Ye Zi awakened the nine tailed cat demon bloodline at the time of his mutation, although he didn’t know if there were other mutated beasts who also awakened their bloodline, Ye Zi was undoubtedly ahead of many mutated beasts.

Although his inherited memories were a bit scattered because of his strength, those scattered memories were also very profound magical content.

For example, the servant-beast contract.
Previously in Mengjiawan, he relied on Ye Zi to use the servant beast contract to control the three-headed dog in order to successfully capture the three ability users.

The servant contract was divided into two types, one was the master-servant contract, the other was the servant contract.

The master-servant contract was just like a temporary contract, a bit like an employment relationship, it was limited in time. While the servant contract completely bound the servant to the master, unless they died,, it couldn’t be lifted.

Just like those who sold themselves as slaves and maidservants in ancient times, some could gain freedom, and some were their Masters’ servants for life.

The master-servant contract was like the former signing a living contract, the slave contract was like signing a dead contract. Both had their advantages and disadvantages.

The master-servant contract was only temporary, they would become normal when the contract ended. But the slave contract made them bound for life, the strength of the slave was linked to the master, they couldn’t exceed their master’s level, and there was a limit to the quota, no matter how strong, one could only contract three slave beasts.

Ye Tianti learnt of this magical servant contract from Ye Zi, and immediately stopped worrying about the mutant beast. But unfortunately, only Ye Zi could use the servant beast contract, Ye Tianyi couldn’t even learn it. He guessed that it was probably part of the inheritance of the nine-tailed cat demon, and only the cat demon who obtained the inheritance could learn it.

Time was still tight, so Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi split up, one to subdue the zombie swarm, the other to subdue the mutant beasts, a two-pronged approach, they soon brought most of B city into their sphere of influence.

The big commotion made by Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi in B city attracted the attention of the b city survivor base.

The survivor base of B city was different from the survivor base of A city where the Xiao family and Jiang family had serious infighting, the power of the survivor base of B city was in the hands of Admiral Han alone, although those people under him may have their own little thoughts, for the sake of the big picture no one dared to disobey the orders of Admiral Han. The survivor base in B City, which was more peaceful internally, had more control over the situation in B City. The movement of the zombie swarm caused by Ye Tianyi and the mutant beast swarm caused by Ye Zi created a strong sense of crisis among the senior management of the survivor base in B City.

With Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi causing chaos, the top management of B-city survivor base made a decision – to send bombers to blow up B-city.

Although the size of B city was a little smaller than A city, the population was extremely large, so the zombies were also very large. The swarm of zombies under Ye Tianyi’s control converged together, causing a sense of threat to the B city survivor base, they were worried that the base would be able to handle the swarm of zombies attacking. The people in B city’s survivor base didn’t want to abandon the just established safe base to migrate to another dangerous place. So they decided to nip the threat in the bud first.

All the survivors of B-city basically entered the b-city survivor base, and those who didn’t died within the city, or turned into zombies, or got into the bellies of zombies. In addition, the supplies in B city were all almost collected by Ye Tianyi, and the survivors who entered B city to collect supplies repeatedly returned empty-handed and suffered heavy losses, all these reasons made the top management of the base decided to abandon B city and directly bomb B city to solve the direct threat of the zombie group. Anyway, the west side of the base wasn’t far from C city, C city had less zombies, but waa a developed agricultural city, so the food supplies would enough, but C city’s survivor base was far less powerful than B city’s survivor base.


On this day, Ye Tianyi and Ye Zi as usual, separated to collect materials, he just finished emptying a large supermarket in the city center, when he suddenly looked up to the sky, several small black dots gradually got larger and closer to the ground …… Ye Tianyi’s eyes were very good, in those small black dots lowered to a certain height, he could clearly see what it was – a bomb!

Ye Tianyi immediately realized that the humans wanted to bomb the city!

Because of the emergence of abilities, as well as the paralysis of the industrial chain of guns, it was now a non-renewable resource. Now ordinary guns weren’t a threat to evolutionary zombies. Therefore, Ye Tianyi focused on abilities, not on scientific and technological weapons.

But now the humans sent bombs to blow up the whole city, it shocked Ye Tianyi, but at the same time he also deeply reflected on his contempt for technological weapons and introspection.

Although Ye Tianyi was about to advance to the sixth level, he wasn’t so arrogant as to think that he could face the bombing and be safe.

Therefore, after he saw the bomber clearly, he immediately teleported in the direction of Ye Zi, and when he held Ye Zi, he immediately teleported outside B city. As for the zombies he had accepted before and the materials he hadn’t collected, he didn’t care.

Even without looking back to see the situation, Ye Tianyi could guess the situation from the rumbling explosions and the stench of flaming burning bodies.

The bomber threw down the napalm explosion, it wasn’t very strong, but the burning temperature was very high, the zombies in the endless sea of fire could only struggle until they were burned to death. Especially the zombies had no awareness, the fire made them uncomfortable so they ran around, passing the flame to other zombies, inside B city, almost every zombie was burning, in addition to the evolved zombies with fire abilities, even the zombies with water/ ice abilities could only struggle and fall in the sea of fire.

Ye Tianyi, who had the ability to teleport to escape from the bombing range of B city, stood on a tree holding Ye Zi in his cat form, and looked at B city that was burning from a distance, and sighed: “I really underestimated the means of humans.” He didn’t expect humans to be so ruthless to blow up a big city like B City. But thinking about it differently, it wasn’t difficult to understand, sacrificing a B city to exterminate millions of zombies, was good enough.

Ye Tianyi twisted his head to look in the direction of A city, he wasn’t sure of A city’s reaction. You know, the zombies in A city wasn’t less than B city.

If humans were using this method, the number of zombies would reduce sharply, if …… Looking extremely serious, Ye Tianyi once again looked at the sky and at the small black spots gradually flying away.


The fire in B city burned for more than two months before it almost ended, and some local areas were still burning.
Ye Tianyi once again went back into B city, many zombies and mutant beasts mutant plants were killed in this amazing fire, the crystal nucleus had to be a lot, he couldn’t leave it for those cheap humans.

As a zombie, he could easily sense crystal nucleus. The humans could only find the burnt or burnt to ashes corpse of the zombie to search for their crystal core.

Originally, he was worried about the fire and the bountiful harvest being taken away, towards the death of millions of zombies, Ye Tianyi didn’t feel anything for this group that only knew how to eat, for him to have affection for low IQ walking corpses, wasn’t that a joke? He even had little affection for humans.

After he finished, he counted his harvest, he had picked up more than 100,000 crystal nucleus while avoiding the human collection team. For the first time, he felt that picking up things could be too tiring. Ye Tianyi exhausted his mental energy, after looking at the area he hadn’t checked, he entered the space while holding Ye Zi, who kept stuffing ice/water crystal nucleus into his mouth.

In the space, they drank the spiritual spring and ate dozens of crystal nuclei, and then the zombie and cat laid on the crystal nuclei mountain to rest.

Ye Zi touched his little stomach, and then looked under the crystal nucleus mountain with his blue eyes, ignoring his master, he shoved his body into the crystal nucleus mountain, leaving only the tips of his tails out.

Ye Tianyi fondly looked at Ye Zi that had turned upside down in order to find the crystal nucleus. He reached out and grabbed the tips of its tails and pulled him out: “Why did you turn over like this? Let me help you find it. ”

He put him aside, and directly used his mental energy to search for them and then piled it in front of Ye Zi, them he thoughtfully placed a large bowl of spiritual spring water by his side, so that if Ye Zi was thirsty, he could immediately drink water.

Absorbing the energy in the crystal cores weren’t very stable, but with the spiritual spring, nothing could go wrong.

Ye Zi did nothing but eat in the space, as if his small stomach couldn’t get full. In order for him to have enough crystal nuclei to eat, as soon as his mental energy recovered, Ye Tianyi went out of the space and continued to pick up crystal nuclei.

While picking them up, Ye Tianyi actually found thousands of evolved zombies in the burnt B city.

These thousands of evolved zombies were the zombie minions he was looking for, he had just gathered them together and then went to search for other evolved zombies when he encountered the bombers. Ye Tianyi didn’t have the time or the mind to take care of the life or death of these zombies. He immediately fled for his life with B city. This time, when he came back to B City, he never thought that this group of zombies would still be alive.

After all, the temperature of the flames were too high, even if they were evolved zombies, they would also be burned to death. Even Ye Tianyi himself didn’t dare guarantee that he could survive the flames after his energy was consumed.
He didn’t expect this group of evolved zombies that he had gathered would still be alive! Although their bodies had burns, they weren’t seriously injured at all.

Seeing this group of evolved zombie minions, Ye Tianyi’s eyes lit up, could it be that this group of evolved zombies were able to survive because they all gathered together when the flames were burning and released their powers together, inadvertently cooperating to stop the fire?

When he thought about it, it was really very possible. It was a pity that although these zombies were evolved zombies, their intelligence wasn’t high, so he could only guess.

But this discovery undoubtedly made some of Ye Tianyi’s previous worries disappear.


Ye Tianyi was about to hiss a few times to make this group of evolved zombie minions follow him when he suddenly sensed something unusual in the space.

Ye Zi!

He hurriedly dashed into space to check on Ye Zi.

Originally, a light ball the size of two basketball balls appeared in the open space next to the crystal nucleus mountain where Ye Zi stayed. The light ball seemed to be a ball wrapped by a thread of light, and the thread of light wrapped around it was visible, but he couldn’t see the specific situation under the layers.

Although Ye Tianyi was still very worried about Ye Zi, thinking back to how Ye Zi fiercely ate the crystal nuclei, he realised that he was about to advance again.

During his fourth advancement, he grew a fifth tail and turned into a half-cat man.

And now for the fifth advancement, he should be able to grow a sixth tail, then Ye Zi would have a fully human form?

After thinking about Ye Zi becoming humanoid like him, Ye Tianyi couldn’t help but think of some 18+ forbidden contents …… cough.

The advancement of Ye Zi was very smooth. Ye Tianyi entered the space to wait, after only a quarter of an hour, the ball of light gradually expanded and became bigger …

Then as if a balloon burst, the ball of light exploded, invisible coloured light filaments scattered to all parts of space and then disappeared, a long-haired man appeared where the original ball of light was.

The youth was n*ked – his body was fair and slender, the proportion was perfect, his appearance was extremely beautiful, pure with enchanting temptation, it made him want to immediately pounce on him and then ruthlessly invade him as he cried under him and begged for mercy.

This was really a beautiful idea.

Ye Tianyi’s original camouflaged dark eyes instantly became bloodshot as he staref at the youth’s n*ked body, his eyes also full of naked – desire, wanting to swallow the whole youth alive.

Ye Tianyi’s reasoning prevailed, he suppressing the surging thoughts, and threw a set of clothes to the youth: “Quickly put on the clothes!” If he didn’t wear them, he was really worried that he would pounce.

He was so impatient with the body of the young man who became beautiful after the advancement, one because he could not stand to face his beloved’s naked-body, and two because the little leaf is a cat demon with natural charm skills.


Ye Zi ignored the clothes thrown in front of him, and excitedly pounced into the arms of his master, his slender legs wrapped around his waist, his white arms circled his master’s neck, and he rubbed his beautiful face against the cheek of his master, and happily spoke: “Master! Master! I grew my sixth tail!”

Ye Tianyi held him, while the veins in his forehead jumped, he gritted his teeth as he held Ye Zi’s slender and flexible waist, he faintly replied with a hoarse sound. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to say a few words, but he was worried about his patience disappearing.

However, at this time, the excited Ye Zi was dissatisfied with his master’s light ‘hm’, he pouted and moved closer: “Master, don’t think that my sixth tail isn’t useful, I’ll tell you, I grew a sixth tail, so now I can cultivate the art of tonic! ” He proudly held his head high.

Ye Tianyi stiffened, his voice became more hoarse as he opened his mouth and asked, “The art of tonic?” It wasn’t the kind of tonic art he was thinking of, right?

Ye Zi wasn’t aware that he was playing with fire, so he gleefully continued: “The art of tonic is collecting a man’s yang essence, the cultivation speed from eating crystal nuclei isn’t as good as swallowing the essence of the sun and moon ……”

However, Ye Tianyi couldn’t wait for this little demon to continue, he directly pinched the waist of the person in his arms and teleported to the bedroom in the space, and pressed him down on the soft bed ……


Xiao Ye, who had been tossed around many times over and over again, complained with tears in his eyes: “Master, I don’t want to practice the art of tonic. I must eat the crystal nucleus obediently. Don’t punish me, QAQ”

Ye Tianyi, who fooled Ye Zi, didn’t feel guilty at all. He stretched out his hand with satiety and carried Ye Zi into his arms and whispered, “Hey, Xiao Ye, now you know that the art of tonic isn’t good for cultivation?”

He learned from Ye Zi that the art of tonic needed to be done with a man (ps: more than one), and immediately physically showed this little demon how hard it was to practice the art of tonic.

In fact, if the art of tonic could be practiced with only one man, Ye Tianyi would fool this simple little one to use it on him every day.

But with other men, forget it, how could his person let others touch?!

Ye Tianyi looked down at the sleeping Ye Zi in his arms, and was glad.

The young man, who had been waiting for so long to get what he wanted, was in a good mood and wasn’t too angry when the crystal nucleus he was looking at was snatched away by a human ability user who appeared out of nowhere, he just smiled at the young human who had snatched his food and said, “Hand over the crystal nucleus in your hand and you can leave.”

Ye Tian Yi felt that he was being merciful, at least he didn’t kill the other party without saying a word.

However, he felt merciful, but the young ability user felt that he was arrogant to the extreme.


The young male ability user was a one-in-a-million dual-ability user, so he had a high status in the B-city survivor base, and was solicited by many forces for preferential treatment, and later joined the base’s largest military force. The young ability user, who was just over 20 years old, was naturally flamboyant and couldn’t take being belittled.

Ye Tian Yi’s bland words, in his ears sounded arrogant ‘put it down and get losy immediately’.

The young ability user sneered, “Which team are you from?”

Ye Tianyi gave him a cold look.

The young ability user who was irritated by this emotionless glance also stopped asking questions and directly threw a white fireball with extremely high temperature, he directly wanted to kill this guy who dared to speak out against him.

But apparently, this young ability user was just a self-conscious looking for death cannon fodder, the high-temperature white fireball thrown three meters in front of Ye Tianyi was blocked by his mental barrier. Ye Zi in Ye Tianyi’s arms was awakened by the commotion and lazily spat out a small ball of water, the ball of water was a lot smaller than the white fireball, but when it fell on top of the fireball, it immediately immediately began to fizzle out.

Ye Zi seemed very confident that his water ball could douse the fire ball, after spitting the water ball, he immediately buried his head in Ye Tianyi’s arms and continued to sleep.

The young ability user wasn’t deterred by this, but on the contrary, Ye Zi aroused his greed.

His eyes glowed as he stared at Ye Zi in Ye Tianyi’s arms and said, “Hand over the mutant cat in your arms and you can leave.”

This was exactly what Ye Tianyi said to him before, and now he changed a few words and gave it back to Ye Tianyi. And he also seemed to be very proud of his move, he stretched out his hands suddenly covered with a layer of metal, and threateningly raised it at Ye Tianyi.

His words and actions completely angered Ye Tianyi, originally he was in a good mood to let this guy go, even if he fled with the snatched crystal core, his mood was so good that Ye Tianyi probably wouldn’t have bothered going after him. But he arrogantly relied on his gold and fire abilities, in front of Ye Tianyi and arrogantly tried to take Ye Zi.

Ye Tianyi looked at the metal in the youth’s hand and laughed lightly: “Gold and fire dual ability?!”

Then a thick dark purple lightning suddenly appeared above the young ability user’s head and mercilessly fell, hitting the youth, who had just been smug, into a human-shaped piece of charcoal, looking no different from those charred corpses.

Ye Tianyi walked over and sneered as he stomped on his charred head and used his mental energy to take the crystal core in his brain and all the crystal cores he had collected on his body.

“Stupid b*stard!”


Ye Tianyi shook off the water beads stained on the crystal core in his hand, then tilted his head towards the far sky in front of him, several helicopters gradually flew closer and closer, a dozen black dots slowly fell down from the helicopter, it was probably humans with parachutes searching for crystal nuclei.

He didn’t care too much, he touched the long six tails of the sleeping Ye Zi in his arms, turned and jumped on the roof, in the twinkling of an eye, he was far away.

The dozen or so human ability users looked for a good landing point to land on the ground, it so happened that a few people landed on the roof: “There seems to be a person over there!”

Next to him, a comrade turned his head to look over, but in addition to the burnt black roof, he didn’t see anything and carelessly replies: “You’re blind, right? B city was burned for more than two months, even a weed can’t grow, can there still be someone?”

The man didn’t believe that he saw wrong, although his ability wasn’t related to his eyes, but as an ability user, his eyesight was naturally good. A dozen meters away, he could see male and female mosquitoes, could he still see wrong?

Then the comrade said carelessly: “But it may an ability users who came to pick up crystal cores, after all, B city isn’t dangerous anymore, and there are crystal cores everywhere. If it weren’t for the fact that the commander doesn’t allow people from the base go out in a big way, I’m afraid that the crystal nuclei would have all been taken by those group of people even before we came.”

Listening to the analysis of his comrade-in-arms, it made sense, he didn’t see the figure who had just left again, so he put this accident behind him, stopped taking it to heart, and went to perform his task seriously.

While jumping on the roofs, Ye Tianyi used made up mental energy tentacles to find and grab the crystal nucleus to his space. This could let him upgrade his abilities faster. Under a large base, he actually found a dozen thunder crystal nuclei, which was really an unexpected surprise.

Among his three abilities, the thunder ability was the worst to upgrade, he could only rely on that mysterious chant. He thought he could try a thunderstorm to find a lightning strike to see if he could turn the natural lightning into energy for the advancement of his thunder ability, but the weather remained hotter than the day before, not to mention the thunderstorm, there was no sign of a light rain.

After the end of the world, it had only rained once, and that rain didn’t have thunder.

The dozen or so thunder crystal nuclei, although their grades weren’t high, and the numbers weren’t much, at least it gave him hope. After all, there were still more thunder crystal nuclei, if he searched for more in B city, with a huge base of several million, even if it was one in ten thousand, he could also find a few hundred thunder crystal nuclei.

In his search for crystal nucleus, Ye Tianyi didn’t forget to pay attention to Ye Zi.

Under the deliberate care of Ye Tianyi, Ye Zi laid in his smooth arms and slept peacefully, only after nightfall, did Ye Zi wake up from his deep sleep.

Ye Tianyi compassionately smoothened its hair, it seemed that he was really tired when he was in the space.

Ye Zi woke up and complained: “Master, don’t do it so much next time, okay? It takes me a long time to get better.”

Ye Tianyi’s hand stiffened: “……”

He reached out and picked up his tails and looked towards the small chrysanthemum at its rear, well, from the colour and shape, it was the same as when it was untouched.

When Ye Tianyi picked up his tails and stared at his chrysanthemum, Ye Zi thought that his master was going to stuff it again, he panicked and turned into his human form, getting rid of the situation of being carried by Ye Tianyi.

However, the simple kitty was completely unaware that turning into his n*ked – human form was just the right way to send a delicious meal to his master’s mouth.

Covering his tails, Ye Zi looked accusingly at his master: “Master how can you pull my tail like this?”

Ye Tianyi silently looked at the unaware kitty with red eyes …

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