Ye Zi slept for a long time. The essence Ye Tianyi shot in could be absorbed for use, and his red and swollen parts soon recovered. This was undoubtedly a good deal for Ye Tianyi, the big-tailed wolf, to continue wreaking havoc. He teased his innocent kitty without him knowing it and ate him clean again and again.

The man who was satisfied was of course in a good mood, he happily scoured the entire B city, then avoided the human ability users and left B city with his group of zombie minions who had escaped and came to Mengjiawan.

Ye Tianyi originally wanted to temporarily place these thousands of evolved zombies in Mengjiawan, and Ning Zi’an could provide a hideout for them and protect the humans. They still had time to go back to B city.

However, the plan couldn’t catch up with the change, after Ye Tianyi went to Mengjiawan again, he found that this place had been deserted, except for a few zombies, there was no one alive, there were quite a few blood stains on the ground, but there wasn’t even a corpse. For the place to be so clean, obviously the zombies didn’t do it, and Ye Tianyi also didn’t smell the zombies, but rather a strong ability user’s scent.

He went to look for Ning Zi’an, but only saw the cave after being destroyed, there were traces of the battle everywhere, the original family portrait that Ning Zi’an cherished so much was also dropped on the ground, the glass frame was scattered all over the place, apparently he was also captured.

It seemed that they couldn’t stay here.

Ye Tianyi immediately took the zombie minions away from Mengjiawan and found a bay a little farther away where there were only zombies, it was Wujiawan, a little smaller than Mengjiawan, but it was still more than enough to accommodate the thousands of evolved zombies, because zombies didn’t need privacy like humans. Even if they were crowded together, it didn’t matter.

Then Ye Tianyi took Ye Zi and these thousands of evolved zombies to settle down in Wujiawan, with the large pile of crystal cores in his space, they didn’t have to go out to forage for food. Ye Tianyi didn’t want to go to B city survivor base to check the situation, now the most important thing was to enhance his strength.

The fourth to the fifth rank was a watershed, the fifth rank and above had a large gap between each breakthrough. Ye Tianyi was now a fifth-rank senior thunder ability and fifth-rank peak space ability, he was just waiting for the thunder ability to reach the peak of the fifth rank, so he could advance to the sixth rank.

Although no zombie or human had advanced to the sixth rank so far, so it wasn’t clear how strong the sixth rank was, but Ye Tianyi could make a guess from his fourth rank breakthrough to the fifth rank, the breakthrough to the sixth rank, his strength would rapidly grow.

Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi stayed in the space for days, eating crystal nuclei and drinking the spiritual spring water, their lives were simply more comfortable than the gods, especially with the large number of crystal nuclei cores, their strength increased daily, and one of them was a zombie and the other was an animal. It was in their instincts to control the use of power, so there wasn’t a problem with the fact that their strength was greater than their rank.


Ye Tian Yi wasn’t willing to make Ye Zi live in Wujiawan, the two lived together in the space, except when Ye Tianyi came out to feed the zombie minions, other times they were nestled in the space. When the crystal cores were almost consumed, only then did they leave the space hand in hand.

More than half a year had passed since they arrived at Wujiawan.

Six months wasn’t a long time, but in this half year, the zombie evolution across the country had accelerated a lot more, but those large survivor bases were still firm. Many small and medium-sized survivors’ bases had already collapsed in the tide of zombies.

A few days after Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi came out, before he evacuated with the zombie minions, they found a large number of ability users driving military trucks close to Wujiawan, their purpose was obvious, they were rushing to Wujiawan, or rather, rushing to them.

But he didn’t know if they were coming for the evolved zombies in Wujiawan or him and Ye Zi.

Ye Tianyi unavoidably thought more. After all, thousands of evolved zombies were a huge force. even if B city survivor base sent a large number of ability users to come regardless of the loss, they could destroy them, but killing this group of evolved zombies, other than harvesting thousands of crystal nuclei, they got nothing, which could be said to do more harm than good. So why would they come?

Ye Tianyi guessed that there were two possibilities. One was that these groups of ability users had a good way to reduce losses and kill thousands of evolved zombies, in order to get thousands of crystal nuclei.

The second possibility, Ye Tianyi guessed from the fact that Ning Zi’an was captured by the B city survivor base, if the B city survivor base made contact with the A city survivor base, and the Xiao family told the higher-ups of B city survivor base about his existence, and then learnt about him from Ning Zi’an, then from the fact that thousands of evolved zombies gathered in this deserted place, it would presumed that there was a high level zombie like him here. It wasn’t strange.

Ye Tianyu was able to hold up a large Ye Corporation at a young age, and made it advance, obviously he was a very smart person, but at the same time he was also a very suspicious person. Even if the final fact was that he thought too much, Ye Tianyi would rather guess the possibilities before things happened and then set up a variety of arrangements to deal something unexpected happening.

Just in case, it was always better to be more prepared than to be frazzled and flustered when things came to a head.

This was also the reason why Ye Tianyi liked Ye Zi. He didn’t know what love was, but he knew that Ye Zi was the only one who wouldn’t betray his trust, he could be rest assured that he and Ye Zi were each other’s only. Even if their feelings were mixed with too many other emotions and it wasn’t pure love, so what? They were each other’s most important person in each other’s lives, it was just fine.

Ye Tianyi’s paranoia would never be used on him.

Regardless of whether Ye Tianyi’s suspicious arrangements were useful or useless, it was obvious that his arrangements would be very useful this time.

Because this ability users from the survivor base in B city were coming precisely for him.


Wujiawan wasn’t big, with Ye Tianyi infinitely close to the sixth rank, he easily covered the whole Wujiawan, and every move couldn’t escape his surveillance.

The ordinary zombies that Ye Tianyi called the cannon fodders roared a few times before they were turned into mush by the armed-to-the-teeth military trucks, leaving nothing but a puddle of black rotting flesh and stinking water.

Ye Tianyi frowned for a moment, then the thousands of evolved zombies inside Wujiawan, divided into ten brigades, each brigade had a few hundred zombies, their rank and abilities were similar, so as to maximise their strength. Then Ye Tianyi controlled a large team of wind ability zombies to quietly approach the more than 60 military trucks with the help of the wind, and then controlled a large group of zombies with earth related abilities to sneak …

Today, he would definitely crush these ability users.

Wang Lifeng was the top commander of this secret operation, except for him and a few high level ability users sent by the Institute around him, no one knew the real goal of their trip, everyone else thought they came here to kill this group of evolved zombies to get crystal cores. Thinking of when he was specially reminded by the director of the Institute before taking over the task, Wang Lifeng looked at the cement road leading to Wujiawan ahead, he felt cold and afraid. He quietly wiped his palm on his uniform pants, but the closer he was to Wujiawan, the more his heart jumped.

He didn’t know if they could return from this mission alive. After all, what they had to deal with wasn’t only thousands of evolved zombies, but also the powerful existence of the zombie king .

Wang Lifeng accepted this mission, one because this was the order from above, it wouldn’t be good to refuse, after all, he had no strong relations, he reached his position because of of his ability and strength, if not, it was impossible to enjoy such treatment; two because the rewards of this mission was too tempting, if successful, even if it wasn’t, as long as he brought back a little valuable information, he and his family would no longer need to worry about all kinds of scarce supplies.

With the idea of taking other unsuspecting ability users as cannon fodder, Wang Lifeng left. He only felt ambitious and lucky before he left, all of which turned into panic as they approached Wujiawan.

A high level ability user from the Institute who wasn’t under the control of Wang Lifeng noticed his action of wiping the cold sweat on his palms, his eyes showed some contempt, and then he turned his head, refusing to look at the coward.

Wang Lifeng naturally also noticed the eyes of these high level ability users, but he didn’t care, anyway, these guys who had no real combat experience were just stepping stones for him to complete his mission, so why would he care about a few people who would die sooner or later?

However, at that moment, suddenly the wind was blowing so hard that some of the only thin non-mutant trees on the roadside broke, and even some of the military trucks were not able to withstand the pressure of the wind.

A high-ranking ability user from the Institute was caught off guard by the wind and couldn’t help but curse: “D*mn, why is the wind suddenly so strong? This post-apocalyptic weather is really getting weird!”

Wang Lifeng looked ahead by the gale of sand blown up to see the Wujiawan, and felt a chill in his heart, on the other side of Wujiawan other side was a mountain, even if there was a gale, it wasn’t possible for a small mountain to blow such a big gale to Wujiawan.

Then it could only be …… Wang Lifeng shouted loudly and mournfully: “Beware of enemy attack -“

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