C14- Day 14

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Shen Tong was still unaware of the reaction on the Starnet.

He hadn’t been in good shape since he had boarded the starship.
He was a plant, yet he got dizzy on starships.

This discomfort even lasted for four days, and it didn’t abate by the time Shen Tong entered Caesar’s spirit world.

Counting that he had entered this spiritual world four or five times already, Shen Tong had roughly figured out some patterns – he was not in a waking state, and at the same time, he was also not asleep.
There were many times when Shen Tong was trying to take a nap, but his consciousness hadn’t completely dispersed before he was suddenly pulled into this world.

After a brief lapse of consciousness, Shen Tong took a few steps forward.

In front of the villa door, there was a snow-white lion lying down.
The long, thick mane of hair glistened in the sunlight, and the hair on its body was as bright as snow.
It seemed to be sunbathing or waiting for someone, and after locking eyes with Shen Tong, the snow lion’s tail flicked, it got up and paced inside slowly.

Shen Tong rubbed his hand on the tip of its tail, “Meow meow, I’m so sick.”
The snow lion put away its tail and rewarded him with a look.

In the meantime, Shen Tong raised the tip of his eyebrows, “I spent four days on a starship and that spatial leap …… was so hard.”

The snow lion stepped.
Shen Tong lightly patted its head.
Caesar emitted a syllable from his nose, warning the youth not to pat him on the head again, at the same time, his gaze also fell on the youth’s eyes, Shen Tong’s complexion was white, it was obvious that he hadn’t rested well.

So troublesome.

Caesar tsked lightly, meanderingly took a few steps, and then turned back, gesturing for Shen Tong to follow.
Shen Tong didn’t know where it was taking him, but followed anyway.

Ascending the spiral staircase, Caesar breezed into the master bedroom.
Following closely behind, Shen Tong raised his eyes.

King Size bed, dark carpeting, simple décor, even a bit cool.
The curtains were cascading, raising the half side of the blackout curtain, the thin white gauze lightly swinging, push open the door is a not too small terrace, facing the turquoise blue lake.

Shen Tong asked Caesar, “Did you bring me here to rest?”
The snow lion looked at him in slow motion, jumped onto the bed of its own accord, and laid at the foot of the bed, its smoky grey eyes faced the lake beyond the terrace, and ignored him.

The meaning it expressed was clear.
–as you wish.

Shen Tong smiled, “Thank you.”

The soft bed sank a little, and Caesar didn’t look back, and then some weight came on him.

It was light, negligible even, but a bit warm.
It was the youth pillowed against him.

Caeser: “?”
Shen Tong turned his face slightly sideways and smiled wryly as he brought his hand up and pinched the ears of the snow lion hidden under his mane a few times, “I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

“It sure is soft to cuddle.”

In his last life, there were many cats that liked Shen Tong, but they were all little guys that could only be held in his arms and squeezed and rubbed, he always felt that such little guys were soft and warm, comfortable to hold and should be comfortable to lean on, but it was a pity that he didn’t have the chance to try it.
This big cat was different, he wouldn’t have to worry about being crushed.

Shen Tong looked at the snow lion’s eyes. The big cat’s dissatisfaction, of course, he could see it, but Shen Tong just blinked innocently and spoke softly, “Let me lean on you, okay?”
The snow lion stared at him with a blank expression.

Just say something, what was the point of acting cute?

The snow lion withdrew its gaze.

Seeing this, Shen Tong buried his face into the snow lion and couldn’t help but laugh, “Meow, it’s good that you look fierce, otherwise you would be easily bullied like this.”

For some reason, Shen Tong suddenly remembered the little orange cat that would always bring him cat food and had five owners, he said vaguely, “In the past, there was always an orange cat that would come to bring me cat food, I thought he was homeless, so I wanted to help him find a home, but I found out-”

Discovering something, Shen Tong was thrown off his body by this big cat before he could say anything.

The snow-white big cat stood up and glared at him condescendingly and dangerously.
Shen Tong: “?”

The snow Lion was disgruntled.
Like a cat that had its toy taken away from it.
It wanted to bite.

Shen Tong thought back to what he had said and suddenly remembered that a cat was an animal that was very territorial and possessive, while a large feline like a snow lion would only be more domineering in nature.

So it was angry.
  Shen Tong thought for a moment and defended himself, “I haven’t eaten the cat food that that little orange cat gave me.”

The snow lion glanced at it indifferently.

  Shen Tong added, “I haven’t leaned on it either.”
The snow lion’s tail moved.
Shen Tong gently hugged it, “Kitty, take a nap with me, okay?”

The snow lion pushed Shen Tong a few times with its paws, but not hard.

It looked like it had subsided a little.

Shen Tong was relieved, luckily this big cat was easy to coax.
In fact, he was already very tired, almost unable to hold the big cat, Shen Tong’s hands loosened, not long after, he fell asleep.

In his dream, he was still on the starship, experiencing a terrifying spatial leap.

Shen Tong’s dreaming was light, like a murmur, “How far away is the capital star?”

The snow lion’s ears moved and squinted abruptly.

Capital Star?
Capital Star at this time?

For the anniversary celebrations, the Capital Star was hardly ever open to the public, unless he had an invitation to the celebration or was working under an organization that had an invitation.
In other words, the Youth would attend his succession celebration.

Caesar stared thoughtfully at Shen Tong.
His tail, on the other hand, was immobile and wrapped around the youth’s wrist.

It was the temperature he liked.


2:00 PM.
Capital Star. Perth Palace.

Inside the extravagant and spacious waiting room, Admiral Bryan walked back and forth.
He looked frequently at the unmoving doors, looking anxious.

“Dad, is His Majesty meeting us?”
Stephen followed behind him with his hands and feet, like a little quail, and didn’t dare to speak too loudly, “I, I really don’t want to go to the Z star system.”
Admiral Bryan was upset and said with a bad taste in his mouth, “Only His Majesty can decide whether we’ll go or not!”

Stephen cringed, “Dad, if you don’t find a way to keep me here, Mom will never live with you again!”
Admiral Bryan wilted at his words.

A few days ago, Caesar sent someone to the admiral’s house, naming the Bryan family’s youngest son, Stephen, to the Z star system to find a habitable planet, and only gave three days of preparation time.

The universe was endlessly explored, with galaxies from near to far named A-Z, and Z was the most distant galaxy known.
It was barren, lonely, and cold.

When Mrs. Bryan learned of this, she nearly went mad and forced Admiral Bryan to do something about it.

But the monarch they served, Caesar, had always been a dictator, and said one thing, what could Admiral Bryan do?
For this, Mrs. Bryan fought hard with Admiral Bryan and threw him out of the house.

Admiral Bryan had taken a beating at Madame’s and was furious when he saw that the jerk had the nerve to threaten him and said, “You’re the one who poked your nose in!”

Stephen whispered, “But the point is, what have I stirred up?”

To Stephen’s credit, he was truly innocent.
Went to sleep and was inexplicably dispatched to the Z system. The only thing that might be somewhat relevant, he thought, was that he had exaggerated some information and included this tyrant’s deeds in his book.

But this was a small thing, this tyrant couldn’t be that small-minded!
After all, someone else wrote about him feeding on pups!

The door to the waiting room was flung open.
The butler nodded to Brian and his son with a smile.

Admiral Bryan asked expectantly, “Will His Majesty not see us?”
This matter had already been handed over to the steward, who had deliberately left the man hanging in the waiting room for a long time.

He remembered that day when the young monarch had come out from the Spirit World, looking a little colder than the barren snowfields of Apas, and unprecedentedly demanded to control the false rumors about him on the Star Network.

The butler shook his head, “His Majesty is very upset.”

Admiral Bryan inquired of him, “What has this brat done to annoy His Majesty?”

The butler euphemistically said, “It seems that some misinformation was fabricated and seen and believed by someone …… who is very important to His Majesty.”

Oh no.
He was really that small-minded!
Stephen was stunned.
  Admiral Brian said hatefully, “I told you I wouldn’t let you write this nonsense!”

Stephen also wanted to cry, “I don’t want to go to the Z galaxy! Well, how about I write a clarification here? Just write that since His Majesty’s accession to the throne, the enemy clans no longer dare to attack, the Star Realm has expanded again and again, commerce and trade have grown and prospered, and His Majesty is the greatest monarch in all these years!?”

Admiral Bryan reprimanded him, “Shut the hell up and I’ll take care of you when I get back!”

But the butler was calm, “Please return first, both of you.”

He returned to the study.

The young monarch had left his spirit world at some point. He set both legs on the table, long and full of strength, his pure black military boots shiny and polished, Caesar’s eyebrows drooped, his cold white fingers crossing the terminal interface one at a time as he mindlessly checked the Capital Star’s recent arrivals.

His stance was graceful and self-effacing.

Seeing the butler enter, Caesar looked over his shoulder, his voice low, “What is it?”
The butler relayed to him Stephen’s comment.
Caesar’s eyebrows lifted slightly.

After a long moment, he replied quietly, “Yes.”

“But it must be done before the celebration, or else – suffer the consequences.”

At that time, everyone present would have one copy.
Including the youth.

That way he would never say he was scary again, right?
Caesar’s eyebrow, gently relaxed.


It was a bit of a rush, but the steward didn’t say much, and he was about to inform Brian and his son of this turn of events when he suddenly remembered something and smilingly said to Caesar, “Your Majesty, did you know that an offering is catnip.”

Caesar snorted, in a lack of interest, “Not interested.”

The butler returned a smile.
Looks like there might be a real scent scene at tomorrow’s festivities.

He stepped out of the study and lit up the terminal, the interface still stuck on that analysis sent out by the Academy of Sciences official blog, and the butler smiled and typed out a few words.
[See you live for the ceremony.]

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