C16- Day 16

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Butler: “Your Majesty!”
Dean: “Your Majesty!”

They both saw Caesar lift the glass cover and tried to stop him in unison, but it was too late.

The long, strong hand had already uncovered it.
A very unique scent that was refreshing.

Unspoken sweetness.

Caesar moved.
His smoky grey eyes were downcast, a cold hue that blended together to reveal a few more points, especially when Caesar was expressionless.

His eyes were cold and dark.

Shen Tong looked at him.
Perhaps it was because he had heard too many rumors about this monarch, even though he knew that in his eyes, he was just a plant, Shen Tong always had the feeling that he was being stalked by a wild beast.
He was like prey.

At the same time, Shen Tong was also a bit confused.
How did this Sovereign …… not react to his smell?

Shen Tong wasn’t the only one who was confused, the viewers in the live broadcast also had questions.

[Crab sauce with noodles: how come His Majesty doesn’t seem to be affected at all?]
[Cream of plums: ? Is he really a cat, suggesting expulsion from catnip]
[Rabbit Rides Dinosaur: His Majesty’s Spirituality is at SSS rank, High Evolutionary, perhaps has a special resistance to catnip skill?]

[BAR: Can’t you see it’s not just His Majesty, we’re not reacting either?]

The bar said so, but it reminded everyone.

They moved their noses, this smell?

Most of the viewers had come to see this broadcast for the catnip, and they had naturally watched the Academy of Sciences recording over and over again, and the taste that reached the camera now was sweet, but it seemed like something was missing, and it seemed very bland, not to mention pulling people in by the handful and indulging them.

[Don’t want to be a cat anymore: really eh.]
[Drinking more hot water: what’s going on? I remember when I watched the taping on Starnet and the smell of catnip turned me right back into a cat?]

[bar: the Academy of Sciences faked it].

The bar made a light-hearted statement that directly made the pop-ups noisy.

[Yang Le Duo Duo Green: You were the one who talked last time on the air, and this time it’s you again. There must be a reason why the smell would be like this, it’s not good to say fake right off the bat, right?]

[I’m gonna make you fucking meow: Yeah, see what happens.]
[Noodles with crab sauce: Is someone really brave enough to fake it under His Majesty’s nose? It’s catnip.]

[Bars: The official lens has always been a demon mirror, and no one knows about the live footage of their own private openings, but the official lens has no one to help with the footage.]

[Peach crumble:.]
[Spring Sweet Berry: Look further back.]

What happened with the pop-up, Shen Tong didn’t know, but he tried releasing a stronger scent on the first try because he was curious if Caesar was really unresponsive to the smell of catnip.
He didn’t expect it to go out like that.

Caesar seemed indifferent, but the rest of the auditorium wasn’t!

From the time the glass cover was lifted and the sweet smell was smelled, everyone in the auditorium was stunned.
So sweet, so sweet.
Along with the smell came great joy.
  There was no name for this joy, and the only thing that was certain was that it was brought about by catnip. Those who smelled it could not help but bask in the joy and chase after the source of that joy.

And Shen Tong released an even stronger scent again.
This time, it was as if he had truly become the sun, while the rest of them chased his sunflowers.

Facing the sun, they instinctively wanted to approach and possess it.

One after another, people went out of control and turned into cats.

One, two, three, four ……
They couldn’t even count them!

Cats of different breeds and colors came from all directions, their steps light, their tails high, their attention fully focused on the pot of catnip in Caesar’s hand.
Wanted to rub against it.
And want to roll with it in their arms.

And wanted to …… take it home and hide it!

The oddities in the auditorium were noticed by the live audience.

[Milk Cherry: Everyone cut to the viewpoint!]
[Banana: ……???]
[Rabbit Rides Dinosaur: What’s going on? I don’t even feel the smell? Why are they so dramatic?]

And it was because of the cut perspective that no one noticed that Caesar’s narrowed eyes had turned into vertical pupils!
But only for a moment.
But it was enough to show that their monarch, because of the catnip, had fallen into the feline instinct, the same instinct that only the weak would indulge in, in his eyes earlier.

The image that appeared on the screen immediately afterward took everyone’s breath away.

–The out-of-control cats beneath the throne had actually surrounded their sire!

Apparently, they were doing this to compete for catnip!

They saw countless cats get down a little and assume an attacking stance, their eyes locked on catnip, while the young monarch on the throne, lowered his head slightly and sniffed catnip’s scent, his posture unspoken and elegant.

A scent that belonged to catnip, sweet and overwhelming.
Wanting to possess.

Some things, it turned out, were written in the genes.
Like the feline’s fondness for catnip.

No, vital.

Caesar’s eyes deepened, completely controlled by instinct, and he lifted his chin lightly, the line of his jaw graceful and stern, “You, want catnip?”

The audience stared nervously at the screen.
Their majesty, it seemed, had not been affected in the slightest, which meant he may not be interested in catnip at all.

What would he do?
Too much trouble, throw away?
  That was when Caesar opened his mouth.
He said, “No way.”
Caesar’s cadence was as cold as wine with ice, mellow and crisp and chilling, “Catnip, it’s mine.”

The live feed stalled for a few seconds, then swiped open a part of the screen.

[But TEM-8 doesn’t change its name: huh?]
[Peach crumble: what about the promised special resistance to catnip?]
[Mousseline: Your Majesty, may Your Majesty return to the cat kingdom?]

But that wasn’t all.

Caesar swept a look downward, so imposing that the cats arched their bodies and released their claws, and he narrowed his eyes dangerously, releasing his mental energy.

A powerful sense of oppression swept over him.
SSS-level mental power was enough to subdue and instinctively frighten.
This fear, buried deep in their hearts, surged up from all their limbs, just as the cats couldn’t resist the catnip, they couldn’t withstand the powerful pressure, and the cats, frightened, took a few steps back, ears pressed against their heads, and had to choose to compromise.

Caesar lifted his jaws lightly, looking arrogant and indifferent, “Remember? It’s mine.”

His stance was high and his tone carried a few warnings, asserting his sovereignty with an expressionless face.

Shen Tong: “……”
It turned out that His Majesty also reacted, but hid it a bit deeper and wasn’t ashamed.

The audience in the live studio was also silent for a long time and then reacted.

[Starlight: Did you guys hear anything? So loud! So crisp too!]
[Miss Puffy: I hear you, I hear you! It’s the sound of a smelly man’s face getting slapped!]

[Raising Lotto Green: do you see the stinky man? Feline fondness for catnip is written in the genes!]
[Fixu: Did you see the stinky man? Feline fondness for catnip is written in the genes!]

The pop-ups had copied this one from Raising Lotto Green, after all, how dismissive their majesty was of what he said at the time, and how much of a slap in the face, the act of asserting sovereignty to a bunch of disoriented cats at the moment was extremely comfort-inducing!

In one of the many bullet points that were copied, a netizen named “Iceheart” also spoke up.

[@bar, this type of broadcast dilutes the extracted scent by 95% before dropping it on viewers to prevent live accidents].

Iceheart was clearly an industry insider, and her explanation immediately gave face to catnip and drew a new round of praise for it.

[Bambi: Oh my god QAQ diluted 95% and it still smells this good? What if I’m more jealous of His Majesty.]

[milky cherry: what majesty, the stinking man!]
[Crab sauce with noodles: really, I’m hooked on just 5%].

And of course, some people didn’t forget to @ bar.

[Raising Lots of Green: @bar, Academy of Sciences fakery? Official Lens Demon Mirror?]

[But TEM-8 doesn’t change its name: @bar, Academy of Sciences fakery? Official Lens Demon Mirror?]

  [Barnana: @bar, Academy of Sciences fakery? Official Lens Demon Mirror?]

[bar: ……]

The live broadcast of the festival ended here.

And the number of viewers of this live broadcast directly broke the highest interstellar record!

Jinjiang TV uploaded the live feed an hour later, and the following comments were surprisingly consistent.

[Thank you, smelly man, for your true thoughts.]
[Thank you, smelly man, for your true thoughts.]
[Thank you, stinky man, for your true thoughts.]
  In addition to this, a paragraph was written that was retweeted countless times.

[We: what if His Majesty doesn’t like the little mint QAQ]
[Peppermint: Leave me to him, I can handle the rest myself QAQ]

It wasn’t long before a Verified Weibo page, the hardcore catnip fan – the botanist who ran the flower shop – also posted a little video.

The protagonist of the video was his three-year-old son.

It was recorded in a nursery, and the color palette was childlike and jumpy. The kid was pouting on the carpet, and the botanist who ran the flower shop only said, “Tigger, do you believe there’s a plant for which feline fondness is written in the genes?”

Tigger turned his head with a disgusted expression on his baby fat face and the little kid slurred, “I don’t believe it! No!”

The botanist in the flower shop then brought up the recording of the last Academy of Sciences broadcast and jumped straight to the little bit where the Dean lifted the glass cover.

The kid, who was still playing with blocks, subconsciously sniffled, then opened his eyes wide and it got rounded.
It wasn’t long before Tigger’s mouth was open and drooling and the whole little tiger was silly.

The recorded progress bar jumped so fast that after a few seconds, the screen went black, and Tigger maintained this silly pose.

The botanist in the flower shop held back a smile, “Does this plant smell good?”

Tigger nodded.
Floral shop botanist: “Do you still want to smell it?”
Tigger nods his head again with his eyes.
Floral shop botanist: “But I don’t want to give you a sniff.”

Tigger tilts his head, seemingly shocked at such fake father-son bonding, “No! I still have to smell it!”

The botanist who ran the flower shop then asked him again, “So, do you think there’s a plant for which the feline’s fondness is written in the genes?”

Tigger nodded frantically, “There! Yes! This is the plant! Dad, I still have to smell it!!!”

How disgusting it was before, how fragrant it was now.

This little video almost made netizens laugh like crazy.
The metaphors in it were naturally obvious to everyone, and the comments were all without exception.
[@@Man, come out and get beaten up!]

At one point, everyone took the opportunity to play with the Real Scent Terrier, recording video after video of the real Scent with Catnip, connoting their monarch who didn’t escape Catnip.

 And Catnip, through this live celebration, officially lit up and came into everyone’s eyes!


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