite understand why Shi Fei had asked him to sing it.

But while singing, He Xiaobei blended into his current situation and sang with particular empathy.

  After recording the song, he went to eat lunch, Shi Fei had something to do and arrived late.

He Xiaobei just entered the cafeteria and met Zhuang Xinran, He Xiaobei saw that he had some difficulties, the negative emotions vented when singing came back, accumulating in his heart.

After getting his food, he found a corner spot to sit down, who knew that a short while after he sat down, Zhuang Xinran sat across him.

“What are you doing?” He Xiaobei knitted his brows tightly.


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